September 2021 Update

Dear Readers, I haven’t posted anything in the past few months, due to other activities; but I do have some draft entries planned for the future, so hopefully activity will pick back up soon. For the record, if you can read this, the blog is apparently still alive for the moment. On the housecleaning side, […]

The True History of the Black Pill

It seems that the term black pill has been hijacked by looksists, and is now synonymous with looksism, as far as most people are concerned; but originally, that’s not what black pill was. To this day, as far as I’m concerned, black pill is black pill, looksism is looksism. The reason for the hijacking? First, […]

Will this blog survive?

Due to recent events regarding communication, internet platforms and politics, I’m not sure if this blog is going to survive the “memory hole”. I don’t have any plans to take it down, but it might not be up to me. So, if there are any articles that you feel are worth saving for some reason, […]

Introducing the #MeToo App

Females will soon be using an app on their phone to report your for “microaggressions” – don’t even try to figure out what those are, because it’s not really intended that you know. Just know that you’ll be found guilty. And now, they’ll be able to do this much more conveniently and effectively. Coming […]

Dox Alert:

This came down the grapevine. It’s good to get the word out. Repost tl;dr by having an active account on your personal info is liable to be falsely manipulated by Sergeantincel and handed off to shady NGOs or law enforcement, so SergeantIncel, a known lying radical, can have legal cover. Having an […]

Where have all the good men gone?

Hey ladies, why are looking for them now?You ran them all off.You ignored them.You passed them over for the not-so-good men.Don’t you remember? I know where they are…But I ain’t gonna tell you.If they wanted to be found by you…Well, you wouldn’t even have to look. But who am I kidding?When they ask, “Where have […]

COVID Sex: Welcome To The Hole

Skip to 1:48:56 Well, I guess the Wuhan Flu isn’t sexually transmitted. Actually, we don’t know that. These “experts” are full of shit. As if that wasn’t already obvious. But then Owen goes into how the goal is to “end sexual intercourse” and making it all some kind of simulation..  🤔  Well, any incel can […]