Women and Alleged Evolutionary Bisexuality

This is the fascinating reason women have evolved to become bisexual“…

We could go a lot of different directions with this one.

First, it’s not a surprise that something like this would come from a professor of a school of economics and political science, rather than a professor of biological sciences.  Social upheaval is in vogue, and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.  You also have to watch out when they continually allude to “experts”, which is more of a statement about people whose opinions are preferred, rather than indicating any specific credentials.

At least this theory isn’t as unworkable as some crackpot theories about genetic homosexuality, which are fundamentally antithetical to the genetic process, and frankly quite crackpot, no matter how posh the accent or how many letters behind the name of the theorist.  Even still, I say that it’s still a silly conclusion. The truth is that there is more than one reason that women go bisexual or lesbian, but usually you can tell by what kind of lesbian they are outwardly.

The main type of switch-hitter are the mainstream bisexuals who do it because it’s more socially acceptable, and garners the attention of men.  There is a kind of group fetish among many men to see lesbian sex, which makes any kind of screwing around and experimentation socially permissible.  These are usually the casual ones who are still attracted to men, are still mostly feminine, but have no problem swinging both ways, whether they get anything out of it or not.

Next, you have the mainline lesbians who are genuinely lesiban, for whatever reason, and have always been that way.  Their disposition with men varies widely, but generally they don’t respect men because they see no incentive to.

Then there are the angry rebellious lesbians, who genuinely hate men to their very core, and did so from the time that they were acting heterosexuals.  They tend to go lesbian because they have a real vendetta against men, and it is just par for the course.  It’s they only sexuality that they can even stomach.  They are the lesbians who react to men the way that radical Muslims react to Jews, or for that matter, the way that radical orthodox Jews react to non-Jews…for example.

The article did make an interesting point about polygynous [sic] marriages, which can be applied to the tournament paradigm of alphas with several mates and betas going off to die — the paradigm that humanity is rapidly returning to.  To me, that’s a subject much more worth caring about than lesbianism.



  1. Isn’t the reason that women are more elastic then men?
    In a captivity situation like prision women are more willing to accquese to the advances of
    other women. Women serving long terms like Susan Smith and Jodi Arias know they have
    to go along to get along, and women under stress-filled periods turn to other women for
    It has been said that women actually do better in an unmarried state then men do.
    It’s better for their health.

    1. “It has been said that women actually do better in an unmarried state then men do.
      It’s better for their health.”

      You’re full of shit if you’re implyng here that being single is unhealthy for men.

    2. “…It has been said that women actually do better in an unmarried state then men do.
      It’s better for their health.”

      That bit of marriage propaganda dates back at least fifty years — before there was gay liberation, feminism, and ‘no fault’ divorce. (But the Socons, Tradcons, and ‘retired’ carousel riders still like to spout that outdated factoid; they think that they are fooling the current generations of men who have had experience with today’s man-hating culture. The truth is that they’re fooling only the gullible and themselves.)
      However, it would be a good idea to do a reputable study now of the lives of homosexual men, Men Who Have Gone Their Own Way, and divorced men who pay no alimony or child support, versus men who have married, and divorced men who are paying alimony and child support. The results would most likely be quite ‘interesting’, to say the least.
      MANY men who have GTOW and have shunned women from their lives, as well as divorced childless men who do not pay alimony, report that their lives are more free from stress, more peaceful, and they have more money than they did before, when they were having relationships with women.
      Of course, there was that study done already, which reported that women were “unhappy” now.

  2. Yea but 99% of guys need their sex like they need their air. So much that they’ll KILL
    for it. Others AND themselves. That’s always been women’s trump cards.

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