InfoWars vs. Incels

When even InfoWars turns against you, you know that you’ve landed at the bottom of everything.


I wonder if Paul Joseph Watson realizes that videos like his only make incel rampages more likely…

Update: now Alex Jones is calling for incels to be profiled…  I knew someone was going to call for this, sooner or later…I just never thought it would be Alex Jones.  Think about that – the world’s premier pioneer of speaking out against the government tyranny and Orwellian intrusion on the lives of citizens is now calling for the government to basically start a soft holocaust against guys whom women don’t find appealing.

So…if women don’t find you attractive, Alex Jones wants to send the deep state after you.  That would be like Martin Luther King marching for the civil rights up black people as he did, except for one day when the called for the Klan to kill all of the black people in one particular neighborhood that happens to be the poorest and most marginalized of them all.

[To the globalists]…I’m committed, because I know you’re bad people, and I want to get you off our collective backs!

Well, except for the guys whom women don’t find hawt.  He wants the globalists to go ahead and take them out.

8 thoughts on “InfoWars vs. Incels

  1. The incel problem will never be solved because only a person living an incel life can
    comprehend it. The “Just World Hyposis,” or, the law of cause and effect doesn’t apply
    all the time.
    BTW, I don’t think ALL these attacks are caused by Incels. I think some of them might be
    false flag attacks. When the Deep State feels threatened, people start dying.
    The Deep State agenda remains the ouster of Trump, and the revocation of both the first and
    second Amendments of the Constitution. The end game is the instillation of Hillary Clinton in
    the White House, and the shipping of the “Deplorable voter” to FEMA extermination camps.

  2. Oh we are at the bottom alight. Which is why i am glad that I no longer have any use or desire for women. As Lon said, this is an issue that won’t be solved any time soon. For the simple reason it there is no desire on the part of society to address it. There is no desire to address it, because Incel affects predominantly MEN. And we don’t fucking matter do we?

    The next Incel wigout is coming. Like an asteroid on its final death sprial, there is no fucking avoiding it.

    Only two questions remain; WHO will it be; and how many people will he kill?

    1. I updated the post to include today’s video with Alex Jones, where he’s basically calling for the incelpocalypse that I’ve been talking about forever…I just didn’t think that he of all people would be the “tip of the spear” of that one.

      Older male virgins, hurry and get to the brothel, otherwise the government deep state storm troopers will be coming after you, and even those storm troopers’ main enemy is egging them on!

      You know what? It just goes to show that any marginalized group of people will get pushed off the edge, if the margin gets narrow enough.

  3. And we all know who, or precisely what is to blame for this explosion in the numbers of Incel men don’t we gentlemen? Feminism. A twisted ideology of hatred of anything that is male – masquerading as a just cause.

    1. Glad you’re still around Mikey. I was concerned you were experiencing complications from
      that device they put in you! I don’t think the Health System in your country would consider your
      life top prioiety. In any group would qualify as “surplus population” to be removed, it would be

  4. Yeah I’m OK Lon. My wound is a bit infected, so I will be getting treatment for it in the next 24 hours. But I’m still here. I know it’s inconvenient for chads and stacy’s, but what the heck eh?

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