How Women Use Pepper Spray 

This is an example of what modern women think is a justified use of self-defense spray..

It’s called “female entitlement”.  It’s only going to get worse if allowed to go unchecked.  What can you do about it?  Simple: carry pepper spray also, and make sure to get in the first shot.  Always assume that when a woman is getting angry with you, she’s about to spray you…because she probably is.

Oh, and don’t let the NAWALT cucks tell you that this doesn’t represent most women.



  1. altho, if you did this to a woman, you would be up on charges and you would go to prison for “rape.”
    she, otoh, might spend a few hours in jail, and come back to a patreon stuffed with money and “you go girl” comments.

  2. Well, I would hardly call that creature a woman. She’s a “woman” in name only.
    No man-even the most extreme Beta-would touch her with a 10 foot pool.
    That’s what she has to live with 24/7-herself.
    She’s the type of woman who would believe in “reverse rape.” A man REFUSES to have
    sex with a land whale because of her appearence it’s “reverse rape.”

    1. Actually, you’d be surprised at how well a woman like her does with men. She even threatened to sick her man in the car on this guy.

      “Reverse rape”… Interesting concept, one that I’ll have to look into.

  3. This makes my blood boil. Women who assault men should receive the exact same treatment that children who assaulted their parents used to receive. Back in the day, if you beat your father or mother, you’d be put to death, at least in some societies. Given “violence against women” is a hoax, since all, and I mean ALL, inter-sexual violence is female-initiated (that is: women always attack first), I believe it should be the law that women who assault men, bump into men by walking in the middle of the sidwalk like a spoiled princess, disrespect men with bitchy snarkasm, or try to get men harmed with the “let you and him fight” tactic, should be killed. I mean legally, they should be sentenced to death.

    You can say that this will result in plenty of dead women. So fucking what? Millions of men die horribly in wars, workplace accidents, etc. 80% of women have reproduced versus only 40% of men – that ought to tell us something. So, just as for the last millions of years evolution has been harsh towards men and not-so-harsh towards women, now it’s time to apply evolutionary pressure on women, to improve them as a species. Violent women like in the video are the garbage of the Earth, and it should be made legal to put such rabid bitches to death. One reason men are superior to women is that while malcontent men have always been punished by the world, malcontent women have been shielded from the consequences of their actions. That ought to change.

  4. What did he say? “ELSE” ? Hardly a “fighting word”! Hopefully this cunt will die as a result of her smoking! lol

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