Another Incel Attack Almost Happened

National Post: Man cites virginity as reason he planned to kill ‘as many girls’ as he could, Utah police say

“All I wanted was a girlfriend, not 1000 not a bunch of hoes not money none of that,” he wrote, according to a probable-cause statement cited by authorities. “All I wanted was to be loved, yet no one cares about me I’m 27 years old and I’ve never had a girlfriend before and I’m still a virgin, this is why I’m planning on shooting up a public place soon and being the next mass shooter cause I’m ready to die and all the girls the turned me down is going to make it right by killing as many girls as I see.”

I first learned about this on Infowars, who reposed it from Michael Snyder on the Economic Collapse.  That author said a couple of interesting things…

The stories that I am about to share with you barely made a blip on the news, but they should have,

Yeah, now why didn’t this one make the news?  Is it because the media is not interested unless there is blood and guts, or is it because the feminists haven’t gotten a hold of it yet?  I’m sure they’d tell you that they don’t want to give it notoriety, so as to prevent more attacks, but it’s a little late for that, a this stage in the game (as I’ll explain below).

Unfortunately, the only values that many of our young men have are the values that they have been fed by Hollywood, and Christopher Wayne Cleary was so frustrated with his inability to live up to the Hollywood ideal that he was ready to go on a mass shooting spree.

“All I wanted was a girlfriend, not 1000 not a bunch of hoes not money none of that,”

So write that down: having a girlfriend and not being a virgin at age 27 is now the Hollywood ideal.  Hmm…sounds reasonable…

What have we been saying for a long time now?  We’ve known that there would be more Incel attacks.  I’ve written about it at length.  I wrote about it just the other day.  You’d think that conspiracy-minded right-wing intelligentsia would be picking up on the reasons for this by now too, would you not?  Nope.  They’re too caught up in their own male dominance instincts, which makes them default to deriding incels as dangerous losers who need to be dominated some more, and made even more incel.  Same with post-noncel MGTOW.

See, guys like Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson…you would think that if anyone prominent had any genuine esoteric knowledge of what incel is all about, it would be those guys, right?  Nope.  Remember this post I made after the Alek Minassian attack and after Infowars weighed in.  Those guys were bad boys in their youth, and they still are.  Paul Joseph Watson was some kind of stoner/rebel bad boy, and Alex Jones was a pretty boy, weight-lifter rich kid who got cleaned house when it came to pussy.  People don’t really change – they’re going to continue to the play dominant jock who bashes the incel nerd, all the way through life.  It’s really all a chance to relive the dominance hierarchy that was established in childhood between the nerds and the bullies/jocks.  “Hey, I know you!  I used to beat the shit out of you when we were kids!  Let’s do it again!”  Their past abuses of weak, isolated, budding incels will be looked back upon with nostalgia and justified as the  “right thing to do” because, it is assumed, all those nerds become the left-wingers trying to destroy the world.  Well, that’s not really how it happens, but these hero-jock types will always set up a narrative that glorifies themselves, demonizes incels, makes the gynocracy swoon, and dovetails right into their narrative of their larger fight against evil and globalism.  There was even a video in that post (now removed because of political censorship) where Alex Jones of all people was calling for incels to be profiled.  Hard to believe, but true.

Incels really are on their own.  Tradcons aren’t your friends.  Conspiracy theorists aren’t your friends.  Liberal feminists certainly aren’t your friends.  Right-wingers aren’t your friends.  Left-wingers aren’t your friends.  MGTOW aren’t your friends.

The more things change, the more they stay the same: incels have always been at the bottom of humanity, and no matter what humanity morphs into, they’re still at the bottom.  In wartime situations, they send you to the front lines based on a lack of marriage or relationships, to be used as target practice for the enemy.  Incels are universally disrespected in all cultures, by people of all ages and all other social dispositions.  Respect for any man who utterly lacks female validation is virtually unheard of…

And that’s how we knew, and still know, that more incel attacks are on the way.

Society consistently fails to see what is causing this problem.  They appeal to their own sense of disrespect for incels, which just inspires more of these uprisings.  You see, the act of mass killing is what an unstable person who seeks vindication uses as a last resort – the last lever they have to pull, as far as they can see, anyway.  Although “normies” prefer to project the fantasy of all incels being potential mass murders, so as to create an opportunity to “beat them into submission” in some fashion, physically or otherwise (a renewal of the established dominance hierarchy that was established on the school playground), we know that there is probably no higher proportion of psychopathic killers in the incel population than the general population.  But as I’ve said, as the incel demographic grows like a wildfire, the number of psychopathic killer incels grows right along with it, and the attacks will become more frequent.

So how can I blame this on society?  Because what actually happens is that incel killers do get some form of vindication when they do their thing – no, not from the rest of society, but even from the rest of the incelosphere.  When Alek Minassian wrote, “All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!” what do you think that did to the wheels turning in the heads of those on the fringe?  Now of course, the rest of the world (led by feminists) thinks that breaking up the online incel community and restricting/censoring all of their social networks is the solution to the problem, and of course they would think that – they already hated incels, and it’s perfect justification.  This won’t work of course, because incel is becoming so ubiquitous that incel connections and rhetoric is turning up everywhere you go, and trying to shut them all down is actually going to exacerbate the problem because you take away the incel community’s own degree of self-regulation.  There are times on an incel forum when someone will start talking a little bit psycho, and other incels will rein them in – it’s not the hive of mass murder fantasy and planning that is portrayed to the public.  Most incels try to talk sense into other members who talk like that, because they understand how real the danger is, and they have respect for each other.

I know, I know…you can’t expect noncels to understand any of this.  All you can do is sit back, and enjoy or endure, depending on how jaded you are.

17 thoughts on “Another Incel Attack Almost Happened

  1. Well first of all, I think we all need to breed a sigh of relief that it did NOT happen. Because what we all need right now is ANOTHER Incel wigout. Like a cat needs pajamas.

    Like you, I have argued, many times before, that Incel constitutes a very REAL and ever growing problem. And I will now qualify that statement on both counts. Point one; when you have people prepared to KILL over something, that something is a problem. It really does not get any more straightforward than that.

    Secondly, the evidence that any one can see, simply by looking on the Internet, rather than looking at cat videos or porn, points to the fact that the number of Incel men is RISING. And it’s doing so at an exponential rate. This post from my blog talks about this a little more;

    Now, we have a situation developing here, and not a good one. As more and more men fall into the maw of Incel, the numbers of those men who are going to completely lose the plot is GOING to increase. You know and I know that you can take that to the bank. It is not a case of IF, but rather a case of WHEN it is going to happen again.

    I look at it this way; just as the Muslim world believed that their concerns were not being listened to, ramped up the scale of their attacks, until we got to 9/11, i am fearful of a parallel emerging when we talk about Incel men. And I am not saying this as a supporter of Jizzlam; I am just reporting the facts here. And what scares me about this parallel is what will happen AFTERWARDS. People who may think that I am exaggerating, better know this; THERE IS SERIOUS TALK OF MARTIAL LAW BEING IMPOSED HERE IN THE UK IN THE WAKE OF A NO DEAL BREXIT.

    So don’t you think for one moment, that the authorities will be taking steps to ‘deal’ with the Incel problem in the aftermath of the REAL Incel 9/11. Because they will. They will take VERY BIG, and VERY BRUTAL steps.

    So anyone with half a brain needs to teak this shit seriously. I mean like NOW.

    1. And what really gets me is the fact that people like Alex Jones are going to be standing up for all of the citizens EXCEPT INCELS. Like I say, incels are the one group that is despised by everyone, even more so than pedophiles now (pedophilia is something they’re trying to mainstream these days, what with all the horrifying promotion of “drag kids” and such).

  2. And, as you point out, shit like this only makes headline news if people end up getting killed at the hands of an ‘Incel’. By which time, people are dead who did not ask to be killed or in fact deserve to die.

    What the fuck, is it going to take, until Incel gets the recognition it actually needs. I mean, I am all out of ideas at this point. I mean I try in my own pitiful way to steer Incel men away from violence, away from the cess pits that the Incel forums have become, but it just ain’t enough.

    1. I think the fate of the white male in Western countries is going to coincide with the incel’s.
      The government in America reopened after 5 weeks. It will close in 3 weeks (Feb 15)
      I think that the Mueller impeachment report will be released before Feb. 15. I see the coup d,
      etate heating up after this time. Trump and Pence will be removed. Nancy Pelosi is 3rd in power. She will take Hilary as her V.P. Soon she will give the Presidency to Hilary, and the white male will be genocided.

      1. I’ve seen that theory floated about. My own theory, after the election, was that they were going to have some Democrat in the House step down and let Hillary be appointed into their place, and then she’d be made House Speaker; but since that didn’t happen, this is the next path to get her to the White House.

        Or maybe she can run in 2020. Pfffft! Hahaha!

        I suspect that the arrest of Roger Stone was an act of desperation to keep the Mueller investigation alive, but if all the rattle about Mueller himself soon being indicted for things related to 9/11, it’s not going to do him much good. Oh but all of those rumors…about all of these people being sent to Gitmo, about Trump draining the swamp and abolishing the Fed, about releasing the secrets of free energy from Tesla’s capture research, blah blah blah… I’ll believe it when I see it. I mean for all we know, maybe Q is just a subtle reminder to change your oil.

      2. Hillary isn’t much healthier than Ruth Bader Ginsberg. The Deep State needs to find a younger, more vigorous woman to serve as its figurehead.

        1. Oh they’ve found it, in either Tulsi Gabbard or Kuntala Harris. That whole thing comes down to how much power and leverage the Clintons still have, or if there is anything special that Hillary has to offer the globalists that the other whackos don’t.

          We could see something interesting happen in the Commiecrat primaries… A lot is going to happen between now and election day 2020. Even without Ed Shultz, the conditions are right for a grand fracturing within the party.

    2. Remember when all of the concern about bullying (which has been an ignored or even tacitly applauded issue forever) finally hit the mainstream? After the Columbine High School Massacre of April 20, 1999. Up until that point, nobody cared.

      That’s the scary part about all of this. Some social mores are written or re-written in blood.

  3. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

    The threat of violent retributive acts is shared by every category of the socially marginalized, devalued & dispossessed. We see this pattern of radicalization over & over with depressing regularity. It is not unique to Incels.

    Society uses negative reinforcement as the means to achieve conformity. It is often hateful towards the individual non-conformists that it devalues. It treats them with indifference; it dehumanizes them; it demonizes them; it discards them; and It tells them that they cannot share in the privileges offered to the greater collective.

    Eventually, these individuals internalize this hate. They learn to hate the collective and some of them, if they hate themselves enough, are miserable enough & decide they have nothing left to lose, act out violently against the collective.

    The solution to this problem is obvious:

    Society needs to STOP dehumanizing, devaluing & discarding these individuals in the name of conformity. It needs to reintegrate these cast-off & increasingly angry individuals into the greater collective. In the case of Incels, it needs to guarantee these individuals easy access to satisfying sex.

    But, as this solution would require a reversal of established social policy, this is the one thing that the collective cannot & will not do.

    Instead, Society will double-down on its vicious use of negative reinforcement (punishments, dehumanization & devaluation) in the attempt to enforce even greater social conformity, and it will fail & establish a vicious cycle that will CREATE the very acts of retributive violence that is seeks to prevent.

  4. How could society guarantee easy access to satisfying sex?

    Possible approaches include (1) government-sanctioned & government-subsidized prostitution, (2) the elimination of all female-specific public assistance, (3) the reversal of established male-negative social policies and (4) a renewed male-female social contract, even though these solutions would prove ‘inconceivable’ to the collective west.

    I think that we’re trapped in a viciously unsustainable cycle wherein women have become consequence-free ‘free riders’ who may deny affection, sex & family to most men and most men are marginalized, devalued and dispossessed because they show a healthy interest in women, sex & family.

    Incels are not the problem. They are the canaries in the coal mine. They are only a symptom of a much greater problem. And what do we do when the coal mine canaries start falling over?

    Option #1: Stop working & get the hell out.
    Option #2: Keep working & buy more canaries.

    Choose one.

    1. There is also option #3, the Bradford Wilcox tradcuck option: fuck the canary and send more workers into the mine.

      Nah, the idea of governments providing “guaranteed sex” is straight from Marxist la-la land…well, unless you’re talking about the sex provided to the elitists at the top, who are reportedly raping children and eating their pituitary glands, but that’s a different subject. Government sanctioned and subsidized prostitution? Heh, maybe on bureaucrat junkets but not for the incel guys you’re thinking. As for the other ideas, those are just plain good from any fair-minded perspective, but they aren’t going to lead to guaranteed sex. As long as women have their choice in men, there’s always going to be a few guys who get passed over. The best thing we could hope for is a change in social mores, making it so that being incel doesn’t get you branded as a freak. But alas, remembering human nature, even that’s too much to dream about.

  5. ‘In the case of Incels, it needs to guarantee these individuals easy access to satisfying sex.’

    Whilst I agree that a global legalisation of the sex trade would be a big step in the right direction, the problem with a lot of Incels that they just do not want to be helped. Incels need to get this fact clear in their minds; WOMEN CAN BE BOUGHT. No, it’s not an ideal solution; but if more Incels would take this fact on board, and adopt MGTOW values, then a lot of these guys would be in a far better place.

    1. You know the lack of sexual intercourse per se doesn’t even begin to account for the hardships faced by incel men. Every man can simply jack off, and almost all of them do. So now that we’ve eliminated that variable, what else? Is having a woman nagging in your ear, playing mind games with you and making you cry something you so desperately need? Okay, check that variable off the list also. Seems like all we’re left with is the subtle social persecution that comes form everybody else around your, because they don’t see a woman in your life. When a guy goes and pays for it, he doesn’t have to fake it anymore. He doesn’t have to worry about having a “bag of sand” moment in front of other men. He becomes based. He stops turning red in the face, staring a his shoes, and letting people dominate him socially. He can look a woman right in the eye and tell her, “Fuck off and mind you own business, cunt.” And he can do it with a smile.

  6. The problem is that the transactional female will not STAY bought, even for a moment, unless they believe that they can extract additional resources from the male. Because why?

    Western Society immunizes women against the consequences of promise-breaking, under the assumption that they lack agency, which means that women can renege, lie, betray, cheat, steal, maim, slander & sometimes kill with impunity.

    We (men) are left with something of a Liar’s Paradox if we choose to interact with women & chase that old will-o-the-wisp called love & intimacy:

    Dare we trust a promise-breaker? Even a little? In exchange for intimacy?

    Consequentialism says ‘No’, insomuch as the absence of consequence implies the absence of morality, whereas the Incel who is subject to unilateral consequence is morally screwed.

  7. Yep. And that is what it boils down to.

    Who you are, or are not fucking is the business OF THE INDIVIDUAL. End of story. Case closed. Discussion over. You have to accept the fact that (a) women are not about to change, and (b) you are gonna have to pay for it.

    Accept just those TWO facts and I guarantee you will be in a better frame of mind. Also, ceasing to give single flying fuck of what society thinks of you is also a must. Add to this, finding something else to do with your life other than engaging in the vain and utterly fruitless pursuit of women, and you are on the road to recovery.

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