Couples Are Exalted



Awww, aren’t they a cute couple?

Not only would most say that they are “cute”, but when juxtaposed with a guy who is habitually single — even one who is 10-20 years their senior — probably 99% of the population would assume that those in real couples, reminiscent of this cartoon couple…

  • Are wiser, regardless of actual experience
  • Are more responsible, regardless of their history
  • Are more mature in every way, hands-down
  • Are of much better character and soundness of mind
  • Deserve better pay, lower taxes and an elevated status in society
  • Are entitled to a higher level of respect and a wider berth
  • Posses a kind of dignity that the habitual single man always lacks
  • Are worth more as human beings, and always have been, from day one


  1. Haven’t you heard songs like “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You,”
    and Don’t You Want Somebody To Love?”
    The two best “incel’ songs are “Lonely Blueboy” by Conway Twitty, and
    “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” by Rod Steward

  2. “Deserve better pay, lower taxes and an elevated status in society”

    With the potential threat of a “bachelor tax” for single citizens looming on the horizon and the fact that couples are taxed at a lower rate…yeah. It seems society really does value it’s paired members more.

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