Boxer: Mormon Coward Who Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It

So what do you call a someone who disavows religion generally, but continues to defend Mormon insanity to the bitter end, calls Jews “Gentiles”, blocks people who dare to relate the nonsense of Mormonism to his own criticisms of religion, and uses a picture of Orrin Porter Rockwell over an illustration of a Mormon Temple, as his avatar?

Well, you’d call that someone very confused, and/or very Mormon.  You might also call that person “Boxer”.


He’s far from being the first person whom I’ve know who has one foot in atheistic iconoclasm and the other in LDS temple..  I come from what used to be a Mormon family (and is no longer, thank God) and I’m fortunate that I became an apostate before I was old enough to have the ghost of Joseph Smith sink his claws into my mind.  Nonetheless, my own background familiarized me all too well with Mormon theology, culture and the level of cognitive dissonance needed in order to entertain such absurdity.  I’ve seen many people I know wrestle with the two opposing forces – the obviousness of the Mormon fraud pulling them in one direction, and the relentless tugging anchor of heavy LDS brainwashing – some of it approaching the level of Scientology in its cruelty and sophistication – pulling them in the other.  Like I say, I’m glad I had an easy transition away from Mormonism as a child…but Boxer, on the other hand, is someone who didn’t get out in time, and is now suffering from cognitive dissonance, which leads to other badness.

Total hypocrisy is hard to let slip by without saying something.  There is a recent thread of his titled My Problems of (with) Theodicy, which he set up for the sole purpose of criticizing the beliefs of some guy going by username “Honeycomb” – and before you point this out, in light of my opening to this paragraph, starting a post for that reason is not what I’m criticizing per say, since that’s what I’m doing here; I’m doing this thread because he has me blocked me/put me in moderation, so this is the only way I can respond.  It’s worth it though, because what I’m criticizing is the fact that he’ll go to such lengths to try and take apart someone else’s point of view, but if anyone dares challenge the “folk religion” that is still obviously with him, that’s unacceptable and he shuts it down.  You can’t respect someone like that.

After a recent dust-up we had in his thread about Jeff Flake and whether or not it’s appropriate to refer to Jews as Gentiles (yes, Mormons do that), I added my 2¢ on this thread, which didn’t even get a response from him…something about negative evidence and Russell’s teapot.  No, that wasn’t worthy of a reply, but this was easily enough to get his temple garments in a bunch…


Faggot, huh?  Does he think I’m homosexual?  Hehe, no, it’s that you know that you’ve gotten under someone’s skin when, instead of meeting you with a measured argument, they lash out at you.  Anyone is free to go to Boxer’s page and see all the context for yourself.  If you read his diatribes on the Jeff Flake thread, it makes that all too clear (and if he takes it down, don’t worry – I saved it for posterity).  Easy to see that he’s very, very touchy about his “folk religion”.  Again, this is called cognitive dissonance.  Whatever – a lot of people suffer from that.  I just think it’s worth calling someone out when they challenge the sacred beliefs of others but refuse to put their own sacred oxen to the test.  Again, that avatar is a picture of Porter Rockwell, who is a part of Mormon history that many Mormons wish everyone would forget about, given that he was a hit-man for Brigham Young; as such, you’d think that someone using a picture of “The Destroying Angel of Mormondom” wouldn’t be so easily destroyed himself.

Well Boxer, what can I say…?  If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.  And maybe, just once, quit looking at life through the urim and thummim and letting dead, horny, alpha con men continue to torture your poor little brain.

So for you, I dedicate a song, written and performed by one of your own…


Oh, and I also dedicate you this photo of your “prophet” – what’s left of him anyway, after that Carthage, Illinois mob took care of him.






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13 thoughts on “Boxer: Mormon Coward Who Can Dish It Out But Can’t Take It

  1. Well, from what I understand of Mormonism (Please tell me if I make mistakes here), it’s founded upon (Like religion in general), a whole passel of absurdities. But to have the sheer chutzpah to lambaste other faiths, whilst at the same time holding such absurd beliefs, really does take the biscuit. In fact, it takes the whole fucking PACKET of biscuits.

    I mean, I could be accused of having a belief system, and if you don’t know already what it is, I will spell it out. It’s my belief, that BASED UPON EVIDENCE THAT EXISTS AND IS TANGIBLE, that what mankind called ‘gods’ were in fact extraterrestrials, who landed in ancient Mesopotamia, around 5.000 years ago. And that religion sprang from there.

    Of course, I have to accept the possibility, that I could be wrong. And I do accept it. I don’t think that I am, but I have to – as a person of logic and reason – I have to accept the possibility that I and my fellow ‘Ancient Astronaut Theory’ believers, could be wrong. This is what a logical person does; they look at the available data before making a decision. Why have you and I both arrived at similar conclusions concerning the whole fucked up circus that is modern male-female sexual relations? Because we have examined the data, and formed those conclusions based upon that data. This is the logical approach, and if more Incel guys took such an approach, then they would be far better off.

    But to hold an INSANE belief, and then to hurl abuse at others (Especially when you find yourself on the back foot in a discussion), is the epitome of an A1 card carrying cowardly dipshit. As you point out, the mofo can dish it out, but he cannot fucking take it. Laughable beyond words. Pathetic beyond my ability to describe.

    1. Well, you know that I’m not an atheist, and as such, I don’t share the opinion that all religion is based on absurdity…but yes, Mormonism is. Different religions have varying degrees of theological and philosphical continuity, and for the better of pursuations in those regards, I won’t fault members for their judgment calls that aren’t the same as mine, because at least those relgions can be considered *possible* depending on the hermeneutic and so on. Having said that, there are a handful of relgions that stand out as indefensibly absurd. Scientology, Islam…and yes, Mormonism.

      This video puts most of Mormonism in the smallest nutshell that it’ll fit into. I’m going to warn you, Mikey, make sure you have your heart medicine nearby because you are going to laugh so fucking hard – you may lose consciousness and have to rewind it. Prepare yourself…

      There are a couple of dots this film doesn’t connect: One of those is how people got to the New World…there were supposedly a couple of expeditions from Israel, namely one in about 600 B.C. with a guy named Lehi and his Son Moroni and their family, to get away from the “immorality” in Israel…or something like that. One of the brothers was Laman, who was unrighteous and had his skin turned dark – this is supposedly where indigenous American tribes come from (although DNA testing has been proved that they are descended from Asia and came across the Bering Stait, but ya know…anyhow…) It’s also interesting what a polygamous tyrant Joseph Smith was, along with his successor, Brigham Young, and how they maintained that black people were basically worthless, ineligible from holding the Mormon priesthood (until a “modern revelation” in 1978). Here’s an interesting video on Mormonisms hilariously racist doctrines:

      Oh, and one other thing… It’s not like Joseph Smith just kinda “found” the golden plates himself…no, Moroni (an angel by this point) told him about it and showed him where they were, after a young Joseph Smith at age 14 (he later claimed) was visited by the Father and his son Jesus…

      “This Is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!”

      What happened to polygamy? Oh, they had another “modern revelation” in 1890 so that the Utah Territory could reach American statehood in 1896 – up until that point, surrounding states were getting statehood and taking a big whack out of the Utah territory, and the federal government wasn’t going to let Utah in until they swore off polygamy (see, they cared more about the bottom 80% back then than they do now).

      Why are they in Utah? Well, early Mormons in places like Ohio, Missouri and Illinois didn’t get along with their neighbors very well. They were actually quite territorial and, contrary to popular believe that they were [gasp] persecuted, more non-Mormons died in those conflicts than Mormons. Joseph Smith himself ordered one raid that killed a bunch of people somewhere back there (and of course there is the famous Moutain Meadows Massacre where a wagon train form Arkansas was slaughtered by Utah Mormons, later on in the saga). So the government was cracking down on them pretty hard, even putting a bounty on them, and when their “prophet” Joseph Smith was killed by a mob when he was in a jail in Illinois (see the skill pic above), the cult fled out west to what was then Mexican territory (Alta California) in the Salt Lake Valley, which they now call Zion, or “Deseret”, in 1847. Of course, in 1848, it became US territory after the Mexican-American war, and their troubles continued with the US government…but things eventually smoothed over and the rest is history. They still do act like they own the place, in Utah. Outsiders? Prepare to be quite ostracized…especially the [gasp] unmarried.

      Oh, Mormon culture and religion is very hostile toward incels, as you have heard me talk about before…but until I saw that video, even I didn’t know about unmarried men getting castrated in Heaven! Wow…only a fucking horny alpha pervert could think up something like that. As Roger Delvin and even Jordan Peterson have pointed out, polygamy is a very serious problem that we risk returning to if we don’t do something, and it will spell the end of civilization as we know it, and a return to something more like a baboon colony. Want to see how a modern human baboon colony works? Just do a search for FLDS (Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints), which is the Utah/Arizona border cult at Short Creek – a spinoff of the main Mormon church and continued polygamy – ran by that guy Warren Jeffs, who is now in prison for life for raping 12-year-olds in their temple.

      I could go on, but you get the idea. Whatever you think of religion in general…no, I guarantee you, Mormonism stands out in its absurdity.

      1. “They still do act like they own the place, in Utah. Outsiders? Prepare to be quite ostracized…especially the [gasp] unmarried.”

        Mmm, not so sure about that any more. Salt Lake City hasn’t had a Republican mayor since Jake Garn back in the 70s (who went on to become US Senator from Utah). The current mayor is a lesbian of Polish descent. Imagine that. Lot more cosmopolitan than it used to be, but sadly to its discredit.

        1. Salt Lake City has always been further to the left than the state at large (and in all the wrong ways). All you have to do is go out to the suburbs in the middle and south end of the valley, in places where “immigrants” aren’t the majority, and it’s just as cliquish and frosty as ever.

    1. Oh definitely. His parting remarks and mine stand on their own quite well. He makes himself sound so astute and educated on the topic of religion, but all someone has to do is touch his soft underbelly (which his magic underwear don’t seem to protect) and he flies off the handle. My only hope is that others will see that and rightly use it against him as well.

  2. Each to their own as I always say. But you can tell you must have hit a nerve, somewhere to get called ‘Faggot’.

    I’ll say one thing for being Incel or in the case of you and I, being FORMER Incels – it sure does equip you with a low tolerance level for bullshit don’t it?

    1. More specifically, it fine-tunes you to certain types of bullshit that you’d never see otherwise. People who have never spent any time in incel, nearcel, etc. think that they are the ones who have all the answers…and of course, they would think that – it goes with the territory of sexual conquest and animal pack mentality. But there are certain things you can only know from having been metaphorically locked in the closet like Margot in Bradbury’s “All Summer in a Day” while everyone else is out playing in the sun, only not for an hour but for years, not to emerge until the best part is over…

      The fact that many “normal” guys get totally burned to a crisp by female malevolence and still come back for more, without touching MGTOW ideas with a 10′ pole, shows you who are truly the blind ones. Very few incels come out of it (or continue wading through it) with nothing but praise and worship for the feminine, and those who do are some of the most pathetic cucks who ever lived – and we’ve met some of them.

  3. It’s easy to be ambivelent about Mormonism. Some very high achievement people have
    been members of this cult. The history is bogus, but that’s not surprising. The history of
    Islam is as well.
    You will find that it is the FAITH that is theraputic, not what people have the faith in.
    There was a cult leader from the last century called “Father Devine.” He was also bogus, and
    a fraud, but people BELIEVED in him. A song called, “Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate The
    Negative,” was based on his way of thinking.

    1. Well, I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 – not because I liked him but because he was better than Obama. Evangelicals who couldn’t see that are blind and stupid. Having said that, there’s a little known fact that when people get their temple garments, they have to swear an oath of vengeance against the US, but I doubt many of them take it seriously. We knew for certain that Obama had a vendetta against the country, so how much worse could it be? In a way, I’m kinda glad Romney lost, because that gave rise to Trump.

      I can’t believe, though, that Romney beat out that guy Mike Kennedy in the primaries. If that vote wasn’t rigged…well, that’d just prove that they’re really confused idiots, just like Boxer.

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