Does Amazon Sell Divorce Decrees?

Why not?  They sell everything else.

“Alexa, find me the nearest divorce attorney.”


So it looks like Bill Gates is set to become the richest man in the world again – well, that we know of – and all because Washington state, where the Bezos couple lives, is a community property state, which means that all assets and income acquired during the marriage is split down the middle.

No, there was no prenuptial agreement.

You see, his wife MacKenzie was every bit as responsible for the $137 billion that was made, so she deserves half.  Had they never married, she’d be worth $68.5 billion on her own…right?  Well, maybe not, but Jeff couldn’t have done it without her because, as the tradcons always say, “behind every successful man is a woman.”  Or wait…maybe it’s feminists who say that…?  I don’t know – the line between the two is getting really blurry, although neither self-identifying tradcons or feminists would agree.  That’s the funny part.

The rumor is that Bezos was poking the wife of some Hollywood mogul (now I ain’t saying she a gold digga), which was apparently no secret to the cucked spouses (hey, maybe those two will hook up now).  You’d think that someone with the shrewdness and resources of Jeff Bezos would find a way to hide an affair, wouldn’t you?  Nope.  There are just some things that even money can’t do.

I’m not really weeping for ol’ Beelzebezos, frankly.  No, I don’t resent him because he has money, but I do resent how he uses that money to express what a dystopian leftist douche he is.  Same with Mark Fuckerberg, Bill Gates, and and seemingly all of the other richest people in the world – they are all far left of center, and use that money to leverage a new type of technocratic communism for the plebians, basically trying to take over the world and rule it with an iron fist.  Don’t even get me started on George Soros.  Some will tell me that Elon Musk seems to be the least inclined that way, but he has declared himself a socialist, and you know he’s not picturing himself living the same way everyone else living under socialism would have to.  Also, don’t forget that his Tesla company is a giant government tax parasite.  Not that I would ever advocate limiting how much money any one person is allowed to have (because I’m not a socialist) but it seems that a). you have to be inclined toward being a tyrant in order to go for that much money, b). that much money turns you into a tyrant, or c). the tyrants already in the world’s richest club won’t allow you to get that big unless you’re also a tyrant.  Oh, I’m sure there are some on the richest list that I’m not aware of who aren’t like that.  I remember back in the ’80s when Donald Trump was the richest man in the world for a time; he of course lost it all and ended up in the hole but hundreds of millions, and then climbed back into the billions…  Is he a tyrant?  Well, if you’re a far-left, hair-on-fire antifa ghoul, yes of course he is…but I have to tell you, it seems to me that he’s more inclined to using his power and wealth toward lifting regular people up, not by giving them things and making them dependent like crack whores, but by making their country freer, safer and more prosperous – as good as he knows how.  That’s what makes all the difference, really.

Boy, we’ll know that the divorce is a lot nastier that they’re letting on if MacKenzie uses her fortune to underwrite the border wall!  Just think – she could end this deadlock situation with the snap of her fingers now.  Oh, but we know it’s not about a mere $5.7 billion…but that’s another topic for another day.

“Alexa, give me an orgasm!”

3 thoughts on “Does Amazon Sell Divorce Decrees?

  1. If these fuckers REALLY ARE Socialists, then why do they not use their considerable influence and wealth to REALLY make a difference to the lives of ORDINARY people. Like ordinary men and women in your country, who have to hold down three jobs just to make ends meet, because the wages paid for each one of those jobs are so shit, or they cannot get enough hours.

    But no. These cunts would rather waste money on their pet projects – like developing space tourism BEFORE we have a WORKING warp engine – which is what we actually need if we are going to go ANY further than the fucking moon. No there is an idea for a sci fi movie – SJW’s in space.

    And while they are at it, why don’t these motherfuckers do something for the cause of Incel men. Oh wait. I forget. They have cured their Incel with money. Money will ALWAYS get you laid. So the rest of us can go hang huh?

    If they are not gonna stick their hands in their pockets, why don’t they do us all a favour and just STOP TRYING TO SHUT PEOPLE WHO SAY THINGS THAT THEY DON’T APPROVE OF DOWN EH?That’s a pretty cheap option for them.

    My interpretation of Socialism is very simple. We are all human, we are all mortal, and we all deserve a fair crack of the whip. And that applies to everything. That includes freedom of speech. See, this whole left wing wielding of the banhammer is very troubling to me. I am very slightly autistic, so I tend to see things is very simple manner. And to me, we either have the right to free speech or we don’t.

    If we have free speech, then occasionally you are gonna see or hear things that you do not like or do not approve of. That is the way it is. We can’t claim to have freedom of speech, and then ban people with gay abandon, just because we don’t like what they say. It’s either one or the other.

    1. And this is precisely the reason Marxist societal organization, i.e. communism and socialism, cannot ever actually work: human nature.

      People who belong to the world’s uber-elite class – politicians, ultra-moguls like Bezos, multinational bankers and other oligarchs – are all about Marxism, but not for the same reason those on the bottom are. People on the bottom have been either forced, or enticed, into dependency on “the system”, and so it becomes a fight for survival for them. I’m against Marxism, but it’s not like I’m blind to the reasons why people are for it.

      • Some people truly did draw the short straw and would be dead without the assistance of others, and it’s understandable that they’ll favor Marxism over surviving on charity, because codified entitlement sure looks more secure than sympathetic assistance from people or institutions that are not obligated, and can withdraw support at any time. Of course, many of us on the right would like to think that we’d do the right thing and support the more principled policies that don’t give you a social safety net from the government, but when you’re right up against it, you see a lot of us right-wingers crack under that pressure.
      • Some can get by on their own, but they have sympathy for the plight of those in the above category, so they lobby for Marxism on their behalf, for the same reasons.
      • There are also those who could stand on their own two feet, but would rather not because they are unprincipled, lazy, feckless bastards (and few of them will stand up and be counted as such).
      • And then there are those who dreamed of making it big in life, becoming millionaires and whatnot, but they failed, and now they just want *something* – they are the ones who want to eat the rich, out of jealousy and resentment.

      Now as for the uber-elite Marxists, they would tell you that they belong under the second heading, and are sympathetic to the plight of others, but it’s all just an act, save a very few exceptions. They stoke the sentiment of eat-the-rich to the masses, but they themselves always have an out. You will never, ever find one of these extreme leftist ideas being pushed by the uber-elite that don’t feature some kind of unspoken exemption mechanism for themselves. The way they’re really intended to work is they make it difficult for everyone below their uber-elite status to prosper beyond a certain point – kind of like equal distribution of poverty, with a tier for themselves above it.

      Meanwhile, on the bottom, you have a large proportion of the surfs who would otherwise be prospering just fine, but because they are in the grip of Marxist bondage and can only go so far, they say fuck it, and don’t try to reach their true potential. Why should they? The higher they climb, the heavier the weights get; or, they could just drop the log, and they’ll be taken care of regardless.

      This is where the human nature part of it comes in.

      You’d have to have two things to make Marxism work: the society would have to be ruled by benevolent robots, instead of power-mad uber-elite assholes who always end up in leadership roles; and serfs who are just fine with being worker bees, and aspire for nothing better than being a cog in a wheel. Well, that’s not how human nature works, in either case – absolute power corrupts absolutely, and regular people are motivated by incentive more than principle. This is why it fails EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

      Of course there are those who will say, “B-b-b-b-but Socialism is everywhere! What, do you want anarchy? Just look at how happy they are in Norway, Denmark and Sweden!” Well first of all, they’re not as happy as one would think in Scandinavia – all of the happiness indices they cite are actually bullshit and propaganda. Do you think they’re happy living in tiny cottages, in a land full of hostile, hate-spewing feminists on one side and Muslim rape gangs on the other? And as for the Socialism-is-everywhere argument, two points:

      1). It’s not exactly “Socialism” when it’s just basic stuff that has to be done by government, e.g. military, roads, fire departments and the like. Some things are not possible without government, but Socialism is what I would call everything that government *shouldn’t* do, but does.
      2). It never stays put. It has been said that the main difference between Socialism and Communism is that the former moves gradually, while the later happens quickly, but they end up at the same place. It’s very rare to see left-of-center social policy rolled back, and not without a lot of resistance. It usually ratchets up in one direction only.

      Venezuela didn’t exactly have a bloody Bolshevik revolution, but little by little, it ended up going right down the same toilet bowl…and now look at them – the whole fucking thing has collapsed, you can’t get toilet paper, people are eating zoo animals, and the iron-fisted, power-mad government that failed them absolutely will not let up. In the case of the Soviet Union, they held on for a long time because they kept expanding, kind of like a black hole sucking in more and more matter, but they ended up collapsing because of the same problems. Communist China also did some expanding, but they were brought back from the bring by bogus “free trade” agreements with western nations, allowing them to parasitically suck those countries dry (again, with the help of uber-elite politicians in those countries, using magical math to justify the trade agreements); now that just ONE of those countries (that I’m aware of) now has a president who is rolling that nonsense back a little bit, the Chinese economy has already contracted by some 30%. There is no way in fucking HELL than any Communist country can or has ever survived without a). expanding, or b). sucking off countries. They have either totally collapse, or live in a perpetual state of destitution, with people who live bottom-feeder lifestyles compared to everyone else.

      Now I’m sure there are plenty of people who could give me plenty of reasons why I’m totally wrong, and that there is a way to have stable Socialism and blah blah blah…but whenever any of them (besides a certain fan of Wilhelm II we both know) thinks is the sweet spot, they aren’t going to be able to say, “Okay, that’s good. Stop now.” It’s always going to keep getting pushed further and further and further… And then it all goes to shit, under the weight of human nature.

      I had one Socialist recently tell me that the reason Venezuela is in such shit is because of western nations putting embargoes on them, and not trading with them. But wait! Why can’t a system like that stand on its own two feet? Why is outside help necessary? This is where you usually get into the argument about how ALL of the world’s resources are needed to make it all work…and that’s basically another way of justifying the kind of expansion that the Soviets were doing. Go big or go home – that’s the idea.

      Now let’s see…what do you call a model of the whole world being ruled by a single, all-powerful, Marxist government…?
      I believe they call this the New World Order.
      And guess who is pulling the strings in that direction…yep, the uber-elite.

  2. Well here is my take on it. I am a socialist for the simple reason that I have seen what extreme poverty looks like. I know this, because I lived it. It’s also the reason why I have an inbuilt distrust of women, because it was a woman who put my family face down in the shit, my bitch of a mother.

    So I find it funny when purple haired overweight lesbians claim to be socialists. Oh really?

    When was the last time they had £3 to get a family of four over a whole weekend. So my definition of socialism is probably a lot different to theirs . And to yours.

    There is a better way forwards than unrestrained, unchecked capitalism. I’m sorry, if we disagree on this, but it happens to be what I believe.

    I believe that there are certain things that should not be left to the private sector. Because time and again, the private sector fails to deliver. Of you don’t believe me on this, just look up the recent collapse of a company in the UK called Carrillion. It’s the reason why I was operated upon last year in a hospital over a century old, when I SHOULD have been operated on in the new Metro hospital, which remains unfinished because of the aforementioned company’s collapse.

    And I believe in the redistribution of wealth. By taking a TINY PERCENTAGE form those that are super rich. And by making them pay their taxes on TIME and in the right amounts, like people like us have to.

    Let me tell you about the government we have here in the UK at the moment. Because of their pathological cruelty, and economic mismanagement, Nurses are having to use food banks. Children are stealing food from bins at school because they are so hungry. Terminally ill people are being told that they are fit for work.

    This is the problem that I have with unrestrained capitalism. It fails at BASIC HUMANITY.

    That is all I am gonna say on this.

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