Flat-Earth Virginity (And Sasquatch)

Can prolonged virginity make a person go flat-earth?  No, but it can make them just as delusional about human sexuality.  And the average person is not helping anything.



The flat earth movement is on the rise, like some kind of epidemic mental illness.  Don’t believe it?  See for yourself by doing a search for it.  You’ll see quite a few proponents of the idea, and countless supporters cheering it on as they jeer the critics.  Or, just go into any mainstream public social media forum, and they’ll find you – they’re popping up everywhere.  How widespread is it?  The most pessimistic estimates (pessimistic for “globetards”, as we’re called) are anywhere from around 200,000 to a full 10% of the population.  One estimate claims that 1/3 of 18-24 year olds are on the fence about it. Even if those numbers are hyped, the problem is a serious one.  I mean think about it: flat earth theory is becoming ubiquitous, even in spite of how the geometric properties of Earth are widely observed and applied – not by a few cloistered scientists working for New World Order, Inc., but rather by people in countless disciplines and industries, along with amateur astronomers, photographers, travelers and other observers.  For that reason itself, don’t expect flat earthers to listen to anything you have to tell them, since they dismiss everything said by anyone who is not a fellow flat-earth crank.  After listening to them for a while, out of morbid curiosity, it’s a frightening realization how fragile human cognition really is, and how otherwise “normal” people can be brainwashed into following ideas that are more than just controversial, eccentric and easily falsifiable, but borderline madness.  Of course, they’ll tell you that they follow what they call “zetetic astronomy”, meaning that they only believe what they can see; they don’t see the curve of the earth, and thus, they don’t believe in it.  Never mind all of the other phenomena that point to a spherical earth, like where the sun goes at night…they have a whole battery of self-deluding explanations for it all, and they don’t like being asked to explain them in-depth.  Sound crazy?  It is.  It’s totally nuts.  Maybe it’s psy-op or something.

Now, imagine meeting someone who didn’t believe in the existence of…sex.

That idea may seem even more absurd than the flat earth theory, since the majority of people have been allowed to experience sex, and yet that’s part of the reason you might meet a late-life male virgin who has gone flat-earth on the concept sexual intercourse itself.

Just imagine, for a moment, living in a world where everyone you knew had seen a Sasquatch, except you…


Let’s say that it was not a mere legend – in this alternate reality, its existence is accepted by everyone.  It’s something that was kept secret from you by all of the grownups until a certain point in preadolescence, but nonetheless, you had no reason to doubt it, even though you and your peers had never personally seen it yet.  As you grew and entered your mid-teens, some of  your friends here and there would start telling you about how they were having their first sightings of a Sasquatch, usually by sheer serendipity, and sometimes not knowing when the next sighting would be.  You learn about Sasquatch in health class, about what people are doing when they see it and how to avoid being harmed by it, and you see evidence of it everywhere you go – well, that is to say, you know that you’re looking at evidence of Sasquatch only because people have told you that that’s what you’re seeing, and you trust them.  Why would they lie?  As you continue to get older, you pass the average age of first Sasquatch sighting, you graduate from school, and you hear everyone around you talking all the time about seeing Sasquatch.  Many people even have one they keep at home as a pet, but of course, you’re not allowed to see it and you’re not going to ask.

As you keep getting older, this thing that is seemingly everywhere, all around you, all of the time but you’ve never seen yourself, starts to make you wonder where the hell it actually is, and why you’re the only one who can’t see it.  Yes, you still take everyone’s word for it, because it just doesn’t make sense that it would be some grand conspiracy against you and only a handful of other people.  It’s much more likely that there is just something wrong with your vision that makes Sasquatch invisible, and you just need to figure out what that problem is so you can solve it somehow.  Well, don’t expect much help from other people – I mean how do they know why you haven’t seen a Sasquatch out in the woods yet?  They’re all over the place!  Oh, and that’s if you have the nerve to admit it to anyone, because the fact that you haven’t even seen this thing, at your age, is becoming more and more awkward.  Steven Carell and Judd Apatow even made a moving lampooning guys like you.  You start to feel like a circus freak, and you fear that people can tell that you’ve never seen Sasquatch, because you don’t know what they know about the experience of seeing it.  They might even have the nerve to ask you, directly or indirectly, about your Sasquatch encounters, and your insecurity about the questions blow your cover.  Maybe you can connect anonymously with other circus freaks online who likewise haven’t see Sasquatch, and exchange notes, eh?  Yeah, get ready for a mishmash of kook theories that try to explain it all, but don’t go anywhere and are merely the result of mental festering of the afflicted.

There comes a point when your situation becomes so nonsensical that you inevitably start to question everything you thought you knew about Sasquatch.  Again, you’ve now gone 30+ years, in what is said to be Sasquatch country, and you’ve never seen one.  Everyone around you has, reportedly, but you haven’t.  Are you really that crazy because you start to wonder if Sasquatch really exists?  Nothing you’ve ever been told about Sasquatch would make you think that you wouldn’t have seen it by now, so it comes down to a conflict between what your eyes tell you, and what others tell you.  Sure, you know intellectually that it must exist, because something has to be wrong with you – it can’t be that everyone around you is lying.  But these are the same people who have been telling you that in order to see the hairy primate with big feet, you have to do this big, long, stupid rain dance to get it to come out of the woods, and as far as you can tell, you’ve done it right…but still no sign of the beast.  And what about them?  They seem to run into ol’ Bigfoot all the time, and you know they haven’t been doing what they say you have to do to get your first sighting.  This is where you start to lose your mind.  Your own left brain just can’t keep insisting to your right brain that this ubiquitous ape exists, and there’s no explanation for why you can’t see it, other than a grand, hilarious coincidence.  The right brain just doesn’t believe it anymore.  It has lost faith in the left brain.  Just like the moron flat earthers ceased to believe that the earth is round, you cease to believe in Sasquatch.

So there you are.  You’ve lost trust in everyone around you, they’ve lost all respect for you, you’ve lost your mental faculties…and guess who isn’t coming out of the woods to make it all right: Sasquatch.  Oh, you know that motherfucker isn’t coming to the rescue now – not after all it obviously did to hide from you so that you’d end up this way.  You’re on your own.

Well, there is one option…  Just like the flat earther can pony up the dough for a convincing 70,000-foot ride in a MiG-25 to see the curve, the guy who has never seen Sasquatch can pay to go see one in captivity.  Oh sure, people would frown upon him for going to one of those private zoos on the edge of town, but it’s either that, or he just lets his sanity slip away, like a vine slipping out of his no-longer-willing hands as he sinks into the quicksand.  Of course, Sasquatch will still be everywhere and still hiding from him, but at least the earth will be round again.

Heh…and then all the people in this big round world who help make sure that prolonged virginity ruins a man’s life just can’t believe that some guys end up hating Sasquatch enough to go out hunting it with guns and Ryder vans…  Those are the same fucking do-gooder dipshits trying to shut down legal brothels.

Go ahead, dip-fucks – keep trying to remove options for incels, just like you were pulling control rods out of the Chernobyl reactor.


9 thoughts on “Flat-Earth Virginity (And Sasquatch)

  1. I can personally attest, to how prolonged Incel can make you crazy. It’s a wonder that I did not go full ER at some point, or maybe it ain’t a wonder, seeing as how he was a crazy ass motherfucker and I am not.

    But for some guys, it simply becomes too much for their minds and their souls to bear. They stop thinking in anything approaching a logical manner. Then one day, they simply snap.

    Someone needs to make these guys understand, that there is no shame at all, in walking away from a zero sum game; that those that tell them to continue to play this game are doing it for THEIR benefit, and not that of the Incel man.

    If I can save just ONE Incel guy from having to endure what I did, then I think I have made a difference.

    1. Why is it that some guys who haven’t suffered anywhere as much as you HAVE flipped out,
      and what prevented YOU from flipping out? That’s the solution.
      Is it emotional? Is it genentic? Is it a combination of BOTH. Why do some people KILL over
      “minor” insults, and others can take limitless abuse?

      1. Perhaps the fact that I had a father who brought me up, when my bitch of a mother abandoned us, and that I have always had a deep dislike of violence. I think a lot of these Incel men who do flip out, are the products of single mothers. That is what I think. Men who have had piss poor male role models in their life. Maybe that is the answer.

  2. A possible bonus for the person who can’t see the ape, is that he can see things that the
    “normie” can’t see. The intelligent person can comprehend things the average person can’t.
    Knowledge is still power. “Carnal” knowledge is only one kind of knowledge, and very restricted. The “normie” can get just as bitter and jealous of the outcast genius, who can ace
    all his tests, as he is of the “normie.” “Seventeen” by Janis Ian looks at this from a female’s perspective.

    1. The only thing a prolonged male virgin can see that a “normie” can’t is what it’s like on the inside of that carnival freak show display booth. The normies know it’s bad, and they have no sympathy for him. Knowledge isn’t power, in this case. What example can you or anyone think of where a male is empowered by virginity? Furthermore, being an incel doesn’t make one a genius, and even if he were, no normie is going to be jealous of that – if anything, his intelligence is a turn off and an indicator of incel. It’s a rare example where they’ll admit that the grass truly is greener on their own side of the fence, especially when they’ve been throwing their own refuse to the other side.

      “Carnal knowledge” isn’t anything empowering in and of itself. It only becomes a source of power by differential – that is, the lack of an incel’s carnal knowledge empowers others over him, and it’s all because his lack of experience is leveraged against him. But as far as what the carnal gives a person in terms of knowledge? There isn’t much there that a mounted fifi can’t teach you…
      Her skin is baby-soft all over.
      Her breath (no matter how good her hygiene is) is not as sweetly perfumed as you’d like it to be.
      Her hair is wonderful to run your face through.
      Her breasts are not like a bag of sand, but as soft as body fat.
      Her vagina feels a lot like a heated void with a subtle band of muscle around the entrance.
      The roof of her mouth feels interesting.
      Certain positions make your legs tired.

      Oh yeah, and condoms absolutely suck.

      There you go – that’s more or less what the flesh is like. Now I don’t think that someone could read that list and be able to fake an inquisition, especially because sex is something that’s not easy to lie about. It’s not because you don’t know the basic cognitive facts, but because you don’t know what the person grilling you knows, and how you can pull of relating to that which you can’t truly relate. It’s really a psychological dynamic. Even the ease at which you don’t have is part of that dynamic…and remember people generally (but especially women) are conditioned by evolution to be able to sniff out male sexual failure, flush it out of the bushes and run it up a tree.

      1. So a stupid lug who can barely read, (Even if he gets fucked a plenty) is in a more advantageous position then a person with an I.Q. of 180 who has never had sex, and might
        not ever have sex? How about Issac Newton, and Telsa? Or Andy Warhol?
        Which one is living the more beneficial life? Which would you choose?

        1. It all depends on your objectives. If you want to great sex with the prime cuts of the pool of females, have everyone respect and defer to you, and not be total social freak, then you need to be a tall, jacked, cocky bad boy with a large dick. If your objective is to be a reclusive, ostracized and misunderstood genius who people may or may not write about and name things after, long after you’re dead, then I guess you need to have the inborn gray matter to be able to come up with those things.

          Now, gray matter and height are not mutually exclusive physical characteristics, but they are both innate, are they not? People tend to be at one extreme point of view or another – some say you can be whatever you want to be, some say that your lot in life is all predetermined by your genes, but they’re actually both wrong and both right. You get dealt a certain set of cards in life, and it’s up to you to make the most of whatever hand you were dealt. Some may also say that your ability to make the most of what you have in terms of your genetics is also one of the cards you were dealt, but I’ve got to think that even the most staunch adherent to hard determinism would have to get bored with that deterministic catch-22, and just go ahead and ignore the metaphysical dominoes you can’t suss out, and just do what you’re inclined to do. Even if you think all of your decisions are predetermined, you’re can only ponder that and remain passive to an extent, and then you just say fuck it and you start treating it like free will again.

          Here’s the real kicker: even if your objective is to be a posthumously admired scientist who never got laid, that’s yet another quest for glory of some kind, is it not? Glory is (as far as I can tell) a type of currency with which you buy…what? What the bad boy has: pussy. Just think about this for a minute… Whenever you dream a dream, and imagine a glorious and satisfying outcome for yourself, ask yourself if your fantasy includes visibility for your triumph – being seen by others, particularly females. Seems that every dream a man has concludes with some kind of recognition for what you’ve accomplished or endured, some kind of fame, and whether we want to admit this or not, you want attractive females in your audience to be drawn to you. The only fantasies you have that don’t end that way are usually negative, depressive fantasies where everything goes to shit, your life is ruined, you die and go to Hell – if there is any satisfaction along the way, it’s usually some kind of revenge against someone for something.

          So, aside from simply avoiding suffering, is there anything a man strives for in live that isn’t ultimately driven by the underlying quest for pussy? I kind of doubt it. Many religious will probably cite the striving for Heaven, but as far as I can see, that might also fall under the rubric of avoidance of suffering. That’s how it is for me, anyway. I’ll tell you right now that I fear Hell more than I look forward to Heaven. Maybe it’s my negative bias, but it’s much easier for me to imagine being in some kind of eternal, hellish realm of absolute isolation and sensory deprivation than it is for me to imagine eternal happiness. So I don’t ponder Heaven very much…I more or less assume that if it’s better than Hell, that works for me. But, getting back down to earth, the here and now, and dreams of what might be in this life…nah, I think pussy is pretty much all that motivates us, consciously or subconsciously. So, for a MGTOW, maybe if you can keep that underlying drive down in the subconscious enough so as not to get stalled out by the apparent contraction, enough to keep moving forward and live the kind of life you think you need to in order to avoid a bad outcome in the afterlife – if you believe in an afterlife – then that’s the best plan you can implement, as far as I can see. If you don’t believe in an afterlife, then I guess you can do the same thing, but look at it as a day-to-day task of minimizing pain as much as possible, until you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Even in that case, there’s no reason to end it early, because you get there eventually, and there is going to be plenty of time to be dead, so maybe get creative and see what you can do.

          I don’t know of this relates to what I’m talking about or not, but I must say, the survival instinct of this guy is really an inspiration. I mean, I thought that the story of the Old Christians rugby team from Uyrguay crashing in the Andes in 1972 and resorting to cannibalism to survive, on top of all the other challengest they overcame, was pretty much the height of survival instict at work – and I still say they were amazing – but this motherfucker form Mexico…drifting across the pacific ocean for over a YEAR in a small fishing boat with all the equipment dumped overboard, making it almost all the way across that bastard…through all of the starvation, the storms, the demoralization, the death of his only companion, the sheer insanity and monotony and God knows what else… If that doesn’t make you want to survive anything just out of spite of death itself, then I don’t know what does.

          I hope he managed to get some pussy for his troubles. Wonder if he had a wife who remarried while he was gone… If they were American, I wouldn’t be surprised if she would try divorce raping him after that. I’ve heard of one guy who was served divorce papers while he was in the hospital having surgery, on the day the annulment period was up.

        2. I’ll tell you what Lon. If I could trade my IQ in for happiness I would do so.

          What I COULD have achieved, if I had been HAPPY, could have been the cure for cancer – or an FTL drive. That may have been my destiny.

          Instead, all I have ever known is pain, loneliness and sexual frustration.

          How may advances has our raced missed because of the way it serves out men who do not ‘make the cut’ with females huh? If nothing else, it’s a waste of resources. Look at the number of guys going ‘Ah fuck this shit’, and setting off down the path of MGTOW. Society is loosing GOOD men. And it deosn’t give a shit.

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