Month: May 2019

The Gold Digger vs. The Silver-Tongued Devil

Am I wrong for not feeling sorry for this woman?


…You can see that he lives a very different life than what I’m living…

So it’s okay for her to go after him for his money, but not the other way around, eh?

Wouldn’t it be funny of that last text that he sent was actually the truth, and this was all a big ruse by the gold digger?  Well, probably not, but that would be quite a plot twist.

Assuming this guy is one of them, it’s funny how there are some guys who figure out how to hypnotize females and steal their hearts and their money, instead of getting a real job and living a legitimate life – I mean, for females to do that is practically a centuries-old tradition, but it amazes me when a man is able to pull that off, even if he is a total bad boy.  They say that females are excellent readers, right?  Pfffft…  The only thing they can sense a mile off are incel genes.  If the guy is a tall, sexy, swinging-dick bad boy – not necessarily even ostensibly rich, although that helps – these females can’t find their asses with both hands.  They become hypnotized, and can be lead like lambs to the slaughter…but boy they sure know how to smell beta genes from around the block.

It’s all about attraction, and lack thereof.  That’s how this world works.