No Such Thing As “Divorce”

Most people define a divorce as the end of a marriage, but that’s not actually true, if you think about it.  Certain aspects of marriage end, but others continue, sometimes for years.

Civil marriage is a contract, forming a corporation between two people, of all of their financial and many other legal affairs.  Unlike other contracts, parts of it can be dissolved by one of the parties, for any reason or no reason at all — completely arbitrary.  The parts that are dissolved include: the man’s right to his children; fidelity and exclusivity; shared residence; and of course, sex and love.  Of the aforementioned, the part about children is really the only halfway enforceable one — all of the others are ceremonial, and not actual commitments at all.  The parts of the marriage that continue are the fiancial aspects, most of which are burdens that fall on the man and are predicated on “maintaining the lifestyle that she is accustomed to”.  Yeah, just try to get un-married from those legal obligations.

So many times, I have heard men say it at the time they get married: “Well, ya know, it’s for her.”  Oh, famous last words…  He thinks he’s talking about the wedding ceremony itself, which he couldn’t give a rat’s ass about, but she’s been dreaming about since she was a girl.  What he might stop to think about is the fact that the marriage itself is also for her.  Think about it — what protections and benefits are built into marriage for the man’s sake?  You’ll hear propagandists hock a buch of specious statistics about higher average salaries and healthy lifestyles, as if marriage is an easy substitute for personal motivation toward those things.  The bottom line is that the civil protections of marriage are pretty much all for the benefit of the woman, and what the man got out of the deal was sex and children.  Guess what: in the modern age, all bets are off when it comes to the woman’s “duties”, but like never before, the man’s legal ensarements are enforced with unreasonable callousness and enthusiastic gynocentricism, often by a female family court judge.

So this makes you wonder if the only reason marriage still exists today is because men just aren’t thinking about it, or are ignoring the facts, or if pressure of tradition is really that great — or all three.  If a man ever brings these obvious problems up, the typical retort will be something like, “Well, you have to make sure that you marry the right one, see…”  Do these people ever stop to think about this?  Essentially everyone who gets married thinks they’re marrying “the right one”, but at least half of them are wrong, so what makes any man think that he’s got a handle on vetting women any better than the next guy?  If anything, those who pressure young men into marriage (parents, aunts, etc.) only cause them to ignore inhibitions that might save him from disaster…ah, but then, it’s all for her, after all.



  1. You’re speaking rationally but the two areas of life that people can’t be rational about
    are sex and money because these are the most vulnerable areas of life.
    As long as the male has the degree of testosterone he has he will want attractive women.
    He simply can’t help himself. And as discouraging as it is, it isn’t just human males that
    desire women. There are other types of beings that have had the hots for women.
    These beings are a cetain genius of Humanoid that resided in Heaven called
    “Sons Of God.” They were mistaken for Angels, but they are a seperate order of beings.
    They are capable of mating with women. You can just imagine how receptive a Human
    female would be to them. The legends of the Greek Gods came from interaction with
    these beings. Even THEY couldn’t resist pretty girls. As if the “incel loser” didn’t have
    enough competition! For more detail on these beings Google Associates For Scriptual
    BTW, Did you ever hear the song “No One Is To Blame,” by Howard Jones? That’s
    one of the great incel songs along with “Some Guys Have All The Luck,” by Rod Stewart,
    and “Is She Really Going Out With Him?” by Joe Jackson.

    1. It’s a shame that more people aren’t rational about money, at least…

      What denomination does that “sons of God” concept come from? I have never heard of anything like that. That is a new one for me.

      I think I’m going to have to post a blog soon with all of the different incel songs out there, and maybe a synopsys for each.

  2. The “Sons Of God” that I was referring to above were a class of beings who were
    created by God and lived in Heaven eons of time. The preceeded even the Angels.
    The Bible says they proclaimed joy as God laid the foundations of the earth.
    The Being known as Jesus (Before He came to earth) was the First Begotten (Created)
    Son of God. Jesus Himself then created the other Sons of God. These other sons of
    God looked down on the earth and noticed pretty women. The sons of God were male
    and had the same lusts ordinary humans had. Some of them rebelled against God
    and were joined by Angels. They “married” human females and sired super human
    children who became “Gods” of various nations. God flooded the earth and only Noah
    and his children were left. But even after the flood some of these liasions continued,
    and some suspect they could be continuing right up to this day.
    What’s that expression? “Chad Thundercock? Even he couldn’t compete with a God.
    So imagine what chance lowly incels have!

  3. Any comments about Bill O’riely of FOX news?
    With all his millions I don’t think we should pity him, but is it further proof of the things
    you say?

    1. I haven’t followed that story very closely, but from what I have seen, it’s yet another testament to how much power women wield against men with nebulous accusations of sexual harassment, and how a man is guilty until proven innocent, and anymore, guilty even if proven innocent. I was talking to a feminist family member after the Duke Lacrosse team was exonerated from rape charges and the prosecutor was prosecuted, and here’s what she said of the team: “Yep, they got off. I guess we’ll never know now.” It goes right into what Hillary Clinton said about women who accuse men of rape: they all deserve to be heard *and believed* (except the ones who accuse her husband of course). Think about that – she is saying that if a woman cries rape, we should believe her and not the man she’s accusing, regardless of the evidence or lack thereof, simply because she’s a woman…and this felonious queen of corruption almost became the president of the United States!

      Voltaire had some nuggets of wisdom (and a few butt nuggets of foolishness), and this was one of his best: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” When making a woman angry puts you in legal jeopardy, as it has today, it is the establishment of gynocracy. Granting women this kind of power over men, whether by design or not, is our undoing, because it leaves us with only one option: keep a safe distance from women at all times – MGTOW. This of course is the ultimate divide-and-conquer, and the spoils will likely go to bloody Islam after a generation or two or three. It really makes you wonder: can mankind only climb so high up the ladder of civil advancement before falling back down into barbary? Looks like that’s going to be a question for people a century or more from now to answer, if there is anyone left.

  4. If anything, those who pressure young men into marriage (parents, aunts, etc.) only cause them to ignore inhibitions that might save him from disaster…ah, but then, it’s all for her, after all.

    The pressure comes from a man’s parents before the wedding, and when the divorce papers are filed, the man’s parents tend to side with the ex-wife, simply because the children are more valuable to them than he is. This is a sad and bitter fact I’ve seen established in numerous cases.

    1. Oh I know…it’s horrible. Men are used and disposed of like worker bees. The only thing that could make marriage better for women would be if there was a hook, attached to the groom’s guts – just like the hook on the stinger of a bee – that would disembowel him at the time he has served his purpose.

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