Month: November 2018

A Robot Brothel…Where You Have To Get Consent From The Robot?!

Let’s compare business models:

  1. Robot/sex doll brothel — possible, has worked some places.
  2. Robot/sex doll brothel where you have to beg for sex from masturbation with an inanimate object, even after you’ve already paid for it — something only a woman could think up.

Someone please tell this California nut-job that men go to brothels so that they don’t have to go through the games and bullshit to get sex.  That holds true regardless whether the prostitute is made of silicone or meat.

Of course this idea will never see the light of day, as she’ll never get the investment to pull it off, but the fact that she has currently raised nearly $3,000 is a sad testament how there can be that much stupidity and money in the same place, even if only briefly.

As for clientele…  Can you imagine how cucked you’d have to be to go there and entertain that kind of shamefulness?  I’ll give her this: she has the location right.  If there actually are men who are that pathetic, indeed, you’ll find them in Southern California.  If I were running the show, the robots would be programmed so that if the cuck actually paid for the privilege of begging a glorified electronic fifi to let him masturbate with it, the robot would still refuse, and then knee him in the nuts, with the full intention of crushing them.  I know that may sound like the kind of thing a tradcon or a feminist might say, but I have very different reasons for saying that: the tradcons and feminists would want to see that happen to him for simply engaging in prostitution, just as they’d wish it on another man who went to a real brothel; I’d wish it on him for going to that brothel instead of real one, where you pay for service, safety and certainty, without the games.  A man that pathetic doesn’t deserve to have testicles.  If I were a testicle, in the scrotum of a man that worthless, I’d want someone or something to smash me too, ending my disgrace.

The “Foreskin Facial” and Shameless Feminism

It was a big scandal when we found out that Oprah’s facial cream contained derivatives of human foreskin, but now, females aren’t even ashamed anymore.

It’s called feminism.

It’s called female empowerment.

It’s bad enough when females brag about using, manipulating and shitting all over the men in their lives – in the name of some kind of social justice payback for gender transgressions they never experienced themselves – but when they actually brag about baby boys being surgically altered for the benefit of their own vanity…?


“After a long flight I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins-frankly who doesn’t?Thank you @georgialouisesk for an amazing facial. I especially liked you reassuring me it would be ‘light on penis’ as it was my first time x,”

Wouldn’t that be weird to be a South Korean boy, with a dick that had been sliced so that no skin can cover the head (which, I know, some won’t be able to relate to the weirdness of; but…) and then you find out that they did this to you so that vain, rich bimbos – whom you’ll never get to fuck with that altered dick – can look a couple of years younger?

Well, at least she did more damage to the image of the Hollywood limousine liberal, and that’s a good thing.  They need all the damage they can get.

Of course, the connection to feminism needs no explanation, so allow me to explain: feminism teaches females that bigotry against and disrespect/antagonism towards males (of any age, apparently) means success, in righting some wrong – well, at least that used to be the justification.  When a weaker demographic (yes, females are weaker) continues to antagonize and provoke a stronger one, and test the tolerance and patience thereof, you might conclude that they’re expecting blow-back at some point.  That stands to reason, but I’m thinking that we may be giving females too much credit there.  It could be more unconscious, like the model of feminism as a macro shit-test.  Whatever the case, I guess it’s a shame that the blow-back won’t reach cunts like this one without going through a bunch of other females first…but alas, that’s starting to matter less and less to the male hive-mind, because we can see that poorer and less famous females aren’t that much different in their attitudes – and if they are, they’re sure not trying hard to show it.  It’s kind of like the deafening silence of the “peaceful Muslim majority” in the wake of Islamist attack after attack after attack…

You know, on that point, it’s almost enough to make you not feel so bad about the idea of Muslims pouring in and putting these western skanks into bondage, isn’t it?  I’ll call it a sad irony that Muslims are into FGM, with respect to any NAWALTs out there who would fall victim (surely there are at least a couple dozen or so) but they’ve got to speak up, and not let cunts like Kate Beckinsale represent them.  The only thing that stands between them and Mohammad is western men, and those men are starting to care less and less for the welfare of western females who, as a collective, seem determined to test men’s patience to failure.

Update 2019-01-27

Well, well, well! Looks like this cunt is in the hospital for a ruptured ovarian cyst.


I can tell you one person who isn’t crying for her…

Modern Dating Visualized…

In the first video, they do what SJWs always do: set it up as oppressed and oppressor.

See this is the part where you’re supposed to feel bad for the females (Because there are so few worthwhile men around, right?  Yeah, like one quality man for every 30 quality women…that sounds about like what is assumed).  This video was a view into what feminists would see as justice, setting the man up to have to reject them initially on looks, and do it right in front of their faces.

In this next video, they make it much easier for the woman (well, it’s not really hard for females to reject, as the video will reaffirm) and the best less on is what happens at the end.  She’s definitely overestimating her sexual market value, but that’s nothing unusual.

Don’t change Honey.  Don’t bend your “values”.  I woudn’t be right for you to remain in the gene pool.