“Redefining Masculinity” and Rejection

No surprise that this is coming from the Guardian, nor that Mozilla is pushing it, just as all other left-leaning tech companies are showing their social justice skid marks… https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/mar/12/masculinity-gender-men-sexual-assault-rape Yes, the article is a predictable menstruation of leftist/feminist anti-male drivel, using an absurd, rolling anecdotal case-study of one guy to help make the words masculine […]

“The Triumph of The BETA Male”

Well, then… As usual, he’s probably right…but then, after a point, does a man really have a dog in the hunt? No, better yet, did the bottom-5% incel man ever have a dog in the hunt?  As it turns out, no. But alas, I’ll still vote the right way, even when all is lost…I have […]