The Bandito and the Biker

Just think…  This piece of shit has a woman, and you don’t.

You can bet that she stayed with him after this.  Hate to break it to the biker, but she was probably impressed with her boyfriend’s behavior – it showed that he has good genes.

Women’s choice in men says everything you need to know about them, not just as individuals but about womankind generally.




  1. You’re missing the point. The biker is purposely trying to stir up trouble. The fact that
    he is resentful of his “inceldom” doesn’t give him the right to attack other people.
    But it DOES illustrate the fact about how on edge most people are. It’s simular to that
    You Tube trend of a couple of years ago when white boys approched black men to
    rile them up and get it on tape.
    Between his driving and his antics, I don’t predict an especially long life expectancy.

    1. I think you are reading too much into it. There was no suggestion that the biker was incel, nor any comment on his behavior. The only thing we were looking at is the behavior of the Mexican bad boy. We’re looking at the juxtaposition between the Mexican, and you, the reader (I’m assuming that most people who read this are probably incel, nearcel, MGTOW or otherwise disenfranchised from womankind).

  2. The Mexican wasn’t my conception of a “bad boy.” He seemed fat and sloppy.
    Areal bad boy wouldn’t get into a prolonged shouting match. He would have fought the
    biker much sooner. As for the girl with him, she didn’t look top quality. The biker seemed
    more typical bad boy, with his stunts and risks then the people he went after.
    The biker wasn’t a Soldini/Rodgers “gentelman incel.” So he probably DOES have

    1. Again, I think you are over-thinking this. Leave the biker out of it for now… How does the Mexican compare to the typical, pre-massacre Sodini/Rodgers “gentleman incel” which makes up probably 1-2% of the population in developed countries?

  3. Well the Mexican seems to be a Beta with some Alpha tendencies because he did
    stand up to the biker. He certainly has no relationship to an incel. Given the tendencies
    of Latina’s he shouldn’t have difficulties getting girlfriends if he has a few Alpha traits.
    Are you famuliar with a Dating Coach named Frank Kemit? (
    He claims to help male virgins. The things he says are interesting because he comes off
    as an intellectual. He’s black, but he doesn’t seem to understand that in today’s day and
    age, that would actually give him an advantage. The girl has to be slightly intimidated of
    you, and that gives blacks and other minorities an advantage.

    1. You know…humanity is really a comedy show sometimes. If that isn’t proof that we’re headed back to caveman days, I don’t know what is…wait – I actually do know what is proof: just look at Sweden, where feminists have taken over, and have proceeded to hand the country and the sexuality of women there over to bloody Islam, which is the antithesis of women’s rights.

      Sooner or later, we have to start looking at something as nonsensical as feminism in the only way that does make sense: indeed, the whole thing is one gigantic shit-test, and it’s easy to see that based on who the winners and losers are.

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