May 2018: The Incel Revolution Begins

We knew this day would come.  We’ve talked about it endlessly.  And finally, it is here. This has been long coming.  The phenomenon of the incel-motivated massacre made its debut way on December 6, 1989 with Marc Lépine and the the École Polytechnique massacre, roughly a quarter-century after the beginning of the sexual revolution.  That […]

#MeToo is Always a Group Effort

It’s never just one, is it.  It’s always a group of women, who pop up all at once.  Now we know why. So now Morgan Freeman is the next man of prominence in the cross hairs.  In this instance, CNN – the least trusted name in news these days – went on their own little […]

InfoWars vs. Incels

When even InfoWars turns against you, you know that you’ve landed at the bottom of everything.   I wonder if Paul Joseph Watson realizes that videos like his only make incel rampages more likely… Update: now Alex Jones is calling for incels to be profiled…  I knew someone was going to call for this, sooner […]