Elliot Rodger Hero Worship

We’re seeing a disturbing trend of people paying tribute to Elliot Rodger. I’m seeing these more and more for some reason in my YouTube suggestions, which is typically bizarre because I’m not a fan of the guy (funny how that stuff can stay on YouTube but Alex Jones can’t).  Hey, maybe Google is trying to inspire more mass murders for their gun control push?  I wouldn’t put it past them.  Anyway, many of them are probably incels, foolishly not realizing that he did them no favors by making them public enemy #1, but a lot of them are probably also females who find his mythical status to be sexy, somehow.  I tell you…it’s something we’ve discussed quite a bit, but it still never ceases to amaze me, what turns females on.

I also noticed (back when IMDB had message boards – they apparently no longer do) that the pages for Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Columbine killers, were gushing with love notes from females, pledging their affections to their rotting corpses. And of course, who could forget about Jeremy Meeks, the “hawt felon”? So this is not a new phenomenon, except for the part that it was an incel who is now being glorified.

We know how Ted Bundy was sent love letters from females as he sat on death row, and on that note, I stumbled upon an interesting article on the subject of female attraction to serial killers…

In romantic fiction the hero is often an alpha male, a strong, dominant ‘bad boy’ who lacks empathy. Plots revolve around turning the hero into somebody who has compassion but still retains the alpha characteristics the heroine was attracted to in the first place. Serial killers are the ultra version of alpha males.

Yeah that’s pretty much the case. It’s all biological with females. They want a male to sire offspring that will dominate others. If we could only get tradcons and other romantic morons to quit glorifying and romanticizing human reproduction, we wouldn’t have ever had to be the least bit emotional about the consequences of these base, reptilian sexual drives of females.

Personally, I still don’t understand how or why anyone could want a multiple murderer as a mate, but then I’ve never understood why women are attracted to alpha males either. But that’s probably because, as my wife is fond of reminding me, I’m not one.

These are the words of a man careening toward divorce disaster – a true cuck, and he knows it. It’s only a matter of time for him. Too bad, really. It sounds like she’s the one who should get the short end of that stick, but of course, we know she won’t.

As for Elliot Rodger, I’m not worried that it’s going to result in one additional mass murder by an incel (of those that are inevitable) but it’s just something to look at and shake your head. Just look at these videos, and read the comments…

This video tries to walk the middle ground – you’d better know what you’re doing if you try to do that, you’ll get hit by traffic in both directions.

The people in this one are particularly twisted…

I could post a string of videos a mile long, but you get the point.  Have a look at how many are out there.

Now remember, the people making these videos never knew Elliot Rodger.  All they know is what we know – that he butchered three Asian kids with a knife in his dorm, shot a couple of sorority females to death (he shot one of them in the pussy multiple times, like a total fucking savage), snuffed out a young guy for simply being a sandwich shop, gave gunshot wounds to seven more, hit seven more with his car, and then put a bullet in his own head…and somehow they think he’s someone to pay tribute to.



It’s one thing to understand his life, his incel and how people made things bad for him as they do for all incels, but he chose to deal with it in exactly the wrong way – he’s an example of what you don’t do if you are incel.  He took a bad personal situation, and turned it into something much worse – a persecution movement against other incels, including you.  Remember, the roommates he killed were probably incel too (the bottom three). So where’s the justice now?

And by the way, think about this: he was only twenty-fucking-two years old, and somehow he decided that his incel had reached such a level that mass murder was appropriate – that’s an insult to every 30 or 40+ year-old virgin who knows what real degradation means.  George Sodini was no hero either, but at least he knew what it was really like to become a late-life circus freak incel.  Elliot Rodger?  He was a lightweight who selfishly took a shit right in the already bitter punch bowl of life for the rest of inceldom…well, except for the wannabe maniacs who take their cues from Hollywood on how to deal with adversity.

He was also a fan of the Young Twerks, which makes him a piece of shit, all the rest of this notwithstanding.

Update 2019-09-04


Here’s a frame from the last video in that list…  Now let’s think about this: here you have a blond female, who probably would have met Elliot Rodger’s stated expectations of what a “beautiful blond girlfriend” entails…and there she is, wearing a T-shirt with his face on it, like he’s a damn rock star! Just consider, for a moment, how and why this came to be…

On what planet does this tableau make any sense?

I mean, it’s clear that even if she knew him, she would not have been attracted to him at all, had he not gone on a rampage – and that’s even if he had published videos and a manifesto and all the rest, because the murder is what brought the fame, and the fame is what elevated his genetic stock price (genes that are now incinerated).  No one is going to debate that, except perhaps a stupid female.  But just look at it, again…  You’re basically looking at Elliot Rodger’s dream.  He became the “god” that he said he would become.  Now of course, he didn’t get to stick his dick in that warm, tight little pussy, but would he have been satisfied knowing that her soft, silky, twiggy little body would be wrapped in a picture of his face?  I think he probably would have!  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to fuck any of his groupies, but this was the only way he could get groupies in the first place, and it’s frankly amazing that he ended up winning that Pyrrhic victory in the end.  It’s the thought that counts…for him, anyway.

For her part, she’s also pissing up a rope in her pursuit of him, because she’s just as powerless as he now is to make good on her attraction…well, assuming she’s genuinely attracted to him. I wouldn’t bet my life that she’s not actually doing a subtle form trolling on living incels. Females tend to do this – they find incel guys, and then do and say things to get the incel guys chasing after them, all while making sure the incels never catch them.

“See this, boys? We ARE attracted to guys like you! All you have to do is murder a bunch of us girls, and then kill yourself, and then you’ll be ready to receive our love!”

Boy, you really have to laugh at how broken male/female protocols are in the post-sexual revolution world. It’ll be your undoing if you don’t.

By the way…who the hell is selling these T-shirts?  No I don’t want one. But asking that question led me to Amazon, where a search for Elliot Rodger yielded books that people have written, as well as his manifesto, ready for download – and yet a best-selling book by Juanita Broaddrick, one of Bill Clinton’s rape victims, is banned on Amazon.  If you think that isn’t an example of big tech’s political censorship, then you aren’t paying any attention at all.  For those who do see it for what it is, just add that to the shit-heap of things that can never make sense, until you acknowledge the reality of mass disinformation.  From the propaganda brought to you by the government-media complex, to female lies about what they’re attracted to, we’re floating in a sea of lies…about everything.


Feminism’s New Offering to Men

So here we have what many are calling a new feminist anthem, complete with a giant inflated ass as a prop.

Breitbart: MTV VMAs: 2020 Democrats Praise Lizzo’s ‘Powerful’ Performance in Front of Inflatable Butt

I mean just look at that thing…or watch the video below…
Look: I don’t know how else to say it – if you consume entertainment like this, you’re just fucking stupid, period.

This kind of thing makes MGTOW so much easier than it would otherwise be, doesn’t it?

You have to love those clowns dancing in the audience, acting like they enjoy it, which seems damn near impossible from where I stand.  Can you imagine buying this music?  I mean someone must be buying this shit, right?  Or is George Soros paying for it all?

Even Democrat politicians are raving about it – which of course speaks volumes to the current state of the Democrat party these days more than anything.  Maybe they can get this pig of a woman to perform this song at the DNC next year – you know, that big convention where we find out who is going to get annihilated by President Trump in the general election (methinks it won’t be anyone currently in the running – they have a dark horse ringer queued up, avoiding the collateral damage of the primary, but I digress…)

First we have the one-and-only Cameltoe Harris, whose presidential hopes were hilariously smashed by Tulsi Gabbard

Colorful. Vibrant. Joyful. Unapologetic. Powerful. How could you not love @lizzopic.twitter.com/bPLZB3BZ1O

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) August 27, 2019

And then another shrill, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard feminist/communist – not known for much, other than being as pleasant as a cheese grater on the back of your neck…oh, and running for president, like all the rest.

Crushed it, @lizzo! That #VMAs performance was good as hell 👑 pic.twitter.com/aHpOrvL3hd

— Kirsten Gillibrand (@SenGillibrand) August 27, 2019

So this is what Hussein Obama listens to?  Unbelievable…how did this nation survive those eight dark years?  I mean I wondered that anyway, but it’s even worse than I thought.

With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow. Hope you enjoy. pic.twitter.com/BS5ri1lvxz

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 24, 2019

Oh and then of all people…

“I just took a DNA test, turns out…”

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 21, 2019

The rest of the line is “…I’m 100% that bitch.”

Yes, Hillary, you are that bitch.
You’re probably the person most thought of when one hears the word bitch.
If one looked up bitch in the dictionary, they’d be a picture of you.
Oh, and by the way…you’re not president, thank God.

RSD Douche vs. White Knight Douche

Although this guy is selling Real Social Dynamics (RSD), which is just another brand of PUA snake oil, I have absolutely zero sympathy for this cucktastic white knight loser being utterly and publicly humiliated.

Few things irritate me more that white knights. These are the most ignorant guys in the room. They are blue-pilled to the point where they don’t even realize how beta or sub-beta they really are – it would be sad if they didn’t make such a nuisance of themselves. They’re a perfect example of all theory and no hands-on experience – true believers in something they’ve never put into practice themselves. These guys fall down hard in later life, when they realize just how suckered they were…and some of them even end up here.

As for the RSD guy, no, women are not “more sexual than men”, and no, RSD doesn’t work. As I’ve said before, PUA and related pigs in pokes are only good for red-pilling guys, but the solutions they offer don’t work. At least guys don’t go back to the blue pill, even after they realize that PUA is snake oil.

Educated-But-Ornery Females

“And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am single…”


I agree. This is why you are single. And why you should stay single. Not for your sake, but for men’s.

First of all, if a guy writes something like, “So what are you like the receptionist? [Just kidding] you look reasonably smart,” he probably did it because females have thus far rewarded him for that kind of behavior towards them. Nice guys finish last, remember? It’s what PUAs call “negging” and they do it because it works. You have your fellow females to blame for this.

Secondly, if you simply told him what you actually do at NASA, and then blocked him, that would have been the better response. That would have taken the wind out of his sails more than going on a damn feminist screed that is going to scare off other males. Others will see that any comment that is ever made to you, even if wrongly perceived as being slightly sideways, is going to be met with a diatribe about gender issues and feminist bullshit. Now don’t take this the wrong way – I’m not encouraging you to implement what I’m calling the better response, because I’d rather people see you for what you are, up-front, over finding out after it’s too late.

Actually, the best response would have been to say you work in the “Globe-Earth Disinformation Department of NASA”.. That’s what I would have done.

Many urged her to forget about guys like Mikey and the “fragile male ego,” cheering her up with reminders that meeting the right person one day would be “worth it.”

Fragile male ego??? Did the person who wrote that even stop to think about how ironic that is? Well of course not…

“This is the story of my life actually,” one comrade agreed. “Women in science are not taken seriously by anyone and I hate that… So, I’ll dedicate my PhD to all men who think women are not good enough for science.”

I think that’s already what all Ph.D.s in gender studies are dedicated to…comrade.

“And to the lads taking my tweet as an invite for marriage proposals in my inbox, you (may) have missed the point,” she joked. “Society, pour me a cup of tea, we need to have a chat.”

I agree – they did miss the point. They need to learn to avoid females like this, not simp them…but alas, most desperate guys have no clue whatsoever about what they’re doing with females. This reminds me: I really need to do a blog on how online dating has really warped male/female interaction – it’s really quite profound.

“Yikes. Hinge has a zero tolerance policy for behavior like this. We’re on it,” officials tweeted on Thursday. “And while we’re at it, your next [app] date is on us. We hope you find someone worth deleting Hinge for soon.”

Zero-tolerance policy for [gasp] offending females, no matter how innocently…

Gentlemen, white knights are as much your enemy as feminists are.

Say Hello To The “Womanikin”!

They laughed at the “hover hand“…oh it was so funny, looking at photos of guys who are too hesitant to put their hand on a female…until females started actually dying because guys are too hesitant to do CPR on a female, for the same basic reasons.  It’s never important until females become negatively impacted, is it..

As it has been reported, females are less likely to get CPR from bystanders and thus more likely to die from cardiac arrest than men, because of…well, because of #MeToo, frankly.  No one wants to get accused of sexual assault.  The chest is a no-go zone, more so than ever before.  So what do they come up with for this problem?

Say hellow to the “Womanikin” – a CPR training device intended to remove the stigma of touching tits.

“If we can normalize performing CPR on a woman’s body in training, we will see changes in real life. Let’s kill the stigma that’s killing women.”

Well, I don’t think anyone reading this blog is going to have any trouble seeing the obvious problem here.  I don’t think most guys are going to be afraid of the CPR doll having you thrown in the slammer for performing CPR on it, but all that changes in real life, again, thanks to #MeToo.  No mannequin is going to change that.

You know, come to think of it… Let’s say you have a co-ed class with young guys and young females learning CPR…I can tell you that the guys are going to be pretty bashful about doing the exercise on even the mannequin, because they know that the young females there will not be bashful about getting “creeped out” upon seeing that behavior, and getting the boys in trouble. I’m dead serious about that.

“Eeeewww!! You touched its breasts! You creep!!”

That can spell dire consequences for for a young man’s education.  It wasn’t always this way, but it sure as hell is now.

Well, I’ll give them an E for effort, but I’m afraid this company simply does not understand what the real problem is. Therefore, it will not be solved.

By the way, the comments section of the embedded YouTube video is worth looking at.


Alex Jones Calls For Incels To Be Disarmed!

He has renewed his call to profile incels, and he conflates them with drug addicts, devil worshipers and antifas.


So there you have it. If Alex Jones has his way, guys who don’t have a romantic partner will get red-flagged by any of the judgmental, sexually-active rabbits who know him – you know, family members, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone else who finds his solitary lifestyle “creepy” – and he’ll have the cops come to his door and confiscate his guns. He will be left defenseless, like a sitting duck, and it’s thanks in part to the guy who calls himself the “tip of the spear” against dystopia. You’d expect this to come from a leftist pundit of some kind, but as it turns out, right-wingers likewise don’t think a guy should have civil rights after he gets the stamp of rejection from females.

So, for any single guys reading this, you better hope that you’re lucky and never have a home invasion or something, because your life is about to be deemed worthless. I mean, you already were worthless in the eyes of the female half of the population, but now the so-called defenders of freedom want to make it official. Of course the left will be more than happy to jump on that bandwagon against incels. The left and the right have united against unattractive, rejected men. They’ll probably lump MGTOW in there too – most in the public see MGTOW and incel as synonymous, thanks to the way things have been reported by mainstream fake news.  And, it’s not like anyone in the alternative news (Infowars, et al) is going to contradict that, even if they knew better.

Just imagine, standing in front of a judge – probably a woman – and trying to argue that you have a right and a need to have a firearm, in a court that is aware of your sexual inactivity and uses that as the central argument for why you shouldn’t have one. Just try to picture that…groveling with a feminist in a black robe, playing mother-may-I with your God-given right to defend yourself, and having her laugh you to scorn and tell you no.

Well, what can we say? The more that society singles out and antagonizes incels like this, the more incel attacks will happen…and consequently, the worse it will get for the rest of them. Red flag laws aren’t going to stop even one of these mass killings by incels, but Alex Jones seems to have conveniently forgotten that part. As I’ve said before, the vast majority of incels are harmless, but as with any demographic, there is always a certain fraction out on the fringe who are unstable; and as long as feminists, Alex Jones and the rest keep poking at them like cornered animals, the more incidents there will be.

Write this down:

Incel rage attacks would not be a thing, were it not for the way noncel people act toward incels.  Females specifically are the ones who make a man incel, and noncels generally are the ones who make that into a problem.

Incels just want to be left alone.  They don’t want to have to discuss or explain their lack of success with females to snoopy noncels.  They don’t want to have to live with an unfair stigma of being a loser at best, and a dangerous threat at worst.  They want to be left alone.  Just LEAVE. THEM. ALONE. you sex-obsessed assholes.

Jeff Epstein: #MeToo Victim?

One of Epstein’s (former) lawyers is arguing that he merely had the “misfortune to be a wealthy man in the #metoo era.”


An attorney for Jeffrey Epstein says prosecutors and the press have “blood on their hands” in Epstein’s apparent suicide.

Marc Fernich said Saturday that reporters, plaintiffs’ lawyers and court officials “should be ashamed of their behavior” following Epstein’s indictment last month on conspiracy and sex trafficking charges.

He said in a statement that jailers at the Metropolitan Correctional Center failed to protect Epstein and to prevent the “calamity” of his death.

Fernich added that Epstein had “long since paid his debt to society” for his crimes. He said Epstein had the “misfortune to be a wealthy man in the #metoo era.”

Fernich said his statement comes as an “outraged citizen and defense lawyer,” not as a representative of Epstein.

Yeah, yeah.  Well, I guess we can give that lawyer credit for loyalty, like a dog that continues to stand guard over the dead body of his master.  Then again, it’s not like it would help his own legal career to throw Epstein under the bus after he’s dead.  It does sound a bit silly to suggest that Epstein was innocent of being the pedophile network gatekeeper for the global elite…but then, lawyers are in the profession of saying absurd things.

It’s about as absurd as suggesting that Epstein’s death was actually a suicide, as the official story suggests.  One thing this episode makes me really happy about is that no one, on either side of the aisle, buys the official story for once.  Democrats normally defend any and all official stories like a religion, and the only reason they’re questioning this one is in the hopes that it will lead to Trump’s downfall (that goal is the only function of the Democrat Party at this time) and I’m glad to see them supporting deeper investigation into this, because I never get tired of seeing their efforts blow up in their faces.

As for Epstein’s “misfortune”, maybe I’m splitting hairs here, but to say that it’s a misfortune to be wealthy in any era sounds pretty stupid – even oxymoronic, if you think about it.  If he didn’t like being rich, there were plenty of people who would have gladly taken that money off his hands.  Having said that, it’s not like wealth doesn’t come with some drawbacks, and in the #MeToo era, it’s very true that your money is going to bring accusations from females – and no matter what the laws on the books say, when you have female judges in a gender-differential case, the male is guilty until proven innocent. Then again, being poor doesn’t make you immune – only less able to mount a legal defense. It’s quite probable that some of the females accusing Epstein are just cockroaches jumping on the bandwagon with false accusations as usual – and with a billion dollars up for grabs? Oh don’t kid yourself…feminist judges can make anything happen, regardless of who the rightful heirs are (I use that term rightful loosely because it’s hard to say if any of that money was earned legitimately).

Get the popcorn ready. This could get interesting.