#MeToo is Always a Group Effort

It’s never just one, is it.  It’s always a group of women, who pop up all at once.  Now we know why.

So now Morgan Freeman is the next man of prominence in the cross hairs.  In this instance, CNN – the least trusted name in news these days – went on their own little hit-job investigation, with one of their own co-authors being a principle accuser.  They went to a bunch of people who worked with Freeman, and got seven more to jump on the bandwagon of accusation without proof or consequence.  Good way to cap off the legacy of the now-80-year-old actor, sending him off to the gulag of femifascism.

It makes me wonder if he did something to piss of the gynostablishment© as certain other accused men have…  Did his conversation with Mike Wallace so deflating of racial identity politics that they would do this to him, or was there something I missed?  We know damn well what got them to share Matt Lauer’s dirty little secrets: crossing Hillary Clinton by bringing up the e-mails that the Commander-in-Chief Forum, after which (rumor says) Hillary said that she wanted Matt Lauer destroyed.  That’s an easy one – almost as easy as all of the dirty details coming out about Trump at such coincidental timing…yeah, right.

Does anyone seriously ask why there are so many of these accusations that come out years or even decades later?  Why would these poor, poor women sit on such accusations for so long?  Do they think that we really buy the narrative that one coming out inspires others to take that courageous step as well?  Please…  It’s a combination of false accusations by opportunists who jump on the band wagon, and known information that media companies, government bureaucracies and even gold-digging women save back like arrows in a quiver, to be used when they want to take someone out.  On the government side especially, dirt on people is used to keep them in line.

The takeaway is that not making someone’s crime against you known immediately, or at least having a pretty good explanation for the delay (no, not being “inspired by other brave women” doesn’t cut it), diminishes credibility in one of two ways: either it didn’t actually happen, or you were saving it for blackmail or revenge, both cases destroying your own case.  That’s how it ought to be, anyhow.  It’s like Charles Schumer saying that the intelligence community has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you” – that means that government bureaucracies are either a). sitting on knowledge of crimes for the purpose of blackmailing or using as revenge against people, and/or b). using their credibility to make up things and frame people.  Either way, Cuck Schumber affirmed the existence of the “deep state”.  If anyone ever tries to tell you that they don’t exist, just point to that quote from Schumer.

You know, the female hive-mind is kind of its own deep state, isn’t it?  You piss them off, and they’ve got sixty ways from Sunday to get back at you, all made possible by cuck-tastic men who believe them simply because they are women.  There is a reason that women and children were not considered credible witnesses in olden times, and it’s not because they were smaller…

7 thoughts on “#MeToo is Always a Group Effort

  1. It does rather seem, to anyone outside the gynosphere – for that see 80% of all men – that once women scent blood, by fuck are they gonna have it. Take the recent hysteria over Incels. Strange as it may seem, I have thus far resisted the urge to go PANT-Y-WACO with a couple ‘O Uzi’s…funny that…and yet I face danger every time I open my mouth on the internet about the disgusting behaviour of women.

    The women behind this repellent metoo movement are determined that they are going to force on society the lie that ALL men are sexual predators. All except the ‘hawt’ men that is. Makes me glad I no longer have any use or need for the bitches.

    1. Yeah, I’m also glad that I “jumped ship” too, when I did. So much of what I predicted is coming to pass…

      I tell you, when you have a runaway train car, and you know that it can be stopped by turning the handbrake clockwise, but those on board won’t listen and they’re turning it counterclockwise…that’s when it’s time to just make sure you’re well clear of rail line.

      1. Yep. Cannot agree more. This is the ultimate end product of giving women WAY too many rights and WAY too much say in things. I personally don’t give a flying fuck whether people want to label me as a misogynist or not. Women are like children. Do you give a child a box of matches and say ‘Go Figure’? No, you don’t.

  2. I hate to play devils advocate here, but I actually have witnessed Mr. Freeman claiming his name was “Hugh Mungus”.


  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannndddddd meanwhile in the (sometimes) sunny UK, Journalist Tommy Robinson has been arrested and sentenced to 13 months in jail for doing…nothing wrong at all. I mean other than reporting on Muslim grooming gangs. This is the fucking dichotomy that feminists/SJW’s. Manginas and leftist limp-wristed soy boys are able to reconcile in their fucking little heads. On the one hand you have sexual exploitation of CHILDREN going back decades, at the hands of MUSLIM paedophile gangs, and the aforementioned fuckwits are DEAFENING in their silence; yet men like Weinstein and now Morgan Freeman, are pursued with the same kind of zeal that Mossad went after Nazi war criminals with.

  4. Remember how Gloria Allred’s daughter was caught red handed trying to pay off women
    so they would say they were molested by Trump? They were offered very large sums of money. How many more outrages are we going to have from these Deep State scoundrels?
    When do people start fighting back and telling them “No!” These wicked beasts STILL intend
    to put Hillarly in the White House, and the Incel in FEMA camps.

  5. when comes time for women to take responsibility, just throw the more disposable men under the bus, it’s easier.

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