Big Tech Shadow-Banning Individual MGTOW Users, Not Just Content Creators

We hear all the time about Big Tech banning the big dogs all over the political right, the Manosphere, and anyone else the Silicon Vally soy fags don’t like (even flat earthers)…  But did you know that they also shadow-ban individual users, based on unspoken social credit scoring?

This is based on my own research, although I’m not going to put any links in this post to any of my findings directly, because I’m not going to dox myself.  I’ll just say that I have confirmed that social media companies do indeed perform some degree of shadow-banning even small-timers with unfavorable “wrong-think” viewpoints, no doubt in order to keep them from becoming anyone prominent…and of course, MGTOW is one of those unfavorable viewpoints.  You don’t have to take my word for it – anyone should be able to replicate these findings for themselves.  Here’s what to look for:

  • You’ll notice that all of your posts in certain forums show up and look just fine to you, and may even look like they’re at the top, but they are simultaneously invisible on other devices where you’re not logged in.
  • You’ll do a search for your own content, even using very specific and unique key phrases for relevance, and nothing comes up.  That wouldn’t happen in the past.
  • Your activity from other users, (responses, views, etc.) slowly dwindles down to nothing.  You’ll just kind of fall off the map for no apparent reason.
  • I haven’t seen it myself yet, but don’t be surprised if you discover that some of your reposts, retweets and even forwarded messages are being intercepted.  If they aren’t yet, they will be soon enough.

Again, my point is that you don’t have to be Alex Jones to have this happen – you can be a total nobody on the importance scale, and you’re being shadow-banned.  It’s not necessarily an absolute blackout, but to an extent, they will filter you from the public square, while making it look to you like you are as visible to the rest of the world as anyone else.

No, I don’t think it’s the result of a bunch of transsexual Antifa engineers in San Jose cubicles seeing your content themselves, and putting the clamp down.  What’s actually happening is that they have censorship algorithms that gradually clamp down on the size of your reach without any human intervention (although I’m not sure a transsexual Antifa is really what I’d call “human”, but anyway..)  Many have heard of the new Chinese “social credit score”, designed to punish people for having unfavorable viewpoints, and similar rankings most certainly already exist within western social media servers, but their existence isn’t acknowledged, and they make their effects hard to notice, until you do some testing for yourself

So, how do they ascertain the viewpoints of people without human eyes seeing what is being written and then flagging it?  Oh, they have their ways…

  • Like/dislike ratings — you think you’re helping some other user or content creator out when you give them a like or thumbs-up, but you’re really just telling the Borg about your own viewpoints, and the algorithm starts scoring your social credit from there.
  • Key words and content viewed — the more times you type words like MGTOW, for example, especially with the hash-tag in front, and the more content you consume with those or related keywords and themes, the more your social credit score is affected.
  • Feedback loops — basically, all if this data is fed back into itself to purify the results: i.e. the sheer ratings and viewership numbers your content gets doesn’t just go into the algorithm raw, but rather they are statistically weighted according to those users’ own social credit scores; so for example, if a bunch of liberals with high scores give you many views and good ratings, your own social credit score is positively influenced; if they give you negative ratings, you’re score goes down; if people with low ratings give you positive ratings, your score goes down.

So with relatively little steering from the SJW tech employees themselves, you are scored by other social media users, friendly and hostile alike, and you yourself score other content creators and users with your own opinions and consumption levels.  Obviously, it’s not that they are working to simply connect like-minded people to each other – that may happen for the pool of users with favorable views, but the ability of those in the basket of deplorables to network is impeded.

Welcome to the ghetto of cyberspace!  Population: you, other Deplorables, and high walls in-between.

Now of course, I might have some wannabe say, “Well duh!  Everyone knows this.  Where have you been?”  Okay then, show me where someone is talking about shadow-banning of small-time users, as opposed to just the major content creators.  But wait – maybe someone is, yet alas, how would we know, per the subject of this very post?  Will anyone see this?  I have a following, so a few people will see this, but the almighty algorithm will ensure that this, and other “deplorable” content from users below a certain level of prominence, never goes viral.  That’s how they are nipping us in the bud.

Again, MGTOW is one of those views deemed unfavorable.  It becomes less and less likely that you’re going to see any new MGTOW content creators rise to prominence, as the algorithm gets more fine-tuned.  Meanwhile, the big dogs of MGTOW will be picked off in the ongoing war of attrition with Big-Left, one by one.  Oh, and by the way – tradcons are not much of a help in this fight.  You’ll find that despite them jumping on the bandwagon of populist free speech, they are just as anti-MGTOW and anti-incels as their liberal and feminist counterparts, and thus, they tend to quash our ideas so as to purify their own areas of the digital ghetto, just as much as the left does in their posh cyberhoods.  So, does this mean that all of them will finally beat MGTOW into obscurity?  I predict that they won’t, because whatever MGTOW lacks in left/right mainstream favor, it more than makes up for in status quo circumstances that fuel the phenomenon itself.  Same goes for incel, but in addition to that, mankind’s innate persecution of male sexual failures makes it a lighting rod for attention; greater still, the rising incel rebellion and the bloodshed that results draws attention to it.  I’m not saying it’s right, but just an uncomfortable truth: spree killings do move things.  That alone is how we know that more are on the way.

Alas, it all comes down what has already been said: anti-globalist politicians, while they have this current window of power, must act to break up tech giants and stop the censorship, if they can.  Victory for us is far from assured.  Project Veritas has done their part to expose shadow-banning, and others have pushed it into the public consciousness, so eventually there has to be consequences – and I mean soon.  Right now, we have a handful of leaders in power who seem to have the will to do something about this, but they can’t act alone…and if action isn’t taken, then it’s going to be a very, very long time before we have another opportunity to do something about this, if ever.

If they are never punished, they will never stop.

They will go exactly as far as they are allowed.

Addendum 2019-01-20shadow doxxing, certificate revocation and Trojan Horse institutions

Here’s one more observation and another prediction about the moves of Big Tech in their war against “wrong-think”…

Shadow doxxing: A recent incident happened on Google to someone I know, who had two Google/YouTube accounts – one that was a “safe” account in which discovery of his real identity was no big deal because he wouldn’t say anything controversial, and one that was a “trouble” account, where he’s let the controversy fly.  The two had different information, different associated e-mails, etc. so there shouldn’t have ever been a breach, right?  Wrong.  He was informed by a former coworker that his avatar, on that person’s phone, had changed per the trouble account.  It seemed that this shouldn’t have happened because the phone number was to the safe account…but Google, merging this former coworker’s data, probably had the e-mail to the trouble account programmed in, and so it basically merged the two.  He shut down the trouble account, and if he realizes that Google now requires a phone number, that’s the end of that, unless he gets a burner phone.

It has been well known for some time that Google loves to merge everything it can and, like Mark Zuckerberg, they want everyone to be doxxed – that is, they think that universal transparency of everyone, putting us all in fishbowls, is the path to utopia because then no one will be hiding anything.  This is of course the elitists’ vision of no one having blinds in their windows but them – why do you think Zuckerberg tapes up his webcam and mic?  You can be assured that this shadow doxxing is going to be weaponized against those with a low social credit score, having been driven down by wrong-think.  It may have already begun.

Revoked certificates: Again, this is anecdotal, but I have noticed that a lot of URLs that activate when I visit trustworthy albeit wrong-think sites lately have been blocked by my anti-virus, citing “certificate revoked”.  It’s not from the site itself, but it seems to happen only on right-of-center sites.  Coincidence?  Maybe…but I’m not going to be as surprised if we find one day that certificates to sites like Infowars and Breitbart are blocked by your browser, citing revocation of certificates.  It may come to a point where your Microsoft or Mozilla browser will flat-out refuse to load the sites at all.  That day is coming swiftly, as we wait for government do something about Big Tech censorship, via anti-trust and public square laws.

Ah, it wasn’t supposed to be this way…  What do I mean by that?  You may think I’m lamenting the censorship, and saying that the internet was always supposed to be open and free…oh no, quite the opposite.  Even though an open-and-free internet is certainly what I prefer, that’s not how it was intended to be, by the globalist elite.  They intended it not to be a double-edged razor but (as I heard someone say way back in ’99) a big wrecking ball, with razors embedded.  It was going to be a total dystopian apparatus of spying, censorship and control; but somewhere along the way, they lost control of it.  The spread of anti-globalism, “populism” and anti-NWO sentiments worldwide has happened through the alternative media, and much of that flows through the internet.  The world’s shadowy oligarchs are probably saying to themselves, “Oh if only we’d just stuck with TV!”  But the Empire has been striking back, not only with Big Tech censorship, but in moves like Obama’s surrender of ICANN to what is likely to be global governance in time (it’s amazing how much damage that guy did to the US and the world).  If the UN runs the internet, the intended dystopia of website banning through selective enforcement will become reality at last.  You won’t be able to log on to sites like Infowars because they won’t exist.  The flow of all information in the world will be conquered by the NWO.  And that leads me to my next observation…

Trojan Horse institutions: For some time, I used to have a logo at the bottom of this blog to the Internet Defense League, a non-profit that ostensibly was all about fighting internet censorship.  I researched it as much as I could, and all I could really see is that they were against SOPA, which wasn’t what I considered a good bill – not because I’m a piracy advocate, but because it could lead to dystopia in other ways.  That logo was on this page for a long time, and not hearing much about them in the circles I run, I attempted to remove it, but it’s one of those things they design to be like a casino – hard to find your way out of.  Well I renewed that effort to get rid of it, and I did, when I saw this on the IDL website:

The Internet Blackout was just the beginning. On July 12th, we need to join together to protect net neutrality.

Net neutrality?  Internet blackout?  Yeah, just when you thought they were your friend…  But again, it was hard to determine that they were the enemy until after you’ve already given them a bunch of free advertising.

The war against the forces of a new dark age is really going into high gear, because we now have a fighting chance, for the first time in most of our lifetimes, and it’s mostly due to the internet.  It’s going to take everything we’ve got to stay ahead of the problems, and the first step is the same as it has always been: spreading the understanding.


One thought on “Big Tech Shadow-Banning Individual MGTOW Users, Not Just Content Creators

  1. We are sleepwalking into an Orwellian nightmare. No, scrub that. We are ALREADY living in an Orwellian nightmare.

    This is one of the reasons why I will not, point fucking BLANK, will NOT have Microsoft Windows on any machine in my house. On this computer I use Linux Mint Mate. On my net book I use Linux Mint XFCE. I build my own equipment from bits and pieces, boosted by the occasional new part.

    Microsoft, in a decent society, would be run the fuck outta town because of their track record. The fuckers have been in bed with the CIA since around 1997. Windows 10 is one giant piece of spyware; it records EVERY FUCKING KEYSTROKE THAT YOU MAKE, and that data gets packaged up and sent to their Headquarters in Seattle, where CIA goons are waiting with coffee and doughnuts to go through it at their leisure.

    This is not me being paranoid. This is reality. Did you know, that if you have Windows 10 machine, UNLESS YOU PHYSICALLY DISCONNECT IT FROM ITS POWER SOURCE, IF IT HAS A WEBCAM AND A MICROPHONE, BOTH OF THESE CAN BE TURNED ON REMOTELY, AND IN SUCH A WAY THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE ON AND RECORDING YOU. Again this is not me wearing a tinfoil hat.

    Now add to this, the information that you have provided, and you have a situation of terrifying proportions; and you have to ask yourself, are we any freer than the North Koreans?

    Well apparently, from what you say, and I have no reason whatsoever to disbelieve you, only if you say the right things. And the right things are (Some of them), Women’s hypergamy = good. Redpill knowledge = bad. Promotion of a LBGTQ lifestyle = good, promotion of masculine values = bad. Welcoming Jizzlamic shitheads with open arms = good. Standing up for white heterosexual Christian values = bad.

    So what we have here, if you and I are even only HALFWAY right, then what we in fact have here is a systematic purging of the Internet, one that is being carried out by machine code, a mass sanitisation of the Internet, which will will leave it a far more dangerous place to be, if you hold and express any of the views that people like you and I do.

    So where will this shit ultimately end? Drone strikes on the homes of Incels? Camp X Ray for MGTOW followers? Is this pure fantasy in my addled head?

    And have you noticed how after EVERY Incel wigout, conveniently, a load of posts and YouTube videos surface, where the supposed perpetrator declares war on society? If this information is out there, WHY DON’T THE AUTHORITIES ACT BEFORE THE SHOOTING STARTS? Which is why I take these wigouts with a VERY large pinch of salt. I’m not saying that these fuckers are not insane…what I am saying is that they are being AIMED.

    And that rather confirms what both you and I suspect; this whole issue is being whittled into a VERY sharp point. One that will be driven into the whole fucking concept of being a heterosexual male. We DESPERATELY need people to wake the fuck up, with regard to what is going on.

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