Incel Massacre Thwarted, But It Didn’t Have To Be This Way

In January of 2019, an Incel was arrested for threatening to do a massacre at a pussy march in Utah – I wrote about this previously, but now more facts are in.  Feminists were whining about a plea deal that would have kept him out of the big house…but this is Utah – a quasi-theocracy where incels are particularly persecuted, where anyone unmarried over the age of 27 is deemed a “menace to society” – so the (undoubtedly Mormon) woman judge threw him in prison anyway, over the recommendation of the prosecution.  Isolation to incarceration – that’s what you get for foolishly venting your frustrations online, and then going to the worst state in the country for incels.

None of this should have ever happened.

Let me say this from the outset: if it’s a choice between him being caught, and a bunch of bitches being murdered, clearly it’s better that he was caught – I’m not for mass murder, even if the cunts at a women’s march wouldn’t be the least deserving.  I don’t know the likelihood of him actually going through with it, but to be fair, neither do authorities.  It’s not like incel attacks haven’t happened before, so they have no choice but to intervene.

Short of blood being spilled, this case is particularly cringe-worthy in its sheer level of disgrace…

  1. He accomplished nothing but failure, humiliation and villainy.
  2. He’s still a virgin.
  3. He’s going to be ass-raped and/or murdered in prison.
  4. He was seen crying about it on camera, which is going to make it worse for the rest of his life.
  5. He reinforced the feminist media narrative about incels and [gasp] all of the horrible woes of females.
  6. He gave the Mormons – a church with a violent history of intolerance against non-Mormon “gentiles” – another scalp (they even call Jews “gentiles” – it’s a religion just this side of Scientology in its goofiness).

Of course the Mormons in Utah and feminists everywhere feel great about the outcome – an opportunity to throw an incel in prison for something was not missed.  But for everyone else, is this really the best case scenario?  Can’t anyone imagine a third alternative that would have been better than the aforementioned?  I can think of one…

Let me give some advice to any virgin incel who is thinking of pulling an Elliot Sodini…

Go to a fucking brothel in Nevada first!

How dare I say that…?  Hear me out on this.  You may think it’s cynical at best and complicit at worst if I told a would-be virgin murderer that if he’s going to go on an incel rampage, he’s got nothing to lose, so he might as well lose his virginity before he loses his life…but read on – there’s a method to my madness.  I’d tell him this:

Kid, you’ve got to think: you’re either going to end up dead or in prison, and in either case, you’re not going to lose your virginity, or you’re going to lose it in the worst sort of way.  You’re cashing it all in, so why not make sure to plug a grade-A prostitute before you do your thing?  Yeah yeah, I know you want a relationship, not sex, but let’s be real – you’re never going to get a relationship, regardless of whether or not you go on a rampage, so you should make sure you’re not a virgin while you still can.  Even if you’re not budgeted for it, that doesn’t matter at this point – you should take out a loan or do whatever to come up with a grand + travel expenses and make it happen.  It’s not like you’ll have to worry about the debt later, right? 

Don’t look at me like that!  What Howard Stern said about the Columbine killers raping the high school girls before killing them is much worse than what I’m saying, and he’s still on the air (because he’s a bad boy and females give him a pass).

But wait – here’s the catch…  Let’s say he takes this advice and plugs a high-class hooker in Nevada…guess what: mass murder avoided!  He doesn’t realize it now, but as soon as he screws the hooker, he won’t go through with the murder plot, because he’ll realize that his grievance, now behind him, was not worth killing and dying for.  See that?  I have the plan to actually prevent something like this from happening, without it resulting in the incarceration and ruination of an incel guy who is already being punished by life.  Yeah, I know – many females don’t like that idea because they would actually prefer that incels all be incarcerated just for being incel…but I’m not consulting those cunts on this matter.

Ah, the vices of single and incel men…  Porn, prostitution, masturbation…they offend the sensibilities of married tradcons (especially Mormons) and feminists so much that they would rather stop it all than stop mass murder.  These are the kind of people who would stop up a pressure relief valve on a boiler because they don’t like the hissing noise – explosion prevention be damned.  Look, if the concern is that married men will cheat on their wives, then legalize and regulate prostitution with a requirement that brothels have to verify that a man isn’t in a marriage database or something.  Put them out in the country, far from churches and schools if that somehow makes it better.  Set some reasonable guidelines for the contractual terms between prostitute and brothel.  Do whatever makes sense, but stop this stupid shit of keeping it outlawed for no sensible reason.  Having it legal in Nevada only doesn’t cut it – we need competition to drive prices down.  Besides, just about every other form of sexual debauchery is being permitted and encouraged these days – from allowing women to kill their babies right before their born, to allowing parents to give their pre-teens sex changes (both of which are absolutely diabolical) – but somehow it’s still too much of a taboo to let women have sex for money…?

We need some adults in the room here.  We don’t need more feminist claptrap, we don’t need gun control, we don’t need a bunch of stupid advice from ignorant noncels that’s going to lead incels nowhere.  We need prostitution.  Legal, regulated, safe, affordable prostitution.  Until feminism is gone, no-fault divorce is abolished, and some Victorian renaissance of one woman for every man/one man for every woman is realized, prostitution is the only way you’re going to stop incel attacks.

In the words of St. Thomas Aquinas

Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain evils be incurred: thus Augustine says [De ordine 2.4]: ‘If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.’” If these social practices were to be suppressed, the public reaction might be such as to threaten the peace of society.

You mean…like this??





I’d say that threatens the peace of society.

I mean is this really so much worse than blood-soaked body bags lying in the streets?


You tell me.

30 thoughts on “Incel Massacre Thwarted, But It Didn’t Have To Be This Way

  1. ANY Incel guy, who lets his virginity drive him insane (I am a case in point), is a fool. I will happily admit to being so. I let my Incel get to me. When the simple answer was to simply PAY and get what I needed.

    Yes, we should not have to pay for what every other knobhead gets for free – but guess what? We ain’t every other knobhead, and neither are we in control of the sexual preferences of women.

    We’d all like a relationship. Well at least, one time I would have, but now I am simply not interested in women. They have no use or value to me. Just as I have no use or value to them.

    But if, by some miracle, my nuts ever function again, there is no way in hell I will go through the agony of being Incel again. I will simply pay my money and get what I need. When you realise that women can be bought – yes they can – then something breaks inside you. And as you say, you find that you no longer fucking CARE whether you can impress them or not -in fact you cease to give a shit about rather a lot. At least I have. There is a lesson to be learned here I think.

    1. And so the question becomes: what now? We’ve cracked the code, and become wise to the lie, so what do we do with this knowledge?

      I’ve come to the realization that there is one of two ways you can go, when it comes to past grievances…

      1). You can go for reciprocity and revenge, but since you can never really get back at the specific individuals who wronged you, what people who opt for that do is they try to exact class revenge and end up victimizing people who did nothing to them. They overlook the wrongness of that action, because they feel like they got the tort back off them by putting it onto someone else.

      2). You can make it your focus to prevent others, who are in harm’s way, from being wronged as you were. Now it’s not like we’re all going to be firefighters and superheroes, but that doesn’t mean that even the incel experience can’t be applied to helping others – and I don’t mean working in a soup kitchen, but rather, disseminating the truth to younger guys before they build all of their life plans around a future that may not be in the cards for them. These guys don’t necessarily have to be teenagers – even guys in their 20s and 30s aren’t too old for a dose of reality.

      There’s only one way to move the needle of the status quo, and that’s by…well, doing what we’re doing right here and right now. Oh there are plenty of opponents to what we do, but a truth this big and monsterous can’t be hidden forever. This dam is going to break, so why not be one of the leaks? That’s the route I’m going. I could walk away from the whole scene entirely, and I have walked away from the more desolate parts of it, as you have also; but I think those of us with a refined knowledge of these things have been through too much and know too many things to just bury it in the sands of time. It’s knowledge that needs to get out.

      Look, it’s not likely that we’d ever know it, if what we do ever prevents an incel attack or saves a young guy from suicide, but that’s not going to stop me from trying. I know what side I want to be on in this fight. They’ll accuse me of having ill motives until the bitter end, but it’s okay, because I know why I’m doing what I’m doing.

      1. Soon, incel will be the least of our concerns. A bloodbath will occur in 2020. If Chad/Alpha male cleans up now, just imagine how well he’ll do when EVERYTHING turns to shit next year.

  2. The irony is that all this happened in Provo, on the Wasatch Front just south of Salt Lake City and about three hours from Elko, NV, where he could have had his v-card stamped for minimal time, effort, and cost.

    As for “We need prostitution”, well yes, but we need sexbots more.

    1. Sex bots… I see that as more of a maintenance thing – a more interesting way to jack off – but psychologically, I don’t think it’s going to do the trick for these guys because it’s a glorified fifi. It doesn’t take away virginity, really. The psychological aspect is what’s important here, if preventing mass murder is the goal. Now some are going to argue that prostitution won’t do the trick either because you get real sex, but not validation… They’re wrong. It does do the trick. If you consider the technical aspect of not being a virgin, having the experience to know that a tit doesn’t feel like a bag of sand (when they ask you)…it works. It’s all about that certificate of completion. I don’t even thing you have to do it more than one time – as soon as you put it in, problem solved. The other bonus is that, in a good brothel, you get your choice of whichever girl you think is the hottest one, and then you can know that your first time was with someone smokin’ hot. That makes a difference, it really does.

      As for the Elko thing.. He actually traveled to Utah from Colorado, but it does show that he was willing to travel. Going to Nevada would have made sense, no matter where in the country he lived. But…I don’t think you’re going to find the cream of the crop in Elko, frankly. Along that route, I do believe there are whorehouses in Elko, Carlin and Battle Mountain (or at least there used to be) but the selection in those far-flung Nevada towns aren’t great. Even the Mustang Ranch, not far before you get to Reno, didn’t have that spectacular of a lineup, last time I checked on line (which was a while ago). For that reason, the prices might be a little bit lower but I don’t know.

      If you really want to make it right in northern Nevada, head down south of Reno to Mound House, just east of Carson City. That’s where you have the Bunny Ranch and a couple of others. Mind you, it ain’t going to be cheap, but it’s worth it. You can look high and low and you won’t find anyone discussing price, let alone from the hookers themselves – they don’t do that. Well, I’ll give it to you straight-up: you might be able to get the cost down, but if you want a proper v-card stamping, bring at least a grand. I know, that’s a crazy amount, but if you want to be sure that you get it done, and no possibility of failure…bring a grand. You will get full-fucking-service too.

      The other good brothels are down near Vegas, in Pahrump. I’ve never been there but the reputation is that they are up there with the Bunny Ranch.

      There used to be one brothel in Nevada near Beatty Junction, north of Death Valley, that had a flat-rate of $300/hour. The Shady Lady – only brothel with a fixed rate. There were only two whores working there, and they were both pretty lackluster, but if it’s not your first time, that’s a pretty cheap deal there. I also heard that it was basically a few trailers off in the sagebrush..really sleazy stuff there, but so it was.

            1. The cheapest but worst starts at 5000 HUF, and you can get a better one (non-luxurious) at around 20k. I personally never went to one, but I gathered some info in case I’d want to one day. Sites like vet the girls so running into a fake or an underage chick is highly unlikely, then you can go from there.

              1. For a trip from, say, the US, it would probably make the most sense if you went to Hungary for a couple of weeks and really fucked your brains out over that time, not just a simple v-card stamp job. Spend some time there and get your money’s worth.

                1. Probably. And by that point you could make it a full-fledged vacation with some sightseeing, checking out the local food etc.

                  It takes about 3 hours of public transport to reach the capital from where I live, so if I wanted to, I could leave in the morning, do the deed at the hooker’s place, then just travel back home. I’d still prefer to go to the only cinema that shows movies in English (our dubs are soulless garbage) at a date when it’s not packed. Cinema is cheaper, too. 😀

                    1. I’ll go watch Cats because that’ll be the competition to The Rise of Skywalker and I want Disney to lose the top spot at the box office (Fandom Menace; plus, I can’t stop laughing at the furry CGI). Otherwise I’m very selective of what I watch at the cinema, I usually just pirate stuff I wanna watch.

  3. What now?

    Well, in all seriousness, there is only so much that people like you and I can do. Because to be quite honest, there are a lot of Incel guys out there who simply do not want to listen, and society CERTAINLY does not want to listen.

    One principle that you simply HAVE to accept, is this; If you are not getting laid in the ‘normal;’ manner (You tell me what the fuck constitutes ‘normal’ any more), by a certain age, it is very VERY likely, that you never WILL get laid in the ‘normal’ manner.

    So what then? Do you go PANT-Y-WACO and shoot up a shopping mall full of innocent people, or do you take a n long hard look at yourself, and society in general, and then act accordingly. If you are going to attempt to build some kind of life, with some degree of sanity involved in it, there are a number of things that you need to take on board. And these things are (In no part6icular order)

    (1) Looks DO INDEED MATTER. Yes, I know everyone and their fucking dog tells you otherwise, but this simply is not true.

    (2) Most women are bitches. Pure and simple. Again people will tell you otherwise, but we know that as unpleasant as this realisation is, it happens to be true.

    (3) Most women are attracted to LOOKS, MONEY and STATUS. Again, you will be told it ain’t so. But we know that it is.

    (3) WOMEN CAN BE BOUGHT. Another uncomfortable truth. But again sadly, true.

    (4) Women do not owe you sex. And you do not owe them respect.

    (5) Women make piss choices in men.

    (6) Most modern women make LOUSY wives and mothers.

    Now, you take that information on board, and modify your behaviour accordingly. If you are young and fit enough, get off your fucking XboX, get down to the gym and start LIFTING. Big muscles impress women. Drop the ‘Nice Guy’ act. Narcissistic alpha dickheads impress women. Decent men do not.

    However, if you have reached a certain age – and I am not going to put an arbitrary figure on that age here – and you are NOT having any luck with the ladies, and you have a functioning sex drive, unless you are prepared to turn gay and go after men instead, then there is, to my mind only ONE logical course of action. Find yourself a decent, clean LEGAL hooker, pay her and get the job done.

    1. Exactly. And I second your emphasis on LEGAL – as you have rightly pointed out before, you don’t want to have to worry about playing dodge-the-cops when you’re trying to get your v-card stamped. The only thing I can think of that would be more degrading (on this subject) than getting thrown in jail for trying to lose your virginity would be…well, what the subject of this blog post did. ^^^

      There is also the safety of doing it in a regulated environment, but even beyond that…you remember that one guy we knew who made the fatal mistake of telling an escort that he was a virgin, and ended up STAYING virgin? And then becoming her cucked 3rd wheel beta slave?? Oh…boy…you can’t see it but I’m rubbing my face with my palms, just thinking about how totally…ignominious that ways. I mean that story was just so pitiful…PITIFUL… I mean hey, it’s a good lesson for others, if they manage to hear it. I guaran-fucking-tee you, I took that lesson to heart when my time came. You think I told her anything to that effect? HELL NO! She had no right to know that anyway.

      You know, this is real shit here! You and I, and many others, know damn well what it’s going to take to stop a mass murder, but we’re just lone voices crying in the wilderness. We don’t even really need broader society to know it – if we could just get these incels to get a clue about this shit, that would go a long way right there. I realize that an incel on the verge of committing mass murder is not thinking rationally, but if there were just some way to get through to them, and make them see the air-tight logic of getting a hooker before killing others and oneself… You know, it almost makes me wonder if some of them would actually avoid doing that to make sure that they are able to go through with the murderous plot…you know? I know that sounds kind of far-fetched, but consider that Eric Harris of Columbine fame intentionally fell off his anti-depressant medication in order to ensure that he’d go through with it. It’s a demented thing to contemplate, being so whacked-out that you intentionally set up your own wacked-out-ness to be optimized for the pant-y-wacko event. Unthinkable shit, man. I guess the less sense it makes to me, the more proof that I’m sane.

  4. I think in general men need an outlet for not just sex, but violence as well. You get stressed out by working around difficult people? Listen to death metal, and take up a martial art like Brazilian jujitsu or Taekwondo, play first person shooter video games, watch classic action movies like Robocop, Rambo, and Predator.

    1. Also watch classic horror/slasher movies like Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm St., Halloween, Hellraiser, and Lawnmower Man.

      1. I disagree somewhat. I have never been a violent person, however I do enjoy horror moves. The best of which, IMO is and always will be ‘The Excorcist’

            1. Yes. I still find this film disturbing to this day. Far more so than a dozen CGI shitfests put together.

              I experienced paranormal activity in a local charity shop (Thrift store to you Yanks) that I was working in a few years ago. And let me tell you, it scared the living crap outta me. Way more frightening than you could ever believe.

    2. I could not disagree more on the death metal point. If you get stressed out from difficult coworkers, work on being reactionless in your dealings with them, or (if possible) look into a career change. MGTOW have many suggestions for career paths that cut out the bullshit of extroverted noncel cackling hens in your work life. If that doesn’t do it, take up shooting sports, or weight lifting, or gaming, or drugs, or whatever…

      But don’t listen to death metal. Listening to that shit day in and day out is the road to mental illness. That’s what it’s designed to do. Everyone who listens to it knows that it’s unhealthy, just like everyone who smokes knows that it clogs your arteries and ruins your lungs. No one can honestly tell me that being angry, and then listening to shit that is nothing but audio anger and psychosis, makes them feel at peace afterwords.

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