Study: Feminists Attracted to Sexist Men

Have your headache medicine nearby…

Now you may be expecting an article that finally tells the truth – that females are attracted to arrogant, uncivilized, disrespectful bad boys, because that’s what modern females think are marks of masculinity, but you’d be wrong.  The author makes mention of bad boys and incels at the beginning, but then they pull a sleight of hand, and re-frame the successful-with-females guy as having nice-guy characteristics, which they’re calling “benevolent sexism”, and thus he’s a villain.  Yes, the nice-guy.  Even though he’s not the guy getting the females.

Gul and Kupfer take a related tack, but head in a slightly different direction. They suggest that female interest in sexist men, specifically men who display “benevolent sexism” may be seen by women as being more interested in investing resources in a woman.

Benevolent sexism is a concept describing a form of sexism which is overtly less hostile and misogynistic, and are beliefs that I was taught, as a man from the US South. Benevolent sexism includes beliefs that:
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• Women should be “put on a pedestal”
• Women should be cherished and protected by men
• Men should be willing to sacrifice to provide for women
• Women are more virtuous than men
• Women are more refined and pure, compared to men.

Despite aspects of benevolent sexism appearing chivalrous and romantic, previous research has found that women who endorse these beliefs often demonstrate approval of restrictions on women’s freedoms, independence and autonomy, and may impact women’s support for gender egalitarianism.

Gul and Kupfer used several different related experiments in order to test why women find men with these types of beliefs to be more sexy and appealing…

So females are attracted to sexist guys…

But not bad boys…no, they’re attracted to nice-guys, who are actually sexist villains…

Because they simp females, and that needs to stop because…

It may make other females less inclined to think the sexes are equal in every way.


You follow that?  Good.  Next lecture: why apples are oranges…

Despite being attracted to them, and seeing them as good mates and partners, the women saw these males as being undermining and patronizing men who were more likely to place restrictions on the women.

^This is what powers MGTOW.  Men see this, and say, fuck it.

The article goes on to say that no evidence was found to account for this, by females not being feminist enough or needing protection from other males, which is not surprising – of course we know that the females are willing to sacrifice their own personal safety from the bad boy himself in order to get his high-quality genes, so that her own offspring can be just as dominant of other males; but alas, this is something that will never be seen through the lens of feminist “research”.

Oh, and then another gem, especially when you see from where and whom they lifted it…

It’s important to note that sexism and misogyny are not identical concepts. Kate Manne suggests that misogyny is more about control of women than about hatred, and argues that sexism is more of an ideology that supports the reasons why we treat women differently.

Remember what TFM says: words are magic spells.

“Dating male feminists turned out to be one of the least empowering decisions I’ve ever made.” —Kate Iselin

Ha!  Show me what empowerment looks like: This is what empowerment looks like!

Women who find sexist men attractive are not being traitors to other women, nor are they naïve women who don’t understand their choices. Instead, they are women who are making rational decisions, accepting tradeoffs. They are women who recognize that it may be more beneficial to have a partner who is committed to them and willing to sacrifice for them and their family, than it is to have a “woke” feminist man who wants them to be independent.

Oh, boy!  I wonder how they came to that conclusion…  Now you know why feminists, and females in general, hate MGTOW: because MGTOW gives them all the independence they want, and females are, by their very nature, DEPENDENT.

I look forward to future research which might explore men’s own perceptions of their attitudes towards women. Do men who hold benevolent sexist beliefs recognize that they may increase their attractiveness, while also potentially being seen as patronizing?

Are these so-called scientists really this confused?  The only part of that he go right was the part about cucks being seen as patronizing; the ideas that simping females is sexist is feminist delusion, and the idea that it makes them more attractive is demonstrably false.  So that’s 1-out-of-3, which is a failing grade, Dr. Ley.

But for now, perhaps this research can help us to stop attacking sexist men as being misogynistic tools of the patriarchy, and recognize that these social dynamics exist due to the choices of both men and women, for reasons other than power, hatred, or control.

That’s almost a refreshing way to cap off this chamber pot of deluded literary nonsense, had he not described nice-guy cucks as “sexist”.

Here’s the straight-dope, as if anyone reading this needs it: sexist guys are more attractive, but not because they are [gaps] benevolent sexists – rather, because they are chauvinistic sexists, in addition to being tall, arrogant, ripped and usually dumber than a sack of hammers.  Females collectively decide what is good DNA and what isn’t, and regression back to neanderthal traits are now good DNA.

Here’s the upside: at least male feminist soy boi types are going to die out.  Too bad the genes of many high-functioning men will also.




3 thoughts on “Study: Feminists Attracted to Sexist Men

  1. “Dating male feminists turned out to be one of the least empowering decisions I’ve ever made.” —Kate Iselin

    Well I’ll be a suck-egg mule…

    So. We are told, that the reason that we cannot get laid is because we are angry misogynists. Got that? OK Cool.

    So here is a woman who says – again I quote – “Dating male feminists turned out to be one of the least empowering decisions I’ve ever made.” —Kate Iselin

    Shorthand for he was about as manly as a pink fucking tutu.


    I treated my last GF like a fucking PRINCESS. But in the end she STILL could not stop behaving like an irresponsible mentally ill BITCH. Is it any wonder, that I embraced MGTOW?

    It seems to me, that women want the impossible. Literally. They have a list of check boxes as long as your arm, and if you do not tick ALL of those check boxes, then you are rejected. And even if you DO tick all of those boxes, they are FOREVER on the lookout for the BIGGER BETTER DEAL In the face of this, what else can the average man do, except walk through the door marked MGTOW, and firmly close it behind him..

    1. Women are children.
      The are large children with boobs.

      When you look at them as peers, their behavior makes no sense; but when you look at them as children, everything they do makes sense.

      Up until 50 years ago, when the world lost its mind, patriarchy was the rule; this wasn’t because men were bigger and stronger and bullied women around – it’s because it was WELL FUCKING KNOWN that women were emotional, irresponsible, irrational flakes with the good judgment of a spoiled child, and giving them the reins of power and authority was self-evidently foolish.

      No, it’s not necessary to brutalize them the way Muslims do, treating them absolutely like property, cutting their genitals to cause sexual dysfunction and covering them head-to-toe, but you can’t expect them to run the show the way a man would.

      This is lost knowledge…

  2. Though I am not religious, I believe, passionately, that NATURE works in a certain way. This is proven by the fact, that where our species is concerned, males and females are different in every respect for a VERY specific set of reasons.

    Now, this does not mean that believe that a man cannot step up to the plate when it comes to raising children. I am living proof of this. Or vice versa.

    But If I had to choose between being raised by a single parent, or being raised by a mother AND a father, I would choose the latter. Why? Simple. BECAUSE THAT IS THE WAY NATURE INTENDED FOR THINGS TO WORK.

    I have said, on a number of occasions, that a lot of our problems, as a society, in terms of male/female relations, stems from the fact that we have tried to re invent the wheel. Here is an astonishing fact; MEN CANNOT BEAR CHILDREN. MEN CANNOT BECOME PREGNANT FROM BEING FUCKED UP THE ASS.

    No I am all for population control. But not by turning all men GAY (Unless those men are in the top 20%). By the same token, women cannot NATURALLY impregnate themselves.

    So until these two problems are solved, and assuming we want our species to continue, men and women need to have sexual relations. One of the cornerstones of Eastern philosophy is the concept of Yin and Yang. Male and Female energy. Opposite forces in balance.

    Nature made men bigger and stronger FOR A REASON. Nature gave women breasts that produce milk FOR A REASON. Who the fuck are we to question this? JUST WHO THE FUCK ARE WE, to go against what NATURE intended?

    Civilisation was built by MEN and WOMEN working TOGETHER. and NOT by the fucking circus that we see now. Limp wristed Soy Boys, shaven headed lesbians, united in their hatred of WHAT IS MEANT TO BE. These are the facts. SOY BOYS AND LESBIANS COULD NOT BUILD SHIT. All they do is wreck, and ridicule, and demonise, Anything that is HEALTHY and NATURAL, they want to fucking DESTROY. Everything that they TOUCH turns to fucking bat shit. see, I am not doubting that there has NEVER been any Incel men. What I am saying, is that there has never been such an exponentially increasing NUMBER of Incel men. And this is ENTIRELY the fault of WOMEN. THEY are the ARCHITECTS of INCEL.

    And now women are realising, albeit probably too fucking late, because ANY MAN with half a functioning brain cell, has now seen what women are, and how they should be treated, that all this feminism has brought them NOTHING but a crock of SHIT. Well it’s too late bitches. The ones of us who are SMART have just booked themselves a seat on the last wagon out of Dodge.

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