4 in 10 American Women Obese


Why the problem is getting worse for women faster than for men remains somewhat of a mystery to health researchers. “I don’t know if anyone truly knows for sure,” Hunnes said. Experts say there are a range of possible explanations, including that many women are satisfied with a larger body size.

Gee, what about the scourge of “fat shaming” and anorexia/bulimia (which men are to blame for, of course)?  Sit tight, they’ll find a way to blame this on men too.  Nothing is the woman’s fault, and don’t you forget it!

See that?  That’s you’re fault, you dangler!


Women and Alleged Evolutionary Bisexuality

This is the fascinating reason women have evolved to become bisexual“…

We could go a lot of different directions with this one.

First, it’s not a surprise that something like this would come from a professor of a school of economics and political science, rather than a professor of biological sciences.  Social upheaval is in vogue, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.  You also have to watch out when they continually allude to “experts”, which is more of a statement about people whose opinions are preferred, rather than indicating any specific credentials.

At least this theory isn’t as unworkable as some crackpot theories about genetic homosexuality, which are fundamentally antithetical to the genetic process, and frankly quite crackpot, no matter how posh the accent or how many letters behind the name of the theorist.  Even still, I say that it’s still a silly conclusion. The truth is that there is more than one reason that women go bisexual or lesbian, but usually you can tell by what kind of lesbian they are outwardly.

The main type of switch-hitter are the mainstream bisexuals who do it because it’s more socially acceptable, and garners the attention of men.  There is a kind of group fetish among many men to see lesbian sex, which makes any kind of screwing around and experimentation socially permissible.  These are usually the casual ones who are still attracted to men, are still mostly feminine, but have no problem swinging both ways, whether they get anything out of it or not.

Next, you have the mainline lesbians who are genuinely lesiban, for whatever reason, and have always been that way.  Their disposition with men varies widely, but generally they don’t respect men because they see no incentive to.

Then there are the angry rebellious lesbians, who genuinely hate men to their very core, and did so from the time that they were acting heterosexuals.  They tend to go lesbian because they have a real vendetta against men, and it is just par for the course.  It’s they only sexuality that they can even stomach.  They are the lesbians who react to men the way that radical Muslims react to Jews, or for that matter, the way that radical orthodox Jews react to non-Jews…for example.

The article did make an interesting point about polygynous [sic] marriages, which can be applied to the tournament paradigm of alphas with several mates and betas going off to die — the paradigm that humanity is rapidly returning to.  To me, that’s a subject much more worth caring about than lesbianism.

Boycott…Bachelor Party Weddings?

If anyone feels inclined to join this boycott, don’t even take the time to ask the bride if there is going to be a bachelor party — just don’t go.  Stay home.

No, wait — do call the bride, and lay your terms of attendance on her, and then download all of your propaganda on her — oh, and don’t forget to quote your sources, especially if it’s Fredrick Engels.  These people need to know about what a freak you are so they can warn others not to even sent you an invitation.

Yes, this video is a pretty comprehensive example of how screwy and brainwashed these feminists are.

Singles: Just Say NO to Wedding Invitations

This article, which is as insightful as it is cringeworthy, only really falls short in one aspect: it fails to delve into the pack mentality and basic sociopathy of married people at weddings in their behavior towards singles. Other than that, it’s sure to give any prolonged single shell shock.


Here’s the question: why should singles have to put themselves through this crap?  We know why non-singles want them to be put through that gauntlet — it’s fun for pack animals to gang up on and attack the loser, like chickens that will go crazy when they see a spot of blood, and peck another chicken to death.  Why, though, do so few singles seem to have discovered how liberating it is to just say, no, I’m not coming?  I mean, it seems that most married or attached people don’t really want you there anyway, unless they are looking forward to abusing you somehow — it’s nice to have some losers around to make an even more glorifying juxtaposition for the sake of the glorified, but the downside is that it’s kind of like inviting a jumbee to the ceremony.  Everything you do makes them gasp and gossip, so how much worse could it be to just turn the invitation down?

Sometimes you “have” to go, if it’s a sibling or whatever, but I think it should be more than reasonable and understood that you are just going to make a cameo at the ceremony itself and get the hell out of there before the reception.  That should require no explanation of why, but even if it does, it shouldn’t be too hard…well, shouldn’t, but realistically speaking, get ready for a fight.  Isn’t it nice to be so wanted?  Seriously though, they should all understand that inviting you to a wedding is like inviting a white person to a Black Panther rally — the first thought that crosses your mind is if they are inviting you so that they can use you as a piñata, and for good reason because that’s what most singles figuratively end up as at weddings.

The real nasty ones are the wedding receptions where they go the extra mile, beyond the bouquet or garter toss.  I’ve seen weddings where they stage “games” for the singles in attendance.  First, they flush out all of the singles with goading and pressure, and get them into the spotlight of shame, then go on to humiliate them with a game show-like affair, all for the benefit of the happily-attached audience members to laugh at.  I can think of few things more disrespectful than to turn your own wedding into and opportunity to smugly flog those who are simply not lucky enough and attractive enough to be among your social class.  Do the marrieds realize how that makes them feel?  Better question: do they care?  No, they don’t.  All of that is done for the benefit of everyone but the singles being humiliated.  Weddings are rife with tactlessness, but then, marriage is apparently the celebration from being exempt from tact (and tax).

Maybe it takes a real wake-up call, a really nasty experience to make you finally figure it out and contemplate other options.  At the last wedding I went to, the ceremony ended with me being yelled at by a neighbor as the bride and groom were walking back down the aisle: “You’re next!”  Yep, that’s the last time I’ll be publicly tarred and feathered.  In over 10 years, I’ve never been to another wedding.

If you really think about it, there is no way you should be expected to put up with that nonsense.  If people truly care about you, they ought to understand. A wedding is, after all, a chance for marrying and already-married people to celebrate not being you. You owe it to yourself to refuse to willingly participate in your own social censuring , or at least limit your attendance to a token obligatory cameo appearance.

You Have Two Choices

Once a man reaches a certain age — that age being the subject of debate, but usually considered around 30 — without ever having had sexual relations and/or a romantic relationship with a woman, he has two options: he can either resign himself to, or embrace (depending on his philosphy) the idea that life-long virginity is inevitable, or he can resign himself to losing his virginity to a prostitute.

Some will argue against this, usually because it’s an offense to their own hopeless romantic bias, but what do they have to offer as a third possibility? The only other possibility is to eventually end up with “someone” and get sex in the traditional, unpaid manner. Just one problem: he can’t decide for that to happen on his own. Sex is given, not procured. The only men who get to have sex for free are the ones who had that gift bestowed upon them by women, not the ones who “worked hard for it”. In fact, men who genuinely work hard to get women are the ones who don’t get women — they went to the trouble because they didn’t know what they were doing.

It seems completely unreasonable to expect a hardcore incel, who has reached age 30 or beyond without ever having had a woman acknowledge his masculinity, to entertain the idea of getting sex any other way than by paying for it. Most people with normal sex lives would feel completely insulted if someone suggested that they should hold out hope for something so hopeless. What sense would it make for someone to make a debut into a life of romance at that age anyway?

Resorting to prostitution is not for everyone. Many people have religious or moral objections to it, some have the same kind of hopeless romantic bias as their sexually active counterparts, and many more simply don’t have the nerve or the money to go through with it. All of these are valid reasons — even the hopeless romantic incel is entitled to his convictions, as long as he’s willing to accept the likelihood of dying a virgin. Lacking the guts to go though with it is one that the least amount of people would understand of forgive, but that’s probably because they’ve never walked a mile in those shoes. Engaging in prostitution, even legal and regulated, is not for the faint at heart. It’s a sleazy affair, something that even the most sexually experienced “normals” would have a hard time bringing themselves to going through with. The unfortunate part about that is that incels can be some of the most faint-at-heart people around, yet they are the ones who are going to have to bring themselves to ring that buzzer and walk through that door. There is never going to be a magic moment of confidence, or a groove to get into that is going to make going through with it easy. There are going to be moments of awkwardness and vascillation waiting for him — he won’t just wake up one day and make it happen when those moments are on their day off or something. They only way to make it happen is to realize that he’s going to have to make himself go through with it, step by step, regardless of his inhibitions.

It comes down to this: is it going to be easier than being a virgin when you turn whatever age you’ve dreaded that happening at? 30 is a dreaded age for most, but 40 is the most talked about number when it comes to late life virginity — obviously the movie about it is a major reason, but even intuitively, it’s the final branding iron of stigma. For some, crossing their most dreaded age of virginity may be the point after which it becomes easier to live with, kind of like a point of resignation and no return. For others, it may be the beginning of problems never imagined.

Everyone’s situation is different, and there are as many different perspectives and attitues on the subject as Carter has pills. The only things shared by all late-life virgins is the fact that eventually, each one of them will reach “that” age, whatever it may be — if death doesn’t come first — followed by certain death. They better be willing to accept having to take their v-cards to their graves if they aren’t willing to bite the bullet and pay to lose it. Most people can count on sex happening without having to resort to prostitution when they are younger, like in their teens or 20s; but the late-life virgin over 30 simply cannot have that expecation any more.

No, it’s not fair, and it may not make any sense, but it has happened nonetheless — you have become a late life virgin, and the clock is ticking. Sex with a prostitute might be in your future, or it might not be, but what most certainly will be in your future are hard choices. They simply are not going to go away.

Women Don’t Make Good Platonic Friends

Well, not for habitually single men, anyway.

What we’re talking about here is not really the “friendzone”, because that’s a realm where you want to be in a relationship with a particular woman, but can’t make it past being mere platonic friends, and probably getting taken advantage of all the while. That itself is a pretty nasty predicament, but even being in a friendship where you genuinely have no desire to see it become more than that carries its own risks.

Habitually single, never-in-relationship “incel” men often make the mistake of thinking that it’s at least “safe” to be friends-only with a woman, sort of like the non-swimmer staying in the shallow end of the pool. Truth be known, it may even be more dangerous than being in a relationship with the woman, because in a relationship, at least there is a sort of respect that comes from the original attachment, and acts as a buffer against the her impulsive wrath. Oh, and don’t expect her to keep the kid gloves on with him, due to his lack of experience. She will pull out all the stops, hitting him with all of mind games and emotional tactics that he’s not ready for, without mercy.

When it comes to emotional games, women can easily out-manouver even the most experience men, and always have been — it’s how they’ve evolved. Men have the upper hand physically and intellectually, women have the upper hand emotionally and tactically. Incel men are especially handicapped when it comes to these sorts of things, and are sitting ducks, even in platonic friendships. Remember, even a female friend is still a female, and they don’t put in a different brain when they are with friend-only males, then swap it out with the typical one when they’re with their main squeeze. Some of the rules are different, but when things ultimately come unglued, all bets are off.

Even when it seems like things are going just fine, you may be on the brink of an explosion, as soon as there is a source of ignition. The incel is not going to be able to see any of the warning signs — better yet, he won’t have the experience to realize that there are no warning signs. He’ll be going along, thinking everything is fine, and before he knows it, he’ll find himself being squished through the ringer without even having had the benefit of being able to plug her. Best-case scenario: he realizes how naive he was, feels like an idiot, and doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Seldom does it go that smooth.

Women are things that require special handling. They require experience and skill. Grown women are not entry-level — you have to know what you are doing.

The best thing for men with little or not experience with women is to keep a respectful distance. Family and working relationships are fine, but avoid getting on a personal level with them, unless you want to get a taste of what you don’t deserve, and pay the price for something they won’t ever give you.

Spit-Soaked Feminism

This should tell you all that you need to know about modern feminism and female psychology:

I would love to add to this, but I don’t think I really can.  I think this speaks for itself.  You would be hard-pressed to find a better example of feminist cognitive dissonance anywhere.  If there is, I want to see it.

Oh, and please note how she blames “especially western society” for dominating women. Apparently she doesn’t know what non-western society is like, but what do you expect?

Thoughts On Elective Castration

Understanding your own vulnerabilities equals strength; denying them equals weakness.  What makes one of our greatest vulnerabilities hard to concede is the fact that in doing so, we are echoing the enemy; still, one must remember that truth doesn’t become a lie, just because a liar speaks it.

So, make today the day you admit to yourself, if you haven’t already, that virtually everything you do and have ever done is directly or indirectly motivated by the subconscious quest to impress women.  It’s not your fault.  You are somewhat hard-wired to do this.  Don’t worry about me spilling the beans on this either, because women know this much better than we do.  Here’s the proof: think about any given worldly pursuit you’ve ever had, and what you imagined the ultimate outcome of that pursuit being, and if you think about it honestly and completely, you’ll find women in the last box of your mind’s flowchart.  Your imagination may not have gone as far as having women as the ultimate result of whatever you were trying to do, but it probably went at least as far as being seen by and attracting a woman or women.  Everything that you’ve ever imagined garnering some kind of fame, big or small, is invariably about being seen by women.  Career and financial success is also about being seen by women — no one pictures being a rich incel, unless the movie playing in your mind winds around to a woman showing up at some point.  If women were taken completely out of the picture, in a way that you probably have never imagined — and probably are not able to — then essentially nothing you have ever tried to do would make any sense.

For an incel, it has never really made sense, but deep-seated biological imperatives don’t need to make any sense.  Sex drive in an incel is like runaway farm machinery on a rampage, causing nothing but destruction when not plowing fertile ground.  Have you ever seen a video of a runaway tractor?  That’s what an incel’s sex drive looks like.  It probably won’t crash into a sorority house, but it should probably be stopped nonetheless.

The question is about how to stop it.  It’s probably no coincidence that there are very few options, if any, available to the incel when it come to cessation of sexuality, in the hypersexualized world we live in.  It has to be understood that noncels don’t want incels to drop out of the race — they want incels to lose the race, properly and officially.  Remember, Nice Guys™ can’t finish last if they don’t finish at all.  How can they really feel like winners if there are no losers?  You see, they don’t sit there and give you all of that stupid, worn-out advice because they want to see you become successful in dating, sex and relationships (DSR), but because they want to see you keep trying and failing.  They fully expect, as you do, that success will never come, but they don’t want to see you content with that lack of success.  It just bothers them.  This is why there are so many roadblocks to obtaining elective surgical or even chemical castration — it’s for their sake, not yours.  They are the ones who get the enjoyment of seeing your running on the hamster wheel.

Take simple elective orchiectomty (removal of the testicles) for example: this can be done with little effort, when done in the context of “gender reassignment”, but nearly impossible to obtain as a stand-alone procedure.  This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless you understand the reasoning behind it: society doesn’t want anyone unplugging from the sociosexual matrix.  We have reached a point where modern western society thinks that the idea of a man getting a sex-change — in which he puts on a permanent female Halloween costume, using hormones and various cosmetic surgeries, not the least of which turns his penis as inside-out has his own disordered sexuality is — is more palatable than the idea of a man simply becoming a non-sexual gelding via castration.  The message is clear: it’s better to have a screwed-up sexuality than no sexuality at all.  This stance is a result of society putting such emphasis and importance on sexuality that it has lost all perspective and forgotten the point thereof, and even abandoned all common sense on the subject.

If, however, we do reach a point where elective castration becomes an accepted practice, it would offer incel men many benefits.  It wouldn’t be for everyone, of course.  Some don’t have the balls (pun intended) to go through with it, some don’t have a belief system that allows it, and some still hold out hope that they’ll be of some use one day.  On the other hand, there are those who are just one step short of wishing they’d get testicular cancer, just so that they can rid themselves of the greatest burden of their lives, standing in the way of doing anything useful with their lives.

Now of course there are going to be many naysayers to an idea like this for other reasons, besides a desire to see incels continue to struggle in futility for their entertainment.  Some are going to say that castration won’t get the job done, citing the human ability to have sex after castration, some continued production of testosterone by other glands, and of course the psychological addiction to females.  Ah, but it’s the psychological aspect of it that is the most useful effect, actually.  You see, having the testicles removed is what finally and absolutely removes all hope and psychological imprisonment related to the opposite sex.  It allows you to be free of false hope of the most deeply rooted order.  It seems to me that it’s the ultimate expression and enabling of going your own way, and rejecting the psychological and endocrine slavery to women, whom you don’t even have access to, once and for all.

Information on this topic is sparse.  There are rumors of a doctor in Pennsylvania who used to do it on demand, but he’s probably long gone.  Maybe one could feign getting a sex change up until the job is done, then go their own way, and of course the disgrace of this is on society, not the incel.  Other than that, the best information resource on this subject that I personally have ever found would be this castration primer from the Eunuch Archive (I like them already — how could one not?  Oh, right…by being a sexually active moron).

All this shouldn’t be taken as an explicit endorsement of castration, but it’s a worthy conversation anyhow, and shouldn’t be so taboo, in today’s world of celebrated deviance.

#NoHymenNoDiamond: Well-Meaning, But Destined to Backfire

Most have heard of the Facebook or Twitter (what’s the difference?) rage going on these days: #NoHymenNoDiamond.  It’s pretty self-explanatory: thousands of guys downing non-virgin women as not being marriageable, and an army of feminists and mangina suck-asses shrieking at these guys in full shrill.  You can read all about it here.

While the intent may be good, this movement will only backfire. Guys can demand virgins, but they end up walking right into a self-made trap:

  • If they are not virgins themselves, then they are hypocrites who automatically lose the argument, and only reaffirm feminists’ ideas about the patriarchal boogeyman.
  • If they are virgins, then in an instant, the conversation shifts to them, and what freaks they are — all discussion about women is forgotten.  The virgin men become the laughing stock of the world, and reaffirm the stereotype of non-virility for everyone else (“everyone else” being non-virgins).

Either way, the conversation gets shut right down.

Of course, guys who are legitimately involuntary celibate (incel) don’t have to worry about any of this.  It’s a non-issue, because once you reach a certain age as a male virgin, your marital prospects are gone anyway.  The true incel has become so pre-deselected that even a used-up non-virgin would never let him put a diamond on her finger, let alone a virgin woman, who would likely be half his age and know her worth to a well-reared suitor from a respected family.

Now of course, it is fun to watch feminists shriek about this movement and try to deny their obvious devaluation, with regard to marriage (it’s probably just designed to troll them anyway), and even funnier is watching these hen-pecked loser men regurgitating fem-think rhetoric, as if it’s going to win them points or something.  Don’t even get me started on the history that feminists have of decrying the institution of marriage itself as patriarchal enslavement, but how riled-up they get when they are told that they aren’t worth marrying anyway — we could talk about female ego quite a bit here, but that’s another discussion for another day.  Most importantly, it is good reminder of a harsh fact of life that cannot be squelched. Sometimes even the most obvious truths have to be restated, and if Jay Teachman’s data is to be believed, then indeed, non-virgin women are no good for marriage — even after one partner.

But remember, the male side of picture cannot be ignored either. A guy has to take a good look at himself as well, and assess his own sexual market value, in light of this #NoHymenNoDiamond idea.  It’s hard to simply throw back to tradition and declare the upper hand like that, especially if you’ve reached an age and sociosexual status that would lead you to even be thinking about this stuff.  Like it or not, the mockery that feminists and manginas make of #NoHymenNoDiamond is quite sincere, and is not going to lead even one virgin woman to stop and think.  If anything, more cherries will be popped out of defiance, and not one man who signed onto this movement will ever get to be one of the cherry-poppers.

All and all, we all probably end up coming to this inevitable conclusion…

#NoDiamond, period.

A deal cannot be reached, nor should it, probably.  Rather than aging men driving themselves to madness, coming up with ultimatums for women who look back at them like genetic garbage anyway, it’s probably time to abandon hope of marriage, and perhaps even the subject of marriage altogether.  Realize that your ship will never come in, nor was it ever going to, and then truly go your own way without using the acronym MGTOW.  Rather than jumping on futile bandwagons like this, let your actions — or rather, inaction, with regard to marriage and relationships — do all the talking, and try to preserve your sanity by finding pursuits in life that hopefully don’t even remind you of what a wasteland womankind is in the 21st century.