Month: October 2015

#NoHymenNoDiamond: Well-Meaning, But Destined to Backfire

Most have heard of the Facebook or Twitter (what’s the difference?) rage going on these days: #NoHymenNoDiamond.  It’s pretty self-explanatory: thousands of guys downing non-virgin women as not being marriageable, and an army of feminists and mangina suck-asses shrieking at these guys in full shrill.  You can read all about it here.

While the intent may be good, this movement will only backfire. Guys can demand virgins, but they end up walking right into a self-made trap:

  • If they are not virgins themselves, then they are hypocrites who automatically lose the argument, and only reaffirm feminists’ ideas about the patriarchal boogeyman.
  • If they are virgins, then in an instant, the conversation shifts to them, and what freaks they are — all discussion about women is forgotten.  The virgin men become the laughing stock of the world, and reaffirm the stereotype of non-virility for everyone else (“everyone else” being non-virgins).

Either way, the conversation gets shut right down.

Of course, guys who are legitimately involuntary celibate (incel) don’t have to worry about any of this.  It’s a non-issue, because once you reach a certain age as a male virgin, your marital prospects are gone anyway.  The true incel has become so pre-deselected that even a used-up non-virgin would never let him put a diamond on her finger, let alone a virgin woman, who would likely be half his age and know her worth to a well-reared suitor from a respected family.

Now of course, it is fun to watch feminists shriek about this movement and try to deny their obvious devaluation, with regard to marriage (it’s probably just designed to troll them anyway), and even funnier is watching these hen-pecked loser men regurgitating fem-think rhetoric, as if it’s going to win them points or something.  Don’t even get me started on the history that feminists have of decrying the institution of marriage itself as patriarchal enslavement, but how riled-up they get when they are told that they aren’t worth marrying anyway — we could talk about female ego quite a bit here, but that’s another discussion for another day.  Most importantly, it is good reminder of a harsh fact of life that cannot be squelched. Sometimes even the most obvious truths have to be restated, and if Jay Teachman’s data is to be believed, then indeed, non-virgin women are no good for marriage — even after one partner.

But remember, the male side of picture cannot be ignored either. A guy has to take a good look at himself as well, and assess his own sexual market value, in light of this #NoHymenNoDiamond idea.  It’s hard to simply throw back to tradition and declare the upper hand like that, especially if you’ve reached an age and sociosexual status that would lead you to even be thinking about this stuff.  Like it or not, the mockery that feminists and manginas make of #NoHymenNoDiamond is quite sincere, and is not going to lead even one virgin woman to stop and think.  If anything, more cherries will be popped out of defiance, and not one man who signed onto this movement will ever get to be one of the cherry-poppers.

All and all, we all probably end up coming to this inevitable conclusion…

#NoDiamond, period.

A deal cannot be reached, nor should it, probably.  Rather than aging men driving themselves to madness, coming up with ultimatums for women who look back at them like genetic garbage anyway, it’s probably time to abandon hope of marriage, and perhaps even the subject of marriage altogether.  Realize that your ship will never come in, nor was it ever going to, and then truly go your own way without using the acronym MGTOW.  Rather than jumping on futile bandwagons like this, let your actions — or rather, inaction, with regard to marriage and relationships — do all the talking, and try to preserve your sanity by finding pursuits in life that hopefully don’t even remind you of what a wasteland womankind is in the 21st century.