4 in 10 American Women Obese


Why the problem is getting worse for women faster than for men remains somewhat of a mystery to health researchers. “I don’t know if anyone truly knows for sure,” Hunnes said. Experts say there are a range of possible explanations, including that many women are satisfied with a larger body size.

Gee, what about the scourge of “fat shaming” and anorexia/bulimia (which men are to blame for, of course)?  Sit tight, they’ll find a way to blame this on men too.  Nothing is the woman’s fault, and don’t you forget it!

See that?  That’s you’re fault, you dangler!




  1. You know full well that “necessity is the mother of invention.”
    If a woman (Or man for that matter.) believes it’s in their real interests to be fit and trim,
    they’ll make the effort to be fit and trim.
    This is a visually oriented society. The real rewards go to the most attractive.
    The ugly live (?) half-lives. No one is forcing them to look good-now. “Circumstances” WILL,
    sooner or later.

    1. We can only hope that would eventually kick in, but you have to ask yourself: what is going to change between now and then? We have to look at this for what it is: an uninterrupted continuum of life stages, the sexual marketplace, and lots of blubber — in other words, it’s continuous, not cyclic. The “circumstances” that are supposed to bring this all back in check are already in play, but opposing circumstances are prevailing. It’s going to take some kind of disruption, or else it will reach some tipping point, and no one can say what that’s going to be because this is all uncharted territory.

  2. People also have varying metabalisms and “set points.”
    Two different people could eat identical amounts. One would hover fifty pounds
    overweight. The other would have to be rescued by the Fire Department.
    Some of the same problems that pleged the black underclass are beginning to be
    seen in the lower-class white community: Illegitimate births and starchy diets that promote
    obesity. Soon it will be a division between “Trump-like” people (See how “fit” his
    daughters look?) And beached “Walmart wales.”
    In any case “Queen Hillary” is a shoe in and 3rd worldism is ensured. Many of us are
    going to die horrible deaths because our skin is white and our sex is male.

    1. Do you think they are going to rig it for Hillary?

      I’ve been told about “food deserts” and such before, but there is more going on than that, honestly. Of course the low cost of processed food and the content of starch is one of many variables, but it’s not like this is some big socioeconomic conspiracy to make poor people fat. There is too much recreational eating going on, which is largely because of too little regularity of meal times and servings…which can be followed back to women yet again. Women used to be the chef of the household, and now they aren’t. If people ate what they were served and when by the household chef, you wouldn’t have them eating whatever and whenever they want, forming habits of recreational eating from convenient outlets that would like to even boil their salads in grease if they could. Of course you can control your own destiny, and many do, but most people don’t and won’t.

  3. It’s ALREADY rigged for Hillary. Trump is an infiltrator designed to provide “insurance”
    for Hillary. Pure demographics and media lies would have helped Hillary get in anyway,
    but Trump assists. You’re not old enough to remember this, but in 1992, another rich
    guy ran for election against a Clinton, his name was H. Ross Perot. Perot hated George
    Bush and drew away enough votes to put Bill Clinton in office. Clinton was the most
    openly corrupt man to run for office at that time. Before him no candidate was ever
    elected who admitted to adultrey and drug use. Enough was known about Clinton’s past,
    so he needed Perot to take votes from Bush. The Media covered for Clinton just as they
    are now covering for his wife. The media is from the devil, plain and simple. Hillary is
    even more corrupt then Bill, because she was in on every scandal.
    Perception is reality and the media controls perception. People can easily be played like
    fiddles, and that’s where Trump comes in.” Racist. Fascist. Sexist. Homophobe.
    Racist. Fascist. Sexist.” Etc….
    The media wanted a Hillary/Trump contest, and engineered it. That’s why Trump got
    all that free publicity.
    America is no longer a Democracy. It is an alegorcy. When the forces of “equality and
    justice” vanguish that wicked white guy Trump, it will be touted as the end of the white
    male opressor. I predicit literal physical genocide against the white Christian male.
    Wonder what’s going happen to the white female?

    1. “You’re not old enough to remember this, but”

      Really? Remind me of how old I was in 1992, please.

      I actually do remember Ross Perot quite well, and I also remember his televised rant after losing the election, and how he told everyone who watched it to turn on their headlights the next day.

      I also remember many saying that he split the conservative vote, which was true in practice; that doesn’t really apply to Trump, because he won the Republican ticket, so if anyone is going to split anything, it won’t be him — it would be a 3rd party candidate, running only to get Hillary elected.

      “When the forces of ‘equality and justice’ vanguish that wicked white guy Trump, it will be touted as the end of the white male opressor.”

      No it won’t, because then the social justice warriors would have nothing to complain about. White males will always be considered to be oppressors as long as they exist. Just look at Obama: a black man reaching the nation’s highest office was supposed to be the end of the oppression of the blacks, but the way things have been going during his term, you’d think that the oppression is the worst it has been since the Civil War. In order to keep the grievance claims rolling — which too many minorities have become dependent on — they knew they would have to adopt Lewis Farrakhan’s ideology that redefines “oppression” from being inequality of opportunity to inequality of results, and so the concept of “white privilege” was hatched. It’s the same thing with gender politics: “male privilege” will be invoked, and the parameters will constantly be readjusted to keep the grievance claims rolling, because women have become dependent on these grievances as well.

      Ultimately, the gender war will end up the way it is in Sweden, where women become the oppressors under feminism, and men become the oppressed, and no one will speak out on their behalf; oh, but it won’t end there…just like in Sweden, the women in charge will begin inviting in scads of radical Islamic men, which might seem counter-intuitive since radical Islam is the antithesis of women’s lib, unless of course you understand women’s behavior.

  4. True, I didn’t envision Trump getting the nomination. I envisioned more of a “Perot
    scenario.” I thought the other Republicans would take a tougher tack against Trump
    “forcing” him to leave and run third party like Perot did. Through a combination of
    celerbity power and conservative desperation Trump pulled it off. People never cease
    hoping for the “Man on horseback” to save them. “Rescue” always comes from outside.
    I think Trump is a media creation to be taken down at the proper stragetic time to help
    usher in Mrs. Satan (Hillary.) What’s even MORE terrorfying is that I think he is willingly
    playing the role. In late October he will make a remark that the media will use against
    him-something “racist” or “sexist”- “Kill Blacks, Jews, or Muslims,” or maybe even a
    sex tape will be produced. Hillary will come out looking like the “Joan Of Ark,” thanks
    to the media of course. Social Proof will win again. In any case it’s demographically
    impossible for a Republican to win a national election unless there’s a great depression.
    As far as women, today they are nothing but brainwashed fodder. Oxyconton drenched
    robots that will do ANYTHING for their bad boy as we have seen with the wife of the
    terrorist who assisted him with his plans.
    The white male is a wussy. No one took his country away from him. He surrendered
    it under the guise of good intentions.
    Expect the average white male to be genocided, and the white female to go into sexual

    1. The thing that makes me the most pessimistic about a Republican ever winning the White House again is the demographic problem. Of course the invasion of illegal aliens is by design, because they vote Democrat as an 80% solid bloc. Wait — voting Democrat? How can they do that if they can’t even vote? They have been voting ever since Clinton’s 1994 Motor Voter Act, which lets them register to vote when they register a car. There is no check for citizenship status with voter registration at the DMV (Department of Mexican Voting); the only supposed safeguard is the little line they have to sign at the bottom, swearing under penalty of perjury that they are a US citizen and eligible to vote — that’s it, that’s all. Aside from that, there are many ways to rig elections, not the least of which is probably the Diebold voting machines inside which no one knows for sure what happens.

      On the other hand, rigging of elections is usually (hopefully) quantitative — it depends on how much it is rigged, by percentage. The only thing that gives me any hope is the possibility that voter enthusiasm and turnout might outweigh that. Stranger things have happened, and if there were ever a time to have hope, it’s now. They’ve been telling us that “this election is THE BIG ONE” for the past several election cycles so it’s hard to take that chatter seriously anymore…but honestly, if Hillary wins this one, it really is all over. There may not even be another election again after this one.

  5. It all comes down to a combination of rigged demographics and “Pied Piper”
    disinformation. That’s why we’re doomed. Like Lemmings stampeding over a cliff.

  6. And those poor lunkhead women don’t know they’re signing their own death warrents.
    I went to a local beach yesterday. There were few white guys. I saw moms with their
    prepubesent kids. Marriagible age according to Islam. One blond mom had two white
    children and a bi-racial child. That’s the “new” America but it’s going to get infinately
    worse. I recently saw a photo of two nearly naked white girls sun bathing and two
    Muslim women walking past them. They were dressed in religious garb-black-from head
    to toe. Europe here we come. The future is NOT going to be pretty.
    In 1979 the Shah of Iran was deposed and replaced by the Alotalah Khomni.
    The Shah had allowed women to dress in Western clothing. Initally the women balked and
    protested. They said they wouldn’t wear the required religious clothing. The Alotalah was
    caught off guard. He said, “You don’t have to wear it.” That was just so he could retrench.
    In a matter of days these Western “whores” were wearing the shrouds. So it CAN happen
    here. Terrible to see a country wither and die before your very eyes.

  7. Keep in mind that the standards for obesity have been lowered as well. So, by modern standards, 40% of American women are obese. What percentage would be obese by the older standards?

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