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Feminists Are #1 Consumers of Rape Porn?

The jury is out on the veracity of this because, while you can find it reported at Infowars, I am not seeing any links to any study, and I’m not finding it in any internet searches.  If I find anything, I’ll update this.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if those findings were real…it would only surprise me that it actually came out.

How could this be explained?  Simple: you only have to look at the guys portraying the rapists in that kind of porn.  Are they short, nerdy-looking guys to whom women are universally unattracted?  You don’t have to watch any of it to know the answer to that.

Feminists are still women.  If they’re going to be raped, they want to be raped by attractive men.

Tall, wiry, tattooed, arrogant, swinging-dick bad boy:

  • Hero
  • Makes rape fun
  • Makes rape worth it
  • Has good genes, producing successful rapist bad boy spawn

Short, scrawny and weak, humble and reserved nice guy:

  • Villain
  • Rapist by default
  • Has toxic genes, producing failure unattractive sons
  • Ought to be killed by the sexy bad boy


Syrian Females Want Men Back

Women in Syria are demanding the EU to “kick out” their men so they can return to rebuild the country.

Due to the war, Syria now houses more young women than men, according to Swedish reporter Johan-Mathias Sommarström who spoke to locals in Damascus.

“The solution is to kick them out [of Europe] and get them to Syria where they can start building the country,” said a woman. “The really young generation is still there and the old one, but the young men have died or left Syria.”

The demographic shift has led women to enter professions traditionally dominated by men.

“Previously, it was not accepted for women to work in certain areas, but now society is forced to accept it and I think that is good,” said another woman. “In the future, you will see women who repair cars because women have to take traditional men’s jobs to be able to support their families.”

Conversely, the rising female workforce drew concern from other citizens.

“I think it’s bad,” said a female university graduate. “This type of work is not suitable for women.”

Furthermore, about 70% of the people Sommarström encountered were “young women.”

“Before the war, just over four percent of households in Syria were economically led by women, now the figure is just over 22 percent,” reports Sommarström.

Sommarström’s observations appear to be in-line with reports stating that the vast majority of migrants entering the EU are military-aged men.

Well, ya know… Islam is a system that allows for and encourages polygamy; all of those females will get bred by the remaining alphas, and that will be that.  But a consequence is that the skills and mores passed down through pair-bonding fatherhood will be lost (with Islamic culture, that may lead to some improvements) and what remains will be what you see elsewhere, in boys raised without fathers: unreconstructed cavemen.

Meanwhile, the men from Syria who have invaded Europe…good luck getting them to return.  They have a continent to conquer, and blonde-haired, blue-eyed females to rape and impregnate.  Why would they go back to Syria?  Their work is done there.



Study: Feminists Attracted to Sexist Men

Have your headache medicine nearby…

Now you may be expecting an article that finally tells the truth – that females are attracted to arrogant, uncivilized, disrespectful bad boys, because that’s what modern females think are marks of masculinity, but you’d be wrong.  The author makes mention of bad boys and incels at the beginning, but then they pull a sleight of hand, and re-frame the successful-with-females guy as having nice-guy characteristics, which they’re calling “benevolent sexism”, and thus he’s a villain.  Yes, the nice-guy.  Even though he’s not the guy getting the females.

Gul and Kupfer take a related tack, but head in a slightly different direction. They suggest that female interest in sexist men, specifically men who display “benevolent sexism” may be seen by women as being more interested in investing resources in a woman.

Benevolent sexism is a concept describing a form of sexism which is overtly less hostile and misogynistic, and are beliefs that I was taught, as a man from the US South. Benevolent sexism includes beliefs that:
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• Women should be “put on a pedestal”
• Women should be cherished and protected by men
• Men should be willing to sacrifice to provide for women
• Women are more virtuous than men
• Women are more refined and pure, compared to men.

Despite aspects of benevolent sexism appearing chivalrous and romantic, previous research has found that women who endorse these beliefs often demonstrate approval of restrictions on women’s freedoms, independence and autonomy, and may impact women’s support for gender egalitarianism.

Gul and Kupfer used several different related experiments in order to test why women find men with these types of beliefs to be more sexy and appealing…

So females are attracted to sexist guys…

But not bad boys…no, they’re attracted to nice-guys, who are actually sexist villains…

Because they simp females, and that needs to stop because…

It may make other females less inclined to think the sexes are equal in every way.


You follow that?  Good.  Next lecture: why apples are oranges…

Despite being attracted to them, and seeing them as good mates and partners, the women saw these males as being undermining and patronizing men who were more likely to place restrictions on the women.

^This is what powers MGTOW.  Men see this, and say, fuck it.

The article goes on to say that no evidence was found to account for this, by females not being feminist enough or needing protection from other males, which is not surprising – of course we know that the females are willing to sacrifice their own personal safety from the bad boy himself in order to get his high-quality genes, so that her own offspring can be just as dominant of other males; but alas, this is something that will never be seen through the lens of feminist “research”.

Oh, and then another gem, especially when you see from where and whom they lifted it…

It’s important to note that sexism and misogyny are not identical concepts. Kate Manne suggests that misogyny is more about control of women than about hatred, and argues that sexism is more of an ideology that supports the reasons why we treat women differently.

Remember what TFM says: words are magic spells.

“Dating male feminists turned out to be one of the least empowering decisions I’ve ever made.” —Kate Iselin

Ha!  Show me what empowerment looks like: This is what empowerment looks like!

Women who find sexist men attractive are not being traitors to other women, nor are they naïve women who don’t understand their choices. Instead, they are women who are making rational decisions, accepting tradeoffs. They are women who recognize that it may be more beneficial to have a partner who is committed to them and willing to sacrifice for them and their family, than it is to have a “woke” feminist man who wants them to be independent.

Oh, boy!  I wonder how they came to that conclusion…  Now you know why feminists, and females in general, hate MGTOW: because MGTOW gives them all the independence they want, and females are, by their very nature, DEPENDENT.

I look forward to future research which might explore men’s own perceptions of their attitudes towards women. Do men who hold benevolent sexist beliefs recognize that they may increase their attractiveness, while also potentially being seen as patronizing?

Are these so-called scientists really this confused?  The only part of that he go right was the part about cucks being seen as patronizing; the ideas that simping females is sexist is feminist delusion, and the idea that it makes them more attractive is demonstrably false.  So that’s 1-out-of-3, which is a failing grade, Dr. Ley.

But for now, perhaps this research can help us to stop attacking sexist men as being misogynistic tools of the patriarchy, and recognize that these social dynamics exist due to the choices of both men and women, for reasons other than power, hatred, or control.

That’s almost a refreshing way to cap off this chamber pot of deluded literary nonsense, had he not described nice-guy cucks as “sexist”.

Here’s the straight-dope, as if anyone reading this needs it: sexist guys are more attractive, but not because they are [gaps] benevolent sexists – rather, because they are chauvinistic sexists, in addition to being tall, arrogant, ripped and usually dumber than a sack of hammers.  Females collectively decide what is good DNA and what isn’t, and regression back to neanderthal traits are now good DNA.

Here’s the upside: at least male feminist soy boi types are going to die out.  Too bad the genes of many high-functioning men will also.




What Happens When Women Breed With Bad Boys

This is what you get – more bad boys.

What, did you think that they were going to sire nice guys?

I’m not even talking about genetic determinism here – it’s likely that his behavior was somewhat cultivated by his father, as opposed to it happening due to his incompetence or absence.  I say that because whatever the chances are that a milquetoast nice-guy incel could raise a boy to turn out like this, we know that the offspring of someone like this will never become a milquetoast nice-guy incel.  That’s not the direction it goes from one generation to another.

Yes, this dipshit has absolutely no idea about the gravity of what he’s doing.  That’s because he’s a bad boy spawn.  What looks like stupidity to us is making vaginas wet.

He reminds me of someone I worked with many years ago…young, tall, hyperactive, chip on the shoulder…and his dad died before he was old enough to remember.  Raise by a single mom, he developed into more of an unreconstructed ape than a civilized human being.  Popular with the ladies females?  You better believe it.

Incivility is the new masculinity, post-feminism.  This is where evolution is headed.

As the character Servalan on Blake’s 7 said of the ape-like savages on a particular planet (bonus for anyone who can find the video)…These creatures are not what man evolved from, but what man will become. 

Boxer: Mormon Coward Who Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It

So what do you call a someone who disavows religion generally, but continues to defend Mormon insanity to the bitter end, calls Jews “Gentiles”, blocks people who dare to relate the nonsense of Mormonism to his own criticisms of religion, and uses a picture of Orrin Porter Rockwell over an illustration of a Mormon Temple, as his avatar?

Well, you’d call that someone very confused, and/or very Mormon.  You might also call that person “Boxer”.


He’s far from being the first person whom I’ve know who has one foot in atheistic iconoclasm and the other in LDS temple..  I come from what used to be a Mormon family (and is no longer, thank God) and I’m fortunate that I became an apostate before I was old enough to have the ghost of Joseph Smith sink his claws into my mind.  Nonetheless, my own background familiarized me all too well with Mormon theology, culture and the level of cognitive dissonance needed in order to entertain such absurdity.  I’ve seen many people I know wrestle with the two opposing forces – the obviousness of the Mormon fraud pulling them in one direction, and the relentless tugging anchor of heavy LDS brainwashing – some of it approaching the level of Scientology in its cruelty and sophistication – pulling them in the other.  Like I say, I’m glad I had an easy transition away from Mormonism as a child…but Boxer, on the other hand, is someone who didn’t get out in time, and is now suffering from cognitive dissonance, which leads to other badness.

Total hypocrisy is hard to let slip by without saying something.  There is a recent thread of his titled My Problems of (with) Theodicy, which he set up for the sole purpose of criticizing the beliefs of some guy going by username “Honeycomb” – and before you point this out, in light of my opening to this paragraph, starting a post for that reason is not what I’m criticizing per say, since that’s what I’m doing here; I’m doing this thread because he has me blocked me/put me in moderation, so this is the only way I can respond.  It’s worth it though, because what I’m criticizing is the fact that he’ll go to such lengths to try and take apart someone else’s point of view, but if anyone dares challenge the “folk religion” that is still obviously with him, that’s unacceptable and he shuts it down.  You can’t respect someone like that.

After a recent dust-up we had in his thread about Jeff Flake and whether or not it’s appropriate to refer to Jews as Gentiles (yes, Mormons do that), I added my 2¢ on this thread, which didn’t even get a response from him…something about negative evidence and Russell’s teapot.  No, that wasn’t worthy of a reply, but this was easily enough to get his temple garments in a bunch…


Faggot, huh?  Does he think I’m homosexual?  Hehe, no, it’s that you know that you’ve gotten under someone’s skin when, instead of meeting you with a measured argument, they lash out at you.  Anyone is free to go to Boxer’s page and see all the context for yourself.  If you read his diatribes on the Jeff Flake thread, it makes that all too clear (and if he takes it down, don’t worry – I saved it for posterity).  Easy to see that he’s very, very touchy about his “folk religion”.  Again, this is called cognitive dissonance.  Whatever – a lot of people suffer from that.  I just think it’s worth calling someone out when they challenge the sacred beliefs of others but refuse to put their own sacred oxen to the test.  Again, that avatar is a picture of Porter Rockwell, who is a part of Mormon history that many Mormons wish everyone would forget about, given that he was a hit-man for Brigham Young; as such, you’d think that someone using a picture of “The Destroying Angel of Mormondom” wouldn’t be so easily destroyed himself.

Well Boxer, what can I say…?  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.  And maybe, just once, quit looking at life through the urim and thummim and letting dead, horny, alpha con men continue to torture your poor little brain.

So for you, I dedicate a song, written and performed by one of your own…


Oh, and I also dedicate you this photo of your “prophet” – what’s left of him anyway, after that Carthage, Illinois mob took care of him.






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