Infowars Steps Up Persecution of Incels

Once again, the organization that prides itself on being the “tip of the spear” on many things, including anti-police state sentiments, is advocating a police state for the one demographic that all of the others hate: guys who lack female validation. Tinder Turning Men Into Desperate, Thirsty Losers Apparently, humanity’s renaissance against the New World […]

Single Men, In Politics and Real Life

This is not an endorsement of Cory “Spartacus” Booker, by any means, but there is an article with some worthwhile points on public perception of bachelors in positions of leadership, and the lessons apply to everyday men.  Just pretend it’s about someone better than this moron from New Jersey. Oh, and hold your nose – […]

Senator Ben Sass, the Gynocentric Cuck

BABY GIRL!  BABY GIRL!   There has been a lot of buzz lately about about Virginia Gov. Ralph Gosnell Northam’s recent comments, supporting the idea that the fate of a baby born alive, resuscitated if necessary/desired and made “comfortable” should be up for discussion after that point – a suggestion many are calling infanticide.  That […]