Females In The Military

They seem to be dropping like flies…


We already know what their made of on the beat…

But, we’ve got to push diversity, right?  We have to make every effort to prove basic biology wrong, even if female MMA fighters get beaten half to death.

But, alas…they ain’t crying to guys like us for rescuing, now are they?  They’re trying to prove something to us.

By all means, ma’am…go right ahead.

Wait – if my country’s army is the one stupid enough to have females on the battle field, and that causes them to lose the war…what does that mean for me?

Ah, I must remind myself: my country’s army goes around the world, fighting all of these ‘little’ wars everywhere, with no clear beginning or ending, no clear or steady declaration of the belligerents, and no clear objectives that spell out what things are supposed to look like when it’s over…it’s just a bunch of never-ending occupations and never-ending fighting with a mutating collection of makeshift militias in Muslim countries where the Geneva Convention is meaningless.  Meanwhile, the current Congress fights the president tooth-and-nail to prevent less than 1/100th of the annual defense budget from putting up a barrier on our border where there is a full-fledged invasion is underway.  “Defense”…  Ha.  Ha ha.

Just another day in Clown World…

3 thoughts on “Females In The Military

  1. Newsflash cupcakes: Your average man is physically more powerful than your average woman. This is not ‘Toxic Masculinity’ nor is it ‘Misogyny’. No sir, this is basic BIOLOGY.

    Oh, but since when did logic and reason or even common sense stand in the way of ‘Diversity’ eh? That’s right. About as many times it ever did when addressing the problems that the ‘Woke’ generation has caused/is causing. We live in era where men try to be women and women try to be men. Is it any wonder that some guys simply lose the plot, and then go and kill a bunch of random strangers. Is this an excuse? No. Is it a reason? Possibly.

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