What Sex Robots Can Teach Us About a Woman’s Love (That Cucumbers Can’t)

There has been a lot of talk lately about sex dolls and robots, mostly to be used by men as a means to replace women.  That should not be a surprise to anyone, as the pursuit of real women is becoming more impractical, and worthwhile surrogate technology is becoming more practical – inevitably, the shift is going to happen for a majority of sexually disenfranchised men.

But what about a robotic sex pacifier for women?  Common sense will tell you that such things aren’t really necessary for women, for the same reason that Nevada’s first male prostitute in history had to leave the business after a few months because he couldn’t get enough work.  In fact, citing that shouldn’t have even been necessary – again, this is common sense.  If you are still not convinced of this truth, then this blog isn’t for you.

It’s a large world though, and someone is going to try everything, sooner or later.  And so we have Gabriel, the 5’ 9” (that’s your first clue that this isn’t a serious marketing proposition) sex doll for women.

Male sex doll

Even though this isn’t going anywhere, there is something teachable about this article.

“We always assume men are more likely to enjoy sleeping with an object and that women need some sort of emotional connection to enjoy themselves, but that isn’t always the case,” explains Karley.

“These dolls are 100% silicone, which makes the penis feel incredibly lifelike. At times it was indistinguishable from a real one.”

I would go further and suggest that in many respects, it was probably indistinguishable from a real man overall, not in terms of sensation but in terms of satisfaction and fulfillment.

This leads us back around to the same issue discussed above: why would a woman even bother?  For women, the sex doesn’t need to feel real, the way it does for men.  Every man knows (whether he does it or not) how easy it is to reach down and completely short-circuit the only part of the reproductive process that is completely physical on his end; so if there were no psychological or emotional component to sex for a man, no man anywhere would bother going through the rigamarole of engaging with women in order to poke them.  If anyone had sex at all, it would be a purely conscious, intellectual decision on the man’s part – which, of course, it isn’t.   Truth be told, when it comes to the whole of decisions that are made on sexual relations and marriages (by the couples themselves rather than parents, churches, royalty, etc.), most of those that are purely conscious and intellectual are made by women – they decide based on the man’s income, status, and other strategic factors.  That’s not to say that women are generally so intellectual about it – usually their decisions are completely emotional, based on things like height, testosterone indicators, aggressiveness and status/dominance over other males, and so on.  That’s the kind of behavior you usually see in younger women, but with age comes wisdom (sometimes), and so it’s the older women that you see relying on formulas to choose men.

But wait!  Doesn’t that mean that the new found “love” of an older women is less…sincere?  Oh surely we couldn’t say that, right?

A wise man once said that if a woman truly loves you, she’ll live with you in a shack.  That’s the kind of real love that is demonstrated by the typical girl who is crazy about her bad boy – even if he doesn’t have a pot to piss in – to the point where she will follow him into destitution, danger and even her own doom, and all because he has those sexy bad boy genes.  She will take abuse from him, tolerate his infidelity, adopt his stupidity, and allow her relationship with him tarnish her existence in almost every way.  Call it stupidity, a lack of self-respect, or whatever…but you can’t say that her love isn’t real.

Conversely, the women who you are supposed to go for – you know, the self-respecting “strong” women who won’t put up with anything, much less living in a shack (oh, and by the way, good luck in divorce court) – are probably be seen as the more suspect, when it comes to insincerity in their love, for these reasons.  It also raises the question about whether or not they really need a man for anything beyond a utility.  As women become more independent from the support of men, it should follow that they are less willing to have anything to do with men, and marriage should be pretty much gone.  It’s true that marriage is in serious decline, but strangely enough, women seem to complain about not being married than men do, even though they no longer need it.  The days of “housewife” as the default vocation for women are long gone, yet they still want a man for some reason.

Could it be that women need some kind of pacifier as well, to make their bodies feel like they are being shot up with high-quality genes, the same way men’s bodies need to feel like they are actually fertilizing something that is likewise high-quality?  Well, if “love” is all about reptilian brain emotions and top-quality genes, I guess that’s an easy question…but does that say anything different about men?  You might be able to argue that there is a fundamental difference for men when it comes to love if, for example, you took Ephesians 5:22-28 to mean that a man’s love as more genuine than that of a woman, but you’d have to leave the “reptilian brain” biological perspective behind and start getting into theological and existential perspectives to get it done.  The next thing we can look at is people’s behavior, which is usually the best indicator that you’re going to get concerning all things inside.  With that, let’s look at this statement from the article…is it true?

He hit the market in 2015 – along with two other male dolls, Akira and William – and they’re now selling out as quickly as their female counterparts, which Sinthetics launched in 2010.

Honestly, it seems a little bit misleading.  The idea that women would be in the market for sex dolls as much as men simply doesn’t square with common sense.  Most likely, they are produced in small quantities and the male dolls are bought by homosexual men.  Who knows – maybe some people are putting male dolls together with female dolls, and just kinda watching…  It’s a step up from putting a Fleshlight and a dildo together (I think I just thought of a logo worthy of this blog).

There is undoubtedly a line somewhere in the human reproductive continuum between reproducing with a good specimen, and merely feeling like that’s what is happening.  If you couldn’t get any satisfaction from sex without imagining babies being born (I hope no one thinks about that) then birth control pills would not exist; on the other hand, men would not even begin to put up with the nonsense they have to go through to get sex, even with a condom in there spoiling the experience.  As for women, I guess it’s worth acknowledging that cucumbers are a lot cheaper than these £5,000 sex dolls, but again, the veracity of these marketing claims is questionable.  For women, we may not know where that line is until civil marriage is gone and there are no more economic considerations tied into sex and reproduction – that is to say, a time when there is truly nothing left saying that “love” (whatever that means) and a means of support for a woman have to come from the same place.  In the mean time, we’ll leave those philosophical questions to Clint Black.  For men, you’d think we would have to wait until technology is at a point where a sophisticated sexual pacifier can be called good enough, but for the majority of men, the impracticality or impossibility of women is probably going to reach the line first – it’s almost there.

And now you know why the birth rate is below replacement levels in most Western civilizations.  Might as well bring on the sex robots, I guess.

4 thoughts on “What Sex Robots Can Teach Us About a Woman’s Love (That Cucumbers Can’t)

  1. Notice that there is a burgening movement to protect robots from sexual exploitation?
    It seems that S.J.W.s will stop at nothing to cock-block regular guys.
    I hear that the Ringling Brothers and Barnamen Bailey Circus is closing up. It looks like
    Betas and Omegas will have to fill the void.

    1. Women are naturally antagonistic to the sexuality of unattractive men, even when it’s out of sight and they aren’t involved. If they could stop unsexy men from jacking off, they would. No, it doesn’t make sense…it doesn’t have to.

      1. It’s evolutionary, BDMG. It’s been seen in biology with animals that lower status males rape females (considered a ‘reproductive strategy’), women fear unattractive men will rape them and want to stop them from having any kind of sexuality.

        Actually, when I think about it, most videos of animals having sex show rape, or at least unasked-for-but-accepted sex. Even if it’s just the one rooster in a hen house or the one stalltion in a stable.

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