F. Roger Devlin on Incel


Dr. Devlin claims that he’s not an expert on it, but that’s hard to believe, because he hits pretty close to the bull’s eye.  I’m pretty sure he’s just being modest…either that or he has independently cracked the code of all this stuff.  I mean hey, this is some fine-tuned stuff, and covers a lot of ground – you’ll be glad you listened to it.

This was on YouTube, and went away when the Red Ice channel was removed (just like all other non-Marxist channels, in time) so hear it here…

Audio (mp3)
Low-quality audio (for dial-up) (mp3)
Page link

4 thoughts on “F. Roger Devlin on Incel

  1. Do you kind of hope the coup against Trump will succeed? If it happens, Hillary will cease
    power. The Incel will be the first to go, but they will be followed by low tier white males in
    general. The women will finally get their comeuppance in Epstein-like sexual slavery.

    1. No, I don’t hope the coup against Trump succeeds. I’m more interested in having a halfway decent country to live out my life in than settling some score with females – their sex slavery is not going to help me.

      By the way, the word you were going for, regarding Hillary’s power, is “seize” not “cease”.

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