ZeroHedge: Marriage Rates Are Falling Due To Shortage Of “Economically Attractive” Men, Study Finds

See what happens when you put the childish sex in the driver’s seat of sexual dynamics?

In the US, conventional feminists talk about the ‘wage gap’ like it’s some kind of international conspiracy to short-change women. On ‘Equal Pay Day’ and other new feminist holidays, numbers like ’78 cents on the dollar’ are bandied about, supposedly representing the gulf between what women and men earn for the same job.

Of course, many women who are ‘outraged’ by the wage gap probably don’t understand how that number was produced. They would probably be offended if somebody mentioned that different studies have arrived at wildly different conclusions about the gap in pay between women and men. Amusingly, at the highest echelons of corporate America, females are routinely paid more than their male counterparts.

But in a new study published by the Journal of Marriage and Family, a team of Cornell sociologists looked at the factors behind America’s falling marriage and family-formation rates. They found that American women are struggling to find ‘suitable’ partners due to a lack of ‘financially eligible’ bachelors.

In other words: America’s men are too unemployed, broke and sad to marry.

Well what did they think was going to happen?  They kneecapped and artificially superseded men in their domains, and then they thought that would wring even more out of men?  No, men are actually pretty observant – they can see when a bar keeps getting raised the higher they jump, and they know not to jump for it anymore.

A typically good article from ZeroHedge – that is, until they fumble right at the end, as tradcons usually do…

What’s to be done about this situation? It’s difficult to say. Men really just need to get it together.

No, men don’t really just need to get it together.

It’s like this: you’re running a foot race with someone, and you’re expected to win because you’re naturally a better runner; but you get clubbed on the knee by the sister of the other racer, in order to enable that racer to win, artificially.  What do you do?  Do you just keep running/hobbling and try to win the race anyway?  If you take the lead again, the sister will just hit you in the other knee.  She is not going to allow you to win, even though everyone demands that you keep running and once more win the race.  These same people who want you to win, even with your one bad knee, are doing nothing about the sister who hit you in the knee – she gets to do that all she wants with impunity and they’ll let her do it.  So what do you do?  Well since we’ve establish that you aren’t going to win, it’s really a choice between one bad knee or two bad knees, SO STOP RUNNING.  Drop out of the race.  Yes, everyone will scream at you for doing that, but what can they do?  Better yet, what are they willing to do?  They’re not willing to take away the club from that malevolent feminist sister of the slower runner, so you need to back them into a corner.

Back them into a corner?  Oh, I forgot to mention that part – the slower runner needs you to continue running in the race, or else she can’t even make it across the finish line!  Why?  Because the course goes uphill and she doesn’t have the strength to make it without holding onto your shirt.  The whole thing is a bust unless you keep trying, even as she and her feminist sister make the job impossible.  You’d think that the slower runner would figure it out and stop her own sister…but there’s a disconnect that prevents her and everyone screaming at you from understanding the concept.  Don’t try to understand it – it’s not meant to be understood.

I mean really, could this be any easier?  Self-correcting problems, by their very nature, take no effort, thought or intervention to solve.  Just let this run its course.

Like I say, when men realize that they can’t reach the bar, even as they jump higher, because the bar keeps getting raised, that’s when they know it’s time to stop jumping for it – especially when they still hold the trump card of females’ dependence on them.  This is what everyone ultimately forgot: without men, it all shuts down.  Men dropping out of the achievement rat-race and throwing off expectations of becoming good wage slaves – much like salmon that stop trying to jump up the waterfall – are a sign that they’ve caught on, and females better start playing nice…

Or else this is what awaits.

Well, or this…

14 thoughts on “ZeroHedge: Marriage Rates Are Falling Due To Shortage Of “Economically Attractive” Men, Study Finds

  1. ‘Men need to get it together’

    Yes sir. We surely do.

    What we need to do, is to REALLY get it together. We need to make it clear to women, to SoyBoys,to Tradcucks, to Libturds that we men are FINALLY getting our act together.

    1. It will soon be that there will be no middle class or under European men left in the U.K. or
      U.S. The Deep State impeachment program against against Trump will be implimated.
      There is no Constitutional rule of law in America. Satan’s Deep State rules. Mayhem and
      bloody Civil War await, because middle class or under white males MUST be elimated.
      The long predicted end has finally come.

  2. Well, it’s happened. If you’ll recall I predicted it when Trump was first elected by a miracle.
    Satan’s wicked Deep State is going to remove Trump. They can do it because the Constitution
    isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. It is indeed true the the intelligence angecies can remove
    who the don’t like 8 ways to Sunday. A lawless America with no legal safeguards is no America
    at all. 63 million voters disenfranchised. They’ll come for the incels first, and shortly afterwards
    the middle class or lower white males. Wars have been fought in the past for much less than
    what they have done, and intend to do. It’s in God’s hand’s now.

  3. You give me one good reason why any sane guy, who has to put with female BS in order to get his basic human needs met, should not simply walk the fuck away from all of this. Why should he, when there are options available to him?

    So OK, most of those options preclude having a family of his own, but some of them allow it, most specifically moving abroad to seek a wife.

    So given the current state of male/female relations, I personally don’t see why men should knuckle under to satisfy the tradcucks. And I certainly do not see why men should do ANYTHING in order to placate BITCH WOMEN.

  4. If by “get it together” the tradcucks mean that men stop listening to the egalitarian fantasy, rediscover their pimp hand and take women’s unearned rights away, then I’m all for it.

    Tradcucks and egalitarians like to say that it was feminism that turned women against men but feminism is just female nature exposed.

    Been thinking lately that may be men and women never really liked each other to begin with, we just put up with each other through out history for the sake of survival.

  5. I disagree Liam.

    There are certain belief systems/modes of thought that bring out the very worst in human nature. Religion is one. Politics is another. And right up with them is Feminism.

    What started out as a worthy cause has become hijacked by the depraved, the hate filled,the insane and the unjust. And until society wakes up, and realises that Feminism is a POISONOUS ideology, our so called society is going nowhere.

    1. fair enough.

      by the way, do you guys know what happened to rants of an incel? I enjoyed his posts but then all of a sudden they were gone a couple of years ago.

  6. And here is the fucking thing that makes me want to go TOTAL FUCKING GAMMA when I hear it; modern women bemoaning the lack of ‘Good’ men.

    There are PLENTY of good men out there. Only, you bitches just do not want to see it. No, you make it ABUNDANTLY clear what you want in men – and so you get what you deserve. And when a guy complains about how stacked against him the odds are, he just gets the usual fucking insults hurled his way. And top of that list of insults is the word ‘Misogyny’.

    Tell you what. guys. Next time somebody calls you a misogynist, tell ’em to go check out this documentary.

    THERE you fucking have misogyny. Oh but it’s all to do with Islam – So it’s all fine and fucking dandy ain’t it?

    1. Indeed mickey.

      And like the op opened up with; what happens when these emotional thinking adult children are left in charge (and are the majority voters), you just get collapse.

      The collapse of the family, the collapse of companies and the collapse of society.

      Really wish people would stop believing in the egalitarian fantasy.

  7. What is happening, and what will continue to happen, is a shitstorm of BIBLICAL proportions. And that is coming from a confirmed Atheist.

    You raised a very good point, when you pointed ut the female tendency to supplant LOGIC with EMOTION. My favourite character in the whole of the Star Trek universe is Mr Spock, as played by the late Leonard Nimoy. Now, granted, he is an extreme example of logic over emotion, but ask yourself, is it better to operate on the basis of logic, or to simply give in to every reptilian whim that our brain generates? Because that is what women are basically doing, and they are fucking up EVERYTHING they touch, that was normally the prerogative of MEN.

    Now I am not for one moment saying that women do not have roles in society – of course they do. And there is no reason why a modern woman should shy away from stepping outside of her comfort zones. But I am saying, is that women are best suited for some roles, and men are best suited for others.

    They are all for lecturing MEN about controlling their sexual urges. OK. Fine. What about women controlling THEIR sexual urges, which as we all know can range from sucking ten inch black dick, to eating another woman out or fucking a horse. ESPECIALLY when children are involved in the equation in the form of THEIR fucking children who they have a responsibility for.

    As BDMG says right at the outset, men have been hammered flatter than a two week old dog turd. Of course there are going to be consequences of that. I’m a peaceful guy, but somebody punches me, they will get one back and fucking quick. That is not because I am violent, but because I am a man, and my natural reaction if someone gets physical with me is to retaliate.

    Now on the basis of that, did society really expect men to CONTINUE to put up with this fucking shit? This constant assault on them simply because they are MALE? Did society not think that men would eventually say ‘Ah fuck it’ and walk away?

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