Unattractive Loser Bitterness, and Causality

Some years ago, Love-Shy.com had a featured post by Loveablenerd titled “A Lesson In Causality for the Chronologically Impared”. This is specifically addressed to all the n00bs, and the persistent white knight/mangina’s out there who are convinced that no one on this board is a “nice guy” because of all the bitterness displayed on this […]

Sorry, but we don’t apologize for Elliot Rodger

Why?  Because we don’t own his actions.  We are not responsible, in any way, for what he did. Last week’s Santa Barbara Slaughterfest, courtesy of Elliot Rodger, has (unfortunately) thrust the subject of involuntary celibacy into the national spotlight, and — as is always the case with incel — in the worst sort of way.  […]

Couples Are Exalted

  Awww, aren’t they a cute couple? Not only would most say that they are “cute”, but when juxtaposed with a guy who is habitually single — even one who is 10-20 years their senior — probably 99% of the population would assume that those in real couples, reminiscent of this cartoon couple… Are wiser, […]

Is Any Man “Entitled” To A Woman?

The obvious answer is no, right? Most everyone agrees, and — like it or not — that includes the ever-loathed Nice Guys™.  You know, the guys who finish last because they just aren’t sexy enough, somehow. So why does this meme about how none of these guys are “entitled” to a woman keep coming up? […]