Boycott…Bachelor Party Weddings?

If anyone feels inclined to join this boycott, don’t even take the time to ask the bride if there is going to be a bachelor party — just don’t go.  Stay home.

No, wait — do call the bride, and lay your terms of attendance on her, and then download all of your propaganda on her — oh, and don’t forget to quote your sources, especially if it’s Fredrick Engels.  These people need to know about what a freak you are so they can warn others not to even sent you an invitation.

Yes, this video is a pretty comprehensive example of how screwy and brainwashed these feminists are.



  1. Boycott weddings…PERIOD. Marriage as it is practiced in the feminised First World (the woman has all the rights without any responsibilities, while the man is burdened with all the responsibilities and no rights, with the additional 50%+ certainty that he will suffer a ruinous divorce for nothing more than ‘she is unhaaapppy’) has nothing to offer men anymore, so why bother?
    And Over-30/post-Wall Western Women wonder about the so-called “Marriage Strike” and the growth of MGTOW?

    BTW, I’ll bet that this female will NEVER marry…nor (hopefully) reproduce. May the sperm banks dry up first.

  2. That woman has already been boycotted from her own prospective wedding. It’s probably why she is like that.

    But seriously though, going back to my other blog post about how incel men should boycott weddings, it’s a strange feeling to actually be looking forward to the day when weddings are controversial enough that no one will hold it against you for not going, like the would still today with the wedding of a family member. That day is not far off.

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