“Redefining Masculinity” and Rejection

‘We have to get a lot more deliberate if we want to transform masculinity into a healthy identity’.

No surprise that this is coming from the Guardian, nor that Mozilla is pushing it, just as all other left-leaning tech companies are showing their social justice skid marks…


Yes, the article is a predictable menstruation of leftist/feminist anti-male drivel, using an absurd, rolling anecdotal case-study of one guy to help make the words masculine and rape synonymous, and advocate warping kids as young as possible – boys into estrogen-filled wet noodles, and girls into even more paranoid self-pedestalizing harpies than they already are – you know, just the daily business at the Guardian.

On the other hand, there was one little part of the article that caught my attention…it was so short, you blink and you’d miss it…

Karen BK Chan, a sex and emotional literacy educator, speaks compellingly of the need to teach boys resiliency in the face of sexual rejection. “How might we empathize with a young guy who is balancing masculinity pressures and the desire to show and receive love?” she encourages us to ask. “How can we help him experience bearable rejection instead of unbearable failure?”

Try not to get hung up on the absurdity of a title like “sex and emotional literacy educator” (I probably have at least as much right to that title as she does…wait, that’s being generous – click on that link to see exactly the kind of person who should not be teaching boys to be men); instead, focus on the question at hand: how can young guys be helped to experience bearable rejection instead of unbearable failure?

First of all, it’s a nice thought, sparing boys the sting of rejection at the age when it can do the most damage, but it’s not like any modernized female – much less a feminist Guardianista – is going to want to bestow an unattractive male anything but the maximum damage from rejection.  For modernized females, that’s the fun of rejecting, and we see them do it without mercy or remorse.  Now of course, I didn’t miss the point – we know that the intent of proposing that we teach boys resiliency is not at all for the boys’ sake, but for females’ sake, because it comes from the gynocentricism-driven #MeToo narrative that the more painful the rejection is for the male, the more likely he is to go on some kind of Republican rape spree or something.  We have Elliot Rodger to thank for reinforcing that narrative, by the way.

What else is funny is the concept of boys “balancing masculinity pressures and the desire to show and receive love”…as if it weren’t common sense that social pressure on a boy that age is to score with females, while his loving desires push him to the same end.  Leave it to a butch-dyke “emotional literacy educator” to be confounded by the conundrum of balancing two weights that are on the same side of the scale.  There is no confusion in a normal, non-feminized boy’s mind about what he wants with girls, but the real opposing force to that is being made ever stronger by pretty much everything else in the article.  Feminism wants to impede sub-prime males’ access to females as much as possible, which is the obvious part, but it goes much deeper – feminists want to corner these males, giving them no way out, and continually squeeze them until they burst.  Why?  What’s the point of that?  It only makes sense if you know that feminism, simply put, is hatred of men.

Well…except for the “hawt” ones, that is.

But I can’t just leave this off without addressing the question that we might actually want an answer to: how do you mitigate the absurdly high level of damage to a young male when hit with a rejection bomb, especially for the first time?  Well, in addition to some uncommon sense things, like not feeding him stories in childhood with Walt Disney happy endings, conventional trad-con thinkers (and these feminists in particular) would be aghast to realize that it is in fact the very thing they hate: the red-pill, and MGTOW.  Learning about female nature, and knocking females off that pedestal (which feminists pretend they hate) is the only way to save young guys from life-altering (and in some cases, life-ending) trauma from the unbridled sociopathy of girls at school.  Well, I should say that this the case only for the young guy who is already on his way to Omegaville, realizing his rock-bottom sexual market value, and having the feeling (and perhaps even conviction) that his first big rejection is also his last.  If he were red-pilled before that happened, he might avoid the dreaded oneitis – that mental illness which manifests itself as a completely inappropriate emotional, romantic and sometimes even a spiritual commitment to a girl whom he barely knows, doesn’t care and was just teasing his dick.  As for the bad boys, the jocks and the other varieties of guys who get girls easily, it’s not a lesson they have to learn – they know that delicious females are a dime a dozen, and his next dessert is right around the corner.  Ironically, this is the lurking sex offender that the females in this article are so scared of…

…Oh wait, I forgot – what constitutes sexual assault is entirely in the opinion of the female, so bad boy is off the hook yet again.  Hey, let’s find a way to sniff out which unattractive guys have oneitis for someone, and then we’ll name & shame them to suicide!

And now you know where the paranoia of oneitis comes from, as if you didn’t already know.  Not that you didn’t already know, but if the fallout of rejection is ever mitigated, it won’t be the work of females.


20 thoughts on ““Redefining Masculinity” and Rejection

  1. Another example of the demonisation of male sexuality. But of course, it’s only to be expected in the gynnocentric shithole in which we now live here in the West. I wonder how your average entitled bitch of a female would deal with a NORMAL male sex drive? You know what I’m talking about. That time in the life of a NORMAL male – whether he be a alpha bad boy or a nerd – when his every waking THOUGHT is about sex.

    Rather than teaching young men how to cope with rejection, here is what we should be teaching them; Work out. build some mass. get ripped into shape. Develop a cocky, alpha attitude; make money; drop the ‘nice guy’ act.

    Failing that, teach them how to buy sex in an efficient manner. Teach them the simple truth that women CAN BE BOUGHT, and in doing so you will de-mystify the pussy.

    The result of this would be LESS Incel men. This is what females want.

    Despite what hardcore feminists will try to tell you, smart men adopt a very simple approach to getting women; you are not special princesses, you are fact things that I can get easily. teaching men that there is no shame WHATSOVER, in paying for sex would be a smart move, but of course, no pseudo-intellectual feminist COW is NEVER gonna tell men that are they?

  2. Colttaine has explained the evolutionary background behind the rampant female paranoia about rape and sexism in the video below, but in short: women are too safe and too comfortable, and that drives their danger detectors insane. That doesn’t excuse what they’re doing, but it explains it to a detail, and knowing your “enemy” is always advantageous.

    1. I’ve been wondering how long its going to be before the most introverted, anti social man, who only goes out for work and food, and no longer has any interest in relationships what so ever, is going to be targeted next (regardless of what he calls himself or even if he can get a woman or not).

      sucks that women have to be half the population.

  3. Good question Liam. You would hope that common sense prevails on both sides; so that those men who choose to ‘opt out’ of society are simply left alone, and and such men do not end up going ER.

    This is why I tell guys that it is important to build a life WITHOUT women. Yep, I know it ain’t easy – but men like us who have been denied the opportunity to experience love, sex and intimacy in the ‘normal’ manner – need to have at least SOME kind of life.

    I will be honest with you all – I am having a heart pacemaker/defibrillator fitted on May 2nd. I am gonna have enough on my plate WITHOUT the added stress of ‘The Hamster Wheel’ that society expects men to be on, (Unless you happen to be in the top 20% of men who make women instantly wet, in which case you are excused) and to be brutally honest, I am actually GLAD that I no longer have sexual needs. Like a lot of guys, I just want to be left the fuck ALONE. Just want to get well again, if possible, and focus upon my art.

        1. minds.com – it’s one of those alternative ‘dedicated to free speech’ type social media sites.

          it was first introduced by all those anti-sjw response channels last year.

          people on their mostly bitch about politics but a growing art community is doing quite well on it.

  4. And of course, with the latest alleged Incel wigout in Toronto, fresh in the public’s minds. eyes will be focussed upon the Incel community.

    I think that it is going to have to be like fight club; rule one of the Incel club, is that you don’t talk about the Incel club. Because we are all viewed as potential mass killers now. Thanks to the actions of a few fucktards, who did not have the balls needed to do the LOGICAL thing, and to go visit a nice hooker.

    Trust me guys. I am glad that I am no longer a sexual being. Because the time is fast approaching when all but the top 20% of men will be viewed as potential terrorists. Nice fucking situation to be in huh?

  5. And what is more worrying, is how the ‘unhinged loner’ narrative has been switched from ISIS supporter to ‘Incel sufferer’, with alarming ease. It’s like society has a ready made stock of nutjobs, that can be swapped out when one narrative can’t be made to stick any longer. I personally think that worrying times lie ahead for us.

  6. seems like these “anti harassment” movements are no longer going to be enough, soon it will be male gulag time.

    1. These are indeed worrying times in which we find ourselves Liam. You want to see some of the hate that is out there now directed against guys like us. Tell you this much, I will go down hacking and slashing like Drax the fucking DESTROYER, but I will NOT go down without a fight.

  7. I wouldn’t worry about it dude; chances are, that this is a false flag anyhow. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that it was, but put it this way, it would not come as much of a surprise to me if it were.

    I dunno man. Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of the X Files. Then again, when you are talking about the Deep State, The Illuminati, The Feminazi mafia, then who the fuck knows what kind of plots and subterfuges are going down.

    But you can bet your ass that plans are being drawn against us. I can feel it in my water.

  8. Thank you Lon. Have to admit that I am scared. But I just cannot go on for much longer. Even walking a short distance is tiring for me now, and if this procedure can only give me half of my old level of fitness back, it will be something.

    1. How could you be sent home on the same day you had the surgery? Is that because of the
      English healthcare system? That would never be done in the states. I wish you a good

  9. Well yeah. For one, the procedure is considered to be day surgery; the reality is that the NHS needs the bed space. I was awake throughout the whole experience, all three hours of it. It’s taking some getting used to. And the darned thing gave me a jolt the other night.

    1. Terrible. I hope you have your diet under control. Never touch junk food again.
      Take Co Q 10.

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