Feminism’s New Offering to Men

So here we have what many are calling a new feminist anthem, complete with a giant inflated ass as a prop.

Breitbart: MTV VMAs: 2020 Democrats Praise Lizzo’s ‘Powerful’ Performance in Front of Inflatable Butt

I mean just look at that thing…or watch the video below…
Look: I don’t know how else to say it – if you consume entertainment like this, you’re just fucking stupid, period.

This kind of thing makes MGTOW so much easier than it would otherwise be, doesn’t it?

You have to love those clowns dancing in the audience, acting like they enjoy it, which seems damn near impossible from where I stand.  Can you imagine buying this music?  I mean someone must be buying this shit, right?  Or is George Soros paying for it all?

Even Democrat politicians are raving about it – which of course speaks volumes to the current state of the Democrat party these days more than anything.  Maybe they can get this pig of a woman to perform this song at the DNC next year – you know, that big convention where we find out who is going to get annihilated by President Trump in the general election (methinks it won’t be anyone currently in the running – they have a dark horse ringer queued up, avoiding the collateral damage of the primary, but I digress…)

First we have the one-and-only Cameltoe Harris, whose presidential hopes were hilariously smashed by Tulsi Gabbard

Colorful. Vibrant. Joyful. Unapologetic. Powerful. How could you not love @lizzopic.twitter.com/bPLZB3BZ1O

— Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) August 27, 2019

And then another shrill, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard feminist/communist – not known for much, other than being as pleasant as a cheese grater on the back of your neck…oh, and running for president, like all the rest.

Crushed it, @lizzo! That #VMAs performance was good as hell 👑 pic.twitter.com/aHpOrvL3hd

— Kirsten Gillibrand (@SenGillibrand) August 27, 2019

So this is what Hussein Obama listens to?  Unbelievable…how did this nation survive those eight dark years?  I mean I wondered that anyway, but it’s even worse than I thought.

With summer winding down, here’s a sampling of what Michelle and I have been listening to — some new, some old, some fast, some slow. Hope you enjoy. pic.twitter.com/BS5ri1lvxz

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) August 24, 2019

Oh and then of all people…

“I just took a DNA test, turns out…”

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 21, 2019

The rest of the line is “…I’m 100% that bitch.”

Yes, Hillary, you are that bitch.
You’re probably the person most thought of when one hears the word bitch.
If one looked up bitch in the dictionary, they’d be a picture of you.
Oh, and by the way…you’re not president, thank God.

21 thoughts on “Feminism’s New Offering to Men

  1. Well, music wise, this shit is never gonna float my boat anyway. But this is indeed a very graphic example of the way in which feminism is used as a club, with which is used to beat white working class, heterosexual men over the head with. Physically, I don’t mind fat women at all. However, I could not live with her fucking pie chute on auto pilot all the time.

    White, working class, heterosexual men are OBVIOUSLY the fucking problem. So lets not even talk about dysfunctional women claiming state handouts because of their ever growing brood of bastards, sired by every sideways cap wearing alpha DOUCHEBAG going. No, it’s obviously YOUR FAULT that the USA is in the state that it is.

    You could bet five bucks, any day of the week before breakfast, that shit like this is gonna appeal to the democrats. Of course it’s gonna get them going. Because everything that has EVER been wrong with America is YOUR fault. Forget the permissive society that came before this one; no sorry that has nothing at all to do with the decline in standards and decency. It’s people like you who DARED to vote for Donald J Trump, rather than put an unstable mentally ill bitch in the White House.

    Welcome to Clown World.

    Honk Honk.

    1. I guess we’re fortunate in that we can, for the time being, tune this shit out. For the time being. I don’t even know what the young people listen to nowadays, and I’m counting my blessings after realizing the truth…

      Music has gotten objectively worse. I have been seeing it for years, and I’m not imagining it. There are literally TWO (2) guys who write most of the top-40 shit nowadays. It’s way, waaaay dumbed-down now. It’s probably proof that fluoridation in the water causes brain damage, because how else could the general public stand for this?

      1. And y’all can see why I still listen to Heavy Metal. Among other genres.

        If the average SoyBoy/feminist/libturd/LBGT muthafuka took a look at my CD collection their little heads would be in a spin. I have everything from Suzanne Vega to a huge number of classical music CD’s to Iron Maiden. That is because I enjoy GOOD music. NOT shite.

        Now THIS is music;

  2. One of the scum you mentioned Gilenbrand dropped out. The purpose of her campaign
    was to get enough money for a Senate run.
    None of this scum, except Biden, is expected to win. Biden is playing the role, of a shaky
    senile old man who will hand the reigns over to Hillary in a brokered Democratic Convention
    next summer. Hillary will be pitched by the vile media as the only hope the Dems. have of defeating, the racist, fascist, sexist, transphobic, Anti-semetic,Islamahobic Trump.
    Vile Devil Worshipers who should be hanging at the end of a rope will orgrastrate the genocide
    of the incel first, then the genocide of middle class or under white males in general.
    The pretty white female will go into sexual slavery and be utalized by the Eliets, Antifa, and
    “replacement” immagrents. A certain number of white women will be retained as breeders
    to be inseminted with white male sperm to continue the “supply of white female babies, without
    living white males.
    God CAN stop these evil plans like He did in 2016, and if He DOES (By a miracle.) That will be
    the beginning of Civil War.

    1. Wow, Gillicunt did drop out! Well that was a fast development. Of course, Biden isn’t going to win – he’s too damn senile. He probably had a stroke or something. None of these idiots can win against Trump.

      I have thought for months that they have a ringer waiting in the wings who is going to come in after the circular firing squad has done its damage. I said this months ago and now a lot of people are saying it. Of course most think that it’s going to be Moochelle Obama, and I’ve also hear the name Oprah Winfrey floated, but I have a feeling it’s not going to be either of those two. I think it’s going to be someone unexpected. Someone had a good theory that they won’t actually roll out this dark horse until the convention, and I think that is slightly likely. They are probably calculating that the blow-back they’ll get from the liberal base for rigging the primary again will be outweighed by other factors…we’ll see.

      Who will it be? If this were a movie, the most predictable villain ringer would be Hillary Clinton, but I just can’t intellectually make myself believe that it would ever be her. The only person in the world as far as I can tell who still wants her to be president is Hillary Clinton herself. I know the globalist elite are making some incredible missteps these days, but why on earth would the want to run her again? If that were the case, it would show that the Clintons truly run the show when it comes to the NWO, but I just don’t think they do.

      Whoever it is, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a black person. The Dems have convinced themselves that the reason Hillary lost is because black Democrats didn’t turn out for her the way they did for Hussein Obama; now of course the statistics don’t actually bear this out – she would have lost even if they would have – but they are convinced nonetheless that they need that base covered.

      If Trump wins re-election, that’s when the violence is going to erupt. The left won’t win that fight, but violence will erupt. It’s not going to be as bad as the civil war of the 1860s but it’ll be far, far worse than the riots after Trump’s first election. There will be bloodshed, on both sides.

      1. I agree with MOST of what you said, but bear in mind that Satan is the “god” of this world,” (age). Satan had the authourity to offer Christ “All the kingdoms of the world, at the height of
        their power.” I earnestly believe that both Clinton’s made a pact with Satan many decades ago
        for unlimited power. Only God can counteract a pact made with Satan. The Clintion’s, and
        their Deep State helpers HAVE been above the law, as can be seen throughout their criminally
        laced careers. Just the other day Comely was let off. The swamp loyalists owe everything to
        Satan and the coup attempts continue. I think both Dem. RINOs, and Never Trumpers are
        hoping to wait Trump out, as they obstruct and sabatage in every way they can.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if the Devil worshiping Intelligence agencies have had long distance
        snipers try to assassinate Trump, or rig his plane to have a “mechinical failures.” That was a
        method used by the Clinton’s frenquently. The Epstein farce comes straight out of Arkansas.
        Since Satan is in charge of wealth and politics, I must assume that Satan and his flunkies will
        continue his attempt to honor his pact with the Clinton’s.

        1. It is likely that we have entered the period described in Revelations 12:1-2, where the stars aligned (last year or the year before, I can’t remember) in the way described, and the “child” described therein is the new movement of nationalism/populism itself. Remember, the Word must be published in all nations before all things can be fulfilled. There is still a ways to go, and it looks like we may be in a period of rebirth – a pause, if you will – with God having rejected Satan’s timeline. I don’t know any of that for sure, but some things seem to be stacking up that way.

          1. I’m sure there have been numerous attempts to assassinate Trump that we don’t even know of. Long range snipers, and attempts by the intelligence agencies to tamper with Air Force One.
            God thwarts these attempts. Only God is powerful enough to defeat Satan. It took a devine
            miracle for Trump to win in 2016, and it will take another devine miracle for Trump to win in 2020. The swamp is too vast for Trump to perform at the top of his abillities.
            The Deep State will no doubt endevor to DESTROY America via a scortched earth policy if God lets Trump get reelected.

  3. Don’t believe in God or Satan.

    I believe in decent people and assholes. And everything else in between.

    All I know is this; put that bitch Clinton in power, and white, working class heterosexual men may as well get the fuck out of the USA.

  4. On Thursday night, I had the unenviable task of apologising to my dying father for being unable to give him grandchildren.

    Next fucker who tries to tell me that Incel is not a real problem, and that it is NOT the fault of a fucked up society, that is the reason I was forced to have this conversation, is gonna see a side of me that they will not like.

    Do you know what it felt like to have to do this? Have you ANY idea, of the amount of pain it is causing me? I am trying to hold on to what bit of sanity I have left. All It is gonna take is ONE wrong fucking word. And then I am going to go ape shit. I’ll beat the fucking crap out of someone if I have to. But I WILL shut them the fuck up.

    1. I feel for you. When my mom was on her death bed she told my father, (In front of me) that
      she felt sorry for me because I would never have a girlfriend. At the time she said that, we were unaware she was dying. But the dying person knows subconsciously that they are dying.
      They get less guarded in what they say.

      1. Kind of unusual that she declared that you’d never have a girlfriend.. Most elders love to annoy you by declaring that you will.
        “Oh you just wait! Huh huh huh! She’s right around the corner! Huh huh huh!”

        1. I was in my 50’s when she made the comment. I had never so much as held a girl’s hand up
          to that point. Everyone who knows me, knows I never will.

    2. I have a different relationship with my parents, regarding my lack of children. My mom said that it’s all our own choice. My dad is upset, but he didn’t lift a finger to help me out, or even simply get out of the way, during the most important years. He did what he could to undermine my ability to establish DSR, and the one day, he asked what was going on and why I wasn’t pursuing a wife and kids…and I was like you have some fucking nerve, asking about that. Both parents know better than to even ask, now.

      1. I will say that for my dad. He never gave me a hard time over my lack of a family. And he does have grandchildren, only they ain’t mine.

        This kind of pain I am in at the moment is something that NO NONCEL WABBIT WILL EVER UNNDERSTAND. I have got to watch my dad die, And find some way to deal with it.

        I think the only way out for me is to hit the booze hard, until the screaming inside me stops.

  5. “One of the scum you mentioned Gilenbrand dropped out. The purpose of her campaign
    was to get enough money for a Senate run.”

    ????? She already IS a US Senator, and in fact was just re-elected last fall.

    1. To recoup the money she spent. She is scum. Hilary Rotten Clinton is Devil worshiping scum.
      She wants to steal the White House with Satan’s help, ship me to a FEMA death camp, and
      turn me into a lampshade.

    2. They always get to keep their war chest. money is money.

      Hey, how’s this for a campaign promise: campaign donations go into escrow, and left over funds are returned! Heh, no, I’m not that naive…it’ll never happen.

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