The Billboard of Gender Futility

A headline on Drudge Report today read, “BLLBOARD FURY: PROTEST PLANNED“, and featured the picture below…


Now when you see this, what is your first reaction?  Most of us probably think that the sponsor is some socially-conservative Protestant do-gooder, who thinks they can shame men into returning us to some Victorian era of chivalry and male headship, despite impossibly feminized modern headwinds.  That’s likely an accurate description of those responsible, although the “organization that bought the space doesn’t want to be identified”, the article said (how very interesting).  They are probably on the same level as those who posted billboards years ago with sayings like, “Just keep swearing…God is going to make you sit in traffic even longer.”

For a moment, the idea of a protest over the sign was refreshing, as this should offend every man who feels that he shouldn’t have to be a walking ATM to have worth — not that “real men” have the time to go out and protest things like this.  Ah, but of course, it’s not men protesting…yup, it’s women who are up in arms, and not on men’s behalf, but because they feel that it’s sexist against women.

“We are NOT protesting that the sign is capable of existing, or the people who put it up, or the ad agency, or the right to put it up. We are protesting patriarchy and sexism, and that this antiquated way of thinking about women exists at all.”

There you have it.  It is sexist and patriarchal to expect gratitude from women.  Of course these women aren’t against men providing, as taxpayers and bureaucrats, providing all kinds of help and incentives for women — as well as handicaps for men — so that they can “compete” in the real world and someday close that (fake) gender wage gap.  But the thought of a man and a woman living in a traditional “nuclear family” situation, and the wife having gratitude for her oppression?  Totally unacceptable.

This is another example of what you are dealing with in modern women.  This is how impossible, irrational and inclement they are, and why going your own way is the safest and most practical life plan.

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t: they’ll get angry if you provide for them, and get angry if you want them to take care of themselves; they’ll get angry if you “ogle” them, and get angry if you give the the cold shoulder; they’ll get angry if you don’t chase them, and get angry if you don’t take the hint and buzz off; they’ll get angry if you make more than they do, and get angry if you make less than they do; they’ll get angry if you don’t treat them like a “lady”, and get angry if you “put them on a pedestal”; they’ll get angry at men for dominating the workplace, and get angry at men who don’t have a job; they’ll get angry for suggesting that men are better at anything, and get angry if you don’t grab something off the top shelf for them; they’ll get angry if you favor traditional gender roles, and get angry if you don’t pay for the date; they’ll get angry if you believe that there are differences between genders instead of “gender” being a social construct, and they’ll get mad if you dare hit a woman.

In modernized women, you are dealing with immature people who are always angry, confrontational and don’t know what they want.  Don’t ever give someone like that a vote on the course of your life.  There may have been a time when marriage worked, but that is a bygone era…and don’t let some anonymous billboard social trolls convince you otherwise.  Let modern women tell you themselves, in their actions and reactions.







  1. Wouldn’t that depend on the individual woman?
    Some CAN think for themselves.
    Miracle of miracles, enough women DO think for themselves.
    That’s why we’re saying “President Trump, and NOT “President Clinton.”

    1. There are always exceptions, but why get bogged down with the few out there? Women will that we always acknowledge exceptions to the point of micromanagement, and that’s actually one of their tactics for any discussion about the obvious.

    2. they saw the #draftourdaughters campaign (invented by people who wanted to make hillary look bad) and figured that was far too much equality for their own good.

      that is the only reason hillary lost. self interest on the part of women.

  2. Or maybe God in Heaven INDUCED enough females to vote for Trump so America
    could be preserved a little longer.
    It DOES say in Scripture that “The leaders of the land are appointed by God.”

    1. Even still, that is giving them too much credit. NAWALT peddlers will dive on something like that in order to prove their point, but the last thing you need is yet another set of false expectations. The best you can get from that is optimism about elections to come, which is great, but don’t let them fool you into thinking you that you’re going to find “someone” who should have been found long ago, if she was really out there.

  3. Hey, most women don’t like me. With Saturn in the 5th house of my Astrological chart,
    Venus square Saturn, the Moon square Venus and Saturn opposite the Moon they
    never will. My fate is fixed, and I know how I will die. But is there any justification for
    hate, and the things hate brings?
    I am the “abnormal” one. Who am I to make others suffer?
    There is a life after this one where EVERYTHING is suppost to be rectified. We are
    judged on the basis of how we life THIS life, whether we “get” everything we want or not.
    If this life has nothing to give us, why not focus on the next life? That’s what most of
    humanity has done through out history.

    1. Modern society (coupled with the advent of Leftism) has become atheistic and secular with the result that relatively few believe in “the next life”, just as they don’t believe in “The Golden Rule” (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, not “(S)He who has the gold, rules”) — with the results that we have seen for the last forty years.
      Feminists and their Useful Idiots who have started attending church since they reached thirty (when they also coincidentally smacked into ‘The Wall’ and been thrown from The Carousel) are there only because they have put on the “former Bad Girl turned Good Girl now” act, but they are fooling no one except those who wish to be fooled, and those who have incentives in spreading the “man up and marry these former sluts” message (Dalrock’s blog is a fine source to examine this issue).

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