Cougars and Cubs: Gender Revenge?

Perhaps you never would have thought that you’d see women spitefully laud relationships between older women and younger men as a kind of revenge against men for the much more common arrangement of older men and younger women, but now that it’s on full display, you shouldn’t be surprised.

Apparently, French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, 39, is married to a woman who is 64 years old.

That cliche-busting fact — a candidate young enough to be his wife’s son, rather than old enough to be her father — is a little social “revenge” that delights many French women

It’s almost not worth hooking up with an older woman just to deny other women the satisfaction…oh, but even more, you would be denying them hope that they don’t deserve.  It’s not just about spite, but also about making older, worn-out sluts feel like they still have high sexual market value, which in turn prolongs their catty, hypergamous high school behavior.  Women don’t “mature” until circumstance forces them too.  Giving older women access to younger men rewards bad behavior.

Lilach Eliyahu, a fashion designer, said the fact that Macron has a wife who “has wrinkles and cellulite makes me think of him as a feminist. He is the opposite of Donald Trump.”

This brings us to an important question: how might this affect the election?

First, one has to understand that women vote with their vagina; meaning that women vote for the candidate that they are the most attracted to, when it’s man vs. man.  Even in the case of Clinton vs. Trump, it was the Donald’s hyper-alpha qualities that gave him a heretofore unheard of 53% of the white women’s vote, against the first major-party female candidate in history.  Try to imagine Jeb pulling that off…(yeah, I know you just laughed, because I did too).

Marine Le Pen is not helped by her gender any, because she’s right-wing, and women are natural socialists, plus you have to consider the Sweden factor – women in France are likely turned on by the influx of violent Muslim rape gangs taking over the country, and Le Pen vows to put a stop to all that.  While this hurts her with the women’s vote, this issue with Macron being seen now as an invirile beta and even a male feminist is a new and important development.  Even some feminists may turn against him over this, though they wouldn’t tell anyone.  A guy like that is good enough to get a pat on the head for being a good little boy and marrying his old hag teacher, but women are going to shrivel up between the legs at the thought of putting a milquetoast cuck like that in charge of it all…yeah, even in France.

I don’t know who is going to win this election, but my prediction is that he under-performs with women, by as much as five percentage points less than current polls predict.  If a man is estimated to be an under-performer in bed, he’ll be an under-performer in all aspects of life regarding women.



  1. I don’t think that men in today’s day and age are reticent about being with an older
    woman if she keeps herself up. I know a woman in her late 50’s that isn’t to shabby.
    She beats out many 30 years younger.
    Isn’t it weird, this recent thing about incest porn? I knew a horror story years ago.
    One of my the neighbors was a 16 year old boy, who’s own mother had him when she
    was 16. She didn’t surpervise his reading material. He drunk in a lot of these incest porn
    sites. The backyard had a custom built fall out shelter, a relic from the “cold war” days.
    The boy had the hots for his own mom. He devised a plan to kidnap her and sneak her
    into the shelter. He stocked it with food and water. He hoped to survive in it for at least
    a year. His idea was to trick his mom into thinking a necular attack had taken place.
    That way he would have her at his disposal and “breed an incest baby.” The idea
    excited him (from the porn). He slipped something into his mother’s glass of apple juice
    to knock her out. Then he took her into the shelter. He told her that WW3 had taken place
    and they got there in the nick of time. Then he proceeded to continuely rape her.
    The mom got a whole of some scratch paper and a pen. Otherwise nobody would ever
    have known where they dissappeared too. Their bodies were found approximetly 9
    mounths after they vanished. It’s not known whether he got her pregnant.

  2. The boy was a neighbor of mine. Not a great pal, but we were pretty friendly.
    His mom wasn’t exactly a skank, but she was proud of her body and not adverse to
    showing it off. I was one of the few people who knew about the fallout shelter.
    It was custom built. It was one of those “tony” things. It was egg shaped.
    There were two models. An above ground and below ground. The underground type had
    a periscope device so you could look at ground level and see if it was safe to emerge.
    There was a necular scare around that time (1983) and a film called “The Day After”
    was popular. It was plausable WW3 could breakout. I may have inferred above that the
    boy looked at incest sites on computers, actually, he looked at incest magazines. He
    showed me a couple, but I never knew he had a hankering for his own mom.
    One day, they both vanished. Various theories were put out for where they went.
    I didn’t put two and two together until after they were found. The reading material
    was a defense of incest, and inbred babies usually turned out just fine.

  3. Without doxxing myself, I’ll cop to the fact that I’m surrounded by young people in the 18-24 range, every workday. I’ve met quite a few cougar hunters in the past few years. To the last one, the men are attracted by the hassle-free sex on demand; and, I’ll go out on a limb and argue that this is the main (if not only) wellspring of attraction in these pairings.

    Rumors put Macron (Maricon, lol) as having an affair with his wife’s daughter (which is his own stepdaughter). I personally doubt this. To me, he comes across as a weird, barely closeted homosexual.

    1. It’s a common thing for young men, who rank in the bottom feeder class of sexuality, to be approached by at least one or two cougars – some of them bottom feeders among women as well. Cougars often go for low-grade guys like this because they are low-hanging fruit. Basically, if you are in your late teens or early 20s, and girls your own age won’t give you the time of day but you have the occasional opportunity with a woman 10+ years your senior (who is probably married and looking for a boy-toy) then its a clear sign that you are a bottom feeder. As bad as that news might be, be warned that the well dries up fast – if you have a shot with any halfway decent cougars now, you won’t tomorrow. Things are not going to get any better than this – it’s all downhill from here – and you can forget all about getting a woman your own age going through the “normal” track in life. If you are a virgin, and resent the idea of losing it to a woman who is way old and not very appealing, then your only other option is to get comfortable with the idea of traveling to a high-class brothel and getting yourself a premium looker for the first time. At least that way you might be able to allow yourself to plug a halfway decent cougar before the well dries up.

      As for Macron…those rumors are probably wishful thinking. It wouldn’t matter at this point anyway. He could be having sex with dogs behind closed doors and it wouldn’t change a thing.

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