US Military vs. Incels

We have arrived at a point when even the most paranoid estimates of incel persecution have been surpassed by reality.  Wonder no more about why young guys are always so worried that they’ll never get laid – not only is it degrading, discouraging and frankly mind-rotting, but it now gets you branded as a military […]

“Send Bachelors And Come Heavily Armed”

Apparently, the lives of MGTOW and incel men still don’t matter, as much as at any point in history. This statement was made by an Oregon state senator, in response to the current crisis – the Democrats trying to get an economically suicidal cap-and-trade bill passed, with the Republicans walking out after negotiations broke down […]

Welcome to 1984: You’re a “Hate Agent”, and Your Social Credit Score Sucks

Yes, you!  You’re a hate agent just for clicking on this blog. I know, this isn’t facebook, but no person who reads this blog with any regularity has any illusions about how we all have a “social credit score” that the not publicly acknowledged, and is standardized across all platforms of the Silicon Valley […]