US Military vs. Incels

We have arrived at a point when even the most paranoid estimates of incel persecution have been surpassed by reality.  Wonder no more about why young guys are always so worried that they’ll never get laid – not only is it degrading, discouraging and frankly mind-rotting, but it now gets you branded as a military combatant!

At least one Air Force base is on the lookout for a sinister new threat: angry men who can’t get laid.

Okay, all you Elliot Sodini wannabes: you have their attention.  No, they’re not going to help you get laid – at best, they’re going to take you out with a drone strike.


For the Air Force’s part, these Twatter posts that the Gateway Pundit reposted took the words right out of my mouth…

Have they developed any countermeasures? Are we thinking bombing? Drones? Seems like air superiority won’t be a problem.

Small Diameter Deep Basement Penetrator.  Low collateral damage weapon that can be dropped by most drones, or even hand thrown.  Render the basement uninhabitable and the incel is defeated

I won’t believe the Air Force has declared incels a threat until they’ve claimed they require the F-35 to effectively fight them.

Are we totally sure — hear me out — that incels aren’t just mistaking drag queens for Stacys?

…but it’s not like we assume that this is limited to the USAF.  I guarantee you, it comes from the Pentagon (and from the SPLC before that) and you’ll find similar briefings in all of the US Armed Forces.

One of my first impulses was that this may be the result of the Soetoro Administration turning America’s military brass into a sorority – after all, if you know anything about the female thought process on reproduction, you know that they understand two kinds of men: tall, sexy, swaggering bad boys, and creepy loser incels who must be killed (even the bull dykes in the military process it this way).  It’s really not a stretch to think that some of this childlike mentality will have seeped into official policy, as it inevitably would.  On the other hand, new names I didn’t recognize – Brian Isaack Clyde, Scott Beierle, Christopher Wayne Cleary – seem to indicate that what I said a year ago about the Incel Revolution being underway was pretty much correct.  Even I can’t keep up with the incidents coming down the pike.  I’m going to have to get a list going I suppose.

Of course, the tradcucks and white knights of all political stripes are more than happy to throw de-selected men under the bus, on behalf of the women targeting them (also of all political stripes).  Even Infowars, which is supposed to be against all forms of tyranny, couldn’t care less about incels being profiled and persecuted – in fact, they’re all for it.  Again, as Alex Jones was a ladies man when he was younger (according to him), he won’t even recognize the insidiousness of this.  It all goes right over the heads of everyone who has never lived it.

First they came for the _______, and I said nothing, because I wasn’t a _______.

Then they came for the _______, and I said nothing, because I wasn’t a _______.

Then they came for the incels, and I cheered that on because, needless to say, I sure as hell wasn’t ever one of those losers.  I mean in retrospect, that persecution is one I can still live with.  Oh if only it had stopped there…

But then they came for the _______, and I said nothing, because I wasn’t a _______….

So if you thought that the Incel Revolution was going to make anything happen in your favor, the way Islamic terrorism has worked out for the radical Muslims as they take over the world…no, you thought wrong.  You see how it’s shaping up?  With every step “forward” that you think the more brazen incels take with their events and attempts, all incels move two or three steps back.  The Lagomorphocracy is all queued up and ready to ratchet up the countermeasures.

There’s only one way you can avoid the consequences of the incel attackers’ actions: don’t be an incel.  If that’s not an option…go into hiding.  Ghost in plain site, don’t tell anyone anything about yourself – not even things that they could ascertain your incel status by deduction – and beyond that, just….I dunno.  Good luck!  You now have the most powerful military on earth after you, and unlike other belligerents, you’re one they actually want to destroy.  So yeah, good luck.  Oh, and as tempting as it may be to thank “Becky & Stacy” for this…just don’t.  Go into hiding.  We’ll see you on the other side.  Maybe.

7 thoughts on “US Military vs. Incels

  1. The coming genocide against the incel, will be followed by the genocide against middle class
    or lower white males who voted for Trump.

  2. This is one of the reasons I believe in chemical castration. If you can find a drug that UTTERLY and IRREVERSIBLY, destroys your sexual desires, then getting hold of whatever that drug may be, MUST be the top priority for Incel men now; I cannot get an erection now. Yes I have tried looking at porn, and I am happy to say that my sex drive is effectively DEAD. So I guess I am no longer an Incel. The feelings of anger and frustration are still there, sometimes. But no female can ever try the #MeToo crap on me. I just feel sorry for the poor bastards who this shit is gonna affect.

    1. Well if it’s a matter of simply not committing a mass murder, I think most of us are in the clear that way, with or without a sex drive. What’s kind of scary is the idea of my most outlandish predictions coming true – about an Orwellian society where men who simply don’t have an ostensible romantic relationship or history thereof end up becoming targets of not only women’s accusations, Protestant mod leaders, baboon-like bad boys and the rest, but now even the government! Imagine being hauled in for “questioning” about your romantic life, and incurring consequences for the crime of women not being attracted to you… Even incels would laugh and ridicule when I would speculate about such things, and now look – here it is, on our doorstep.

  3. It sure is scary. I am talking – and here I lapse into UK vernacular – brown trousers kinda scary. So for something that REALLY is not a guy’s fault – OK yeah. We know all the shit about ‘Self Improvement’, but in the end it is WOMEN who make the choices whether a guy gets laid or not, and let’s face it boys, if women were not such pick-pick-picky entitled bitches, then Incel would be reduced by 80% overnight. But they have the whip hand when it comes to DSR. Despite what the PUA snake oil sellers will tell you. So for something as basic as the inability to get laid unless you bang a hooker, guys are now going to find themselves in the cross-hairs of Uncle Sam.

    So I would suggest that Incel guys REALLY need to start, as of NOW, taking steps to ensure they can either escape Incel (And we all know that is like trying to escape the gravitational pull of a Black Hole), or taking steps so that they can at least live with the horrid condition, without finally going PANT-Y-WACO, and shooting up a mall full of women. This is not a time for idolising fucktards like Elliot Rodger, or Alex Minassian. This is in fact a time for getting the fuck as FAR away from the Incelsphere as possible.

    1. Boy, that’s well said right there. It’s never been more clear how appropriate a bunker mentality is for the modern incel. And unfortunately, it’s not simply a matter of watching your own behavior, in the way of transitioning from incel to hookercel or refraining from becoming a mass murderer – now we’re in the age of full-on incel McCarthyism, where traditional ribbing, judging and harassment are being replaced by possible legal and military consequences. Somehow incels have gone from being “lolcows” and the target of ideologue feminist attack sites (for being unattractive) to being the fucking enemy of the state FFS. Welcome to clown world…

      But then, what did these idiots who worship Elliot Rodger think would happen? Sure, the incel revolution is underway alright, but how does it end? Not with an incel “victory”, that’s for sure. I’ve been advocating reporting to the social foxhole for years for incels and MGTOW, but for some reason, few in the Incelosphere (I don’t know why but it just doesn’t roll of the tongue without the O in there) ever wanted to listen. They just wanted to walk around like the deprived and depraved sexual zombies that they’ve been stereotyped as being.

      There’s a certain website that you and I know (and shall remain nameless)… Oh I can only imagine how seriously they’re not taking any of this. They’re still too busy desperately simping the females there, who I’m sure own the whole site by now, just like Incel Support. Well, alas, you can’t fix stupid.

  4. No. As you say. You can’t fix stupid.

    I think we have to accept, that the Incel guy has VERY little choices facing him. Either take action NOW, this very minute to become an EX Incel, or take a leaf out of the US Air Force, and develop stealth technology. And somehow learn how to live with this shit. Somehow. It’s clown world all right. So whilst it’s OK for an 18 stone guy to wear a dress and be called Trixi, it’s NOT OK for a guy who cannot get laid to be pissed off about it. Oh hell no. You do that, and one day you may find yourself incarcerated in the Incel equivalent of Guantanamo Bay. Paranoia? I think not.

  5. Yes, by the way, we are angry. I plead guilty as charged.

    I am angry about the fact that I could not give my father the grandchildren he so desperately wanted. And now I am having to watch him die, as the cancer eats him alive. Putting my feelings aside entirely, society fixed it that that I would never have a family of my own. It’s useless to expect mere words to convey what I am feeling right now.

    I am having to fight, every single day, to stop myself from hitting the booze hard. And it’s a fight that I am not sure that I can win. If I start drinking heavily, the end for me will come very quickly. My heart physically just will not be able to take it. Fuck knows what I am gonna do when he is gone.

    So yeah. I am fucking angry.

    Because women did this to me. The fault is entirely THEIRS, and it will remain THEIRS. Ultimately, one woman giving me a chance, accepting me for who I am, could have prevented my lifetime of torment. Could have. But they chose not to.

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