#MeToo is Always a Group Effort

It’s never just one, is it.  It’s always a group of women, who pop up all at once.  Now we know why.

So now Morgan Freeman is the next man of prominence in the cross hairs.  In this instance, CNN – the least trusted name in news these days – went on their own little hit-job investigation, with one of their own co-authors being a principle accuser.  They went to a bunch of people who worked with Freeman, and got seven more to jump on the bandwagon of accusation without proof or consequence.  Good way to cap off the legacy of the now-80-year-old actor, sending him off to the gulag of femifascism.

It makes me wonder if he did something to piss of the gynostablishment© as certain other accused men have…  Did his conversation with Mike Wallace so deflating of racial identity politics that they would do this to him, or was there something I missed?  We know damn well what got them to share Matt Lauer’s dirty little secrets: crossing Hillary Clinton by bringing up the e-mails that the Commander-in-Chief Forum, after which (rumor says) Hillary said that she wanted Matt Lauer destroyed.  That’s an easy one – almost as easy as all of the dirty details coming out about Trump at such coincidental timing…yeah, right.

Does anyone seriously ask why there are so many of these accusations that come out years or even decades later?  Why would these poor, poor women sit on such accusations for so long?  Do they think that we really buy the narrative that one coming out inspires others to take that courageous step as well?  Please…  It’s a combination of false accusations by opportunists who jump on the band wagon, and known information that media companies, government bureaucracies and even gold-digging women save back like arrows in a quiver, to be used when they want to take someone out.  On the government side especially, dirt on people is used to keep them in line.

The takeaway is that not making someone’s crime against you known immediately, or at least having a pretty good explanation for the delay (no, not being “inspired by other brave women” doesn’t cut it), diminishes credibility in one of two ways: either it didn’t actually happen, or you were saving it for blackmail or revenge, both cases destroying your own case.  That’s how it ought to be, anyhow.  It’s like Charles Schumer saying that the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” – that means that government bureaucracies are either a). sitting on knowledge of crimes for the purpose of blackmailing or using as revenge against people, and/or b). using their credibility to make up things and frame people.  Either way, Cuck Schumber affirmed the existence of the “deep state”.  If anyone ever tries to tell you that they don’t exist, just point to that quote from Schumer.

You know, the female hive-mind is kind of its own deep state, isn’t it?  You piss them off, and they’ve got sixty ways from Sunday to get back at you, all made possible by cuck-tastic men who believe them simply because they are women.  There is a reason that women and children were not considered credible witnesses in olden times, and it’s not because they were smaller…


InfoWars vs. Incels

When even InfoWars turns against you, you know that you’ve landed at the bottom of everything.


I wonder if Paul Joseph Watson realizes that videos like his only make incel rampages more likely…

Update: now Alex Jones is calling for incels to be profiled…  I knew someone was going to call for this, sooner or later…I just never thought it would be Alex Jones.  Think about that – the world’s premier pioneer of speaking out against the government tyranny and Orwellian intrusion on the lives of citizens is now calling for the government to basically start a soft holocaust against guys whom women don’t find appealing.

So…if women don’t find you attractive, Alex Jones wants to send the deep state after you.  That would be like Martin Luther King marching for the civil rights up black people as he did, except for one day when the called for the Klan to kill all of the black people in one particular neighborhood that happens to be the poorest and most marginalized of them all.

[To the globalists]…I’m committed, because I know you’re bad people, and I want to get you off our collective backs!

Well, except for the guys whom women don’t find hawt.  He wants the globalists to go ahead and take them out.

“Redefining Masculinity” and Rejection

‘We have to get a lot more deliberate if we want to transform masculinity into a healthy identity’.

No surprise that this is coming from the Guardian, nor that Mozilla is pushing it, just as all other left-leaning tech companies are showing their social justice skid marks…


Yes, the article is a predictable menstruation of leftist/feminist anti-male drivel, using an absurd, rolling anecdotal case-study of one guy to help make the words masculine and rape synonymous, and advocate warping kids as young as possible – boys into estrogen-filled wet noodles, and girls into even more paranoid self-pedestalizing harpies than they already are – you know, just the daily business at the Guardian.

On the other hand, there was one little part of the article that caught my attention…it was so short, you blink and you’d miss it…

Karen BK Chan, a sex and emotional literacy educator, speaks compellingly of the need to teach boys resiliency in the face of sexual rejection. “How might we empathize with a young guy who is balancing masculinity pressures and the desire to show and receive love?” she encourages us to ask. “How can we help him experience bearable rejection instead of unbearable failure?”

Try not to get hung up on the absurdity of a title like “sex and emotional literacy educator” (I probably have at least as much right to that title as she does…wait, that’s being generous – click on that link to see exactly the kind of person who should not be teaching boys to be men); instead, focus on the question at hand: how can young guys be helped to experience bearable rejection instead of unbearable failure?

First of all, it’s a nice thought, sparing boys the sting of rejection at the age when it can do the most damage, but it’s not like any modernized female – much less a feminist Guardianista – is going to want to bestow an unattractive male anything but the maximum damage from rejection.  For modernized females, that’s the fun of rejecting, and we see them do it without mercy or remorse.  Now of course, I didn’t miss the point – we know that the intent of proposing that we teach boys resiliency is not at all for the boys’ sake, but for females’ sake, because it comes from the gynocentricism-driven #MeToo narrative that the more painful the rejection is for the male, the more likely he is to go on some kind of Republican rape spree or something.  We have Elliot Rodger to thank for reinforcing that narrative, by the way.

What else is funny is the concept of boys “balancing masculinity pressures and the desire to show and receive love”…as if it weren’t common sense that social pressure on a boy that age is to score with females, while his loving desires push him to the same end.  Leave it to a butch-dyke “emotional literacy educator” to be confounded by the conundrum of balancing two weights that are on the same side of the scale.  There is no confusion in a normal, non-feminized boy’s mind about what he wants with girls, but the real opposing force to that is being made ever stronger by pretty much everything else in the article.  Feminism wants to impede sub-prime males’ access to females as much as possible, which is the obvious part, but it goes much deeper – feminists want to corner these males, giving them no way out, and continually squeeze them until they burst.  Why?  What’s the point of that?  It only makes sense if you know that feminism, simply put, is hatred of men.

Well…except for the “hawt” ones, that is.

But I can’t just leave this off without addressing the question that we might actually want an answer to: how do you mitigate the absurdly high level of damage to a young male when hit with a rejection bomb, especially for the first time?  Well, in addition to some uncommon sense things, like not feeding him stories in childhood with Walt Disney happy endings, conventional trad-con thinkers (and these feminists in particular) would be aghast to realize that it is in fact the very thing they hate: the red-pill, and MGTOW.  Learning about female nature, and knocking females off that pedestal (which feminists pretend they hate) is the only way to save young guys from life-altering (and in some cases, life-ending) trauma from the unbridled sociopathy of girls at school.  Well, I should say that this the case only for the young guy who is already on his way to Omegaville, realizing his rock-bottom sexual market value, and having the feeling (and perhaps even conviction) that his first big rejection is also his last.  If he were red-pilled before that happened, he might avoid the dreaded oneitis – that mental illness which manifests itself as a completely inappropriate emotional, romantic and sometimes even a spiritual commitment to a girl whom he barely knows, doesn’t care and was just teasing his dick.  As for the bad boys, the jocks and the other varieties of guys who get girls easily, it’s not a lesson they have to learn – they know that delicious females are a dime a dozen, and his next dessert is right around the corner.  Ironically, this is the lurking sex offender that the females in this article are so scared of…

…Oh wait, I forgot – what constitutes sexual assault is entirely in the opinion of the female, so bad boy is off the hook yet again.  Hey, let’s find a way to sniff out which unattractive guys have oneitis for someone, and then we’ll name & shame them to suicide!

And now you know where the paranoia of oneitis comes from, as if you didn’t already know.  Not that you didn’t already know, but if the fallout of rejection is ever mitigated, it won’t be the work of females.


“The Triumph of The BETA Male”

Well, then…

As usual, he’s probably right…but then, after a point, does a man really have a dog in the hunt?

No, better yet, did the bottom-5% incel man ever have a dog in the hunt?  As it turns out, no.

But alas, I’ll still vote the right way, even when all is lost…I have to make them work for it, don’t I?  Yes, what I lack in hope, I make up for in spite.


Trans-Fascism, Gaslighting and the Solomon Asch Conformity Awards

The Asch conformity experiments of the 1950s demonstrated that peer pressure, ridicule and ostracism are powerful enough forces to make people conform to the group, even contrary to their own cognition.  Today’s transgender movement, which has turned into a kind of fascism (no, that’s not a right-leaning ideology at all) puts the lessons of those experiments into practice – the dissenting subject is singled out and demonized.  Some will crack under the pressure, and some won’t.

Nothing exemplifies this as well as Ben Shapiro’s exchanges on a panel discussion with Dr. Drew a few years ago.  It started as a conversation about “Caitlyn” Jenner winning the Arthur Ashe Courage Award

…and then, these virtue-signaling trans-fascist zombies started competing for what we could call the Solomon Asch Conformity Award.  Everyone in there was against him, including Dr. Drew, who is acting as the moderate voice of reason and authority in that forum – It’s the classic good-cop-bad-cop conditioning.

But who was being conditioned?  Certainly not Ben Shapiro – they know he’s a lost cause.  No, it is the viewers who are being conditioned into thinking that this demonstration of pack mentality, and punishment for wrong-think, is normal and how things ought to be.  It’s not just letting mental illness out of the institution, but giving it a gun and a badge as well.  Trans-fascists flush out anything less than total acceptance of and participation in transgender delusion, and conflate it with with gay bashing and bigotry of all kinds (intersectionality).  They want there to be no middle ground where anyone can hide – either you sign their dotted line of trans-validation, or you’ll be on the run like a fugitive.

Do not be deceived.  We outnumber these brainwashed assholes.  And we have basic logic and facts on our side.

One of main ways that they’re bringing this fight to your front door is through pronouns: either you kiss the ring of trans-fascism and call a man, who thinks he’s a woman, she, or you’ll be unmasked by the social justice squad as a one of those irredeemable deplorables who must be stopped.  Shapiro’s stance on transgenderism at large is libertarian (surprising, considering that he’s a neocon) in that he is fine with addressing someone by a name that they changed to, or letting people do whatever freakish things they want with their own body, but compelling others to use the biologically incorrect pronoun is forcing society to validate it.  The good news is that, if the goal of trans-fascists is to give the naysayers no way out, someone in their ranks blew it for them, by their acceptance of the pronoun they as an alternative.  I’ve held for a long time that this pronoun was the acceptable compromise because it’s correct, but doesn’t force me to divine something that is not consonant with basic biology.  If use of they becomes mainstream, it’s going to be awkward to use, but the trans-fascists who are intent on antagonizing dissenters will find that they’ve painted themselves into a corner with it, and missed the spot they were going for.

Another way they have weaponized the lexicon is gender vs. sex, the former being redefined as a social construct, and the latter being designated as the term to use in place of the former.  Well, what can we say?  They hijacked other previously innocuous terms, e.g. gay, which use to mean happy, lesbian, which used to be a demonym for people from the Greek island of Lesbos, and confirmed bachelor, which use to apply to most people who read this blog…so why not hijack more of the lexicon?  It’s easy to get blindsided the first time you hear a SJW, fresh out of the college gender-chaos centrifuge, spit this idea out at you.  It sounds so novel and unheard of, yet they speak with such authority about it (remind me to do a blog on false/bluff authority), that you may find yourself looking the terms up, just to make sure that you aren’t the crazy or ignorant one…  Yep, sorry to say it, but you’ve just been gaslit.

This video is required viewing – Steven Crowder hosts a debate between a transsexual/transvestite/idunno guy, and a politically conservative lesbian, who calls the trans-fascist movement out for exactly what they are doing: gaslighting.  They try to make you feel like you are the crazy one, the backwards one, the bigot and the fascist – they’ll call you all of that and worse.

They start talking about that part of it about halfway through the video.

On a side note…yes, I noticed – she’s still a woman, and doesn’t want to give up her entitlements in spite of all of her perks…but she’s absolutely right on this one, so we’ll let it go this time.

Live and let live?  Of course.  MGTOW and incels have to live by this principle – their safety and peace depend on it.  Transgenderism would not be an issue worth talking about if it followed that creed as well, but that is not what’s happening here.  Transgenderism is on the offense, not defense.  It has turned into an in-your-face, fascist movement (one of many in our day) and the way you fight it is by recognizing their tactics.

Always remember the Asch Conformity Experiments, when the issues of transgenderism and trans-acceptance come up.  Make that your starting point, and don’t fall prey to the gaslighting.  Your sanity and your soul depend on it.

How To Avoid Female Entanglement

Perhaps the most central theme in my post urging less talk and more action in MGTOW was about avoiding entanglement with women.  These days, the discord between genders is shifting into high gear, with #MeToo and #TimesUp ramping up, and #MGTOW also ramping up in kind – things are getting worse, not better.  Men everywhere see the future of interaction with females more like a minefield than ever before, and those who are aware of the movement realize that MGTOW are going to be the best equipped of all men, when it comes to the bare minimum of interactions with women in the modern age.

A lot of advice is being doled out, but the quality of that advice varies.  From what I’ve seen, just by poking around the net, much of the legal advice on how to deal with a divorce is good – much of this comes from experience and legal expertise.  But that is when you are already in the middle of a war, and some guys are not entangled, and are just cutting their teeth in the MGTOW way.  It seems that most of the advice they get, that isn’t about lifestyle (i.e. finance, exercise and health, sex dolls, etc.) but about how to deal with women, is either overly convoluted or comes pretty much out of the pages of PUA.

I don’t think it has to be complicated at all.  As long you can limit your interaction with females to a point below what can be considered entanglement, then there really isn’t a lot you have to do; the key is in understanding what entanglement really is, and how the most innocuous-seeming brushes with females are probably ultra-virus vectors of entanglement.  Remember that women are like caves, in more ways than one: the further you go in, the farther you’ll have to climb back out.

So, here are my own strategies for how to keep female contamination out of your life and, as necessary, get them out of your life…

  1. Don’t acquire female “friends”.  They’re probably not really your friends anyway, as you think they are.  More accurately, you are just one of their many orbiters, and if they never hear from you again, they probably won’t even notice.  If the friendship is not as shallow as that, then likely it means they are getting utility from you – it doesn’t really go the other way, with utility flowing from her to you.  Either way, the point is that females don’t make good “friends” in that sense, so it’s like cigarettes – be smart, don’t start.
  2. Taper off slowly.  If it’s too late and you have female friends, there is no sense in being mean and telling them to get lost, nor do you want to suddenly ghost them because they might try to find you and see if you died or something.  The best way is to make yourself more and more rare: pick up the phone less, make your responses to their messages shorter and shorter, and just become more of a stranger generally.  Women aren’t telepathic like they think they are, but they are good enough readers to get the message, and it won’t likely be too big of a deal for them anyhow.
  3. Don’t make eye contact.  From day to day, you end up dealing with females in one capacity or another – the bank teller, the cashier, etc. – and the majority of them are short exchanges.  Of all the strategies you can employ to try and preclude them from taking interest in you or trying to chat you up, you’d be surprised at how effective it is to simply avoid eye contact with them.  It’s not that hard, really – just keep from looking at their face.  It doesn’t take long before this becomes second nature.
  4. Minimal words and expediency.  For longer and more involved exchanges, such as job interviews, meetings and things that take at least a few minutes, not making eye contact is not really going to work.  In these situations, the less you say, the better.  Don’t elaborate on things, tell personal stories, or make it any easier for them to really get to know you.  It’s not a matter of acting cold or giving them the impression that you explicitly dislike them (that increases your risk of being accused of something) but more of a strictly-business approach.  Draw the meeting to a close as soon as possible and get out…unless you’re trapped on an elevator (see #10 if this happens).
  5. Personal questions?  Spit them back.  You can tell when a woman is data mining you, in order to figure out what you’re about and what she can do with you.  One of the most important yet difficult things to do is to nip this inquisition in the bud, but there are ways, hopefully without damage control.  This is an area where you need to have at least a few responses pre-loaded.  For example, if she asks you what you do in your spare time, make sure you know something dorky (see #10) that won’t lead anyone to invite you to anything (see #11).  Some questions are personal enough that you can throw up the red flag: she asked if you have a girlfriend, and you can shoot her a sideways look and say, “Uh-oh, here come those questions,” as a semi-polite way of saying don’t even go there.  The idea is to put them on defense for having asked something like that.  The last thing you want to do is act like a simpering little boy and tell her the truth while blushing – you do that, and the next thing you know, she’ll be asking if you’ve ever had one…then what are you going to do?  By that time, she already knows the answer and she’s just skewering you.  (This is probably a point that needs its own blog post, so stay tuned…)
  6. Do not make any jokes, do not laugh.  Even when you see a golden opportunity, you have to resist the urge to tickle her funny bone.  This one is going to be harder for guys who have a sense of humor.  Laughing at something, beyond the one “heh” acknowledgement laugh (signaling that you got it, whatever it is) is also a bad idea because all of this may inadvertently act as social grease that gets the wheels turning – wheels that you, the MGHOW, don’t want to turn.  Anyways, chances are that your jokes are terrible and you laugh like a dork, but some females will humor you anyway, which might be a signal that you’re headed for bad places.
  7. Never, ever give your contact information.  This should be an obvious one, but it’s surprising how even seasoned veterans will make this error, so it needs to be said anyway – don’t give them your phone number, e-mail or link up with them on social media.  First of all, you don’t want to establish a line of communication that you’ll need to break off (strategy #2) and you don’t want them to have a vector through which they can engage with you.  If it’s a professional associate of some kind who needs your contact info for whatever reason, it’s safer to give it to them because you can compartmentalize that relationship off to the professional arena, and you have an alibi for to entertaining only those communications that are strictly work-related.
  8. Don’t chat them up, even in anonymity.  As I’ve said before, guys who think that mingling like this is harmless, and that they’ve got it all under control, are like the guys who say that they can drive drunk.  There is a certain kind of energy that you get from talking to a female, especially when it’s a rarity – I’m sure that your brain is giving you all kinds of rewards for doing it, in the form of dopamine and other neurotransmitters.  Females know this, and they know that your defenses are being lowered; as this happens, all of the other strategies above become less likely to be remembered and employed.  Even if nothing does come of it, there are other drawbacks to it: a). You are not training yourself for the full embrace of MGTOW – to put it another way, you can’t wean a calf and let it suck.  b). You are only helping to inflate the female attention-whoring hive mind’s ego even further.  When you go into a chatroom or message board, and you see three or four thirsty cucks shamelessly begging a female user for sex that will never happen – even with no flattering picture – it’s just making her even more deluded about her own sexual market value, and depending on how dirty the guys are talking, she’s getting more #MeToo ammo.  For this reason, you should avoid having conversations with them on the internet.  Even on a blog like this, don’t get into a discussion, a debate or anything with a female – just don’t even go there.  Don’t respond to their messages, and delete them if you can.  If you’re running the blog, remove them from your followers list if possible.
  9. Avoid social media altogether.  #8 above isn’t a problem if you don’t go there in the first place.  This includes Facebook, et al, but also forums and chat rooms.  There is a myriad of reasons why social media is bad for your brain, but it’s even worse if you’re MGTOW – it’s antithetical to that lifestyle.  Besides, it’s bad enough with the relentless porn spam bots that are dressed up to look like a woman’s profile, and message you with something like, “Hey!  You look familiar…did we go to high school together???  Hey, check out my nude pics for $9.95!”
  10. Say horribly stupid things.  When all else fails, and you can see that a female is trying to worm her way in (not because she is genuinely attracted to you, but because she wants you in her orbit so that she can get the benefits of your attention, adoration and perhaps even resources without you getting anything real in return) you should be able to ward her off by doing or saying things that signal to her that you are low-status.  Here’s how you do it…  If you laugh like a dork, try to laugh even dorkier.  Make jokes that are intentionally stupid and make you look infantile.  Mention that you make minimum wage (even if you don’t).  Brag about drinking milk, playing video games and not having a driver’s license.  Tell her that you have no criminal record, tattoos or cigarettes (make sure she’s not a church girl before you start doing that).  If you have to, start talking weird, but not in a way that’s going to get you accused of something or beaten by a white knight or bad boy nearby, e.g. tell her that you’re a brony, or something else that is going to be like pouring ice water into her vagina. What you say is going to depend on the situation, but it shouldn’t take too many of these lines to get her to back away slowly.
  11. Stay indoors.  Don’t go to obvious places like bars, clubs or parties, but also avoid social outings where there is an increased likelihood of crossing paths with females you don’t already know, or aren’t related to [cue banjo].  You can’t always do this, but you can minimize your exposure to risk by opting out when you can.  Avoid weddings like the plague, or make only a cameo appearance and get out as fast as possible.


As you do these things, it’s important to avoid pissing her off, as much as possible.  Women are irrational when they get angry, and now they have more power at their fingertips than ever.  Unless you live on an island, you are only going to be able to lay so low, but that’s certainly no reason to make yourself more conspicuous than you have to.  No approach is perfect and there are no guarantees, but you can better your odds if you avoid getting in the croshairs of women’s bullshit, their games and their anger.

And always remember…  It’s not your fault that things are this way.  None of this was your idea, and your not going to make things better by letting women use you to make things worse.

Don’t Try To Explain It To Women

This video is a textbook example of how women are never, ever going to understand MGTOW.  This video is like fingernails on a chalkboard – a full hen house of women and cucks, all weighing in on something they proudly do not understand, being squawked at you through the same annoying voice.

Get gets all the way through it, has it explained to her, and still can’t make sense out of it.  And of course, condemns it.

Seems that most women who try to critically analyze MGTOW do so from a standpoint of being flabbergasted and offended by the concept.  Even when people give them answers, the get spat right back.

Don’t we all find ourselves trying to explain this to women, and it’s it always futile?  If there should be any shaming going on, it should be MGTOW men shaming each other for continuing in trying to get through to females or tradcon cucks.

Iceland Institutes Gender Communism


This article is a few days old, but surprisingly, I don’t see anyone else covering it.

What it basically says is that companies must get a certificate showing that they are paying men and women equally, after they “evaluate every job that’s being done” and report it to the government.  The law was passed last year and just went into effect.

Like any social leveling scheme, it doesn’t level the playing field, but levels the scoreboard.  It’s based on the incorrect assumption that you can gauge equality of opportunity by equality of results – as if all demographics are equally talented, motivated and capable, and every disparity between their levels of overall success can be explained by discrimination.  They assume that discrimination/bias is the only variable that affects success and income.  It’s false of course, but in countries like Iceland (and just about everywhere else anymore) people don’t understand that, nor will they ever.

Iceland, which has a population of around 323,000 people, has been ranked the best in the world for gender equality by the World Economic Forum for nine years in a row.

That means that you don’t want to move to Iceland.  Every western world country is like this to different degrees, but the last place you want to be is on the cutting edge of the insanity.  If anyone makes it out of the coal mine shaft alive, it won’t be the canary – don’t be the canary.


“Time’s Up” – The Next Phase of Sexual McCarthyism

Just as you may have guessed, they’re expanding the scope of the #MeToo in every conceivable direction, like hydraulic fluid under pressure.  It’s what we could have predicted: millions of Hollywood dollars behind a campaign that puts all men at risk – oh, sorry, I mean all but the ones whose asses are covered by tax dollars, that is.  Actually, I predict that the finger pointing at politicians is going to be winding down now (until just before the midterms this November) because the plan to gain moral high ground by throwing their own overboard, i.e. Al Franken, is already faltering, so they’ll put all their hopes in regaining the House and going after Trump that way.  But anyhow…

This new movement, known as Time’s Up, would actually be kind of funny, if it was a sign that Hollywood was actually planning on eating itself – especially during the doldrums of the movie business.  Sorry, no such luck.  This is aimed at taking sexual McCarthyism to every corner of society, right down to farm hands, providing a means to underwrite false accusations for blue-collar women against blue-collar men.  Of course they’ve also managed to dovetail in other social justice items on the feminism agenda, like gender parity, grievance resourcing for racial minorities and LGBTQ-?? (gender chaos groups), an end to due process for accused men, and even breaching of non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

There will probably be more gynocentric causes piled onto it until it becomes an incoherent cornucopia of left-fascist causes, just about like Occupy.  In fact, that’s probably what we should hope for, because it will become so unfocused and ballistic as to become a left ideological farce, just like Occupy soon did.  Movements are always more potent when they have clear focus and a relatively narrow cause – the wedge needs a thin edge, does it not?  This is something that the movers and shakers have forgotten over the years, and it shows.  At a time in history when they barely have the means to get anything they want – the era of the Trump/Brexit populist renaissance – they start demanding everything they can think of, and they get nothing.

For this reason, I think that the barometer of how much we should worry about Time’s Up, #MeToo or whatever else they are going to cook up is in how broad in scope it is.  Right now, I’d say we are pretty safe – true, there will be some male casualties, but $13 million so far isn’t very much.  If they narrow their scope and get a more efficient and specialized machine of finger-pointing firepower up and running – the kind that is palatable enough for pussy-whipped cuckservatives to sign onto – then you can start to worry.

Woman Given Tranny To Do Her Pap Smear


UK NHS Patient Asks for Female Nurse for Cervical Smear, Gets Tattooed Trans Man With Stubble

There is only so far you can go down the whole gender-chaos rabbit hole before you run into the bedrock of reality.  Biological women demanding to be recognized as men, and biological men demanding to be recognized as women, and all wanting to get everything that comes with that recognition…what could possibly go wrong?  Mix in political forces, and you have true tyranny.

Tranny.  Tyranny.

Maybe that can be the 54th “gender” – they tyrant-sexual, who seeks to make its mental illness into a problem for others.

This video is worth watching – an offended lesbian calls transsexual activists out for precisely what they do: gaslight.  They try to make you think that you are the crazy one, when in fact, they are the whack-jobs.