Why Sex = Love To The Untouchables

What makes a man hate women?  He may not hate them, but what he says gets interpreted as hateful. Why would he say things about women that anyone would interpret as hateful?  Because women have proven that they don’t love him, so he has nothing to lose by speaking candidly about them. Where did he […]

The $300,000 First Date

http://www.gazettextra.com/entertainment/police-woman-ruined-k-worth-of-art-on-date-with/article_b9c7457e-0ca3-5a3f-acda-431956c3e788.html Read this article, and take note of the behavior of this drunken 29-year-old tornado that tears through this guy’s house.  Usually women don’t start throwing massive tantrums and destroying property like that until the guy is a little more entangled with the woman than than a first date (when they are married, all bets […]

Nice Guys/Betas Are Sexual Academics

No, I don’t mean that they work in sex education (last place you should ever find a cuck like that)…I mean that guys who can’t get women, because of their supplication to women, act that way because their ideas about how to treat women were not learned through experience, but taught to them by gynocentrics […]

Sex In Swedenistan May Require Written Consent

Just when you thought that Sweden’s sexual politics could not get more absurd… http://www.breitbart.com/london/2017/12/20/new-swedish-consent-laws-require-written-permission-sexual-relations/ I know what you are all thinking – that the Muslims in Sweden are not going to respect any such laws – and you would be right.  I can’t imagine being a woman in Sweden, and realizing that my safety depended […]