Eulogy by Meghan McCain: Fake Crying?

Okay, I’m going out on a limb here, but I can’t help saying what I’m thinking about this…  Even though she’s eulogizing her own father (who was a traitor and a fraud, by the way), laden with back-handed jabs against President Trump, doesn’t her crying sound kinda…fake?

I’m not saying it is fake, but it just sounds a little fake – at least a certain proportion of it.  I mean she even kind of looks like she’s acting, doesn’t she?  God bless her if that is 100% sincere, because to me, it just doesn’t look or sound that way.  Let’s just say this: her speech is overly polished, and the optics are like a bad ’50s movie.  Is that harsh?  Only if I’m wrong.

Bona fide crying sounds different to me.  It has pressure behind it.  It legitimately screws up a speech.  You can hear it being resisted by the person doing it.  This what it really sounds like.

As for McCain, I hope his replacement is better…don’t see how it could be much worse.  I give Senator McCain the same thumbs-down he gave on Obamacare repeal.  I don’t know where he’s on his way to next, but I’m glad it’s not the US Senate.


Anti-Male Hate Festival In (Guess Where) Swedenistan!

Because there was reportedly four rapes and 23 sexual assaults at a coed festival last year (were the perpetrators “migrants”, perhaps?), Swedish feminists decided to hold their own festival that bars all men only “cisgender” men.  I’m actually surprised that they needed that as an excuse – they could have just barred men because, Hell, it’s Sweden!


This doesn’t look like a crowd I’d want to be around anyway.

Two articles report on this – one from The Local, and one from The New York Times.  Apparently, they don’t even allow any male bouncers, performers or reporters at the event (you know those Swedish reporters, always groping people).  I assume that there are no male event staff either.  Never mind the fact that there are still going to be male police patrolling the streets outside*, which in turn adds to the safety inside, and males running the power grid to keep the sound and lights on, but I’m sure not one of those females in there is going to be thinking about that.  We mustn’t focus on those details. I think it’s much more interesting to think about whether they were able to find enough womyn who can run sound, lights, security, etc. or if this is why some “trans”-womyn are allowed inside.

A gender equality ombudsman (or ombudswoman?) is looking into whether or not this is discriminatory, and asked for clarification on what a “cis man” is.  Of course that’s just a token gesture, in what the former article calls “one of the most gender equal countries in the world” (remember, equality is fem-speak for inequality that benefits females).  The festival is already underway, and will run through Sunday.

Do I even need to point out the elephant in the room?  The elephant among all the clowns in this feminist circus?  Going back to the Bråvalla festival, which was cancelled due to the aforementioned sex attacks last year, we find the last paragraph in this article pretty damn interesting…

A debate about sexual molestation raged in Sweden in 2016 after it emerged that groups of boys, mainly of Afghani and Moroccan origin according to police reports, had been groping girls at the We Are STHLM youth festival for two years running.

You don’t say!  Oh come on, that was a different festival – we must assume that there were no “migrant” perpetrators at the event last year, unless the police reported that there were.  I mean, it’s not like the police would ever cover a fact like that up or anything

So there are some who think that Swedish feminists are going to get it at some point, and finally realize that the real threat doesn’t come from native Swedish men, but from Islamic invaders from Africa and the Mideast, who came from a culture where hard patriarchy, FGM and real oppression of women is the norm and the prerogative of these savages.  You might think it would dawn on them at some point, but you would be wrong, and this no-cis-man festival proves it.  You see how the thought process goes?  Instead of seeing the true contrast between the native men of Sweden and the female-genital-mutilating savages coming off the boats, here’s what they do:

  1. Ignore and squelch the details about the sexual perpetrators’ national/cultural origin
  2. Project the crimes onto all men, with the implication toward culturally indigenous Swedes
  3. Use this as a rallying cry for more feminism, gender exclusion, and sexism (against men who will acquiesce – not the Muslims)

Amazing, isn’t it?  Not only do they ignore the actual problem, but they employ the go-to tactic in the feminist playbook of leaving out key facts to promote their narrative, as they have done with the gender-wage gap narrative.  The real issues go unsolved and, along with the false narratives, snowballs.

In the words of the festival’s founder…

What do you think about us creating an awesome festival where only non-men are welcome until ALL men learn how to behave?

“All” is not a very practical target (but I thought womyn in Sweden were so practical!)  How about even a reasonable percentage of all men – say, 99.9%?  That seems more doable…except that your country is importing as many sex-hungry savages from Islamic theocracies as is can, so at this point, maybe even 70% is not possible – and it’s only going to go down from there.

Now, we can’t let this bother us too much, because females are known for gobbling up logic and shitting out crazy.  As I’ve said before, on a subconscious level, this might actually make some sense, if we buy the theory that womyn are subconsciously letting this all happen as a means of procuring more “masculine” men from Islamic countries, as evidenced by their utter lack of respect for the rights and autonomy of females.  Going by that model, a festival like this, and the otherwise-nonsensical basis for it, was quite predictable.

So one might think: wouldn’t it be just desserts if this festival were raided by a pack of unreconstructed Islamic savages, who will do you-know-what to all of them?  Oh, I don’t know about that…  I think that you’d have to have some pretty misplaced animosity toward females to want that to happen just for being excluded from something really unpleasant.  Although I do think that there should be a legal crackdown on them (that won’t happen) for gender discrimination, I think that any self-respecting man would have no more interest in attending as he would in going into a warehouse-sized womyn’s bathroom.  Not only that, but since some acts that headlined at the Bråvalla festival – Rammstein, Iron Maiden, The Killers, Kanye West – or any other acts of their stature are excluded from this show, I guess you’re stuck with…well, I don’t even know who is performing at this, but I assumed it’ll mostly be DJs and maybe some fingernails-on-a-chalkboard feminist acts – something like Alanis Morissette or worse.  See that, females?  Discrimination leads to brain and talent drain.

The other thing is that it’s a testament to the efficacy of feminism that you could have so many females in one place, and so little attractiveness there…



But back to the scenario of an Islamic raid on the festival…

*I speculated that there would still be male cops patrolling outside, but let’s just say that it were all womyn cops – that somehow they even barred male cops from securing the perimeter…  We’ve seen how capable female Swedish cops are with Muslims, so you never know – maybe that raid will happen after all.  I hope it doesn’t because, again, it will just mean more feminism, more discrimination against Swedish men and more favoritism toward the Islamic jihadis…actually, do I even care at this point?  I’m not sure I do.  The can have my share.

World’s Biggest Orgy Disinvites Single Men

It was to have been the world’s biggest orgy a couple of months ago (I haven’t seen any reports on how big it actually was) in Las Vegas.  That’s not the interesting part.  The interesting part was that couples and single women were invited, but un-escorted males were not.

To attend, players must purchase an appropriate Sin City 8 pass. According to Las Vegas Weekly, the price for couples is $200 (or around £145) and the price for single women is $25 (£18)….

…Unfortunately (for some), however, “no unescorted males are allowed at the event,” the team explains, “everyone must have a partner. No exceptions.”

Yes of course, if the shoe we on the other foot, etc…no need to restate the obvious.  What needs to be restated is the basis of this double-standard: that sub-alpha males are truly at the bottom of society.  Males are inherently disposable, and males who have been rejected by females as a whole have been disposed of – human garbage, even in the eyes of “sex-positive” bohemians.

If you ever hear a feminist griping about being judged as a sexual object, show her that article.  Then, remind her that no one judged her that way, and see how she reacts.  Then call her out on her hypocrisy for getting mad.


Tradcon Gynocentricism, and the Uncomfortable Conversation

This is your textbook example of a ditzy tradcon THOT disseminating the tradcon stance, which rightly takes to task the lunatic gender-chaos left and their goal of a government-dependent dystopia, but essentially bases the argument on the needs of women and the disposability of men – textbook gynocentricism.  The cherry on top is how she accuses the left of coginitive dissonance at many points, yet displays her own cognitive dissonance when she says that women shouldn’t be excluded from positions of power, then referring to herself as a “strong woman”…

Here’s what she says at 13:58…I transcribed it for you, if you can’t stand her voice – you’re welcome.

Passive masculinity is a disaster on multiple levels, and that is because men are not supposed to be passive – they are, by nature, meant to provide, to protect and to lead.  Now, that does not mean that all men have to macho body builders who only like hunting and fishing and that does not mean that women are excluded from positions of power. You all are strong women with voices, I am a strong woman with a voice – I obviously believe that courageous women are necessary to a flourishing and equal society, but it does mean that men have a natural tendency toward protection and leadership that should be encouraged and trained, not denied and shamed.

Well, actually, excluding women from positions of power is exactly what it means, Mrs. Tradcon (I think we can assume she’s a Mrs.).  You can’t be a “strong woman”, in a position of power – even as a voter, frankly – and bitch about men not “leading” you, because you’re not actually letting them lead you.  I hate to say it, but feminists have got you on this one – you would not be where you’re at without feminism, just like they wouldn’t be where they’re at without patriarchy.  If patriarchy had never existed in humanity in some form or another since Adam & Eve, the invention of the wheel, or whenever – that is, if humans started out with ideal gender egalitarianism from the beginning – even if the species had survived to this point (which is really doubtful) we probably wouldn’t have even advanced to the level of living in mud huts.  We wouldn’t be living like bonobos…we would be bonobos.  And the bonobos are dying out, by the way.

Speaking of apes, particularly those with good love dolls standing by their sides, Turd Flinging Monkey is one of the few people willing to say the inconceivable – that the only way to save western civilization is to pull women out of college, the workplace and the voting booth.  As abhorrent as that idea is to all but the most red-pilled, what’s the logical argument against it?  Let me know if you think of one, because I haven’t been able to yet.  Seriously, I want to hear that argument.  Even I find that idea unpalatable, emotionally; but I haven’t found a way around it logically, so lay the alternative on me.  Now if you want to have a conversation about whether or not a civilization that has to institute such fundamental unfairness should exist, go for it, but don’t fool yourself into believing that the vacuum won’t be filled…and by filled, I mean filled by Islamic hard-patriarchy.  As TFM says, the patriarchy will reassert itself one way the another, and this has been proven by the example of Sweden, a country that is going from the feminist egalitarian extreme to the polar opposite extreme – an Islamic shit hole where Sharia law and FGM are the norm – basically overnight.  A relatively soft patriarchy sounds a lot better than that, doesn’t it?  Well, you’re not going to convince even a self-professed anti-feminist tradcon that it’s one or the other, any easier than you’re going to get her to entertain the idea of a 30-foot-high wall around the country with pig heads spiked along the top edge – that’s the only other way you might keep the Muslim civilization pillagers out.

Of course, I should say that this doesn’t mean that I am going to parrot everything TFM says… First of all, where is he getting the idea that revoking women’s suffrage, employment and educational opportunities is an option in the first place?  I’m sure he realizes that his dream is easier said than done, and he has probably talked about it, but I don’t think he says it enough.  For the passers by, he makes himself sound so naive, saying that we “just need to strengthen our pimp hand” and reassert a soft-patriarchy…okay, well, that’s like saying that setting foot on the moon is as easy as stepping off the ladder on the side of the orbiter, or that all that needs to happen to Make America Great Again is for enough people to vote for the political outsider – yeah, those feats sound doable, on (respectively) July 20, 1969 right after touchdown, or the day before Election Day 2016 after Hillary cancelled her fireworks, but try telling someone that in 1962 who just heard Kennedy give his speech, or to a Ross Perot voter in 1992 who just watched Bill Clinton get elected.  I guess that I prefer discussions to be more practical than academic.  Maybe his idea is that you can only drum up the idea rhetorically at this stage, which is probably true (and now you know why the left suddenly has a problem with freedom of speech).  That doesn’t make you feel much better when you know that there will be knives out for you for even broaching the idea, and for nothing you’ll ever live to see.  If you’re MGTOW, you’re the last person whom history will thank for anything like that (see below).

Let’s do some more analysis…

Passive masculinity is a disaster on multiple levels, and that is because men are not supposed to be passive – they are, by nature, meant to provide, to protect and to lead.1  Now, that does not mean that all men have to macho body builders who only like hunting and fishing2 and that does not mean that women are excluded from positions of power.3  You all are strong women with voices, I am a strong woman with a voice – I obviously believe that courageous women are necessary to a flourishing and equal society4 but it does mean that men have a natural tendency toward protection and leadership that should be encouraged and trained5 not denied and shamed.

  1. Yes, male utility and disposability, of course – a staple concept in gynocentricism, both left and right.  You can be sure that these women would not be having this discussion if it wasn’t centered around the needs of women.
  2. She doesn’t really mean that, you know.  You watch how these tradcons treat males who aren’t the hyper-masculine git-er-done jocks – they’re lumped right in with the worst of the male-feminist soy boys.  Once you realize that your favorite conservative heroes were the popular jocks who showed the weak nerdy boys no mercy, you’ll soon realize why tradcons aren’t your friends.  Now, don’t take that as and argument for joining the soy boys and Marxists, but just file that under unattractive males being respected by no one (see my posts on what Infowars thinks of incels).  As for the women, no one needs to tell us what they think of sub-standard men who have an IQ over 100 and a height under 6-feet…’nuff said on that.
  3. (See above)
  4. Ain’t that rich?  This is the point when someone should ask her who’s side she’s actually on.  She, like other latent feminist tradcon women, wants it both ways.
  5. Once again, the responsibility is put on men to do the heavy lifting.  Whatever the problem is, males have to solve it; when something’s broken, males are where the repairs have to be done.  What about the females?  What are you going to teach them?  Oh, right…teach them to be “strong women” – to be educated and employed, to vote, to be “strong and independent”.  Men just need to get better…they need to keep up with how good women have become.  Just don’t tell them that all of the “advances of women” are pretty much artificial.

Also to note, she gives some historical examples of male passivity leading to disaster, which tells you all you need to know about where she’s actually coming from.  Her example of Aaron Burr’s “constant passivity” leading to the demise of Alexander Hamilton is interesting, when you consider that Burr shot Hamilton dead (she might want to explain that one to those of us who don’t think of gunfire when they think of passivity) but the one that really got me was her blaming 50 years of Communist oppression in Cuba on JFK’s “passive stance” during the Bay of Pigs crisis: Okay, so was Kennedy supposed to get into a NUCLEAR WAR with the Soviet Union?  Would that have even done anything toward liberating anyone in Cuba, save the surviving cockroaches?  If that doesn’t make sense, just bear in mind what she says at the beginning of the video – that she’s a host on CRTV, which is kind of like the Blaze, except that it’s operated by the neocon chameleon Mark Levin instead of the whacked-out and burned-out huckster we know as Glenn Beck.  Now you know why the thought of nuclear war gives this girl gina-tingles.

You know, not that it’s even worth contemplating a solution to this dilemma of latent feminist tradcon anti-feminists wanting to have their cake and eat it too, but if someone pressed me on what a status quo that I’d be comfortable with would look like, I guess I’d say that it would be best if women had all the same rights as men, but had the good sense to not exercise those rights, i.e. staying home and raising the kids, not getting useless degrees, and not voting, as they are natural socialists…but then, if they had that kind of sense, this world would be a very different place.  This is one of the best things about MGTOW – the realization that you don’t really have a dog in the hunt anyway.



This may be the first time I’ve posted on a subject completely unrelated to incel, gender relations, etc. but there comes a time when it’s necessary.

Here’s the rundown: According to the usual sources, a British guy named Tommy Robinson, who found himself thrust into a crusade against Muslim pedophile human trafficking in that country, and has taken his lumps for it – from 13 months in the slammer to being attacked at restaurants – and most recently was arrested for merely reporting on a child grooming case from outside the court building and sentenced to more prison time (which was a situation temporarily put on media black-out, and judging by the protests, we can see why) is probably going to be outlived by Charles Krauthammer.  Somehow he has survived in prison to this point, even though there are Muslims banging on the walls at night and vowing to kill him, but his luck has probably run out this time.  Reportedly, because of the mass protests of his arrest – and because they couldn’t get him to bring a stop to – they are now transferring him to a high-security prison with a Muslim population of over 70%, and they are going to turn him loose in the general population.  If that’s true, he may already be dead, as I write this.

My dear friends and distant relatives in Britain…  You are on the verge of losing your civilization.

If there were ever a time to stand up against maniacs who make Henry VIII look ethical, and are in the process of taking over your country, this is it.  If the people of the UK don’t get up and adequately raise bloody HELL and put a prop under it over this, you won’t have another chance to.  If those in charge of the courts and the prison system (who have some inexplicable fetish for the most violent, toxic and uncivilized strains of Islam) are now confident that they can blatantly organizing the murders of those who dare speak out against Islamic sex crime networks, and get away with it, then let that be your call to do whatever it takes to stop them.  They are going to go exactly as far as they are allowed to, and the further that ends up being, the harder it’s going to be to shut them down.  Make no mistake about it – they have been and will continue to gain more and more leverage over dissent via very strategic actions in the government, in the body politic and in the culture.  They are intent on conquering your civilization, and they will, if you let them.  This is not a time to sit on the sidelines.

Now, of course I can’t tell you what specifically you all should do about this situation, but you’d better damn well do something.  Whatever you do, don’t just sit there and watch it happen.

Please contact everyone you can in the United Kingdom and in the Commonwealth of Realms, online and in person, and get them to spread the word, demonstrate, or whatever they can.  Write to the Queen if you have to.  Even though it’s only one guy, this is a full-on crisis for the whole country, when you consider the implications.  The situation in Britain is dire at this point.


Gynocentricism vs. Police State: Principle Shows Us the Way

Yay!  Another loudmouthed little feminazi gets a well-deserved beat-down by the cops…

Well, hold on a minute – it’s not quite that simple.

This is one of those situations where people have a tendency to put tribalism over principle.  For you see, if the…












Sorry, I kept staring at that ass and I needed some distance so I could continue writing.

Anyway, this is one of those situations where people have a tendency to put tribalism over principle.  Michael Savage was railing about this yesterday, and many of his callers’ views reflect what is being said in the comments in the videos – that she was in the wrong and got what was coming to her.  Granted, Savage is kind of a white knight, and tends to run to defend the damsel in distress, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong on this one, or on the whole Nurse Wubbles incident – although he may need to dial back his hyperbole about it.  We’ll come back to that Wubbles thing later.

So what’s the situation?  Well, basically this 20-year-old (below legal age to drink) female was sitting on the beach with a closed container of booze nearby, which she said belonged to her aunt; they have her blow a breathalyzer, and she comes up clean, so he demands she do it again; she starts to balk as they (apparently) are claiming that she’s in trouble for having it in view (as if it’s illegal to sit next to someone else’s publicly-visible, sealed alcohol); next they start demanding her name, and she refuses, which is legal under New Jersey law until you have a summons against you; then the cop starts moving in and says “You’re about to get dropped,” and as she’s backing away, he drops her, tries to handcuff her, and in the process, starts punching her; the rest is the usual thing.  She ended up being charged with several things, namely two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, for apparently kicking at the cops.

There’s more than one angle to look at here.

On the one hand, there is a way to get arrested, and a way not to.  Even if it’s a false arrest, it’s going to happen, and resistance is going to hurt your case (which is why it’s common for cops, who know they’re on camera, to yell “stop resisting” to someone who isn’t actually resisting, in order to trick the video observers and get away with a gratuitous beat-down – but I digress).  It’s the same as being pulled over: even if you think you’re not being pulled over for a valid reason, that doesn’t make it okay to hit the gas.  If they’re violating your rights, you still have to take the fight to the courtroom.  That said, when cops are acting really sketchy like this, acting like they are out to get you, and tell you that they’re going to drop you, even as they seem to know that you haven’t done anything wrong, that tends to cause a fight-or-flight response.  Not everyone is going to be able to keep their cool in a situation like that, any easier that I was able to keep writing with that ass in the video preview right above where I was trying to write.  That’s going to be something for the court to work out, assuming the district attorney doesn’t have the sense to drop the charges, for the same reason that the cops in the Wubbles situation knew that charges weren’t going to stick.

Now having said, is it a safe assumption that she was combative because she’s a modern, entitled, tactless, selfish, gynocentric, entitled little modern-day feminist, who has the mind of a child and has been taught by the gynocracy that she can behave however she wants to behave, simply because she’s female?  Well, she acts just like every other modern female who fits that description, at certain points in the video.  Notice that at one point, she screams: “You’re not allowed to beat me like that!  I’m a woman!  Women matter!”  Of course, that definitely comes straight from the gynocracy – yes, she does indeed think that a double-standard that benefits her is just fine.  Her lawyer could argue that she was pulling out the gender card at that point, because you’ll pull out any card you can out of desperation when being physically beaten like that…but then, it’s not like the lawyer would even have to contemplate that aspect of it, because not like this is going to go before a jury of the kind of people who read this blog.  If that’s what you’re average jury were like, then there wold be no such thing as the pussy pass.  More likely, they’ll take that gynocentric double-standard to new levels, and it’ll resonate with any jury it goes before.

Oh, but wait – the feminists will tell you that her shrill, fingernails-on-chalkboard cries of don’t touch me are because she feels [gasp] vulnerable and scared by patriarchal cops who are going to rape her!  There may be some truth to that, not because there is much risk that the cops are going to do that, but because the same feminists have brainwashed all females into thinking that all men around them want to rape them…because you’re so irresistible!  You go, girl!  Of course, next thing feminists will say is that the solution is for cops to stop raping, if they don’t want females to act like that…  Nope, that vicious cycle is never going to end.  It’ll only end when a bloody Islamic caliphate is upon us, which would be significantly worse, to say the least.  I like the status quo better, personally (as long as that can last).

Let’s not forget the bigger picture in this situation: this is an example of badge-heavy police state tactics on display.  Yeah, she’s probably a typical modern bitch whom you’d never want to be around, but that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for the cops to violate her rights.  Again, under New Jersey law, she didn’t have to give them her name.  She doesn’t have to “cooperate”, if cooperation means doing anything the cop demands – there are certain things you have to do, some depending on jurisdiction, but you don’t have to cooperate with the police trying to nail you for whatever they can conjure up.  It was eerily reminiscent of the Nurse Wubbles incident, where a nurse and someone over the pone were simply explaining the facts to a detective, and then he says, “Okay, we’re done!”  He grabs her and arrests her, but also not without some resistance, which no one seems to be talking about – probably because Alex Wubbles didn’t quite have the same argumentative ho-factor going on as this female on the beach did.  Nonetheless, you’ll notice that he had a similar “snap” when he said, “Okay, that’s it – I’m done wit you,” and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.  After the Wubbles affair, the detective was ultimately fired and his supervisor demoted.  The cops in this beach incident have been placed on administrative duty, but if I were them, I wouldn’t be buying any new cars for a while, because I have a feeling that public outcry is going to move the needle on this one as well – and it probably should.

For me, the takeaway is this: don’t let the apparent fact that she’s a ho let you think that it’s okay if she gets wrongfully arrested/assaulted, and likewise, don’t let the apparent fact that she was wrongfully arrested/assaulted let you forget that she’s a ho.  Just sayin’.  This is where principle shows you the way, by guiding you through two competing arguments – that she was wrongfully arrested/assaulted and that she’s a ho – and helping you to see that they aren’t mutually exclusive.  The fog of the culture war sometimes makes this hard to see, and it’s worse when people are tribal about it.  Tribal behavior is usually a mark of intellectual and philosophical laziness.

Also, it appears that both the female and the cops in this situation are not very clear on how to handle their respective sides of the situation.


May 2018: The Incel Revolution Begins

We knew this day would come.  We’ve talked about it endlessly.  And finally, it is here.

This has been long coming.  The phenomenon of the incel-motivated massacre made its debut way on December 6, 1989 with Marc Lépine and the the École Polytechnique massacre, roughly a quarter-century after the beginning of the sexual revolution.  That was the first bubble to rise in the pot.  Even though mass murders over the next two decades may have been carried out by incel or nearcel perpetrators, it’s hard to say if any were specifically incel-motivated…that is, until 2009, when George Sodini carried out what was categorically an incel attack on women at an LA Fitness in Pennsylvania.  But things really went into high gear when Elliot Rodger knifed, gunned down and ran over people in the 2014 Isla Vista massacre, mainly because the killer made his reasons very well known in a series of videos and a 141-page manifesto that took the phenomenon of incel into the mainstream, and blew the lid off the online incel movement.

Although there have been incel attacks since then, such as the college shooting in Roseburg, Oregon and probably some others that don’t come to mind…you know, perhaps they don’t come to mind because they didn’t give their motives the optics that Elliot Rodger did.  Well, we’ve now reach the tipping point where two back-to-back incel massacres – the recent Toronto truck attack and the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting – have brought Incel right into the forefront, and incels are well on their way to becoming public enemy #1, if the tone of the conversations today tell us anything.  What was the spark that set it all ablaze?  Well, the timing of the Texas shooting immediately afterwords was definitely a splash of gasoline to really get it started, but the spark that really kicked off the “revolution” was the words of the killer in Toronto, calling for revolution and invoking Elliot Rodger


The Incel Revolution, with the ghost of Gen. Elliot Rodger leading the charge…  For some, a hilarious farce, but for those who know that this is not going to end well, it’s the beginning of a very real crisis.

Oh, and MGTOW is being lumped in with it.  Sorry guys, I didn’t do it, I promise.

Move over, gun control debate, because it’s now also a conversation about incel, about virgins, and in particular, those who talk about it online.  We’ve talked about it becoming open season on incels, and now it’s here.  If you have or have had any kind of presence in the online incel community, you had better be ready for a knock at the door.  If you’re a virgin or you’ve never had a girlfriend, get ready to start coming under suspicion with those around you.  It’s the official beginning of the SHTF days of incel, and if you want to keep your reputation, your dignity and even your freedom, you’d better be ready and not be caught flat-footed.  This isn’t like being a Jew in Germany, 1939 where you can get out while the getting’s good – you can’t run, you can only hide.  Both the political right and left are joining forces to go after this most marginalized group of all, incels, so you’ve got no allies to help you – you’re truly on your own, except for maybe the online anonymous support system we all know, but that may be brought to a halt with no warning.  Prepare yourself.

Oh, and uh…the Southern Poverty Law Center just added incels to their list of online hate groups.  So, if women aren’t attracted to you, and you’ve never had sex, you’re now officially part of a hate group, according to the premier clearinghouse of hate groups (if you take them seriously).

Here are the current videos…

This one is from the Young Twerks, which doesn’t say much but the obvious.  No need to watch the last half, as it’s nothing but Cenk menstruating about Trump over the issue…

This is a CBC/VICE propaganda piece on it, and much like other commentators, they are talking about “the black pill”, which is supposedly different than the red or blue pill in that it preaches hopelessness…  Gee, up until this point, I’ve only heard the term “black pill” from Omega Virgin Revolt (bad time to have a block with that in the URL) when he changed it up to “The Black Pill”, which I gather was more of an expression of incel + black separatism.  Anyway, they advocate “policing” incel forums by deeming it hate speech.

Here’s a 40-minute long mush-headed CBC forum on it…

This is Joe Rogan’s first bite of it…  I have faith in Joe, so he needs to let this idea brew for a while..

With Bill Maher, on the other hand, there is no hope for.  Sorry, Alexius, but even these commie fuckers won’t agree to your government-gets-girlfriends idea.  But seriously, it’s such a joke how there are always guests on Real Time who always have to menstruate out the most immature left-wing narratives.  Of course I agree with what is said about prostitution, but it was probably only said because they know that there’s no way.  The “Mormon answer” from Evan McMullin is indeed what you would call a typical Mormon answer, yes.

Here’s the earlier Infowars broadcast on it – you’ve already seen the more recent ones on my other post.  “Man up and get a woman!”  Nope, they are winners, and as such, incapable of understanding.  To Alex Jones, incels are a “disgusting group of people”.  He also manages to conflate incel with Islam.  Good thing Alex Jones is knowledgeable about many other things, because he’s clueless on this one.

Fox News only has titles and music in this short, but hey, at least they did enough research to capture the part about how incel forums and women don’t mix:

I could go on forever posting videos of mainstream news coverage of incel, but of all the hubbub about it, the most clear-headed and rational assessment of it all comes from F. Roger Delvin (no surprise), in this interview.  This probably deserves its own post.


So, if you’re incel, take heed; if you’re not, remember the plight of incels, and bear witness to a true slow holocaust in our day…

…Oh, and be glad that you didn’t take part in the Love-Shy documentary.  Sorry, Advanced.

Let the games begin…

#MeToo is Always a Group Effort

It’s never just one, is it.  It’s always a group of women, who pop up all at once.  Now we know why.

So now Morgan Freeman is the next man of prominence in the cross hairs.  In this instance, CNN – the least trusted name in news these days – went on their own little hit-job investigation, with one of their own co-authors being a principle accuser.  They went to a bunch of people who worked with Freeman, and got seven more to jump on the bandwagon of accusation without proof or consequence.  Good way to cap off the legacy of the now-80-year-old actor, sending him off to the gulag of femifascism.

It makes me wonder if he did something to piss of the gynostablishment© as certain other accused men have…  Did his conversation with Mike Wallace so deflating of racial identity politics that they would do this to him, or was there something I missed?  We know damn well what got them to share Matt Lauer’s dirty little secrets: crossing Hillary Clinton by bringing up the e-mails that the Commander-in-Chief Forum, after which (rumor says) Hillary said that she wanted Matt Lauer destroyed.  That’s an easy one – almost as easy as all of the dirty details coming out about Trump at such coincidental timing…yeah, right.

Does anyone seriously ask why there are so many of these accusations that come out years or even decades later?  Why would these poor, poor women sit on such accusations for so long?  Do they think that we really buy the narrative that one coming out inspires others to take that courageous step as well?  Please…  It’s a combination of false accusations by opportunists who jump on the band wagon, and known information that media companies, government bureaucracies and even gold-digging women save back like arrows in a quiver, to be used when they want to take someone out.  On the government side especially, dirt on people is used to keep them in line.

The takeaway is that not making someone’s crime against you known immediately, or at least having a pretty good explanation for the delay (no, not being “inspired by other brave women” doesn’t cut it), diminishes credibility in one of two ways: either it didn’t actually happen, or you were saving it for blackmail or revenge, both cases destroying your own case.  That’s how it ought to be, anyhow.  It’s like Charles Schumer saying that the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” – that means that government bureaucracies are either a). sitting on knowledge of crimes for the purpose of blackmailing or using as revenge against people, and/or b). using their credibility to make up things and frame people.  Either way, Cuck Schumber affirmed the existence of the “deep state”.  If anyone ever tries to tell you that they don’t exist, just point to that quote from Schumer.

You know, the female hive-mind is kind of its own deep state, isn’t it?  You piss them off, and they’ve got sixty ways from Sunday to get back at you, all made possible by cuck-tastic men who believe them simply because they are women.  There is a reason that women and children were not considered credible witnesses in olden times, and it’s not because they were smaller…

InfoWars vs. Incels

When even InfoWars turns against you, you know that you’ve landed at the bottom of everything.


I wonder if Paul Joseph Watson realizes that videos like his only make incel rampages more likely…

Update: now Alex Jones is calling for incels to be profiled…  I knew someone was going to call for this, sooner or later…I just never thought it would be Alex Jones.  Think about that – the world’s premier pioneer of speaking out against the government tyranny and Orwellian intrusion on the lives of citizens is now calling for the government to basically start a soft holocaust against guys whom women don’t find appealing.

So…if women don’t find you attractive, Alex Jones wants to send the deep state after you.  That would be like Martin Luther King marching for the civil rights up black people as he did, except for one day when the called for the Klan to kill all of the black people in one particular neighborhood that happens to be the poorest and most marginalized of them all.

[To the globalists]…I’m committed, because I know you’re bad people, and I want to get you off our collective backs!

Well, except for the guys whom women don’t find hawt.  He wants the globalists to go ahead and take them out.