“Send Bachelors And Come Heavily Armed”

Apparently, the lives of MGTOW and incel men still don’t matter, as much as at any point in history.

This statement was made by an Oregon state senator, in response to the current crisis – the Democrats trying to get an economically suicidal cap-and-trade bill passed, with the Republicans walking out after negotiations broke down (there were actual negotiations with a Commiecrat super-majority?) and denying the Democrats a quorum, which prompted the Oregon governor (a typical blue-state switch-hitter) to send the Oregon State Police to arrest them and bring them back.  Now they’re shutting the Senate down due to a “possible militia threat” from right-wing groups (which is just the Democrats playing drama queen victims – tomorrow you’ll see some gay couples burning their own houses down and claiming it was the Bundy family).  In this situation, contrary to the Dems’ claims that Republicans have decided to “turn their back on their constituents who they are honor-bound to represent here in this building,” they’re doing exactly what their constituents want them to do, by stopping the bill any way they can – in this case, by not being in the building.

Anyway, there’s the back story – now let’s get to what’s important to us.

One Republican senator named Brian Boquist said, “Send bachelors and come heavily armed … I’m not going to be a political prisoner in the state of Oregon. It’s just that simple.”  Good on him!  Well, except for the part about the bachelors.

What he’s saying is a reference to the age-old policy of favoritism for married men over bachelors.  Some may say that he’s not serious, but on some level, he probably is.  A look at his bio shows that he himself is married, and customarily speaking, if imply that a particular demographic is basically cannon fodder, and you’re not in that demographic yourself, then that means you probably mean it.  Now if this were the Mormon state of Utah, where bachelors above the age of 27 are considered a “menace to society”, he probably would have said, send bachelors and bring us arms – we’ll have target practice!

Ah, isn’t it interesting?  Look at how many demographics are getting their day of recognition and respect in the 21st century…  Females, racial minorities, Muslims, sexual deviants, so-called refugees, homeless people…  We’re all supposed to drop everything and apologize to them for being better of than they are, or apologize for what someone who looked like us in one way or another did to someone who looked like them, decades or centuries ago.  But have you noticed that one group still isn’t getting respect from anyone?  Men without women.  Whether by choice or by circumstance, there have always been and will always be a certain number of men who will fly solo.  They’ve always been frowned upon, not because they are a burden on society or some kind of nuisance, but for the same reason that weaker, isolated animals (and especially human children) are attacked by stronger, more popular and more established members of their own species: it’s the natural behavior found in a tournament species, and in humanity, it becomes a predator-prey paradigm.  You might have been able to chalk all forms of bigoted oppression up to the same phenomenon, but for some reason, in spite of all the “progress” that humanity makes as it becomes so “enlightened” or whatever, single men are still excluded from humanity’s reforms against that kind of jungle rule…

Ironic isn’t it?  Still a the back of the line, with women, and in broader society.

You’ll notice that when it comes to such reforms, a given demographic will only get an edge in the game of identity/grievance politics when they have enough numbers to matter, but even as incel’s and MGTOW’s numbers increase well into the millions, they still aren’t getting traction.  Is it because they’re not playing the identity politics game, or is it because the purveyors of identity politics (liberals and socialists) have no utility for single men, owing to their inherent ruggedness and independence?  As with all things, I guess we’ll find out.  Or we won’t.

In the mean time, I don’t need to tell anyone, of those who would read this blog, that humanity is no closer to accepting MGTOW or incel men than they ever were.  Hostility toward unattached men is on an upward trajectory, and guys like Elliot Rodger, who make examples of themselves, are not helping matters…yet matters are cultivating those kinds of rouges.  It’s a vicious cycle, and unless you have a female to mate with, you’re caught right in the middle of it.

I guess that’s one thing that female validation is still good for…  Is it worth it?


9 thoughts on ““Send Bachelors And Come Heavily Armed”

  1. Oh, I accepted, quite a while ago now, that I do not fucking matter one single fucking bit, because I am not ‘attached’. I would have loved a family of my own. But no, society decided that I was not worthy of that. And I do not have to tell you, or anyone else who reads this blog, the amount of suffering that this shit has caused me. So you’ll forgive me for saying, that from my point of view, humanity can go and do one.

    But it’s not me who society needs to worry about; it is in fact the next Elliot Rodger. Who is quietly becoming more unhinged with every day that passes. And the next guy who sets out on his personal ‘Day Of Retribution’ might in fact be someone who keeps his shit together long enough to REALLY raise some hell. Now I am not for single moment saying that this course of action is justified. I’m just telling you what is going to happen.

    And the more that you marginalise and demonsise men for simply being MALE, the more that Incel men are hounded, insulted, ridiculed, negged, badmouthed, tormented, and alienated, then the SOONER the REAL ‘Day Of Retribution’ is going to come around. Because whilst MOST Incel men simply bitch and moan like we do (And let’s be frank about this), somewhere, an Incel man is going to be checking his hardware, suiting up, and going out to exact some payback. Again I am not condoning this; I am simply telling you how it is gonna be.

    1. Not to mention the False Flag attacks that are sure to happen, prior to the 2020 Presidental
      election. Hillary Clinton still wants in.

      1. I think I can see how things are shaping up on the Dem side of things… You have – what, 24 candidates now? – running for the Democrat nomination, and what I expect to see is a massive circular firing squad that will leave all of them destroyed or badly injured, to the point where it’s obvious to even the Trump-deranged that none will win against Trump; then, after all the smoke clears from the primary battles, the establishment is going to roll out the dark horse whom they now have lying in wait. They will give this dark horse the advantage of avoiding that primary battle so that all the powder is try when they take on Trump, and they’re confident that their base isn’t going to care who it is, or the fact that they are the establishment pick, essentially stealing the nomination in this creative way – they’re banking on the fact that they’ll vote for whomever they are given who isn’t Trump, now taking Trump seriously this time around, unlike last time. We’ll know if this theory is correct if we see the DNC allowing even the front runners in the race take on heavy damage.

        Who will that dark horse be? Hmm… I mean that would be hilarious if it were Hillary Clinton again, and would show that the Clinton family apparently has more power than we thought; but this would assume that the globalist conspiracy isn’t as wide as we know it is. I know she’d love to be the pick again, but you see, the only people who thinks that Hillary could win in a rematch is…well, Hillary herself. The multinational banksters who really pull the strings have got to know that Hillary is a political loser, now damaged beyond repair and of no use to them, and logic tells me that they don’t have any special affinity for her over the many other puppets they could use for this job.

        But that would be hilarious, indeed.

        There are going to be many false flag “events” between now and 2020. It all comes down to this: does Trump, Q and the patriots have control of things enough to head them off? Only time will tell.

        I highly recommend http://x22report.com/ for what is probably the best and most grounded analysis of what’s really going on.

        1. Well, it can’t be AOC because the US Constitution requires that anyone running for president must be at least 35 years of age. AOC was born October 13, 1989, so that would be her at only 31 on election day 2020. I guess that she could probably do it in 2024 because she’d just barely be 35 by then (by a matter of days) but she is really quite stupid and inarticulate, so I don’t think there is much to worry about. You know, no matter who runs against Trump, they’re going to have a hard time because they’re going to have to somehow argue against Trump’s economy. The enthusiasm for Trump is high on his side…it would take some major disruption in the economy, or a war (with Iran) to stop Trump from winning re-election. He’s too savvy to screw it all up, I think.

          By the way… Me and the boys over here are very encouraged by the success of Viktor Orbán. Congratulations to Hungary on helping spearhead the anti-globalist movement worldwide!

    2. It’s like they just keep poking the mad dog, and poking him, and poking him…until the dog finally bites. Are they trying to provoke a response, or are they just too stupid to know any better? The answer probably varies from one idiot married person to the next. I’m sure that some globalist orligarchs – like those who were in attendance at the Gotthard Base Tunnel opening ceremony, for example – very explicitly want mass shootings because it lines up with their agenda; but for the average dumb bastard who has a wife and kids and wants to elevate himself further by tamping down bachelors, he probably doesn’t think anything is going to happen.

      Well, like you, it’s easy for me to see that going after people because they have a romantic partner is completely unjustified and crazed. This is obvious to us because we’re not crazed idiots. The problem is that not everyone in our neck of the demographic woods is as stable and reasonable as we are. Not to say that there are a great number of people who are totally nuts and can’t see things clearly, but all it really takes is one guy who interprets the constant jeering from the married people against the unmarried and unattached as a them-against-us conflict, and then you’ll have disaster. The proof is in the pudding – we’ve already been visited by such incidents, and yet the romantically-gifted side of things shows no sign of stopping their poor judgment.

  2. Yeah, I picked up on that comment by Boquist too. Really uncalled for.

    I agree with what you and Mikey are saying about the SHTF soon, but I see it evolving in three stages;

    1) Elliot Rodger, Adam Lanza, Marc Lepine (1989!), et al. We are already at that point. Random violence directed at random individuals, but frequently against unknown women.

    2) Revenge violence against individual women who ruin men’s lives on a whim. Think some future Paul Nungessner terminating some future Emma Sulkowicz.

    3) Targeted assassinations of women in power, and there are a lot more of them than there used to be. Policies that criminalize the efforts of huge numbers of beta males to get laid must be ended–by any means necessary.

    1. I guess it’s possible that things could go down that way, but would they allow it to get to stage 3? Stage 2 has a lot of obvious utility for the globalists, and it seems to me that we might see the punitive measures in stage 3 actually arrive in stage 2. I see there being a certain amount of socio-political “wind shear”, in the sense that the reaction to incel attacks is going to far outpace the underlying incidence.

      We’ll have to meditate on this more..

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