Month: November 2019

The Anti Incel Puppet Show 2019

It apparently starts at 2:00 PM GMT, so I guess we’ll watch it together.  Knowing DoctorRandomercam, I somehow doubt it’s going to be very anti-incel, feminist or tradcon oriented.  But, on with the show…

Okay, so…

It’s apparently some flame wars he’s had with internet people – the kind who would rather die than concede any point – reenacted in puppet show form…well, himself vs. puppets, which is his shtick.  The first part of it is some quibbling about semantics and vamping on Emma Watson-style learned helplessness and whatever.  I’m going to have to watch that again (maybe) because he goes pretty fast and I was distracted.

Next, he starts getting into a flame war with some male feminist calling himself James Downs, and gets into what might be a valuable juxtaposition between Alek Minassian and Valerie Solanas, the murderous radical feminist pioneer who’s works, unlike Elliot Rodger’s, are required reading in colleges across the land.  After that, the flame war kind of spirals down into one of those examples of how arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics (even if you win, you’re still a retard).  Now in the Doctor’s case, he makes his living doing this, so I guess that makes it okay…well, maybe.  I don’t know – this quibbling becomes painfully long after a point.  I guess this is what parents have to go through with kids in the back seat for 500 miles.

DoctorRandomercam is pretty good…but I would only watch this if you are in the mood to have your brain melted, to the point of uselessness.

Never EVER Do A Mainstream Media Interview

This guy says it all…a life-ruining mistake.  Now he can’t get a job, because he did an interview, and trusted wolves who preyed upon him.  They’re making money off of making him unemployable, and make no mistake – they feel good about what they did to this guy, because they’re left-wing feminists, working at the Telegraph.

  1. The feminist media hates incels.
  2. The feminist “journalists” hated this guy when they set up the interview.
  3. The feminist “editors” knew what they were doing when they edited and defamed this guy.
  4. The feminists who published this know the damage they did to him, and they feel good about it – they think it’s “justice”.
  5. The feminists who watch this video still hate this guy, because he’s an incel.

Incels don’t hate feminists because they won’t give the incels sex.
They hate feminists because feminists do thinks like this to incels.
Feminists have proudly made themselves incels’ worst enemy.

The Incel Gun Confiscation Begins


Were his jokes intended for friends, saying “one ticket for joker please” and “Prowling the Seattle streets for women to assault”, a bit too cavalier, in these times?  I would say so, yes.  I’m thinking he probably didn’t realize how edgy people are about incels these days, probably because he’s not an incel.  I haven’t seen any information about the guy that would indicate one way or the other if he’s incel, so statistically, he’s probably not.

What I can’t believe is that the judge actually gave him his guns back.  I think we’re going to have to dig into this case further, but I would be money that the reason she gave them back is that he convinced the judge that he was noncel.  If he didn’t have a relationship history or a current girlfriend, he probably wouldn’t have.  How do you like that double-standard?

I’m also amazed that they didn’t destroy the guns as soon as they got them, before due process played out – destroying them unlawfully is easy for bureaucrats to get away with.


The Love-Shy Judas?

A former administrator at speaks out against incels…

Makes me wonder who it is, and what information (as an administrator) he was able to disseminate, and to whom…  Whatever the case, it’s a good site to not be involved with.  I love how they call an offshoot of, which speaks to the poor research these news corporations do.  I dare say was around a lot longer than

He mentions Co-Alpha, so I guess we know of at least one person he wasn’t friends with.

Too bad these self-righteous, pseudo-reformed incels are so eager to talk to the cameras.

The Alek Minassian Interview: He Stabs All Other Incels In The Back

The video interview of Alek Minassian on the day of the Toronto Van Attack might be the most cringe-worthy dialog you’ll ever hear.  It’s not as picturesque as Elliot Rodger’s video, but it gives the…ahem…noncel mainstream feminist left…even more of what they want.

We want to skip over the video’s typical feminist claptrap of incel being a “male supremacist” movement, and all the irrelevant legal analysis and setup discussion, and cut right to 25:46, where the detective starts to ask Minassian about his disposition with females, because that’s where it starts to matter.

I didn’t know this before hearing him say it, but Alek Minassian and Elliot Rodger apparently knew each other online before Rodger did his own thing.

You’re going to hear Minassian – who is obviously a retard, when you hear him speak – gladly act as a representative of all incels and project his psychopathy onto all the rest.  He gives noncels and feminists all the affirmation they want – that all incels are JUST. LIKE. HIM.  The noncel world is more than happy to let this psycho define himself and all other incels – it’s confirmation bias on a massive scale.  He and Elliot Rodger have together made the job of cherry-picking the worst possible examples of incels easy for  bigoted noncels, feminists, the mainstream media and (frighteningly) governments.

And then you wonder when you see things like this popping up in the mainstream..

Don’t kid yourself.
If you’re incel, then noncel “normies” think you belong in prison.
For being incel.
You have supplanted the Islamic terrorist as the villain against all that is good.
Being unattractive to females is now as good as a felony offense.

Think I’m joking?  Think it hasn’t reached that point yet?  Obviously these are TV shows, but they are instructive to the average drone about how law is supposed to work, and who the bad guys are.  Not only does that gives real law enforcement more space to do what they ought not do, but it makes regular people think that incels are actual criminals!  You think that isn’t going to play into rationalization for vigilantism against incels, online and otherwise?  Just think about how people on the left think that everyone who voted for Donald Trump or Brexit is some kind of Fascist, and that makes it okay to do bad things to them, e.g. assault them, damage their property and defame their character.  If you’re incel, it’s open-season on you for everyone on the political left and right.

I hate to say this, but it’s time to have a practical conversation about things that now matter…

  1. First piece of advice: never talk to police.  If you live in the US, familiarize yourself with the 5th Amendment, and outside of the US, familiarize yourself with whatever civil rights you have against self-incrimination.  If you’re reading this blog with any regularity, then chances are that you’ve been to other places in the “manosphere” of cyberspace, and depending on how close you are to the next incel mass murderer, you may get a knock at the door…and if that happens, invoke your right to remain silent.  Even if you don’t know what they want to talk to you about, it’s safest to remain silent no matter what the issue is; but whatever you do, make damn sure you remain silent if they ask you about your online activity, because if you talk, and then the subject of online incel comes up, and then you clam up, that will be used against you.  Remember: unless you’re a lawyer, you don’t know the implications of whatever you might tell them.
  2. Advice for incel activity online:
    1. Use a proxy or VPN.
    2. Use a separate e-mail to link to any incel boards or other social media.
    3. Don’t give any personal details about yourself that one could use to deduce your identity.
    4. Don’t trust anyone from online with the knowledge of your real identity.
    5. Be careful about how your online services might automatically link, especially with Google and Fuckbook.
    6. DO NOT EVER establish any kind of private contact with a female.
    7. Get disk encryption software, and store all of your incel-related data there.
    8. When you get information, messages, etc. about other people out there in Incel Land, archive it encrypted.  Do this for friend and foe alike, because if you end up on the wrong side of a Judas, info on them may be a life-saving bargaining chip.  Don’t let it slip away, and of course, don’t use it unless you absolutely have to (otherwise you’re the villain).
  3. Incel life advice for interpersonal relations:
    1. Never admit to anyone, 1-on-1, that you’re an incel, or have been involved with that kind of thing online.
    2. Don’t entertain conversations with coworkers or other acquaintances about your love life.  Turn it back on them and gaslight them into thinking they transgressed by asking such questions (well it shouldn’t even be gaslighting – they really shouldn’t ask).
    3. Don’t try to lie your way into people thinking you have a relationship history if you really don’t; likewise, don’t try to lie and make people think you’re a non-virgin if you’re really a virgin.  You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t pull it off without blowing your cover.
    4. If you’re a virgin, and you have no religious qualms about losing it, go to a legal prostitute NOW!  It’s simple: they can’t find the v-card if it’s not there.  Moreover, in western countries that are being inundated by feminism, there’s no telling how long legal prostitution will exist.  If that weren’t enough, let’s say things go bad for you, and somehow you end up like this guy…you’re going to get ass-fucked in prison, so make sure you got it at least once with a female, before that happens.

Now having said all that, I think most people would agree that we’d all be better off if there were not one more incel massacre from here on out, and obviously, the word prevention is the name of that game.  So does this mean that, if you see someone on an incel forum talk about an attack, you should call the fuzz?  Somebody’s got to, right?  I mean you can’t just let it happen if you know in advance.  Well, I would say that the proprietor/curator/administrator of that forum should be the one to do that, but here’s the problem: as many here know, many of the administrators of those kinds of sites are feckless, simpering, megalomaniacal, stupid, thirsty, incompetent bastards who not only won’t lift a finger about threatening or dangerous posts, but can’t even take the time to lock down and do an assessment of things on their forums when an incel attack happens, before the press gets a hold of it.  It’s the same kind of incompetence that puts them into other incel stereotypes – not having a driver’s license, for example.  You cannot rely on them to do a damn thing, because it’s likely they’re too busy trying to simp the female sirens on the board and jacking off all over their computer monitors.  Let’s face it – the proportion of incels out there who are legitimately dangerous is very small, but rank incompetence within Incel is in no short supply.

You know, it’s times like this I am reminded of how you don’t hear much more than tumbleweeds from the Muslim community when an Islamic terrorist attack happens, but any lone voice of condemnation from a Muslim rises right to the top – they’re given the mainstream narrative bullhorn, and we get to hear…all 5 seconds of it.  I bet you there were more voices of condemnation and disavowing coming from incels than the sum total of Muslim disavowing after respective attacks, but you can be assured that the mainstream media will never give incels the bullhorn.  They actively work to squelch those voices, for the same reason that the first people they hand the narrative bullhorn to are the feminist professors from universities – many of whom never heard of incel themselves until they read about it on Tumblr the night before the interview.  This is never going to change because, as we’ve seen, both the political left and right are against incels.  Incels will probably be misunderstood until the second coming of Christ, at the rate we’re going.

Again, I say: thank Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian for all of this.  They are not your friends.  Elliot Rodger’s ghost is somehow continuing to murder people an harm you, the incel, from beyond the grave.  He does not deserve your thanks.

Incel Massacre Thwarted, But It Didn’t Have To Be This Way

In January of 2019, an Incel was arrested for threatening to do a massacre at a pussy march in Utah – I wrote about this previously, but now more facts are in.  Feminists were whining about a plea deal that would have kept him out of the big house…but this is Utah – a quasi-theocracy where incels are particularly persecuted, where anyone unmarried over the age of 27 is deemed a “menace to society” – so the (undoubtedly Mormon) woman judge threw him in prison anyway, over the recommendation of the prosecution.  Isolation to incarceration – that’s what you get for foolishly venting your frustrations online, and then going to the worst state in the country for incels.

None of this should have ever happened.

Let me say this from the outset: if it’s a choice between him being caught, and a bunch of bitches being murdered, clearly it’s better that he was caught – I’m not for mass murder, even if the cunts at a women’s march wouldn’t be the least deserving.  I don’t know the likelihood of him actually going through with it, but to be fair, neither do authorities.  It’s not like incel attacks haven’t happened before, so they have no choice but to intervene.

Short of blood being spilled, this case is particularly cringe-worthy in its sheer level of disgrace…

  1. He accomplished nothing but failure, humiliation and villainy.
  2. He’s still a virgin.
  3. He’s going to be ass-raped and/or murdered in prison.
  4. He was seen crying about it on camera, which is going to make it worse for the rest of his life.
  5. He reinforced the feminist media narrative about incels and [gasp] all of the horrible woes of females.
  6. He gave the Mormons – a church with a violent history of intolerance against non-Mormon “gentiles” – another scalp (they even call Jews “gentiles” – it’s a religion just this side of Scientology in its goofiness).

Of course the Mormons in Utah and feminists everywhere feel great about the outcome – an opportunity to throw an incel in prison for something was not missed.  But for everyone else, is this really the best case scenario?  Can’t anyone imagine a third alternative that would have been better than the aforementioned?  I can think of one…

Let me give some advice to any virgin incel who is thinking of pulling an Elliot Sodini…

Go to a fucking brothel in Nevada first!

How dare I say that…?  Hear me out on this.  You may think it’s cynical at best and complicit at worst if I told a would-be virgin murderer that if he’s going to go on an incel rampage, he’s got nothing to lose, so he might as well lose his virginity before he loses his life…but read on – there’s a method to my madness.  I’d tell him this:

Kid, you’ve got to think: you’re either going to end up dead or in prison, and in either case, you’re not going to lose your virginity, or you’re going to lose it in the worst sort of way.  You’re cashing it all in, so why not make sure to plug a grade-A prostitute before you do your thing?  Yeah yeah, I know you want a relationship, not sex, but let’s be real – you’re never going to get a relationship, regardless of whether or not you go on a rampage, so you should make sure you’re not a virgin while you still can.  Even if you’re not budgeted for it, that doesn’t matter at this point – you should take out a loan or do whatever to come up with a grand + travel expenses and make it happen.  It’s not like you’ll have to worry about the debt later, right? 

Don’t look at me like that!  What Howard Stern said about the Columbine killers raping the high school girls before killing them is much worse than what I’m saying, and he’s still on the air (because he’s a bad boy and females give him a pass).

But wait – here’s the catch…  Let’s say he takes this advice and plugs a high-class hooker in Nevada…guess what: mass murder avoided!  He doesn’t realize it now, but as soon as he screws the hooker, he won’t go through with the murder plot, because he’ll realize that his grievance, now behind him, was not worth killing and dying for.  See that?  I have the plan to actually prevent something like this from happening, without it resulting in the incarceration and ruination of an incel guy who is already being punished by life.  Yeah, I know – many females don’t like that idea because they would actually prefer that incels all be incarcerated just for being incel…but I’m not consulting those cunts on this matter.

Ah, the vices of single and incel men…  Porn, prostitution, masturbation…they offend the sensibilities of married tradcons (especially Mormons) and feminists so much that they would rather stop it all than stop mass murder.  These are the kind of people who would stop up a pressure relief valve on a boiler because they don’t like the hissing noise – explosion prevention be damned.  Look, if the concern is that married men will cheat on their wives, then legalize and regulate prostitution with a requirement that brothels have to verify that a man isn’t in a marriage database or something.  Put them out in the country, far from churches and schools if that somehow makes it better.  Set some reasonable guidelines for the contractual terms between prostitute and brothel.  Do whatever makes sense, but stop this stupid shit of keeping it outlawed for no sensible reason.  Having it legal in Nevada only doesn’t cut it – we need competition to drive prices down.  Besides, just about every other form of sexual debauchery is being permitted and encouraged these days – from allowing women to kill their babies right before their born, to allowing parents to give their pre-teens sex changes (both of which are absolutely diabolical) – but somehow it’s still too much of a taboo to let women have sex for money…?

We need some adults in the room here.  We don’t need more feminist claptrap, we don’t need gun control, we don’t need a bunch of stupid advice from ignorant noncels that’s going to lead incels nowhere.  We need prostitution.  Legal, regulated, safe, affordable prostitution.  Until feminism is gone, no-fault divorce is abolished, and some Victorian renaissance of one woman for every man/one man for every woman is realized, prostitution is the only way you’re going to stop incel attacks.

In the words of St. Thomas Aquinas

Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain evils be incurred: thus Augustine says [De ordine 2.4]: ‘If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.’” If these social practices were to be suppressed, the public reaction might be such as to threaten the peace of society.

You mean…like this??





I’d say that threatens the peace of society.

I mean is this really so much worse than blood-soaked body bags lying in the streets?


You tell me.

F. Roger Devlin on Incel


Dr. Devlin claims that he’s not an expert on it, but that’s hard to believe, because he hits pretty close to the bull’s eye.  I’m pretty sure he’s just being modest…either that or he has independently cracked the code of all this stuff.  I mean hey, this is some fine-tuned stuff, and covers a lot of ground – you’ll be glad you listened to it.

This was on YouTube, and went away when the Red Ice channel was removed (just like all other non-Marxist channels, in time) so hear it here…

Audio (mp3)
Low-quality audio (for dial-up) (mp3)
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