Sorry, but we don’t apologize for Elliot Rodger

Why?  Because we don’t own his actions.  We are not responsible, in any way, for what he did.

Last week’s Santa Barbara Slaughterfest, courtesy of Elliot Rodger, has (unfortunately) thrust the subject of involuntary celibacy into the national spotlight, and — as is always the case with incel — in the worst sort of way.  Par for the course, as incel itself is characterized by starting out on the wrong foot, in everything.  Now the public’s curiosity has been piqued, and many will be searching for answers as to what incel is, and how it they can be stopped.

Feminists will be demanding that incels apologize and take responsibility for this, and some of the weaker ones probably will do that, but wrongfully so.  Apologizing for the actions of Elliot Rodger will set a precedent — good as an admittance of guilt — which is why, if ever a pact should be formed among incels, it should be formed on this.

There are already several incels who are expressing that they can relate to Elliot Rodger in many ways, most stopping short of singing his praises (I hope).  Naturally, most incels will be able to relate to him to a degree, but that’s the operative — to a degree.  The vast majority of incels lose him completely, once you cross into the territory of retribution and violence.  Even among those who toy with those ideas, 99.999% of them will never, ever do anything.  So, given that incels are generally harmless, especially compared to the sexy bad boys whom women aren’t afraid of (but probably should be), what is the harm?  Sure, you may be indignant about their opinions, their theories, how they came to their conclusions and of course, their intrinsic un-sexiness, but if you think that guys who never get laid are some kind of threat to the safety of anyone else, then not only are you kidding yourselves, but you are shamelessly taking the opportunity to reaffirm your own sense of superiority and smugness over them…and why?  Simply because your genitals connect regularly to someone else’s, and you don’t think you have to pay for it?

Anyone who sees this as anything other than what it is — a completely pscyhopathic, maladjusted, broken young man with scrambled eggs between his ears and likely a double-shot of SSRIs in him — ought to be ashamed of their irresponsible paranoia.  There are some crazy incels, but we’ve seen many of them make transitions from virginity to non-virginity, from incel to noncel, and they don’t change; the sane ones stay sane, the crazies stay crazy.  Incel is not where a threat like this comes from.  Given Elliot’s level of insanity, there’s a good chance that incel is one of the many manifestations of it, but rest assured (and maybe with satisfaction) that he would have gunned down another incel without a second thought.


Also, for you feminists: remember that most of the people that he killed were men…check-mate.



  1. I’m incel but I’m sorry sister, I WILL NOT take responsibility for what Rodger did. I’m not him. I didn’t kill those people. If anything, I try always to AVOID confrontation irl. Any feminist or the like who tries to pin this on incels en masse is wrong in doing so. They are (wrongly) creating a tired, old stereotype.

  2. Well. incels are losers in love. There’s a saying “The whole world loves a lover.”
    I am a 56 year old virgin, so how much does the world love me?

  3. The truth is this; had Elliot Rodger really wanted sex, he could have gotten it. He had the money to pay for hookers. The fact that he didn’t speaks volumes about his mental state. I cannot and WILL not fucking apologise for the actions of a fucking nutjob. So you feminists can get fucked.

    1. As well you shouldn’t, Mikey. We are all our own person, and rarely have the ability to change what actions others take or words they say.

      I can’t try to claim responsibility for what other women say and do, just as you can’t for other men. To put such a burden on a single person is folly. The best we can do is seek to eliminate misandry and misogyny when we see it, and treat others with the amount of respect they show to us.

  4. Let’s look at just ONE fact from his twisted little ‘masterpieces’. The guy paid $400 for a pair of sunglasses….ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? If I had £400 Sterling, I could go into my nearest city in the UK – Birmingham – and get laid within ONE FUCKING HOUR. How? By visiting a decent escort. Yeah, I know I shouldn’t have to pay for it. Children shouldn’t fucking starve either. But they do. This little prick COULD have lost his V card IF HE HAD CHOSEN TO DO SO. Instead he chose INSANITY. THAT was HIS choice.

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