The Anti Incel Puppet Show 2019

It apparently starts at 2:00 PM GMT, so I guess we’ll watch it together.  Knowing DoctorRandomercam, I somehow doubt it’s going to be very anti-incel, feminist or tradcon oriented.  But, on with the show… Okay, so… It’s apparently some flame wars he’s had with internet people – the kind who would rather die than concede […]

The Love-Shy Judas?

A former administrator at speaks out against incels… Makes me wonder who it is, and what information (as an administrator) he was able to disseminate, and to whom…  Whatever the case, it’s a good site to not be involved with.  I love how they call an offshoot of, which speaks to the […]

F. Roger Devlin on Incel

Dr. Devlin claims that he’s not an expert on it, but that’s hard to believe, because he hits pretty close to the bull’s eye.  I’m pretty sure he’s just being modest…either that or he has independently cracked the code of all this stuff.  I mean hey, this is some fine-tuned stuff, and covers a lot […]