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Flat-Earth Virginity (And Sasquatch)

Can prolonged virginity make a person go flat-earth?  No, but it can make them just as delusional about human sexuality.  And the average person is not helping anything.



The flat earth movement is on the rise, like some kind of epidemic mental illness.  Don’t believe it?  See for yourself by doing a search for it.  You’ll see quite a few proponents of the idea, and countless supporters cheering it on as they jeer the critics.  Or, just go into any mainstream public social media forum, and they’ll find you – they’re popping up everywhere.  How widespread is it?  The most pessimistic estimates (pessimistic for “globetards”, as we’re called) are anywhere from around 200,000 to a full 10% of the population.  One estimate claims that 1/3 of 18-24 year olds are on the fence about it. Even if those numbers are hyped, the problem is a serious one.  I mean think about it: flat earth theory is becoming ubiquitous, even in spite of how the geometric properties of Earth are widely observed and applied – not by a few cloistered scientists working for New World Order, Inc., but rather by people in countless disciplines and industries, along with amateur astronomers, photographers, travelers and other observers.  For that reason itself, don’t expect flat earthers to listen to anything you have to tell them, since they dismiss everything said by anyone who is not a fellow flat-earth crank.  After listening to them for a while, out of morbid curiosity, it’s a frightening realization how fragile human cognition really is, and how otherwise “normal” people can be brainwashed into following ideas that are more than just controversial, eccentric and easily falsifiable, but borderline madness.  Of course, they’ll tell you that they follow what they call “zetetic astronomy”, meaning that they only believe what they can see; they don’t see the curve of the earth, and thus, they don’t believe in it.  Never mind all of the other phenomena that point to a spherical earth, like where the sun goes at night…they have a whole battery of self-deluding explanations for it all, and they don’t like being asked to explain them in-depth.  Sound crazy?  It is.  It’s totally nuts.  Maybe it’s psy-op or something.

Now, imagine meeting someone who didn’t believe in the existence of…sex.

That idea may seem even more absurd than the flat earth theory, since the majority of people have been allowed to experience sex, and yet that’s part of the reason you might meet a late-life male virgin who has gone flat-earth on the concept sexual intercourse itself.

Just imagine, for a moment, living in a world where everyone you knew had seen a Sasquatch, except you…


Let’s say that it was not a mere legend – in this alternate reality, its existence is accepted by everyone.  It’s something that was kept secret from you by all of the grownups until a certain point in preadolescence, but nonetheless, you had no reason to doubt it, even though you and your peers had never personally seen it yet.  As you grew and entered your mid-teens, some of  your friends here and there would start telling you about how they were having their first sightings of a Sasquatch, usually by sheer serendipity, and sometimes not knowing when the next sighting would be.  You learn about Sasquatch in health class, about what people are doing when they see it and how to avoid being harmed by it, and you see evidence of it everywhere you go – well, that is to say, you know that you’re looking at evidence of Sasquatch only because people have told you that that’s what you’re seeing, and you trust them.  Why would they lie?  As you continue to get older, you pass the average age of first Sasquatch sighting, you graduate from school, and you hear everyone around you talking all the time about seeing Sasquatch.  Many people even have one they keep at home as a pet, but of course, you’re not allowed to see it and you’re not going to ask.

As you keep getting older, this thing that is seemingly everywhere, all around you, all of the time but you’ve never seen yourself, starts to make you wonder where the hell it actually is, and why you’re the only one who can’t see it.  Yes, you still take everyone’s word for it, because it just doesn’t make sense that it would be some grand conspiracy against you and only a handful of other people.  It’s much more likely that there is just something wrong with your vision that makes Sasquatch invisible, and you just need to figure out what that problem is so you can solve it somehow.  Well, don’t expect much help from other people – I mean how do they know why you haven’t seen a Sasquatch out in the woods yet?  They’re all over the place!  Oh, and that’s if you have the nerve to admit it to anyone, because the fact that you haven’t even seen this thing, at your age, is becoming more and more awkward.  Steven Carell and Judd Apatow even made a moving lampooning guys like you.  You start to feel like a circus freak, and you fear that people can tell that you’ve never seen Sasquatch, because you don’t know what they know about the experience of seeing it.  They might even have the nerve to ask you, directly or indirectly, about your Sasquatch encounters, and your insecurity about the questions blow your cover.  Maybe you can connect anonymously with other circus freaks online who likewise haven’t see Sasquatch, and exchange notes, eh?  Yeah, get ready for a mishmash of kook theories that try to explain it all, but don’t go anywhere and are merely the result of mental festering of the afflicted.

There comes a point when your situation becomes so nonsensical that you inevitably start to question everything you thought you knew about Sasquatch.  Again, you’ve now gone 30+ years, in what is said to be Sasquatch country, and you’ve never seen one.  Everyone around you has, reportedly, but you haven’t.  Are you really that crazy because you start to wonder if Sasquatch really exists?  Nothing you’ve ever been told about Sasquatch would make you think that you wouldn’t have seen it by now, so it comes down to a conflict between what your eyes tell you, and what others tell you.  Sure, you know intellectually that it must exist, because something has to be wrong with you – it can’t be that everyone around you is lying.  But these are the same people who have been telling you that in order to see the hairy primate with big feet, you have to do this big, long, stupid rain dance to get it to come out of the woods, and as far as you can tell, you’ve done it right…but still no sign of the beast.  And what about them?  They seem to run into ol’ Bigfoot all the time, and you know they haven’t been doing what they say you have to do to get your first sighting.  This is where you start to lose your mind.  Your own left brain just can’t keep insisting to your right brain that this ubiquitous ape exists, and there’s no explanation for why you can’t see it, other than a grand, hilarious coincidence.  The right brain just doesn’t believe it anymore.  It has lost faith in the left brain.  Just like the moron flat earthers ceased to believe that the earth is round, you cease to believe in Sasquatch.

So there you are.  You’ve lost trust in everyone around you, they’ve lost all respect for you, you’ve lost your mental faculties…and guess who isn’t coming out of the woods to make it all right: Sasquatch.  Oh, you know that motherfucker isn’t coming to the rescue now – not after all it obviously did to hide from you so that you’d end up this way.  You’re on your own.

Well, there is one option…  Just like the flat earther can pony up the dough for a convincing 70,000-foot ride in a MiG-25 to see the curve, the guy who has never seen Sasquatch can pay to go see one in captivity.  Oh sure, people would frown upon him for going to one of those private zoos on the edge of town, but it’s either that, or he just lets his sanity slip away, like a vine slipping out of his no-longer-willing hands as he sinks into the quicksand.  Of course, Sasquatch will still be everywhere and still hiding from him, but at least the earth will be round again.

Heh…and then all the people in this big round world who help make sure that prolonged virginity ruins a man’s life just can’t believe that some guys end up hating Sasquatch enough to go out hunting it with guns and Ryder vans…  Those are the same fucking do-gooder dipshits trying to shut down legal brothels.

Go ahead, dip-fucks – keep trying to remove options for incels, just like you were pulling control rods out of the Chernobyl reactor.


Another Incel Attack Almost Happened

National Post: Man cites virginity as reason he planned to kill ‘as many girls’ as he could, Utah police say

“All I wanted was a girlfriend, not 1000 not a bunch of hoes not money none of that,” he wrote, according to a probable-cause statement cited by authorities. “All I wanted was to be loved, yet no one cares about me I’m 27 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend before and I’m still a virgin, this is why I’m planning on shooting up a public place soon and being the next mass shooter cause I’m ready to die and all the girls the turned me down is going to make it right by killing as many girls as I see.”

I first learned about this on Infowars, who reposed it from Michael Snyder on the Economic Collapse.  That author said a couple of interesting things…

The stories that I am about to share with you barely made a blip on the news, but they should have,

Yeah, now why didn’t this one make the news?  Is it because the media is not interested unless there is blood and guts, or is it because the feminists haven’t gotten a hold of it yet?  I’m sure they’d tell you that they don’t want to give it notoriety, so as to prevent more attacks, but it’s a little late for that, a this stage in the game (as I’ll explain below).

Unfortunately, the only values that many of our young men have are the values that they have been fed by Hollywood, and Christopher Wayne Cleary was so frustrated with his inability to live up to the Hollywood ideal that he was ready to go on a mass shooting spree.

“All I wanted was a girlfriend, not 1000 not a bunch of hoes not money none of that,”

So write that down: having a girlfriend and not being a virgin at age 27 is now the Hollywood ideal.  Hmm…sounds reasonable…

What have we been saying for a long time now?  We’ve known that there would be more Incel attacks.  I’ve written about it at length.  I wrote about it just the other day.  You’d think that conspiracy-minded right-wing intelligentsia would be picking up on the reasons for this by now too, would you not?  Nope.  They’re too caught up in their own male dominance instincts, which makes them default to deriding incels as dangerous losers who need to be dominated some more, and made even more incel.  Same with post-noncel MGTOW.

See, guys like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson…you would think that if anyone prominent had any genuine esoteric knowledge of what incel is all about, it would be those guys, right?  Nope.  Remember this post I made after the Alek Minassian attack and after Infowars weighed in.  Those guys were bad boys in their youth, and they still are.  Paul Joseph Watson was some kind of stoner/rebel bad boy, and Alex Jones was a pretty boy, weight-lifter rich kid who got cleaned house when it came to pussy.  People don’t really change – they’re going to continue to the play dominant jock who bashes the incel nerd, all the way through life.  It’s really all a chance to relive the dominance hierarchy that was established in childhood between the nerds and the bullies/jocks.  “Hey, I know you!  I used to beat the shit out of you when we were kids!  Let’s do it again!”  Their past abuses of weak, isolated, budding incels will be looked back upon with nostalgia and justified as the  “right thing to do” because, it is assumed, all those nerds become the left-wingers trying to destroy the world.  Well, that’s not really how it happens, but these hero-jock types will always set up a narrative that glorifies themselves, demonizes incels, makes the gynocracy swoon, and dovetails right into their narrative of their larger fight against evil and globalism.  There was even a video in that post (now removed because of political censorship) where Alex Jones of all people was calling for incels to be profiled.  Hard to believe, but true.

Incels really are on their own.  Tradcons aren’t your friends.  Conspiracy theorists aren’t your friends.  Liberal feminists certainly aren’t your friends.  Right-wingers aren’t your friends.  Left-wingers aren’t your friends.  MGTOW aren’t your friends.

The more things change, the more they stay the same: incels have always been at the bottom of humanity, and no matter what humanity morphs into, they’re still at the bottom.  In wartime situations, they send you to the front lines based on a lack of marriage or relationships, to be used as target practice for the enemy.  Incels are universally disrespected in all cultures, by people of all ages and all other social dispositions.  Respect for any man who utterly lacks female validation is virtually unheard of…

And that’s how we knew, and still know, that more incel attacks are on the way.

Society consistently fails to see what is causing this problem.  They appeal to their own sense of disrespect for incels, which just inspires more of these uprisings.  You see, the act of mass killing is what an unstable person who seeks vindication uses as a last resort – the last lever they have to pull, as far as they can see, anyway.  Although “normies” prefer to project the fantasy of all incels being potential mass murders, so as to create an opportunity to “beat them into submission” in some fashion, physically or otherwise (a renewal of the established dominance hierarchy that was established on the school playground), we know that there is probably no higher proportion of psychopathic killers in the incel population than the general population.  But as I’ve said, as the incel demographic grows like a wildfire, the number of psychopathic killer incels grows right along with it, and the attacks will become more frequent.

So how can I blame this on society?  Because what actually happens is that incel killers do get some form of vindication when they do their thing – no, not from the rest of society, but even from the rest of the incelosphere.  When Alek Minassian wrote, “All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!” what do you think that did to the wheels turning in the heads of those on the fringe?  Now of course, the rest of the world (led by feminists) thinks that breaking up the online incel community and restricting/censoring all of their social networks is the solution to the problem, and of course they would think that – they already hated incels, and it’s perfect justification.  This won’t work of course, because incel is becoming so ubiquitous that incel connections and rhetoric is turning up everywhere you go, and trying to shut them all down is actually going to exacerbate the problem because you take away the incel community’s own degree of self-regulation.  There are times on an incel forum when someone will start talking a little bit psycho, and other incels will rein them in – it’s not the hive of mass murder fantasy and planning that is portrayed to the public.  Most incels try to talk sense into other members who talk like that, because they understand how real the danger is, and they have respect for each other.

I know, I know…you can’t expect noncels to understand any of this.  All you can do is sit back, and enjoy or endure, depending on how jaded you are.

MGTOW Running From Incel

Isn’t it funny how so many prominent MGTOW are so quick to distance themselves from incels?  Their reasons are usually flimsy.  I have a feeling that it’s much more basic: they don’t want incels cramping their style.

In a recent video from Turd Flinging Monkey, he attempts to define MGTOW, just like everyone else who is vying to be the frontman of the band, and clearinghouse of the lexicon (words are magic spells, as TFM always says)…even I’ve made my own catechetical post on MGTOW and what it should mean, so I’m not quarterbacking him for that.  It’s a worth-watching video where he delineates MGTOW from other identities and movements according to where they are looking for validation: incel and PUA are looking for female validation; traditionalists, identitarians and MRAs are looking for social validation; and MGTOW are looking for internal validation.

But the part of interest is at 10:26, where claims that MGTOW and incel are the two most dissimilar categories, under the theory that MGTOW are going their own way out of choice while incels are involuntarily celibate.  He then acknowledges that, from the outside, there is no distinction – like saying you can’t fire me because I quit – and he wraps that part up by saying, “It’s very small-thinking, and I understand – people are stupid.”  Well that’s all well and good, but he’s actually guilty of what he’s accusing them of, in not understanding nuance.

As I’ve just laid out in another thread (I had it as a draft for a while but this thread bumped up the priority to finish it) what makes a person incel can be easily understood, as long as you’re not trying to carve up a definition that conveniently keeps you in or out, depending on whether or not you want to wear the badge.  In a nutshell, if you have a person who would otherwise have sex, but there is some barrier preventing them from doing so – no matter how insurmountable or totally pathetic it may appear to be – that person is an incel; thus, there is potentially a huge amount of overlap between incel and MGTOW.  Am I making the definition of incel much more broad that a lot of people like?  Of course, but it’s either that, or the term is arbitrary to the point of meaningless – and so would be the acronym MGTOW, for the same reasons.

What a lot of MGTOW “leaders” do is they try to distinguish themselves from incels as the guys who came into MGTOW from past sexual relationships – they transitioned from being noncel to being MGTOW, while those who they designate as truly incel are all virgins.  It’s also common to see them caricature incels as losers who are rejected by all females, and the insinuation is that it’s for good reason.

That is key, right there.

Seriously, if you go back through what the vast majority of MGTOW content creators have said about incel, and listen for what their attitude is toward those whom they define as such (habitually rejected losers), then it become pretty clear that not many of them are truly beyond their pangs for female validation.  The idea that there is anything disgraceful about being consistently rejected by females is predicated on the value and importance of female validation.  That is why you see many MGTOW barkers trying to assure everyone that incels are barred from their club.  It’s much more than simply not wanting to be tied to the likes of Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian (although you can’t blame them for that) – they don’t want to be associated with the stigma of invalidation from females, and they don’t even realize it.

But, the first step to recover is admitting you have a problem.

Update 2019-01-29

So TFM put out another video, and it’s mostly unrelated to what we’re talking about here.  It’s basically a falling out between him an DDJ, one of his round-table contributors, over some old issue(s) relating to doxxing, cryptocurrency and other stuff that isn’t going to make much sense to those of us on the outside.  Having said that, there are a couple of points that are pertinent to this:

  • After about the 3:00 mark, DDJ says that TFM has turned into the “incel whisperer” and was conflating incel and MGTOW, to which TFM responds by saying that he wants incels to go MGTOW.  Now this seems like a lot different tone than he took when he basically said that incel and MGTOW were the most dissimilar, in the sense of self-definition (as if that should be the mark) but I don’t care.  I call it an improvement.  Trying to get incels to go MGTOW, or at least let them know that it’s a viable path, is what I’m trying to do as well.  I’m not going to get hung up on the fact that I think it’s possible to wear the incel and MGTOW badges at the same time, and he doesn’t, and long as he doesn’t shoo incels away from MGTOW over it.
  • DDJ is claiming that the idea of taking women’s rights away is a “blue-pill incel fantasy” or some such thing.  Forget about TFM – DDJ is exactly the kind of MGTOW barker I’m talking about who wants to shoo away incel because it’s cramping his style.  Now granted, there are some incels who have talked about crazy stuff, like governments getting them girlfriends and that sort of thing (oh, and I’m pretty sure they are expecting the pick of the crop, not females who are down on their level of sexual market value) which would necessarily involve taking away women’s rights because those women sure as hell aren’t going to want to fuck incels (per the Sexy Son Hypothesis) but what DDJ is saying is just a smear that exemplifies everything I’m talking about here.


The DDJ video:

I love how he starts out by saying that he’s not disparaging MGTOW or incels, and then he goes on to do exactly that.  Well, again, he’s all tangled up in some weird feud that is going on behind closed doors, and he’s using incel as a rock to throw at someone else.

Just remember this: like tradcons, femicunts, most MGTOW, and basically everyone else…DDJ is not your friend.

Defining Incel on a Spectrum of Sexual Inactivity

“Incel” is one of those terms that should be pretty much self-defining: involuntary celibacy.  Well, since people don’t want to make it that easy, let’s let logic define it.

I’ve said the same thing about MGTOW, because it has the same problem: people are always trying to hijack the label, over-complicate it and use it form some kind of tribal delineation.

First of all, this is kind of hard to do in the post-modern gender chaos era, where no one can agree on what “sex” is, so per good old fashioned common sense, here’s my definition of sex: penile-vaginal intercourse.  Anal sex, oral sex, sexting, teledildonics…forget it.  I’m keeping the definition narrow, because that’s the only way you can set any standards.  If you don’t agree with that definition, at least for the purpose of this discussion, I don’t care – you’re not my problem.

Now then, I have come up with three categories that I believe you could put just about any sexually inactive person into:

  1. Sexually Incapable – those who truly have no capability or options to have sex, under any circumstances, regardless of their own will.  These include:
    • Invalids, totally incapable of initiating sex, consensual or otherwise, and with whom no one else is initiating sex, consensual or otherwise
    • people with missing genitalia, or non-functional genitalia with a non-treatable underlying cause
      • females with vaginismus
      • males with erectile dysfunction
    • Those who are phobic of sex in a clinical, debilitating and incurable sense (which can lead to genital malfunction listed above)
    • imprisoned or displaced people with no access to sexual partners, consensual or otherwise
    • dead bodies that willing necrophiliacs have no access to
  2. Sexually unwilling – those who refuse to have sex, on account of the act of sex per se, are not subject to any other reason for their celibacy, and have a genuine preference to stay that way.  The reasons may include:
    • Those who hate sex
    • Those who fear sex
    • Those who are disgusted by sex
    • Those who are averse to sex for some other reason not listed here
  3. Everyone else – this is everyone who would have sex, but they don’t because none of their own options for doing so are acceptable.  Examples of unacceptable options include, but are not limited, to:
    • males who don’t want to have sex with unattractive-but-willing females
    • people serving or aspiring to serve in ecclesiastic vocations that require celibacy
    • females who haven’t had sex because they haven’t found a male who meets all of their personal criteria
    • males who are unwilling to commit forcible rape, e.g. blitz rape of a jogger using a weapon
    • people who are strictly too lazy (probably not many of these)
    • males who are not budgeted for legal prostitution, and/or are unwilling to travel for it
    • people who believe that all of their options for having sex would lead to eternal damnation, e.g. sex outside of marriage
    • people who have one or more of the various forms of shame surrounding sex
    • people who are phobic of sex, and could overcome it, but choose not to
    • people who do not want to risk rejection – this includes people for whom the chances of rejection are low, high or unknown
    • people who are holding out for a particular person who is not available for sex, e.g. a male with oneitis (unreciprocated limerance)
    • males who are married to unwilling wives, and either risk consequences for infidelity, or are uninterested in sex with any other females.


So, from that breakdown, who is incel?

People in category #1 are definitely incel, and people in category #2 are not – they are volcel.  People in category #3 are technically incel, and that may bother a lot of people, because some of those reasons seem (or are in fact) really stupid.  What I’ve seen a lot of incels do is deem some other self-identified incel as volcel, because whatever barrier lies between that person and sex would not stop the person doing the judging; but if this were valid, then only those in category #1 would be incel.  I think that when you see incels try to re-categorize other incels in this way, they’re trying to hog the label of incel for themselves, as if they are the only ones who have any room to gripe.  Well I grant you, the griping is going to sound really pathetic to anyone else who doesn’t have or wouldn’t be stopped by that same barrier, or knows a way around the barrier (which is the same as not having it)…  So yes, some barriers are going to be more respected by one’s incel peers than others, but all and all, regardless of how insurmountable or measly that barrier is, it only has to be enough to stop the person, and you technically have an incel – a person who’s celibacy, per se, is not of their own choosing.

I think what confuses people about this the most is the pop-positivity mantra of how all challenges in life can be overcome with willpower, and thus, any and all failure to do so is a choice.  Maybe that has motivated a few people here and there, but it has also caused a lot of misplaced blame, and ironically, resignation to learned helplessness – ironic because that mantra is meant to combat learned helplessness, yet it becomes counter-productive when it reinforces the idea a person has that not only will they never overcome a problem, but that no one else is ever going to understand.

So, what is celibacy?  Obviously, virginity past a certain age is, but what age is that?  And for non-virgins, how long do you have to go without sex to be considered celibate?  How do you draw any hard-and-fast delineations on that?  That’s another discussion for another day.


Does Amazon Sell Divorce Decrees?

Why not?  They sell everything else.

“Alexa, find me the nearest divorce attorney.”


So it looks like Bill Gates is set to become the richest man in the world again – well, that we know of – and all because Washington state, where the Bezos couple lives, is a community property state, which means that all assets and income acquired during the marriage is split down the middle.

No, there was no prenuptial agreement.

You see, his wife MacKenzie was every bit as responsible for the $137 billion that was made, so she deserves half.  Had they never married, she’d be worth $68.5 billion on her own…right?  Well, maybe not, but Jeff couldn’t have done it without her because, as the tradcons always say, “behind every successful man is a woman.”  Or wait…maybe it’s feminists who say that…?  I don’t know – the line between the two is getting really blurry, although neither self-identifying tradcons or feminists would agree.  That’s the funny part.

The rumor is that Bezos was poking the wife of some Hollywood mogul (now I ain’t saying she a gold digga), which was apparently no secret to the cucked spouses (hey, maybe those two will hook up now).  You’d think that someone with the shrewdness and resources of Jeff Bezos would find a way to hide an affair, wouldn’t you?  Nope.  There are just some things that even money can’t do.

I’m not really weeping for ol’ Beelzebezos, frankly.  No, I don’t resent him because he has money, but I do resent how he uses that money to express what a dystopian leftist douche he is.  Same with Mark Fuckerberg, Bill Gates, and and seemingly all of the other richest people in the world – they are all far left of center, and use that money to leverage a new type of technocratic communism for the plebians, basically trying to take over the world and rule it with an iron fist.  Don’t even get me started on George Soros.  Some will tell me that Elon Musk seems to be the least inclined that way, but he has declared himself a socialist, and you know he’s not picturing himself living the same way everyone else living under socialism would have to.  Also, don’t forget that his Tesla company is a giant government tax parasite.  Not that I would ever advocate limiting how much money any one person is allowed to have (because I’m not a socialist) but it seems that a). you have to be inclined toward being a tyrant in order to go for that much money, b). that much money turns you into a tyrant, or c). the tyrants already in the world’s richest club won’t allow you to get that big unless you’re also a tyrant.  Oh, I’m sure there are some on the richest list that I’m not aware of who aren’t like that.  I remember back in the ’80s when Donald Trump was the richest man in the world for a time; he of course lost it all and ended up in the hole but hundreds of millions, and then climbed back into the billions…  Is he a tyrant?  Well, if you’re a far-left, hair-on-fire antifa ghoul, yes of course he is…but I have to tell you, it seems to me that he’s more inclined to using his power and wealth toward lifting regular people up, not by giving them things and making them dependent like crack whores, but by making their country freer, safer and more prosperous – as good as he knows how.  That’s what makes all the difference, really.

Boy, we’ll know that the divorce is a lot nastier that they’re letting on if MacKenzie uses her fortune to underwrite the border wall!  Just think – she could end this deadlock situation with the snap of her fingers now.  Oh, but we know it’s not about a mere $5.7 billion…but that’s another topic for another day.

“Alexa, give me an orgasm!”

Big Tech Shadow-Banning Individual MGTOW Users, Not Just Content Creators

We hear all the time about Big Tech banning the big dogs all over the political right, the Manosphere, and anyone else the Silicon Vally soy fags don’t like (even flat earthers)…  But did you know that they also shadow-ban individual users, based on unspoken social credit scoring?

This is based on my own research, although I’m not going to put any links in this post to any of my findings directly, because I’m not going to dox myself.  I’ll just say that I have confirmed that social media companies do indeed perform some degree of shadow-banning even small-timers with unfavorable “wrong-think” viewpoints, no doubt in order to keep them from becoming anyone prominent…and of course, MGTOW is one of those unfavorable viewpoints.  You don’t have to take my word for it – anyone should be able to replicate these findings for themselves.  Here’s what to look for:

  • You’ll notice that all of your posts in certain forums show up and look just fine to you, and may even look like they’re at the top, but they are simultaneously invisible on other devices where you’re not logged in.
  • You’ll do a search for your own content, even using very specific and unique key phrases for relevance, and nothing comes up.  That wouldn’t happen in the past.
  • Your activity from other users, (responses, views, etc.) slowly dwindles down to nothing.  You’ll just kind of fall off the map for no apparent reason.
  • I haven’t seen it myself yet, but don’t be surprised if you discover that some of your reposts, retweets and even forwarded messages are being intercepted.  If they aren’t yet, they will be soon enough.

Again, my point is that you don’t have to be Alex Jones to have this happen – you can be a total nobody on the importance scale, and you’re being shadow-banned.  It’s not necessarily an absolute blackout, but to an extent, they will filter you from the public square, while making it look to you like you are as visible to the rest of the world as anyone else.

No, I don’t think it’s the result of a bunch of transsexual Antifa engineers in San Jose cubicles seeing your content themselves, and putting the clamp down.  What’s actually happening is that they have censorship algorithms that gradually clamp down on the size of your reach without any human intervention (although I’m not sure a transsexual Antifa is really what I’d call “human”, but anyway..)  Many have heard of the new Chinese “social credit score”, designed to punish people for having unfavorable viewpoints, and similar rankings most certainly already exist within western social media servers, but their existence isn’t acknowledged, and they make their effects hard to notice, until you do some testing for yourself

So, how do they ascertain the viewpoints of people without human eyes seeing what is being written and then flagging it?  Oh, they have their ways…

  • Like/dislike ratings — you think you’re helping some other user or content creator out when you give them a like or thumbs-up, but you’re really just telling the Borg about your own viewpoints, and the algorithm starts scoring your social credit from there.
  • Key words and content viewed — the more times you type words like MGTOW, for example, especially with the hash-tag in front, and the more content you consume with those or related keywords and themes, the more your social credit score is affected.
  • Feedback loops — basically, all if this data is fed back into itself to purify the results: i.e. the sheer ratings and viewership numbers your content gets doesn’t just go into the algorithm raw, but rather they are statistically weighted according to those users’ own social credit scores; so for example, if a bunch of liberals with high scores give you many views and good ratings, your own social credit score is positively influenced; if they give you negative ratings, you’re score goes down; if people with low ratings give you positive ratings, your score goes down.

So with relatively little steering from the SJW tech employees themselves, you are scored by other social media users, friendly and hostile alike, and you yourself score other content creators and users with your own opinions and consumption levels.  Obviously, it’s not that they are working to simply connect like-minded people to each other – that may happen for the pool of users with favorable views, but the ability of those in the basket of deplorables to network is impeded.

Welcome to the ghetto of cyberspace!  Population: you, other Deplorables, and high walls in-between.

Now of course, I might have some wannabe say, “Well duh!  Everyone knows this.  Where have you been?”  Okay then, show me where someone is talking about shadow-banning of small-time users, as opposed to just the major content creators.  But wait – maybe someone is, yet alas, how would we know, per the subject of this very post?  Will anyone see this?  I have a following, so a few people will see this, but the almighty algorithm will ensure that this, and other “deplorable” content from users below a certain level of prominence, never goes viral.  That’s how they are nipping us in the bud.

Again, MGTOW is one of those views deemed unfavorable.  It becomes less and less likely that you’re going to see any new MGTOW content creators rise to prominence, as the algorithm gets more fine-tuned.  Meanwhile, the big dogs of MGTOW will be picked off in the ongoing war of attrition with Big-Left, one by one.  Oh, and by the way – tradcons are not much of a help in this fight.  You’ll find that despite them jumping on the bandwagon of populist free speech, they are just as anti-MGTOW and anti-incels as their liberal and feminist counterparts, and thus, they tend to quash our ideas so as to purify their own areas of the digital ghetto, just as much as the left does in their posh cyberhoods.  So, does this mean that all of them will finally beat MGTOW into obscurity?  I predict that they won’t, because whatever MGTOW lacks in left/right mainstream favor, it more than makes up for in status quo circumstances that fuel the phenomenon itself.  Same goes for incel, but in addition to that, mankind’s innate persecution of male sexual failures makes it a lighting rod for attention; greater still, the rising incel rebellion and the bloodshed that results draws attention to it.  I’m not saying it’s right, but just an uncomfortable truth: spree killings do move things.  That alone is how we know that more are on the way.

Alas, it all comes down what has already been said: anti-globalist politicians, while they have this current window of power, must act to break up tech giants and stop the censorship, if they can.  Victory for us is far from assured.  Project Veritas has done their part to expose shadow-banning, and others have pushed it into the public consciousness, so eventually there has to be consequences – and I mean soon.  Right now, we have a handful of leaders in power who seem to have the will to do something about this, but they can’t act alone…and if action isn’t taken, then it’s going to be a very, very long time before we have another opportunity to do something about this, if ever.

If they are never punished, they will never stop.

They will go exactly as far as they are allowed.

Addendum 2019-01-20shadow doxxing, certificate revocation and Trojan Horse institutions

Here’s one more observation and another prediction about the moves of Big Tech in their war against “wrong-think”…

Shadow doxxing: A recent incident happened on Google to someone I know, who had two Google/YouTube accounts – one that was a “safe” account in which discovery of his real identity was no big deal because he wouldn’t say anything controversial, and one that was a “trouble” account, where he’s let the controversy fly.  The two had different information, different associated e-mails, etc. so there shouldn’t have ever been a breach, right?  Wrong.  He was informed by a former coworker that his avatar, on that person’s phone, had changed per the trouble account.  It seemed that this shouldn’t have happened because the phone number was to the safe account…but Google, merging this former coworker’s data, probably had the e-mail to the trouble account programmed in, and so it basically merged the two.  He shut down the trouble account, and if he realizes that Google now requires a phone number, that’s the end of that, unless he gets a burner phone.

It has been well known for some time that Google loves to merge everything it can and, like Mark Zuckerberg, they want everyone to be doxxed – that is, they think that universal transparency of everyone, putting us all in fishbowls, is the path to utopia because then no one will be hiding anything.  This is of course the elitists’ vision of no one having blinds in their windows but them – why do you think Zuckerberg tapes up his webcam and mic?  You can be assured that this shadow doxxing is going to be weaponized against those with a low social credit score, having been driven down by wrong-think.  It may have already begun.

Revoked certificates: Again, this is anecdotal, but I have noticed that a lot of URLs that activate when I visit trustworthy albeit wrong-think sites lately have been blocked by my anti-virus, citing “certificate revoked”.  It’s not from the site itself, but it seems to happen only on right-of-center sites.  Coincidence?  Maybe…but I’m not going to be as surprised if we find one day that certificates to sites like Infowars and Breitbart are blocked by your browser, citing revocation of certificates.  It may come to a point where your Microsoft or Mozilla browser will flat-out refuse to load the sites at all.  That day is coming swiftly, as we wait for government do something about Big Tech censorship, via anti-trust and public square laws.

Ah, it wasn’t supposed to be this way…  What do I mean by that?  You may think I’m lamenting the censorship, and saying that the internet was always supposed to be open and free…oh no, quite the opposite.  Even though an open-and-free internet is certainly what I prefer, that’s not how it was intended to be, by the globalist elite.  They intended it not to be a double-edged razor but (as I heard someone say way back in ’99) a big wrecking ball, with razors embedded.  It was going to be a total dystopian apparatus of spying, censorship and control; but somewhere along the way, they lost control of it.  The spread of anti-globalism, “populism” and anti-NWO sentiments worldwide has happened through the alternative media, and much of that flows through the internet.  The world’s shadowy oligarchs are probably saying to themselves, “Oh if only we’d just stuck with TV!”  But the Empire has been striking back, not only with Big Tech censorship, but in moves like Obama’s surrender of ICANN to what is likely to be global governance in time (it’s amazing how much damage that guy did to the US and the world).  If the UN runs the internet, the intended dystopia of website banning through selective enforcement will become reality at last.  You won’t be able to log on to sites like Infowars because they won’t exist.  The flow of all information in the world will be conquered by the NWO.  And that leads me to my next observation…

Trojan Horse institutions: For some time, I used to have a logo at the bottom of this blog to the Internet Defense League, a non-profit that ostensibly was all about fighting internet censorship.  I researched it as much as I could, and all I could really see is that they were against SOPA, which wasn’t what I considered a good bill – not because I’m a piracy advocate, but because it could lead to dystopia in other ways.  That logo was on this page for a long time, and not hearing much about them in the circles I run, I attempted to remove it, but it’s one of those things they design to be like a casino – hard to find your way out of.  Well I renewed that effort to get rid of it, and I did, when I saw this on the IDL website:

The Internet Blackout was just the beginning. On July 12th, we need to join together to protect net neutrality.

Net neutrality?  Internet blackout?  Yeah, just when you thought they were your friend…  But again, it was hard to determine that they were the enemy until after you’ve already given them a bunch of free advertising.

The war against the forces of a new dark age is really going into high gear, because we now have a fighting chance, for the first time in most of our lifetimes, and it’s mostly due to the internet.  It’s going to take everything we’ve got to stay ahead of the problems, and the first step is the same as it has always been: spreading the understanding.