“The Triumph of The BETA Male”

Well, then…

As usual, he’s probably right…but then, after a point, does a man really have a dog in the hunt?

No, better yet, did the bottom-5% incel man ever have a dog in the hunt?  As it turns out, no.

But alas, I’ll still vote the right way, even when all is lost…I have to make them work for it, don’t I?  Yes, what I lack in hope, I make up for in spite.


10 thoughts on ““The Triumph of The BETA Male”

  1. I was thinking: “Nothings going to change. There’s nothing new under the Sun. The
    priviledged exploit the weak. But could we be happy inspite of the fact that dishonest and
    criminal people rule over us?”
    Like winston Churchill said, “Our system is the worst, except when it’s measured against
    all the other systems. Then it’s the best.”
    Happiness needn’t be out of reach. We just have to discover the proper “happiness hacks.”
    Emotional detatchment, and outcome independence. No one has control over our attitude
    but us.

  2. I agree with you. We never did have a shot. My biggest mistake, was not accepting this a long time ago. So for that, I can only blame myself.

    I think chemical castration should be made available to all Incel men. Because if you are CHEMICALLY castrated, should the impossible happen, and you meet someone, you should be able to recover your sexual function in a short space of time, whereas if you are PHYSICALLY castrated, it ain’t NEVER coming back.

    My life is quite peaceful now. Yes, I have a MAJOR event coming up with my health in the not too distant future, as I am going to have a heart pacemaker fitted. But what I do NOT have, is all the emotional and mental turmoil that WOULD accompany the presence of a woman in my life.

    We have lost. Big fucking deal. Society has lost in the long run. Because we all would have made good fathers. Good role models for our children. We have been denied that. So I think we are entitled to say ‘fuck it’ and get off this train.

    1. I also think chemical castration should be made available to all Incel men. I’m using it myself. But do consider, that the effects can be permanent. Like physical castration – the function might not recover, they say so on Eunuch Archive.

  3. Mikey: I hadn’t seen any postings on Rant’s site so I thought you might have taken ill.
    Or could it be that his last series of postings went to far for even you?
    Two wrongs NEVER make a right. The fact that I was hurt, gives me no right to hurt another.

  4. Lon, I think he needs help. I mean, I am not feigning innocence here. But I think his Incel has consumed him. This is why I am in favour of simply accepting that there are some things that you cannot change and try to move on. Between him and Caamib, Incel guys are being made to look like a right bunch of psychopaths.

    Again, I am not trying to play the innocence card; but there comes a point in man’s life where he says ‘Enough’. I have reached that point. I know Incel hurts Lon. I get that. But letting it eat away at your soul, until all that remains is a seething, spitting, screaming ball of hate is not the answer.

    1. It’s possible that Rant just moved on to bigger and better things in life. When you get the “monkey off your back” – not the physical, but the psychological one – an absolutely absurd amount of mental strain gets released. There are subjects in life worth talking about for those who have a certain amount of expertise in them from past experience (e.g. incel, MGTOW, the red pill, etc.), but for some, it’s a lot like an old hobby that you put down and can’t find the motivation to pick back up again. Finding that motivation takes more than just the know-how on something to make you do it – you have to have a reason, a dog of some kind in the hunt.

      It’s like the “true” MGTOW, who actually go their OWN way, and don’t have time to rant about the major malfunction of the modern day woman anymore…they are the ones who truly win.

      A key component to winning in that sense is letting go of what other people think. Easier said than done for those with an inferiority complex, unless that complex can be identified and is something that can be solved – prolonged virginity, for example. It has been said by many who have resorted to prostitutes later in life, to get rid of virginity, that after doing so (however entertaining or disappointing it may have been) many things happen: paranoia goes away, red-pill rage subsides, and finally, instead of feeling (and consequently, acting) like an inferior circus freak of some kind, he now can join the rest of humanity as a peer. It also becomes obvious to him how adolescent sexual one-upmanship stunts everything and all concerned.

  5. I think there has to come a point in your life as an Incel male, when you need to begin asking yourself some very searching questions; If you are a virgin, do you do the smart thing and pay to lose your virginity; if you go all in and take the hooker route for the rest of you life; if you accept the fact that for YOU, the pursuit of women is utterly pointless, and whether you continue to bang your head up against the wall.

    Nobody needs to tell me that I lost. I know. I accept it. I embrace it. This is the way of SANITY.

  6. The REALLY BITTER incels have done ANYTHING but “go their own way.”
    From the Buddhist parable: “Two monks were walking by a river, and saw a woman who was
    afraid to cross. One monk said to the other: “I’m going to carry her across the river.”
    He did so, and put her on the other side.
    The other monk wouldn’t let the issue drop. “We’re not suppost to touch women! You
    violated your vows! You’re a hyprocrite!”
    The helpful monk said, “I left that woman back at the river. You’re STILL carrying her!”
    If you don’t allow them into your head. You HAVE gone your own way.

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