Thoughts On Elective Castration

Understanding your own vulnerabilities equals strength; denying them equals weakness.  What makes one of our greatest vulnerabilities hard to concede is the fact that in doing so, we are echoing the enemy; still, one must remember that truth doesn’t become a lie, just because a liar speaks it.

So, make today the day you admit to yourself, if you haven’t already, that virtually everything you do and have ever done is directly or indirectly motivated by the subconscious quest to impress women.  It’s not your fault.  You are somewhat hard-wired to do this.  Don’t worry about me spilling the beans on this either, because women know this much better than we do.  Here’s the proof: think about any given worldly pursuit you’ve ever had, and what you imagined the ultimate outcome of that pursuit being, and if you think about it honestly and completely, you’ll find women in the last box of your mind’s flowchart.  Your imagination may not have gone as far as having women as the ultimate result of whatever you were trying to do, but it probably went at least as far as being seen by and attracting a woman or women.  Everything that you’ve ever imagined garnering some kind of fame, big or small, is invariably about being seen by women.  Career and financial success is also about being seen by women — no one pictures being a rich incel, unless the movie playing in your mind winds around to a woman showing up at some point.  If women were taken completely out of the picture, in a way that you probably have never imagined — and probably are not able to — then essentially nothing you have ever tried to do would make any sense.

For an incel, it has never really made sense, but deep-seated biological imperatives don’t need to make any sense.  Sex drive in an incel is like runaway farm machinery on a rampage, causing nothing but destruction when not plowing fertile ground.  Have you ever seen a video of a runaway tractor?  That’s what an incel’s sex drive looks like.  It probably won’t crash into a sorority house, but it should probably be stopped nonetheless.

The question is about how to stop it.  It’s probably no coincidence that there are very few options, if any, available to the incel when it come to cessation of sexuality, in the hypersexualized world we live in.  It has to be understood that noncels don’t want incels to drop out of the race — they want incels to lose the race, properly and officially.  Remember, Nice Guys™ can’t finish last if they don’t finish at all.  How can they really feel like winners if there are no losers?  You see, they don’t sit there and give you all of that stupid, worn-out advice because they want to see you become successful in dating, sex and relationships (DSR), but because they want to see you keep trying and failing.  They fully expect, as you do, that success will never come, but they don’t want to see you content with that lack of success.  It just bothers them.  This is why there are so many roadblocks to obtaining elective surgical or even chemical castration — it’s for their sake, not yours.  They are the ones who get the enjoyment of seeing your running on the hamster wheel.

Take simple elective orchiectomty (removal of the testicles) for example: this can be done with little effort, when done in the context of “gender reassignment”, but nearly impossible to obtain as a stand-alone procedure.  This doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, unless you understand the reasoning behind it: society doesn’t want anyone unplugging from the sociosexual matrix.  We have reached a point where modern western society thinks that the idea of a man getting a sex-change — in which he puts on a permanent female Halloween costume, using hormones and various cosmetic surgeries, not the least of which turns his penis as inside-out has his own disordered sexuality is — is more palatable than the idea of a man simply becoming a non-sexual gelding via castration.  The message is clear: it’s better to have a screwed-up sexuality than no sexuality at all.  This stance is a result of society putting such emphasis and importance on sexuality that it has lost all perspective and forgotten the point thereof, and even abandoned all common sense on the subject.

If, however, we do reach a point where elective castration becomes an accepted practice, it would offer incel men many benefits.  It wouldn’t be for everyone, of course.  Some don’t have the balls (pun intended) to go through with it, some don’t have a belief system that allows it, and some still hold out hope that they’ll be of some use one day.  On the other hand, there are those who are just one step short of wishing they’d get testicular cancer, just so that they can rid themselves of the greatest burden of their lives, standing in the way of doing anything useful with their lives.

Now of course there are going to be many naysayers to an idea like this for other reasons, besides a desire to see incels continue to struggle in futility for their entertainment.  Some are going to say that castration won’t get the job done, citing the human ability to have sex after castration, some continued production of testosterone by other glands, and of course the psychological addiction to females.  Ah, but it’s the psychological aspect of it that is the most useful effect, actually.  You see, having the testicles removed is what finally and absolutely removes all hope and psychological imprisonment related to the opposite sex.  It allows you to be free of false hope of the most deeply rooted order.  It seems to me that it’s the ultimate expression and enabling of going your own way, and rejecting the psychological and endocrine slavery to women, whom you don’t even have access to, once and for all.

Information on this topic is sparse.  There are rumors of a doctor in Pennsylvania who used to do it on demand, but he’s probably long gone.  Maybe one could feign getting a sex change up until the job is done, then go their own way, and of course the disgrace of this is on society, not the incel.  Other than that, the best information resource on this subject that I personally have ever found would be this castration primer from the Eunuch Archive (I like them already — how could one not?  Oh, right…by being a sexually active moron).

All this shouldn’t be taken as an explicit endorsement of castration, but it’s a worthy conversation anyhow, and shouldn’t be so taboo, in today’s world of celebrated deviance.

30 thoughts on “Thoughts On Elective Castration

  1. Christ spoke about 3 classes of Eunicks:
    One’s that were born that way. (me.)
    One’s that were made that way for a variety of reasons: Punishment, to make high
    pitched singing voices in chiors etc…
    And one’s that made themselves that way for the sake of “The Kingdom of God.”
    (So they wouldn’t be distracted with sexual thoughts.)
    Sometimes the testees don’t discend. They either come down into the scrotum at a
    later stage, or you must undergo an operation to pull them down.
    When I underwent the operation, it was a crude proceedure. The benefit of the
    operation is to avoid cancer at a later stage, among other things.
    But the Creater of the Universe DID NOT want me to undergo this operation.
    That’s why I was born in my condition. My parents overruled Him.
    Why would God even mention folks like me, if it wasn’t meant to be?
    If I had been born in Christ’s day there would have been no “help” for me.
    My Astrological chart shows a total disaster as far as sex is concerned.
    I DID come to the Lord at a later time, but fell away due to sexual urges.
    For all the supposed benefits of the operation, I wish it had never been done.
    I remain a virgin at the age of 57, and fully expect to die one.
    I was done no favors.

    1. Man.. Not that I believe in astrology, but it really is funny how some people’s lives are a total disaster regarding sex, and some people just have it made, all the way through life — oh they don’t always realize that they have it made, but they do.

      Yes, I agree that saving your nuts didn’t do you any favors, unless of course it prevented you from getting cancer at 30 and dying early. On a side note, there’s something absurd about reproductive disease and cancer in sexually inactive people, isn’t there? It’s kind of like a double-backfire: it’s something you don’t need for your own survival, yet it possibly kills you, and you don’t even get to use it. I’m sure it’s plenty of comedy fodder for noncels though.

      Other than that, all I can say is: I salute you. I consider you to be one of the unsung heroes of incel.

  2. You SHOULD look into Astrology. You might be surprised.
    I’m not referring to the Horoscope colum in the Newspaper. I’m talking about having
    a Natal (Birth) chart done.
    There was a book written about “Incel” in the early 80’s. It was the only extensive
    study of a condition that no one believes exists. A scholar wrote it. He was laughed
    out of court. The book is difficult to obtain now, but has been transposed on line.
    I forgot the title, but with a little research it can be uncovered. The book was considered
    “unscientific” because it did dweleve into areas like Astrology. It spoke of certain positions
    of planets in incel charts. I have them all!
    Astrology is lousy at prediciting future events, but you can get a pretty good character
    assesment from studying the Natal chart.
    I was always befuddled about what I was doing wrong. Did I suffer from a disease
    or something? Once I discovered Astrology, I saw that it was just meant to be.
    Instead of just striking out randomly at strangers with an AK-47, which would solve
    nothing, I could acess whether my life was really worth living. It isn’t, but it takes a
    crazy kind of courage to commit suicide.

    1. That book you refer to was probably Brian Gilmartin’s book on “love-shyness”. Yes, a book like that is inevitably going to be laughed at and not taken seriously, not even so much because of the content, but because of the author. Gilmartin is incel himself, and therefore no noncel is going to want to hear a word he has to say about anything, much less any subject under the umbrella of sexuality. He was on TV once with Tom Snyder in about 1980 covering this topic, and he made a fool of himself when he talked about his “research” on how you can supposedly jack off 4 hours prior to sex and not get a woman pregnant. For that reason, I’m not surprised that he included astrology in his book from the ’80s.

      Too bad that he was the messenger sent ahead of us, the lone voice crying out foolishness.

    2. “whether my life was really worth living. It isn’t, but it takes a
      crazy kind of courage to commit suicide.”

      If astrology is true, then your chart should explain whether or not you have courage.

      Possibly the right planetary aspect could change your character – I don’t know enough about astrology to guess.

  3. You both might be aware of the popular play titled “Waiting For Godot.”
    It’s a play about two direlects sitting in a park having a conversation.
    They anisipate the arrival of a man named Godot. His appearence is finally
    suppost to upgrade their lives and give them all the wonderful things they want.
    He never arrives. The best film I ever saw about desolation was “Philadepha”
    starring Tom Hanks. He was an AIDS patient, and no one wanted to touch him with
    an 11 ft. pole. Incels are the cast offs of society. They are they perfect illustrations
    that the “rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.”
    It really is a question of whether life is worth living. That’s a question for everyone to
    decide, Incel or not.
    Most people never give any consideration to their viewpoints about death.
    What do you think the next world will be like? I have my ideas, but to walk across
    that thresh hold is something I’m not prepared to do just yet. Soon!

    1. When it comes to the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, the best analysis of this regarding incel is Brian Gilmartin’s “wishbone effect”. I’d post a link but the wiki appears to be screwed up at the moment.

  4. “but it really is funny how some people’s lives are a total disaster regarding sex, and some people just have it made”

    I used to work at a gas station. There was a black co-worker I often worked with. You would think sitting at a register with her all day every day would have given me a shot with her. Ha! One day, as we are working this muscle-man stud comes walking in. My black co-worker’s face somehow turns white as she panicks at the sight of him. As she checks him out you can see her entire body shaking. Next an older women comes walking through the door, her jaw drops at the sight of him and she forgets what she came in the store for and just walks up to him hoping to talk to him. Just seconds after that, the womans daughter comes walking in and is so mesmerized by him that she trips over a sign and falls flat on her face. The mother, loud enough for everyone to hear, teases her daughter that “maybe if she was paying attention to what she was doing instead of looking at something else, that wouldn’t have happened”. All three females burst out laughing and the daughter rushes to join her mom at the register, where all three of them start hitting on him. It must have been an every day occurance for this guy because he hardly looked fazed by it. When the mom saw she wasn’t getting the guys attention by flirting with him, she tried a different approach by insulting me in order to look cool. My co-worker who up to that point seemed to be OK with me joined her in the insults and the daughter just sneered at me.

    He made himself an object of worship and me enemy #1, all without doing a thing. There is no doubt in my mind he could have pulled off a mother/daughter threesome had he wanted it to. In the end he passed on it. But, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been his first time. He’s probably screwed a 1,000 different girls since then. As for me, nine years later I still play with myself thinking about it all.

  5. Well due to clapped out heart, and the medication that I have to take, I can no longer get an erection, and my sexual urges are at an all time low. Have to say, it suits me fine. No more need to endure female BS. No more torment from my loins. I would advise any Incel guy to consider chemical castration as an option.

    1. I have just recently started chemical castration due to metastatic prostate cancer and I am enjoying it so far. Prostate cancer surgery knocked out my ability to get erections and ejaculate ,. I am enjoying a total lack of sex drive now.

  6. Let me tell you guys…the peace is gradually filling my soul. You really need to read this blog entry and ask yourselves, do you want peace or madness?

  7. “Take simple elective orchiectomty (removal of the testicles) for example: this can be done with little effort, when done in the context of “gender reassignment”, but nearly impossible to obtain as a stand-alone procedure.”

    So true, sadly. But incels should be more rational, too. Not resort to hookers, not to buy PUA or dating advice nonsense, start actually demanding medical attention. Think about the LGBT community: it’s so small, but so influential. The doc that does it on-demand in the US is Dr Arnkoff ( There’s no doc that I could find in Europe that would perform elective surgical castration, however, it turned out to be possible to get chemical castration here where I live in the EU.

    1. I don’t know that demanding medical attention is all that rational either, in most places. Why do I say that? Well, you have to understand that the LGBT community gets its influence from large political forces that use that community as an instrument of reshaping society and changing the body politic, as a means of implementing an otherwise unrelated agenda (and LGBT is far from being the only instrument used to that end, but I digress…) The proof is in the pudding: demands for help with quelling the torment of incel is met by the mainstream with scorn, dismissal and even accusations of being a misogynistic serial killer in waiting.

      That said, your Arnkoff link is interesting… I’m sure most people would prefer chemical castration, if the effects were permanent and didn’t require a medication regiment.

      All and all, I think that the health consequences of disrupting the hormonal balance in one’s body probably isn’t worth the simple benefit of not having to jack off. Realistically, it’s probably just easier to jack off; and if that’s not an option, for religious reasons, then…what can I say? If the fire of libido doesn’t burn out on its own, then one is apparently destined to a long, miserable slow-boil martyrdom (maybe terminal prostate cancer would be welcome news after years of that). I’m not a theologian so take my speculation on that for what its worth.

      1. I have heard that if you do not use it (e.g. if you are unmarried and, for religious purposes, are not sexually active or took a vow of celibacy) that your body naturally adjusts after awhile and you essentially acclimate to no sex. I have not found this to be the case…not for me anyway. It seems like you can be going good, even not thinking about it for quite awhile, but then something will trigger the urge. I think the longest I have ever gone was 4 to 6 weeks…around there. After that, it starts to get difficult.

  8. Well, I think that I can now speak with some authority upon this subject; no I have not undergone physical castration, I have, nonetheless, undergone chemical castration. Due to a drug called spironolactone, which is a diuretic, and is part of the regime of medication I have to take in order to help me cope with type II diabetes, and heart failure.

    Let me tell you gents, life is better this way; no more beating yourself up over something over which you have no control, that is to say, the disgusting attitudes of women. Not only can I no longer get an erection, but I no longer am plagued by sexual frustration, as my desires are more or less, nil.

    I am not going to lie and say that life is wonderful, because with all that I have wrong with me, it’s not. But it is, infinitely more bearable, and women no longer have any power over me.

    Castration, whether by chemical means or having the complete removal of one’s testicles, is most definitely an option.

    1. Yes, I’m using a GnRH agonist for that purpose myself (Spiro had no effect on me), and life is much more bearable now.

  9. Yes, Malcontent, it does make life more bearable. No, it does not make life wonderful. And it does not happen overnight.

    But gentlemen, there comes a point in an Incel man’s life, when he needs to ask himself, what does he do next. I am too old, too ill, and just too pissed off with women, to consider anything else than walking the hell away from the INSANITY of modern sexual relations. What I want is peace. The freedom to pursue my photography. WITHOUT female toxic tom-fuckery to contend with. Its something that I can live with.

  10. I have been a eunuch for 5 years due to trauma to the testicles and it is not the end of the world I went for 2.5 years with no Testosterone Replacement but am on replacement T for now due to side effects of no T. There are prositives and negative effects of being castrated so please check out the easily obtainabled information on effects of castration on the web and then make your decision. I recommend talking to some of us who are eunuchs also most of us are open to answering questions.

    1. Dale I have some questions
      I would like to get castrated for my own reasons
      Do you get a eunuch calm?
      Does the desire for women go away ?
      After 5 years of being a eunuch what are your thoughts

      1. I am not really able to say I had a eunuch calm can say that emotional state does change can be somewhat of a roller coaster that varies from person to person. Always attracted to women but the desire and drive for sex diminished to almost nothing over time but still desire for companionship is still there.

        1. Thank you
          My companionship with my wife is very good only our libido is at the opposite ends of the spectrum
          I feel that for my age if i don’t have the urges then I won’t get disappointed and our time spent together won’t have a elephant in the relationship

  11. I like your wording on this subject
    I am a 50 yr old married man that is seriously thinking of getting castrated after another married man had it done for health reasons and encouraged me to have it done also
    My wife agrees because she doesn’t want sex at all anymore and we would be happy without it in our marriage and I can’t because of sexual urges

    1. Bob, I don’t know you and I don’t know your wife, but just knowing what I know about women…if she has that attitude, please hire a private eye and make sure she’s not getting it from somewhere else. I say this because this kind of shit has happened before, where a wife will declare herself frigid and kick the man out of bed (even though sex is, in all reality, HER marital duty) and it often turns out that she’s not actually frigid – she wants a reliable supporter and she wants sex, and she doesn’t feel one bit bad if she can’t get all that from the same man.

      I mean seriously…she’s the one who has the problem, and you’re the one who has to get surgery for it…? For HER “problem”? Let me ask you: what does she bring to the marriage? Is she the primary bread winner? Leave out all of the cliché stuff about emotional support and whatever… You have to ask yourself this question honestly: if the shoe were on the other foot, would she do the same for you? Would she undergo some kind of surgery so that she can tolerate sex again? Or no no no, better yet…would she let you step out? Would she be okay with you getting sex somewhere else? Because if not…well, she’s completely out of bounds and she knows it.

      I for one am glad that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is off the air – I couldn’t stand her. But there is one sound bite they used to play of a call she had from a woman who said she didn’t want to have sex with her husband anymore and what she should do about it, and Dr. Laura rebuked her, asking her how she expects anything form him anymore if she wont’ do that.

      This really concerns me, Bob. I mean really, all women have to do is lay there at a bare minimum. If she can’t even tolerate you that much anymore…well, it’s like termites in your house, and you can only guess as to which floor is going to cave in, and when. Are you going along to get along? No one here is blaming you if that’s the case, because divorce is a daunting thing, especially for the man… Fill us in if you can.

      Castration, unfortunately, throws your physiology off kilter beyond just killing sexual urges that can’t be fulfilled – there’s just no way around that. For some men, like those who are facing a life of incel, maybe that’s the best way. If a man’s situation makes that the only real option, then it is what it is. But when a guy has been brought down to the bottom by a wife who is derelict in her marital duties, and has brought the husband down to the point where he’s looking at castration – and she’s going along with this self-destructive idea, no less – then there’s a lot more wrong than differences in the bedroom. Again, I don’t know you or her, but from the outside, this looks like she’s psychologically abusing you. This looks fucked up, and self-destructive, and she’s a party to it. It reminds me of that case where a woman was just convicted for encouraging her boyfriend to kill himself, and when he chickened out and got out of the car with the exhaust hose going in the window, she texted him, “Get back in.” Women get their hooks in a man, and if men are taught not to recognize the truly devious, selfish side of a woman, they can end up sitting ducks.

      I’m not trying to offend you or anything…I’m just getting bad vibes here. This is not right at all. You’ve got to take a step back from the brink and look at this situation in the cold light of day.

      1. I see your point on all of what you wrote about
        I am the only bread winner and always have been
        I suggested castration to her
        I have a high libido and always have I also have a bad temper and very competitive because of high testosterone levels
        Our sex life has been next to nothing for seven years but we get along good and rarely argue about anything
        It is me who would like to get castrated to get a calm in my life and not be affected by my libido
        I would like to hear more in put on this because I feel I’m not the only one out there thinking about this

  12. I would start banging hookers. Seriously, why put yourself through castration because your wife will not provide you with sex? And I would be completely open about it.

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