What Happens When Women Breed With Bad Boys

This is what you get – more bad boys.

What, did you think that they were going to sire nice guys?

I’m not even talking about genetic determinism here – it’s likely that his behavior was somewhat cultivated by his father, as opposed to it happening due to his incompetence or absence.  I say that because whatever the chances are that a milquetoast nice-guy incel could raise a boy to turn out like this, we know that the offspring of someone like this will never become a milquetoast nice-guy incel.  That’s not the direction it goes from one generation to another.

Yes, this dipshit has absolutely no idea about the gravity of what he’s doing.  That’s because he’s a bad boy spawn.  What looks like stupidity to us is making vaginas wet.

He reminds me of someone I worked with many years ago…young, tall, hyperactive, chip on the shoulder…and his dad died before he was old enough to remember.  Raise by a single mom, he developed into more of an unreconstructed ape than a civilized human being.  Popular with the ladies females?  You better believe it.

Incivility is the new masculinity, post-feminism.  This is where evolution is headed.

As the character Servalan on Blake’s 7 said of the ape-like savages on a particular planet (bonus for anyone who can find the video)…These creatures are not what man evolved from, but what man will become. 

15 thoughts on “What Happens When Women Breed With Bad Boys

    1. Well thank you…familiarity with esoteric things like that is what replaced typical obsessions with pro sports, pro “wrestling”, G.I. Joe and all of the other things that other kids did (which didn’t make me too popular with them as you can imagine).

      I’m familiar with other works by Bradbury of course, but that particular story I on TV back when I was…probably no more than 5 years old, and I haven’t seen it since. I had to call up the title by typing in a search for “girl locked closet sun comes out 7 years”. After decades, I got the part about the 7 year cycle right, but I was wrong about which planet – I thought they were on Saturn and it turns out they were on Venus.

  1. But…Once again we see how the shit judgements made by women snowball into a whole cyclone of fucking chaos. And here is what gets me savage about women; they CANNOT tell the difference between an asshole and a GENUINE tough guy. The cannot tell the difference between a player and a true gentleman. this is the shit I have faced all my fucking life, and this is why I no longer want no part of it. They have made their fucking beds for me now man. They always chose the dickheads over me. Our society is headed right down the fucking crapper. Everything built that was sane and civilised is going to be flushed right away, and the barbarian hordes of Arabia are going to walk away with the golden goose.

    1. You’d almost hope the muzzies would be cursed with the pain in the ass that is western females, and have buyer’s remorse…but no, we know they’ll keep them in line, after they cut their clitori.

      A game that you only learn the rules to after you lose is a game not worth playing. That’s the MGTOW creed, like the final analysis of WarGames: the only winning move is not to play.

    1. It’s great to see that Sargon of Akkad has risen to prominence, isn’t it? Remember back when we saw that video where he hit it out of the park on Elliott Rodger? I think that may have been the first one we saw. A guy like him deserves a powerful voice, and now he’s got it.

      Boy, who would have ever thought that Mike Pence of all people would become a MGTOW folk hero?

      Okay, so I’ll see your Pence and raise you a turd…a monkey turd, specifically…

  2. I mean it’s the fucking insanity that gets me. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot? This is putting a red laser dot on it, a full JDAM kit on it, Plus Wire guided and RADAR Guided ordnance and pulling the fucking trigger.

    We always knew that this shit was going to go KABOOOOOM in their faces. But of course, every time we tried to point this out, we were always ‘Misogynist Incel Virgins. Well, looks like, as predicted, this particular chicken has come home to roost.

    Well I am confirmed TFM fan now. They guy speaks the truth.

      1. If more Incel guys would WAKE THE FUCK UP, and realise just what women actually ARE, instead of believing the gynocentric CRAP that MSM tells them concerning the nature of women, they would be mentally and emotionally better off.

        And it does not even require malicious thought process’s of any kind. You simply need to understand what women actually ARE. Since embracing MGTOW philosophise, I can honestly say that I feel mentally stronger. Do I get lonely? Of course I fucking do. But I have my cats. The point is, I am NEVER going to be held to ransom by a woman ever again. I haven’t got a lot. But what I DO have is MINE, and more importantly, I AM IN CONTROL.

        Content creators like TFM, and Sargon of Akkad, And even Roosh V on a good day, are essential viewing for guys like us. I’m even making an effort with my blog. Though I get the feeling it probably falls on deaf ears.

  3. It’s a known fact that you can triple lock a psychopath in prison and he will STILL find a
    way to get pussy, or pussy will find it’s way to him.
    In some prisons, the female guards are routinely sleeping with the inmates. Just last year,
    a female prison worker smuggled weapons to two inmates that helped them escape.
    The plan was to have them kill her husband, but she lost her nerve.

  4. As I said earlier, this crap is exactly what I have had to deal with my whole life; society’s preference for dickheads over decent men. It’s one of the reasons why I have turned my back upon women; and it is one of the reasons why I care nothing for society.

  5. And if you are in any fucking DOUBT, what women think of you if you are NOT in the top 20% of men who make the bitches INSTANTLY wet…Then just watch this video;

    1. Did you catch that part where he said that they can get the divorce done early in China? Gee, how many times have we heard people swear by the scheme of going overseas to find wives, because women over there supposedly aren’t like that…? Oh yeah, “Asian brides love you long time!” Suuuuure..

      I have seen this happen multiple times – a man marries a foreign woman, and becomes her ticket (and her family’s ticket) to his western country, and then she turns out to be every bit as much of a cunt as any of the skanks he went over there to get away from. Just like I was telling one young guy about three years ago, who thought he was going to go over to Russia and find a wife in “Vulvagrad” – you bring them home, they bring their family over via chain migration, and then throw you to the wolves. You end up getting gutted out in divorce court exactly the way you would have with a domestic skank. I knew one guy from California who married a woman from Mexico, and last I heard, he was living in a different state from her and the kids, just to get away from her ass for as much as he could.

      1. I think the lesson to be learned here is a very simple one; women are women. They are what they are. This is why smart men simply pay to get their carnal needs met. It’s much cheaper in the long run, and way less hassle. If you are dumb enough to think being in a relationship or getting married gets you pussy for free, well think again. Unless you happen to be in the top 20% of men who make women instantly wet, then this is the fate that could await you, should you be dumb enough to be suckered in.

  6. Gentlemen, what we have here is the perfect example of why it is better to be ALONE, than to suffer THIS. This video should be watched by EVERY whiny Incel. Might wake them the fuck up.

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