Month: May 2018

May 2018: The Incel Revolution Begins

We knew this day would come.  We’ve talked about it endlessly.  And finally, it is here.

This has been long coming.  The phenomenon of the incel-motivated massacre made its debut way on December 6, 1989 with Marc Lépine and the the École Polytechnique massacre, roughly a quarter-century after the beginning of the sexual revolution.  That was the first bubble to rise in the pot.  Even though mass murders over the next two decades may have been carried out by incel or nearcel perpetrators, it’s hard to say if any were specifically incel-motivated…that is, until 2009, when George Sodini carried out what was categorically an incel attack on women at an LA Fitness in Pennsylvania.  But things really went into high gear when Elliot Rodger knifed, gunned down and ran over people in the 2014 Isla Vista massacre, mainly because the killer made his reasons very well known in a series of videos and a 141-page manifesto that took the phenomenon of incel into the mainstream, and blew the lid off the online incel movement.

Although there have been incel attacks since then, such as the college shooting in Roseburg, Oregon and probably some others that don’t come to mind…you know, perhaps they don’t come to mind because they didn’t give their motives the optics that Elliot Rodger did.  Well, we’ve now reach the tipping point where two back-to-back incel massacres – the recent Toronto truck attack and the Santa Fe, Texas school shooting – have brought Incel right into the forefront, and incels are well on their way to becoming public enemy #1, if the tone of the conversations today tell us anything.  What was the spark that set it all ablaze?  Well, the timing of the Texas shooting immediately afterwords was definitely a splash of gasoline to really get it started, but the spark that really kicked off the “revolution” was the words of the killer in Toronto, calling for revolution and invoking Elliot Rodger


The Incel Revolution, with the ghost of Gen. Elliot Rodger leading the charge…  For some, a hilarious farce, but for those who know that this is not going to end well, it’s the beginning of a very real crisis.

Oh, and MGTOW is being lumped in with it.  Sorry guys, I didn’t do it, I promise.

Move over, gun control debate, because it’s now also a conversation about incel, about virgins, and in particular, those who talk about it online.  We’ve talked about it becoming open season on incels, and now it’s here.  If you have or have had any kind of presence in the online incel community, you had better be ready for a knock at the door.  If you’re a virgin or you’ve never had a girlfriend, get ready to start coming under suspicion with those around you.  It’s the official beginning of the SHTF days of incel, and if you want to keep your reputation, your dignity and even your freedom, you’d better be ready and not be caught flat-footed.  This isn’t like being a Jew in Germany, 1939 where you can get out while the getting’s good – you can’t run, you can only hide.  Both the political right and left are joining forces to go after this most marginalized group of all, incels, so you’ve got no allies to help you – you’re truly on your own, except for maybe the online anonymous support system we all know, but that may be brought to a halt with no warning.  Prepare yourself.

Oh, and uh…the Southern Poverty Law Center just added incels to their list of online hate groups.  So, if women aren’t attracted to you, and you’ve never had sex, you’re now officially part of a hate group, according to the premier clearinghouse of hate groups (if you take them seriously).

Here are the current videos…

This one is from the Young Twerks, which doesn’t say much but the obvious.  No need to watch the last half, as it’s nothing but Cenk menstruating about Trump over the issue…

This is a CBC/VICE propaganda piece on it, and much like other commentators, they are talking about “the black pill”, which is supposedly different than the red or blue pill in that it preaches hopelessness…  Gee, up until this point, I’ve only heard the term “black pill” from Omega Virgin Revolt (bad time to have a block with that in the URL) when he changed it up to “The Black Pill”, which I gather was more of an expression of incel + black separatism.  Anyway, they advocate “policing” incel forums by deeming it hate speech.

Here’s a 40-minute long mush-headed CBC forum on it…

This is Joe Rogan’s first bite of it…  I have faith in Joe, so he needs to let this idea brew for a while..

With Bill Maher, on the other hand, there is no hope for.  Sorry, Alexius, but even these commie fuckers won’t agree to your government-gets-girlfriends idea.  But seriously, it’s such a joke how there are always guests on Real Time who always have to menstruate out the most immature left-wing narratives.  Of course I agree with what is said about prostitution, but it was probably only said because they know that there’s no way.  The “Mormon answer” from Evan McMullin is indeed what you would call a typical Mormon answer, yes.

Here’s the earlier Infowars broadcast on it – you’ve already seen the more recent ones on my other post.  “Man up and get a woman!”  Nope, they are winners, and as such, incapable of understanding.  To Alex Jones, incels are a “disgusting group of people”.  He also manages to conflate incel with Islam.  Good thing Alex Jones is knowledgeable about many other things, because he’s clueless on this one.

Fox News only has titles and music in this short, but hey, at least they did enough research to capture the part about how incel forums and women don’t mix:

I could go on forever posting videos of mainstream news coverage of incel, but of all the hubbub about it, the most clear-headed and rational assessment of it all comes from F. Roger Delvin (no surprise), in this interview.  This probably deserves its own post.


So, if you’re incel, take heed; if you’re not, remember the plight of incels, and bear witness to a true slow holocaust in our day…

…Oh, and be glad that you didn’t take part in the Love-Shy documentary.  Sorry, Advanced.

Let the games begin…

#MeToo is Always a Group Effort

It’s never just one, is it.  It’s always a group of women, who pop up all at once.  Now we know why.

So now Morgan Freeman is the next man of prominence in the cross hairs.  In this instance, CNN – the least trusted name in news these days – went on their own little hit-job investigation, with one of their own co-authors being a principle accuser.  They went to a bunch of people who worked with Freeman, and got seven more to jump on the bandwagon of accusation without proof or consequence.  Good way to cap off the legacy of the now-80-year-old actor, sending him off to the gulag of femifascism.

It makes me wonder if he did something to piss of the gynostablishment© as certain other accused men have…  Did his conversation with Mike Wallace so deflating of racial identity politics that they would do this to him, or was there something I missed?  We know damn well what got them to share Matt Lauer’s dirty little secrets: crossing Hillary Clinton by bringing up the e-mails that the Commander-in-Chief Forum, after which (rumor says) Hillary said that she wanted Matt Lauer destroyed.  That’s an easy one – almost as easy as all of the dirty details coming out about Trump at such coincidental timing…yeah, right.

Does anyone seriously ask why there are so many of these accusations that come out years or even decades later?  Why would these poor, poor women sit on such accusations for so long?  Do they think that we really buy the narrative that one coming out inspires others to take that courageous step as well?  Please…  It’s a combination of false accusations by opportunists who jump on the band wagon, and known information that media companies, government bureaucracies and even gold-digging women save back like arrows in a quiver, to be used when they want to take someone out.  On the government side especially, dirt on people is used to keep them in line.

The takeaway is that not making someone’s crime against you known immediately, or at least having a pretty good explanation for the delay (no, not being “inspired by other brave women” doesn’t cut it), diminishes credibility in one of two ways: either it didn’t actually happen, or you were saving it for blackmail or revenge, both cases destroying your own case.  That’s how it ought to be, anyhow.  It’s like Charles Schumer saying that the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” – that means that government bureaucracies are either a). sitting on knowledge of crimes for the purpose of blackmailing or using as revenge against people, and/or b). using their credibility to make up things and frame people.  Either way, Cuck Schumber affirmed the existence of the “deep state”.  If anyone ever tries to tell you that they don’t exist, just point to that quote from Schumer.

You know, the female hive-mind is kind of its own deep state, isn’t it?  You piss them off, and they’ve got sixty ways from Sunday to get back at you, all made possible by cuck-tastic men who believe them simply because they are women.  There is a reason that women and children were not considered credible witnesses in olden times, and it’s not because they were smaller…

InfoWars vs. Incels

When even InfoWars turns against you, you know that you’ve landed at the bottom of everything.


I wonder if Paul Joseph Watson realizes that videos like his only make incel rampages more likely…

Update: now Alex Jones is calling for incels to be profiled…  I knew someone was going to call for this, sooner or later…I just never thought it would be Alex Jones.  Think about that – the world’s premier pioneer of speaking out against the government tyranny and Orwellian intrusion on the lives of citizens is now calling for the government to basically start a soft holocaust against guys whom women don’t find appealing.

So…if women don’t find you attractive, Alex Jones wants to send the deep state after you.  That would be like Martin Luther King marching for the civil rights up black people as he did, except for one day when the called for the Klan to kill all of the black people in one particular neighborhood that happens to be the poorest and most marginalized of them all.

[To the globalists]…I’m committed, because I know you’re bad people, and I want to get you off our collective backs!

Well, except for the guys whom women don’t find hawt.  He wants the globalists to go ahead and take them out.