Month: December 2015

Thoughts On Elective Castration

Understanding your own vulnerabilities equals strength; denying them equals weakness.  What makes one of our greatest vulnerabilities hard to concede is the fact that in doing so, we are echoing the enemy; still, one must remember that truth doesn’t become a lie, just because a liar speaks it.

So, make today the day you admit to yourself, if you haven’t already, that virtually everything you do and have ever done is directly or indirectly motivated by the subconscious quest to impress women.  It’s not your fault.  You are somewhat hard-wired to do this.  Don’t worry about me spilling the beans on this either, because women know this much better than we do.  Here’s the proof: think about any given worldly pursuit you’ve ever had, and what you imagined the ultimate outcome of that pursuit being, and if you think about it honestly and completely, you’ll find women in the last box of your mind’s flowchart.  Your imagination may not have gone as far as having women as the ultimate result of whatever you were trying to do, but it probably went at least as far as being seen by and attracting a woman or women.  Everything that you’ve ever imagined garnering some kind of fame, big or small, is invariably about being seen by women.  Career and financial success is also about being seen by women — no one pictures being a rich incel, unless the movie playing in your mind winds around to a woman showing up at some point.  If women were taken completely out of the picture, in a way that you probably have never imagined — and probably are not able to — then essentially nothing you have ever tried to do would make any sense.

For an incel, it has never really made sense, but deep-seated biological imperatives don’t need to make any sense.  Sex drive in an incel is like runaway farm machinery on a rampage, causing nothing but destruction when not plowing fertile ground.  Have you ever seen a video of a runaway tractor?  That’s what an incel’s sex drive looks like.  It probably won’t crash into a sorority house, but it should probably be stopped nonetheless.

The question is about how to stop it.  It’s probably no coincidence that there are very few options, if any, available to the incel when it come to cessation of sexuality, in the hypersexualized world we live in.  It has to be understood that noncels don’t want incels to drop out of the race — they want incels to lose the race, properly and officially.  Remember, Nice Guys™ can’t finish last if they don’t finish at all.  How can they really feel like winners if there are no losers?  You see, they don’t sit there and give you all of that stupid, worn-out advice because they want to see you become successful in dating, sex and relationships (DSR), but because they want to see you keep trying and failing.  They fully expect, as you do, that success will never come, but they don’t want to see you content with that lack of success.  It just bothers them.  This is why there are so many roadblocks to obtaining elective surgical or even chemical castration — it’s for their sake, not yours.  They are the ones who get the enjoyment of seeing your running on the hamster wheel.

Take simple elective orchiectomty (removal of the testicles) for example: this can be done with little effort, when done in the context of “gender reassignment”, but nearly impossible to obtain as a stand-alone procedure.  This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless you understand the reasoning behind it: society doesn’t want anyone unplugging from the sociosexual matrix.  We have reached a point where modern western society thinks that the idea of a man getting a sex-change — in which he puts on a permanent female Halloween costume, using hormones and various cosmetic surgeries, not the least of which turns his penis as inside-out has his own disordered sexuality is — is more palatable than the idea of a man simply becoming a non-sexual gelding via castration.  The message is clear: it’s better to have a screwed-up sexuality than no sexuality at all.  This stance is a result of society putting such emphasis and importance on sexuality that it has lost all perspective and forgotten the point thereof, and even abandoned all common sense on the subject.

If, however, we do reach a point where elective castration becomes an accepted practice, it would offer incel men many benefits.  It wouldn’t be for everyone, of course.  Some don’t have the balls (pun intended) to go through with it, some don’t have a belief system that allows it, and some still hold out hope that they’ll be of some use one day.  On the other hand, there are those who are just one step short of wishing they’d get testicular cancer, just so that they can rid themselves of the greatest burden of their lives, standing in the way of doing anything useful with their lives.

Now of course there are going to be many naysayers to an idea like this for other reasons, besides a desire to see incels continue to struggle in futility for their entertainment.  Some are going to say that castration won’t get the job done, citing the human ability to have sex after castration, some continued production of testosterone by other glands, and of course the psychological addiction to females.  Ah, but it’s the psychological aspect of it that is the most useful effect, actually.  You see, having the testicles removed is what finally and absolutely removes all hope and psychological imprisonment related to the opposite sex.  It allows you to be free of false hope of the most deeply rooted order.  It seems to me that it’s the ultimate expression and enabling of going your own way, and rejecting the psychological and endocrine slavery to women, whom you don’t even have access to, once and for all.

Information on this topic is sparse.  There are rumors of a doctor in Pennsylvania who used to do it on demand, but he’s probably long gone.  Maybe one could feign getting a sex change up until the job is done, then go their own way, and of course the disgrace of this is on society, not the incel.  Other than that, the best information resource on this subject that I personally have ever found would be this castration primer from the Eunuch Archive (I like them already — how could one not?  Oh, right…by being a sexually active moron).

All this shouldn’t be taken as an explicit endorsement of castration, but it’s a worthy conversation anyhow, and shouldn’t be so taboo, in today’s world of celebrated deviance.