Month: August 2015

The ‘Post-Bad Boy’, the Shifting Goals of Females, and Incels Left Behind As Usual

When the question comes up of whether good genes guarantees an abundant sex life but not marriage vs. resources guaranteeing marriage but not an abundant sex life, I would say that it’s more of a trend than an absolute rule. You also have to look at the age of the woman.

There is no arguing that young women are definitely not looking for resources when they are 18…  Ha! Boy that’s an understatement, isn’t it? When they’re 18, there is only one resource important enough to even mention, and that would be a car. Aside from that, you might get the cheerleaders one-upping each other over who has the jock/hunk boyfriend from the richest family, and for the rest of girl-kind at that age, it’s all about gina tingles.

After that, as they progress into their mid and late 20s, they start to become more marriage and resource-minded, but don’t forget that the future is built on the past. Let’s have a moment of honesty with ourselves as incels, okay? Yes, women don’t seem to mind swaggering assholes — especially really hot women — but realistically, most guys who get women are not necessarily bad boys, in the most obvious sense. We tend to notice them more because those outlandish examples of obvious dickheads with women stick out like a sore thumb, but the majority of noncel men are pretty regular guys — guys who are more “edgy” than we are of course, and always have been. In fact, many or most regular guys of the mid-to-late 20s range may have been bad boys when they were 18, but you have to remember that they “mature” as well. So from mid-teens to early-20s, they were giving girls gina tingles, but as they grew older, they too were maturing and starting to build prosperity (having one or a string of cheerleaders by their sides helps with this). They were going to college, building careers, and so on. By the time the women are ready for marriage, the same bad boys whom they worshiped when they were younger gradually evolved into the respectable provider and husband they wanted, but still a hunk of course with enough edge to make him palatable, and still wearing a hat on backwards with wrap-around sun glasses…oh, and by now, his muscles are huge, resulting from having way more testosterone than you were ever going to have. Yes, now you have the mature, post-bad boy, who is somehow a pillar of the community now, is raising kids, drives a pick-up that stands 12′ off the ground, makes good money, gets a little wild on the weekends, lights up a room and makes the elders proud, has huge muscles…oh, and he’s your boss.

What about the bottom 5%? Don’t they develop into anything worthwhile too? Not if they never get pussy. Sure, they might end up making decent money eventually — most don’t but some do — but even that can’t help you once you reach a certain level of incel. See there is an age — long before 30 — after which there will be no “beginning” of a normal DSR life. You have been pre-deselected for so damn long that you have had nothing to build on, in terms of anything valuable to women. You weren’t what they wanted when you were young, and you’re not what they want when they are older…and yes, you are in the bottom 5% or lower. Congratulations.

As you look toward the less-successful end of the woman spectrum — the ones who don’t have degrees and good jobs, but do have one or two kids and a tramp stamp — you’re looking at the women who love the bad boys the most, which explains why they are not all that well off, actually. Any chance with one of them? No, because you’re pretty much the opposite of the kind of guy who turns them on, and as you can see, being turned on is #1 for these women, even as they get older. Why are they going to mess with you, a guy who has no edge at all, not even a bit of swagger left (none to start with), when they can find a guy who is not exactly a gang banger but has a few relationships under his belt, makes at least as much money as you do, has a hankering for some pussy, and has at least some pre-selection value and a little bit of edge left? She can find guys like that everywhere she looks; you are more of the rarity that she’s glad not to run into very often. In other words, even trashy broads don’t want an incel, because gina tingle being more important than gold digging is why they are dirt poor in the first place.

As you look toward the more-successful end of the woman spectrum — the ones who are pretty well-off anyway, have loads of “class” or whatever, wear office attire and don’t need a man for survival anyway — you’re looking at women who are going to get with the high-paid hunks who are your boss, sometimes as a 2nd or 3rd wife, sometimes as the belated “match made in Heaven” or whatever…but rest assured, they are only going to be with total alphas. Some of them end up prolonged single though, and some of them act as representatives for the rest and whine to these women’s magazine columns: Where did all the good men go? I’m so successful, by why can’t I find a man? Well, these women are not available to the incel, rest assured. They want the top tier of men, and if it’s a choice between a pre-deselected 40 year old virgin kind of guy with no experience, and staying alone, they’ll stay alone. For one thing, she makes a lot more than you do, and there is no way she can stomach the idea of getting with a guy who makes less, even the many, many guys who do have a little bit of swagger and experience. What would she want with you? Not only do you not have the money and career success that she does, but you don’t even have the one thing missing in her life that she needs from a man — any edge, swag or signs of adequate testosterone. She can’t picture a loser like you raising her kids.

What about the women who are in-between? They are for the droves of in-between men: some pre-selection, decent career and money, etc. Oh, and don’t get any ideas about the women who have little experience themselves, and have little money…they want men who have what they don’t. Not only are they rare, but they want a guy who can fill in what they are missing, not a male carbon-copy of themselves.

See even in the age of feminism (which is not what feminists think or say it is) men are a commodity or nothing at all. Whether women want money or have money, women want a man. None of them have any use for a man without masculinity, something that begets and is begotten by pre-selection and pussy experience. A man without those things isn’t really a man at all, to them. True gold-diggers only go for truly rich guys, so forget that one too.

And remember, you’re in the bottom 5%.
No, more like the bottom 1%.
The few men who are nothing to women.