El Paso Shooter: Incel? Don’t Believe What You Read…

Millie Weaver of Infowars breaks down how the mylife.com profile of Patrick Crusius, the El Paso shooter, was changed about four times to fit the narrative – from Democrat to Republican, etc.; but most surprisingly, the the big tech liberal/feminist operatives tagged him as an incel.

Watch the video and maybe download it, before they take it down.

So, even when incels are not shooting people and running them over with cars, the mass murderers of today are being re-labeled as incels.

What does this mean?

Now of course we know how Alex Jones feels about incels – he said that he would actually approve of them being profiled (because he was a ladies’ man in high school and it’s his way of reasserting his dominance, blah blah blah).  Millie Weaver works for Alex Jones (and she’s a highly fertile female) so I’m pretty sure she is okay with incels being blamed, so maybe she only pointed out the incel addition because she had to.

But does this mean that he isn’t an incel?  We don’t know for sure, but without the big tech left editing social media pages, it’s clear that that aspect of it (if he were incel) is not exactly front and center.  But, we know that feminists are probably behind the social media editing, and they sure as hell want to make it front and center.  Why?  Why would they care so much about guys who don’t get laid?  Because they instinctively want to antagonized guys with sub-standard genes.  It’s not a conscious thing – it doesn’t have to make sense.

In the bigger picture – national politics and all – our only hope is that people will see through this obvious deep-state false flag attack, and the ones that will surely follow.  As for incels, as usual, no one is on their side.  Even all the people who are going to know that editing has taken place from watching this video won’t lift a finger to stand up for incels, who are also being defamed.  You see, they don’t matter.  Not even to Infowars.

What about Quanon?  Will they stand up for incels?

I doubt it.


5 thoughts on “El Paso Shooter: Incel? Don’t Believe What You Read…

  1. First, the Garlic Festival killer. Next the Walmart killer. (Remember when one of the
    rouge FBI agents described the average Trump voter as “A poor to middle class white male
    who likes to shop at Walmart?”) James Comey (Who escaped indictment) is demanding that
    Trump take action. And now we have Dayton. There have been Deep State False Flags in the
    past, and leading up to the 2020 election we can expect one a week from “creepy, racist
    Trump supporters.” When are people going to see that there is a wicked, murderous, Deep
    State that intends to hold on to power no matter what? The incels/FA’s are just a trial balloon.
    After they round up the incels, The “poor to middle class white males who like to shop at
    Walmart,” are next in line.

    1. Trump did today what I feared he might: give a thumbs-up to more gun control. “Red flag” laws are so much more sinister than people realize, because they make 2nd Amendment rights a mere privilege that can be revoked arbitrarily by anyone – people who don’t like you, paranoid morons, and yes, feminists who find out that you’re incel.

      I mean think about this! We’ve just entered a world where not having a woman FUCK you might soon result in having your guns confiscated by the authorities. Just let that sink in. I can tell you, as someone who was once faced with a near home invasion, that you feel pretty defenseless and endangered without a gun. It feels that way because you are endangered.

      And again, here’s the punchline: nobody cares. You’re totally on your own. No one sees this tyranny for what it is. You can thank Elliott Rodger for this, by the way. People hail him as some kind of hero, but they’re idiots. The only thing Elliott Rodger did for incels was bring the smackdown on their already marginalized demographic. Think about it – no incel is better off because of that punk.

  2. I could not agree more.

    All that little whiny bitch did for us, as a community, was bring the concentration camps and drone strikes upon the homes of Incels ever closer. Anybody who hails him as some kind of hero is just plain fucking retarded.

    You tell me. A guy who will spend $300 on sunglasses, but will not spend the same (Or less) on a hooker, is seen by some in the Incel community as some kind of fucking folk hero?

    The more that I look at the situation, the more I am glad about two things (1) That I did in the end end up in a sexual relationship. And (2) I am glad that my sexual urges are about the same as a two year old boy now.

    Y’know what I would do if I were you? Sell everything you have and buy a big Winnebago. Then I would hit the road, and not stay in any one place long enough so that people can build up a detailed picture about you. Because it’s obvious to me that America is fast becoming a place that is no longer safe for any guy outside of the social pecking order.

    1. It’s fast getting that way. I can’t remember who said it, but it was a true quote – something about how the only truly free society is one where it’s safe to be unpopular. Well, when you see the forces on the left and the right teaming up against you, it’s easy to see where your freedom is going. But alas, no civilization in the history of the world has ever been truly “free” for everyone, just some people. The closest you’re ever going to get is freedom for the greatest number of people, but that doesn’t make their oppression of even the smallest minority acceptable. In fact, the smaller the minority, the less acceptable it is…and, realistically speaking, the more likely that oppression will be.

      Not that I’m giving up on humanity, but every day, I’m less and less enamored with it. Underestimating humanity’s inherent virtue is pretty hard, if not impossible.

  3. But then again, it’s not just America is it? ANY country where feminism is allowed free rain is a country where ANY man who is not in the top 20% who make women instantly wet, is one in which such men are gonna get nothing but GRIEF from the opposite sex. This is what happens when you allow a poisonous ideology to escape scrutiny for too long.

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