Remember This Guy?


Yep, it’s Jeremy Meeks – the swingin’ dick bad boy thug from Stockton, California whose mugshot set women’s genitals on fire around the world.  The nice-guy incels took a slight bit of solace in the assumption that he was on his way to prison, and the immature women mooning for him would never get to see their hero rise to the glory they wanted for him…

Ah, how naïve.

According to the news, he’s now rich.  Apparently, modelling agencies and advertisers – who remember damn well what go them in business – knew right what to do with this phenomenon known as Jeremy Meeks.  Now he’s reaping the well deserved (?) (it doesn’t matter – you’ll just drive yourself nuts thinking about it) spoils of having women attracted to him.  Without their help, this genetic god wouldn’t be…well, the genetic god that he is.  Remember women decide a man’s worth – they are the voters.

meeks car

Do you have a car that nice?  Do you live in a mansion like that?  No?  Well then, you should have been a thug with good genes.  Crime pays…when you live in a world where crime turns women on.  Did you think you were going to work hard and make the right choices in life, and that was going to get you where he’s at?  Come on…  And by the way, don’t expect him to get cleaned out in divorce court, because there is no way that his wife is going to leave him.  Women only do that when they want to get the money away from the unsexy guy; conversely, this woman stayed with him in poverty because he was the sexiest man alive.  He may blow it all, just like Dave the bread maker – that I kind of expect because he didn’t get where he got by being smart and resourceful, and those skills are usually required to hang onto prosperity…but then, there will always be plenty of opportunities to rebound for a guy like this, and there well never be any shortage of pussy.

If everything or anything else on this blog hasn’t helped you to unlearn the lessons you have been taught about the opposite sex, and life in general, hopefully this will.



  1. Well it suggestibility coupled with social proof. Like you said, a lot of it is media driven.
    You can spray gold paint on a turd but that doesn’t mean it’s gold. The Clinton’s are a
    good example of that. Did you ever read the book “Influence,” by Robert Caldini.
    This is exactly what’s going to remove Trump. I told you that the Deep State would
    stop at nothing. When Comey testifies next week he will say that Trump tried to obstruct
    justice. The rest, as they say, will be “history.”
    The Eliet will always get sex. Guys like us won’t.

  2. Proof positive -If ever such a thing NEEDED proving – that bad boy vibes make women WET. Decent men will never get a look in. That’s why I have given up.

    1. As we know, women are always doing their best to deny the obvious – that their reproductive choices are not intellectually driven at all – and of course they do it to defend the egos they have around their logical abilities – they don’t want to look or (even worse) feel stupid; so if that is proof at all that they do have a logical and a reasonable side, then seeing an outcome like Jeremy Meeks’ should make them all ashamed. Women everywhere should be ashamed of this. I mean hey, it’s not like this happened because only one or two or even a dozen stupid women found this guy irresistible, in all of his incarcerated glory – this is all the result of MILLIONS of women giving him the thumbs-up, knowing full well that he’s a scumbag motherfucker by any coherent measure of such.

      And then we wonder why Islam – that 7th century culture of barbarism, brutality and yes, hyper-patriarchy, complete with harems of women that live like slaves and caged animals – is taking hold like a rampant invasive species…

      You know, right now the world is seeing a desperate surge in populist anti-globalism, but I tend to think it only delays the inevitable. Even if we strung up the global elitist banksters by their own intestines, we’re never heading back to the way things were. In terms of reproduction, we are over the cliff. Those things that are (inadvertently or not) responsible for this downward trajectory of western civilization – women’s suffrage, sexual autonomy and sexuality leveraging – are genies that cannot be put back in the bottle. As off-turning as the concept of marriage is to me, I will acknowledge that it was, at one time, the only civil institution that kept things check, when it comes to gender relations and reproduction; but alas, it has been utterly destroyed, and what we have today is a travesty thereof. It’s impossible to reverse course now. All you can do is watch human progress fall back 20,000 years, and know that in the end, we the red-pilled will only be vindicated amongst each other. They will never, ever “get it”.

  3. I read an update in The Daily Mail that Meeks was seen kissing a billionarie’s
    daughter on a fancy boat in Greece. He dumped his wife and moved onto greener

  4. Oh in case you are wondering, boydoesn’tmeetgirl, this is none other than Cenobite. Still alive after the very best efforts of this failing body to kill me.

    1. I did just now. Ha — fuck, man. I mean…admittedly I’m taken aback, but I shouldn’t be surpirised at all. A body in motion (like that of Jeremy Meeks, in the direction of a river of pussy) tends to remain in motion unless acted upon by a force. The only force on that body is the one driving him to fame, money, grandeur and pussy — that force being preselection.

      I’m not crying for his wife, though. Let’s face it — if you’re incel, she damn sure isn’t crying for you, and if she splits from Meeks, it isn’t like she won’t come out of that deal with more than an average person’s share of lifetime weath and prosperity. She’ll come out smelling like a rose, or she’ll stay with him and continue to reap the rewards of being married to the most desirable man alive.

      The ROK article was great, but he needed to follow up the point about looks not being enough to account for it all with the answer as to what does account for it all: preselection. You can find guys those hyper-masculine good looks, and that hyper-masculine criminial past (yes, criminality is seen as masculine and attractive because it implies violent domination of other men) but they aren’t going to do as well as Meeks until they get that thrid crucial ingredient: preselection. Remember how this all started? The Stockton PD posted his mugshot on their facebook page, where millions of women could not only see his picture, but affirm to each other that he had preselection value. That’s the mountainside that his popularity snowballed down…and that ball keeps rolling and getting bigger. Now he has possible access to untold millions of elitist bankster dollars that he may pull out of the daughters vagina with his dick…not bad for a petty Stockton street thug.

      We do have to remind ourselves that this guy Meeks is at the top of the top, in terms of pussy mountain — he is the elite masculine, made possible by the fact that masculine reproductive viability itself is defined by female preference. As the ROK article accurately illustrates for us, there are many rungs on the latter of reproductive success that are between the elite rung Meeks sits on, and the bottom rung (or perhaps the ground below the bottom rung, in the dirt) that incels sit on. For the incel, though, that’s kind of hard to see, and seemingly irrelevant, because everyone else is too far above where he’s at for him to really see who’s above whom, or to care. It’s like stars in the night sky…it is possible to know which stars are the highest if you study them, but to merely look up at them, they all look the same height, and in all practicality, they are — far above any height you’ll ever reach.

  5. If Incel men ever need confirmation of why they are fucked (and not in the way that they WANT to be fucked either), then they need look no further than this guy.

    Face it gentlemen. We are the losers in the genetic lottery. No amount of ‘getting jacked’, self improvement or PUA bullshite is gonna change that particular reality.

    If you are still; plagued by your perfectly natural urge to stick your dick into someone, I would suggest banging hookers, looking abroad for a wife, or going after men instead.

    But don’t think that the world is about to change, that the ‘Beta Uprising’ that some deluded fuckers think is on the way is gonna happen any time soon

    It ain’t. It’s game over. We lost.

  6. Agreed. But before the existence of computers this was not widely known.
    And when war was more common, incels were very likely to be cannon fodder.

    1. They were indeed cannon fodder, and probably still will be if a military draft eve happens (I’m speaking about the US here). They make decisions on who to draft first based on marital and parental status, but it doesn’t end there. When you were in the infantry, you’d show up to the battle lines, and they’d ask you personal details to establish your worth: if you had a wife and kids, you’d go a few lines back; if you weren’t married, didn’t have kids, you’d go right to the front line. I think it’s naive to assume that they wouldn’t also ask you if you were engaged or had a girlfriend… Just think about that: if girls don’t find you attractive, you get your head blown off (first). Actually, my dad almost got drafted into the Vietnam war — was even sent to a military base for a physical, and in a room full of other guys, was told to get his affairs together because he was likely to go. He sweated every letter he got from the SSS, but luckily for him, he was married (since 1963) albeit no children yet. Obviously I wouldn’t be here if my dad had been incel, but I might have even been precluded if he had married after his teens!

      You know, I wonder about this…if the people of the town would see incel guys get shipped off to war and actually HOPE that they don’t come back… Well, how hard to I need to wonder? I know damn well tha the young women would hope that the geeky guys whom they’d all reject would not make it back, while keeping a photos of their bad boys on their hope chests… “Oh I hope Bobby Lee Johnson makes it back home soon, and that we can get married… Who? No, i said Bobbly Lee Johnson, not Donny Niederhausen! Ha ha, that guy was so creeeeepy!! Let’s hope he steps on a landmine! Hahahaha!” We know how women really are.

  7. A good example of this during World War 2, was the singer Frank Sanatra. He was
    4F because of a fractured ear drum. They said the diagnosis was very “ify.”
    He had the “bad boy traits” that made girls go wild. They left piss in the seats at his shows.
    The soldiers that had to serve resented him and defaced his fan posters.

  8. I don’t know whether you’re still around, but I uncovered two distressing sources of
    information: One, was “dating coach” Alan Roger Currie. He wrote, “The Possibility Of Sex,”
    and “The Beta Male Upraising.” But his YouTube posting of October 24, and the ones that
    followed were especially distressing. I also discovered FACEandLMS on YouTube.
    It’s difficult to see how many wouldn’t commit suicide after looking at those two things.
    The point is probably moot, because the coup begins in earnest tomorrow.

    1. I have a feeling that the November 4th centennial “revolution” is going to be a dud, compared to what they dream it will be, and have hyped it up to be. There will still be plenty of room for another Elliot Sodini (not that I’m hoping for that). I’ll have to check those guys out…sounds to me like something worth keeping an eye on.

      If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: if Elliot Rodger had just bitten the bullet, in spite of his own inhibitions, idealism and presuppositions, and gone to a Nevada prostitute, he and several other people would still be alive today. And that Martinez guy would still be a gun-hating ass wad.

  9. It’s just incredible that people don’t want to acknowledge the importance of physical attraction.
    Google FACESandLMS. That Alan Roger Currie can be quite bleak for 80% of men as well.

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