Elliot Rodger Hero Worship

We’re seeing a disturbing trend of people paying tribute to Elliot Rodger. I’m seeing these more and more for some reason in my YouTube suggestions, which is typically bizarre because I’m not a fan of the guy (funny how that stuff can stay on YouTube but Alex Jones can’t).  Hey, maybe Google is trying to inspire more mass murders for their gun control push?  I wouldn’t put it past them.  Anyway, many of them are probably incels, foolishly not realizing that he did them no favors by making them public enemy #1, but a lot of them are probably also females who find his mythical status to be sexy, somehow.  I tell you…it’s something we’ve discussed quite a bit, but it still never ceases to amaze me, what turns females on.

I also noticed (back when IMDB had message boards – they apparently no longer do) that the pages for Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the Columbine killers, were gushing with love notes from females, pledging their affections to their rotting corpses. And of course, who could forget about Jeremy Meeks, the “hawt felon”? So this is not a new phenomenon, except for the part that it was an incel who is now being glorified.

We know how Ted Bundy was sent love letters from females as he sat on death row, and on that note, I stumbled upon an interesting article on the subject of female attraction to serial killers…

In romantic fiction the hero is often an alpha male, a strong, dominant ‘bad boy’ who lacks empathy. Plots revolve around turning the hero into somebody who has compassion but still retains the alpha characteristics the heroine was attracted to in the first place. Serial killers are the ultra version of alpha males.

Yeah that’s pretty much the case. It’s all biological with females. They want a male to sire offspring that will dominate others. If we could only get tradcons and other romantic morons to quit glorifying and romanticizing human reproduction, we wouldn’t have ever had to be the least bit emotional about the consequences of these base, reptilian sexual drives of females.

Personally, I still don’t understand how or why anyone could want a multiple murderer as a mate, but then I’ve never understood why women are attracted to alpha males either. But that’s probably because, as my wife is fond of reminding me, I’m not one.

These are the words of a man careening toward divorce disaster – a true cuck, and he knows it. It’s only a matter of time for him. Too bad, really. It sounds like she’s the one who should get the short end of that stick, but of course, we know she won’t.

As for Elliot Rodger, I’m not worried that it’s going to result in one additional mass murder by an incel (of those that are inevitable) but it’s just something to look at and shake your head. Just look at these videos, and read the comments…

This video tries to walk the middle ground – you’d better know what you’re doing if you try to do that, you’ll get hit by traffic in both directions.

The people in this one are particularly twisted…

I could post a string of videos a mile long, but you get the point.  Have a look at how many are out there.

Now remember, the people making these videos never knew Elliot Rodger.  All they know is what we know – that he butchered three Asian kids with a knife in his dorm, shot a couple of sorority females to death (he shot one of them in the pussy multiple times, like a total fucking savage), snuffed out a young guy for simply being a sandwich shop, gave gunshot wounds to seven more, hit seven more with his car, and then put a bullet in his own head…and somehow they think he’s someone to pay tribute to.



It’s one thing to understand his life, his incel and how people made things bad for him as they do for all incels, but he chose to deal with it in exactly the wrong way – he’s an example of what you don’t do if you are incel.  He took a bad personal situation, and turned it into something much worse – a persecution movement against other incels, including you.  Remember, the roommates he killed were probably incel too (the bottom three). So where’s the justice now?

And by the way, think about this: he was only twenty-fucking-two years old, and somehow he decided that his incel had reached such a level that mass murder was appropriate – that’s an insult to every 30 or 40+ year-old virgin who knows what real degradation means.  George Sodini was no hero either, but at least he knew what it was really like to become a late-life circus freak incel.  Elliot Rodger?  He was a lightweight who selfishly took a shit right in the already bitter punch bowl of life for the rest of inceldom…well, except for the wannabe maniacs who take their cues from Hollywood on how to deal with adversity.

He was also a fan of the Young Twerks, which makes him a piece of shit, all the rest of this notwithstanding.

Update 2019-09-04


Here’s a frame from the last video in that list…  Now let’s think about this: here you have a blond female, who probably would have met Elliot Rodger’s stated expectations of what a “beautiful blond girlfriend” entails…and there she is, wearing a T-shirt with his face on it, like he’s a damn rock star! Just consider, for a moment, how and why this came to be…

On what planet does this tableau make any sense?

I mean, it’s clear that even if she knew him, she would not have been attracted to him at all, had he not gone on a rampage – and that’s even if he had published videos and a manifesto and all the rest, because the murder is what brought the fame, and the fame is what elevated his genetic stock price (genes that are now incinerated).  No one is going to debate that, except perhaps a stupid female.  But just look at it, again…  You’re basically looking at Elliot Rodger’s dream.  He became the “god” that he said he would become.  Now of course, he didn’t get to stick his dick in that warm, tight little pussy, but would he have been satisfied knowing that her soft, silky, twiggy little body would be wrapped in a picture of his face?  I think he probably would have!  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to fuck any of his groupies, but this was the only way he could get groupies in the first place, and it’s frankly amazing that he ended up winning that Pyrrhic victory in the end.  It’s the thought that counts…for him, anyway.

For her part, she’s also pissing up a rope in her pursuit of him, because she’s just as powerless as he now is to make good on her attraction…well, assuming she’s genuinely attracted to him. I wouldn’t bet my life that she’s not actually doing a subtle form trolling on living incels. Females tend to do this – they find incel guys, and then do and say things to get the incel guys chasing after them, all while making sure the incels never catch them.

“See this, boys? We ARE attracted to guys like you! All you have to do is murder a bunch of us girls, and then kill yourself, and then you’ll be ready to receive our love!”

Boy, you really have to laugh at how broken male/female protocols are in the post-sexual revolution world. It’ll be your undoing if you don’t.

By the way…who the hell is selling these T-shirts?  No I don’t want one. But asking that question led me to Amazon, where a search for Elliot Rodger yielded books that people have written, as well as his manifesto, ready for download – and yet a best-selling book by Juanita Broaddrick, one of Bill Clinton’s rape victims, is banned on Amazon.  If you think that isn’t an example of big tech’s political censorship, then you aren’t paying any attention at all.  For those who do see it for what it is, just add that to the shit-heap of things that can never make sense, until you acknowledge the reality of mass disinformation.  From the propaganda brought to you by the government-media complex, to female lies about what they’re attracted to, we’re floating in a sea of lies…about everything.


37 thoughts on “Elliot Rodger Hero Worship

  1. I will hold my hands up and admit, that back in the day, when I went by the screen name of Cenobite, I said some nasty shit.

    SAID some nasty shit. That is the important bit; SAID some nasty shit. Past tense. And all it was was comprised of WORDS. I have NEVER hurt a woman, nor have I EVER touched a woman intimately, without her express consent.

    Now, the above statements do not absolve me totally of guilt. But let’s get things straight here. I NEVER went out on my ‘Day Of Retribution’.

    ANY Incel who thinks that by going out and killing a bunch of people is gonna advance ‘The Cause’ is a fucking retard on a COSMIC scale. In fact it is going to do the direct polar opposite; EVERY Incel wigout brings the day when Incels will be viewed with the same level of suspicion as supporters of IS, a day closer. Only these stupid cunts cannot see this.

    I have said this before about that little prick Rodger. At risk of repeating myself, I will say it again.

    That fucker spent $300 on a pair of sunglasses. But he would NOT spend the same on hiring a hooker. Shit, with his looks, if he’d have decided to go the gay route, guys would have been lining up to bed him. But no. He had a fantasy in his little head about what he ‘deserved’. And he was prepared to KILL in a temper tantrum because he could not get what he wanted. And as you point out, he was just 22. I mean, fuck man. At that age you have only just worked out what your dick’s other function is. Twenty fucking two.

    I got to FORTY MOTHERFUCKING SIX before I sucked on a pair of tits that was not my mothers. I’m not going to go over old ground here; anybody who reads my posts on here, or who remembers me from the days of yore, will have a fair idea of where I am coming from. And I am not going to be a hypocrite and lie, yes I AM still fucking angry about the way that society decided that I was not good enough, and condemned me to a lifetime of Incel. I think that I have a fucking RIGHT to be angry.

    But I also have a lot of shit going on in my life that kinda trumps not being able to get laid. Like you I have a very clear message to Incels.

    People like Elliot Rodger, do not do you, or any other Incel, ANY favours whatsoever. You need to fucking understand this. Have a look at this post from my blog.


    A guy of just 22, can get himself out of the Incel trap. Because he has time on his side. Getting yourself jacked up into shape, is the single smartest thing that you can do. Because if nothing else, you will at least not end up like me. At 54 my body is fucking wrecked. And this is my fault. But also, getting into shape, will at LEAST get you SOME interest from women. You show me a woman who is not impressed by big muscles, and I will show you a liar.

    At 22, you still have your whole life in front of you. You HAVE the time to change things. But you are going to HAVE to work to achieve such change. At my age, all I can do is fire fight; deal with each new health issue as and when it occurs. And again at my age, you get to finally understand what women are, and how they should be treated.

    The bottom line is, going ER is NOT the solution to Incel. Taking POSITIVE action is. And if it ain’t, then find something else to do with your life.

    1. You know, it occurs to me the reason why ER didn’t go and get a hooker… I think that doing so would have removed his excuse to go on his “day of retribution”. In other words, he wanted to kill more than he even wanted to get laid. Just think about it… He could have gone to the Chicken Ranch, which is a high-class brothel in Pahrump, Nevada – it’s not that much different than a drive to Blythe, California where he made several trips to buy lottery tickets; but he knew (or at least, probably suspected, correctly) that doing so would have solved he problem for him, and then his glorious jaunt of shooting, stabbing and running people over would not have happened. That is what he ultimately wanted.

      Of course there are those who would argue that there are even more solutions that would have prevented him from doing what he did – you know, stupid politically-correct things like counselling and medication (which he was already immersed in and may well have exacerbated his illness – damn sure didn’t prevent it because his counselors didn’t contact the police when he sent out his manifesto, but instead, they called mommy and daddy who got in the car and started driving to protect their poor little boy from the cops)…and maybe there were other alternatives to mass murder besides prostitution, but hey, I’m speaking to what I know works. Right or wrong, virginity is like concrete shoes as the water rises around you, and after a certain age, the water goes above your head; break out of those shoes, and you can swim. You couldn’t throw a rock in any direction without hitting someone who’s to blame for that fact, but that isn’t going to make it any less true. Virginity is a mental block for men, and as soon as it’s gone, the whole world looks differently. Oh of course, there are guys who live in some alternate world where virginity is not scandalous and they wouldn’t have that problem, but Elliot Rodger was not one of those guys. He lived in the same world where most men do – a world where virginity has been turned into a disease, a crime and a curse.

      He knew what the solution was, but he didn’t want it. For Elliot Rodger, incel was actually a means to an end – a sinister end. He travestied his virginity into an insurmountable problem in his own mind, in order to rationalize his murderous ideas. Virginity was a scapegoat. The goal was not sex – the goal was murder. And everyone who sings his praises now is being suckered by his ghost.

      1. In an interview with 20/20, Elliot Rodger’s father obliquely claimed that he offered to bring his son to Las Vegas and arrange a meeting with a prostitute if his “blocking point” was the physical act of sex. Allegedly, Rodger refused this offer because “he wanted to be loved for his heart.”

        (Around 15:50 time index)

        By that point, he was probably beyond hope.

        1. Clearly. But I still think it’s worth saying that had ER been willing – had we changed that one variable in the twisted equation – the answer probably would have come out different. Those who deny that possibility do so purely to uphold a narrative; those who have actually been to a prostitute have much more grounds to say that.

          1. I’m sorry, but I fail to see how, our pal Elliot, would have had the same mindest after a few sessions with SMOKING HOT, clean LEGAL hookers. I mean c’mon guys! What are we saying here?

            First time I had intimacy with a woman, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted – albeit temporarily – from my shoulders. I mean, I don’t know how I even managed it – guess looking at all that porn over the years did not go to waste huh? I just cannot put into words how fucking GOOD it felt sucking on her tits and eating her out. I’m sorry but if Elliot Rodger had remained unaffected by the sheer physical JOY of being intimate with a woman, then the mofo REALLY would have had severe mental problems in my book. I just do not see, how after a couple of amazing fucks, he would have had the same mental outlook. It’s utter bullshit and we all know it is.

            1. Either that, or his broken brain could have taken another tack that would have worked just as well. For me, it wasn’t like a huge burden was lifted from my shoulders immediately albeit temporarily – it was more like nothing seeming that much different immediately, but gradually realizing that everything was different that it had previously appeared. It was kind of like a blindfold was finally removed, and what I saw wasn’t a wonderful world that I was outside of (although yes, the sensation of sliding your dick into a pussy is one of those that has you thinking, yeah, I could get used to this), but more accurately, you see that the world of non-virginity that the non-virgins always told you about and taunted you about…the glory, the dignity…it’s all a lie. It’s a lie that I don’t even know why anyone bothers telling. All it took was getting that certificate of completion, and this all became clear.

              But back to the point, if ER had been able to see this clearly, more people would be alive today. Yes, we know – it doesn’t matter why he didn’t want to see a hooker, because he simply didn’t, and you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink – but all I’m saying is that if he had been willing, it might have made all the difference.

              1. I feel I need to drive this point home further…

                Look: sticking your dick in the pussy, and in the mouth, of a genetically viable female ought not be much of a deal socially; but because it is such an innate, hormonal obsession and biological imperative through the animal kingdom, not doing it has become the preeminent source of all male insecurity. You’d think that humanity, with its higher intelligence and ability for abstract reasoning, would have been able to rise above the insecurity, the ridicule, the judgement, the persecution over a lack of sex, but instead, humanity has used its intelligence to reinforce all of that.

                For individual male incels, the only saving grace is that there are more of them now than ever. There was a time when marriage was socially compulsory, but they made it easy to obtain; but now, with the “liberation” of womankind’s worst tendencies, it’s becoming impossible for an increasing proportion of the male population…and yet the tradcons react by doubling down on the socially compulsory nature of pairing off, rather than facing the problem they helped create through their own dereliction.

                How many tradcons stood up against feminism in the ’70s? Even in the ’20s, during the suffrage revolution? How many?

                1. Yes indeed. It is one of my core arguments when debating Incel. is that it is SOCIETY that created this fucking problem in the first place!

                  Now I am not stupid enough to believe that there have never been any Incel people pre Feminism. Only a fool would believe that.

                  But the problem we have now is their sheer NUMBER of – for the most part MEN who identify as Incel -and scoeity’s reaction to this phenomenon. It’s like leaving a giant turd on the side walk and saying ‘That ain’t my problem!’

                  By allowing the monster of ‘ Women’s Sexual Liberation’ out of the dungeon, we have, as a species, sowed the seeds of our demise. And those seeds are going to produce a very unpleasant harvest.

  2. Another thing that this idiotic hero worship of a fucknuts like Elliot Rodger does is make the Incel community look SO fucking bad. As if we did not have enough shit thrown at us already. As if life for us was not hard enough already. As if we did not NEED any more grief than we already get ALREADY.

    We are ALREADY yea close to seeing Incels in Guantanamo Bay. And these dipshits who worship Elliot Rodger and pricks like him just do not seem to get the message.

    If you ain’t got the message by now, then you are never going to. No sir. Embrace MGOW principles, do something with your fucking life. Other than sit on your ass in front of a computer all fucking day, beating your meat over a dipshit like Elliot Rodger

    1. And you know, I tried to warn them. I tried but it was like herding cats. It’s understandable that they aren’t going to want to listen to Foghorn Leghorn noncel assholes who have only experienced natural success with females, but when it’s coming from someone who knows the score, and is on their side…? Many of them do not listen to anyone who has any ideas about how they can become more than the losers they are, continuing the pattern the same things that made them incel in the first place – simping females, remaining unemployed, refusing to get a damn driver’s license…for fuck sake, getting a driver’s licence in my day wasn’t a question. I wasn’t acting like a rabbit and telling them to get laid and how; I never told them that you could get sex if you do X, Y and Z – that’s a carrot on a stick that I refused to hold out – but they were being losers in multiple ways, and it was all preventable. I mean just take MGTOW as alternative advice – at least they could have some self-reliance and personal means, and they would be sacrificing their dignity by simping females, like the desperate incels they were, but didn’t have to be. But oh no, they weren’t going to hear that. Every time I would rebuke them for simping, they would protest back at me and say I was trying to keep them incel, because as far as they were concerned, that simping was what they were going to do to get out of incel…delusional!

      You know what those guys are like? Imagine the hopeless personality of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, but with the added characteristic of leg-humping like a dog in heat. What do you do with people like that?

      It’s just good reason to distance oneself from the whole incel “community” – an association that never existed before the anonymity of the world-wide web. Incels had all been previously underground and had little realization of each other’s existence; but as the internet came into being, little spontaneous discussions about incel began to pop up here and there, as previously isolated people were reaching out for answers and getting their issues off their chest; then you saw the rise of dedicated incel forums, where only incels (and curious/manipulative females) would congregate. The problem was that few had answers, and even fewer were willing to listen to anyone else, and noncel passers-by usually out to sabotage. It was like a mental institution actually founded by the patients. Then the era of incel mass murders began, and these aimless individuals decided to coalesce around that.

      Yeah…best stand back and let that bus go over the cliff, and be glad you’re not on it.

  3. I think Eliot Rodgers is a red herring. Incels are today’s lepers. No one needs Rodgers as an
    excuse to hate incels. But many of Eliot Rodger’s “fan girls” are probably baffled about how a
    guy that looked as good as Rodgers did, could be an “incel.”

    1. I think they know. In fact…it just occurred to me that at least some of these “fan girls” are actually trolling other incels with what they say – maybe even trying to see if they can provoke more mass murder. Females don’t often consider the consequences of their actions.

  4. Totally agree with post and previous comments, but while we must strenuously acknowledge that there’s no such thing as a “right” to get laid, we must also strenuously acknowledge the legal and institutional barriers criminalizing the efforts of anyone but top 1% of alphas sought after to get any.

    As I’ve said here before, the Eliot Rodgers are counterproductive. Wait until some poor jerk who had his life ruined because of some misunderstanding on a date ten years earlier, or because the last cunt he asked out was so traumatized because how dare he be so presumptuous exacts violent retribution.

    1. No Incel guy should go out and kill. No matter how justified he feels. Let’s get that straight right away. Not getting laid does NOT justify murder. It simply does not.

      I understand that Incel HURTS. By fuck I do. It hurts like a bastard. But I cannot use that as an excuse to go out and hurt people. I can’t and I won’t.

      What the Incel man needs to do, is quite simple. He needs to adopt MGTOW/Red pill philosophy and realise that women can be BOUGHT. Just like a pair of shoes or a loaf of bread. WOMEN CAN BE BOUGHT.

      Once you accept this, you can move on with your life. Move on and actually HAVE a life. Instead of spending all day on the Internet on Incel forums.

      Those places are nothing but pure POISON. They will do NOTHING TO HELP YOU.

      I’ll say it again. Elliot Rodger spent three hundred dollars on a pair of sunglasses. But he would not spend the same on hiring a hooker. There was nothing involuntary about his ‘condition’. He CHOSE TO ACT LIKE A RETARD. His choice. His call.

      No matter no how justified you feel, society is Never gonna understand the Incel man going out on a killing spree. It just simply is not. And each Incel wigout is simply bringing the day closer when the Incel man faced life in

          1. That blond has been around for ages. She’s just an attention seeker. You’re right. He’s
            “safely” dead. If he were alive, he wouldn’t get the crumbs off her table.
            Please look at Alan Roger Currie’s last video. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.

            1. The one titled “Were Women Given Power & Influence by Men OR Did Women PUNK Men and TAKE IT? (ARC responds to Rob K)” I started watching it and he’s talking about people saying he photoshopped pics of him sucking on nipples, or something…sounded like a bad boy gloat fest. Tell me what part of the video he starts talking about something substantive, and I’ll go back to it.

              1. Well, towards the last third of the video. Feminism DID develop incrementally.
                We didn’t start from a feminist position. Blue pilled white knights (In the hopes of getting laid)
                simped for women.

                1. I wouldn’t even phrase it in the past-tense – the simping is well underway, and in fact, probably just getting started. The so-called stalwarts of social conservatism are taking a hands-off approach when it comes to the recklessness of unbridled female behavior, and putting all of the pressure and blame on young men to somehow make make a silk purse out of the sow’s ear that their elders before them created. Young men are told, by social conservatives – usually self-styled Protestant pastors in “new” churches that have rock band instruments set up in the pulpit – that their female peers are perfect, infallible, angelic, and they young guys need to kiss their asses and call it ice cream, and whatever wrong the females do is the men’s fault. The most you’ll see in the way of criticism of females comes in the form of a friendly suggestion not to be total whores, and it’s framed as an appeal to the glorification of females. They do not dare hold females responsible for anything – the only responsible ones are the males. These social conservatives are right in line with feminists, except for when it comes to things like abortion, the story of Eve being made from on of Adam’s ribs, etc.; beyond that, every gynocentric manifestation of feminism is fearfully endorsed and enforced by Protestant social conservatives.

                  Who enforces this ideology on them? Why, their wives, of course! Well, they had to marry someone, after all…but every woman in sight was contaminated with feminism, so what could they do? Nothing. Their own male elders didn’t want to hear about it – they just demanded results, in the form of grandchildren, and so they charged forth. The cycle repeats itself – today’s loudmouthed social conservative leaders likewise don’t want to hear any complaints from young men about what they have to work with – they’re given a mandate to be husbands and fathers and not talk back. See what it’s like for a young guy growing up in a tradcon environment? Do what your elders tell you to do, don’t talk back; do what your feminist wife tells you to do, don’t talk back. Oh, and then the feminists got the ultimate weapon: no-fault divorce. Now you know how their wives are able to enforce fem-think on them.

                  Is sex really worth it? Is it really worth putting yourself through all that, just for a little nookie now and then from the same woman? Oh and then you have to remember that she’s not going to be young and attractive for long…your very existence, financially and legally, is going to be held hostage by an old woman who is no longer attractive, and no longer finds you attractive. Good luck on that tightrope!

                  “B-b-b-b-but marriage isn’t about sex, you misogynist!” Yeah, is that why a marriage falls apart without it?

                  You know, it’s not much of a surprise that there is so much psychological warfare against men without women – incels and MGTOW alike – when you consider the extent of mental gymnastics required to make modern marriage seem like a good idea.

    2. It’s a matter of simple cause-and-effect – we are only on the cusp of the “Incel Rebellion”, and it’s going to get much worse. As far as I’m concerned, the biggest legal barrier is anti-prostitution laws. They’re pushed by feminists, for obvious reasons, and tradcucks, who think that if you restrict every means out there to get laid – without any need to address other problems, like feminism, no-fault divorce, family courts, etc. – suddenly we’ll have a new Victorian era, where guys will start marrying, and the pews will fill with children, and everything will be wonderful. They’re IDIOTS. These Protestant mega-church pastors are some of the most annoying ones, because they gleefully talk about how it’s good when young people get trapped in a marriage and are in over their heads, because “a loaded truck drives straight”… HELLO, DUMBASSES – THEY ARE NOT “TRAPPED” IN ANYTHING! LATE TEENS/EARLY TWENTIES ARE ONE OF THE HIGHEST DIVORCE RATE GROUPS! (For the record, the other age group most prone to divorce is those who marry after 35 – tell that to those who don’t stop nagging you about marriage after that age.)

      Marriage is like a bee stinger. If a male worker bee is separated from the stinger, he gets disemboweled because it’s hooked to his guts. It’s a fatal action for a male. The female queen bee? No problem – she’s not hurt at all by it.

      1. Um, there are no male worker bees. All the workers are infertile females. Male bees, or drones, live only until one lucky one gets to fertilize the queen, and cannot sting. The rest are then summarily tossed from the hive.

        Otherwise, I agree with your points. And once again I have to draw the distinction between Eliot Rodger and someone like Alec Holowka, who just committed suicide. Perhaps the next Alec Holowka will off his tormentor instead.

        1. Um, that’s different information than I was given when I went to school…maybe they’ve updated bee science, but either way, I’m not interested enough to research it. Fuck it – you get my point.

          It’s something how none of these patsys [cough] – Did I just say that? – shooters ever go after the people whom they have a gripe with. For example (I’m saying this completely hypothetically here – I’m not calling for violence) Elliot Rodger could have murdered Monette Moio, but instead he went after people he didn’t even know. Again, I’m not saying that he should have done any harm to Monette Moio, or that anyone else should, or that she would deserve it…but it would have been more sequitur, you know, given the history and all.

          1. The bee science has always been the same. You were just misinformed. Go look it up yourself.

            I only make that point because you made a faulty comparison of marriage to something that doesn’t exist. Other than that I agree completely with everything else you said.

  5. It’s obvious to me that women are just not interested in decent men. Not that I am saying that Elliott Rodger was a decent man. He was a narcissistic little price.

    But it is a very clear demonstration of how women are attracted to the very shallowest of things in a man. Shallow and superficial things. And yet these bitches and the muppets that support them will strenuously deny that is how they behave. They claim to have some kind of paranormal sixth sense when it comes to sexual partners, and yet, the Ted Bundy of this world continue to slaughter them, and the PUA’s continue to pump and dump them, while Incel men continue to suffer, and go quietly insane.

    It’s textbook Clown world. Honk mother fucking. Honk.

  6. And what angers me (Yes it does), is that these self same bitches, who drool over a DEAD PSYCHOPATH will NOT give decent men a chance in life, thus perpetuating the angry Incel phenomenon. You tell me how in the name of hell this makes sense.

    1. I’m starting to realize that when it comes to female reproductive behavior, trying to make sense of it is our first mistake – there is frankly no sense to be made of it. Now here’s the punchline: in the last 50 years, females have been put fully into the driver’s seat of human sexual selection and the direction of reproduction. As it has been said, feminism fosters the worst tendencies of female behavior, and whether most people acknowledge it by name or not, feminism is now the established standard of gender relations…and it’s not even static – feminism has no philosophical self-regulation, and is allowed to mutate into any direction that the whims of its never-satisfied purveyors want to take it. If human reproduction were a bus, then time is a brick on the accelerator pedal, and feminism is a drunken, fearless little girl standing in the driver’s seat, casually throwing around the steering wheel violently…and the emergency door is clearly marked MGTOW.

  7. And whilst we are on the subject of the insane behaviour of females – Guess who the #MeToo brigade are gunning for now eh?

    None other than Placido Domingo.

    Who the fuck is it gonna be next – The Dali fucking Lama?

  8. “Now here’s the punchline: in the last 50 years, females have been put fully into the driver’s seat of human sexual selection and the direction of reproduction.”

    Sorry, but that isn’t true either. Females have been in the driver’s seat since Adam and Eve. Cheap sperm, expensive eggs.

    1. Well, not exactly – females have not had sexual autonomy throughout most of history. Sure, their eggs are more valuable, but that doesn’t mean they make the decisions. They do now, but in times past, they were handled only marginally better than they are treated today in Muslim countries.

        1. Again, that’s only applicable when females have sexual autonomy. When females are dominated, they are not in the driver’s seat of sexual selection, and that has been the case to varying degrees throughout most of human history. Don’t let a principle dubbed a “law” fool you into forgetting facts.

  9. Spent another harrowing morning with my father. Every time I look at his gaunt twisted little body, I am reminded of the fact that the alpha dickheads won and I lost.
    Don’t even know why I am posting this here. I have to vent somewhere before I fucking explode.

    Yes, I would like thank all the square jawed chumps who got the girls whilst I didn’t. So I could not give my father grandchildren. I mean, how much more of a failure can I be huh?

    Once my father has gone I am either gonna end up on antidepressants or on booze. And to be honest with you, I think I prefer booze.

  10. Here is why young men like Elliot Rodger need to fucking DO something with their lives. Especially if that something is keeping themselves physically fit; I spent all fucking day yesterday in hospital. Hooked up to a heart monitor. Thought I was going down again. This is what NOT taking action gets you; you end up like me. I have this shit at least once a year. Only one tf these times, I will NOT be coming home.

  11. If you have any doubts about the kind of negative coverage that the subject o Incel gets – then just type in the word ‘Incel’ in the search bar of your browser, and you will see what I mean.

    This shit is the ultimate end result of guys like Elliott Rodger going PANT – Y – WACO, because their Incel drove them insane. Incel wigouts achive NOTHING AT ALL for Incel men. Certainly nothing worthy of celebration.

    Now guys, I am not playing the innocence card here. I WAS Cenobite. THE Cenobite. I was the Rottweiler of Lowesby. Com. And boy, was I angry.

    I was boiling with anger and resentment. Again, I am not going to lie, I am STILL angry about the way society decided I was unworthy of simple human intimacy. And the way in which total dickheads NEVER having trouble in getting women. I am, and always will be angry about those things, and to be brutally honest, I. think that I am entitled to feel that way.

    But I am NOT entitled to hurt people because of my resentment. And that is the important thing here. Yes you can be angry. But you don’t have the right to go out and shoot a random bunch of people up. I’m sorry, but that is the way things are.

    I can write this now, because I no longer have sexual urges literally driving me mad. It’s taken illness and the side effects of medication to achieve this, and it is not something that I set out to do, but nevertheless, this is situation that I find myself in now. Cenobite is dead. And I. want him to stay dead.

    Because, though life is not a bed of roses now, I am no longer insane.

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