The Alek Minassian Interview: He Stabs All Other Incels In The Back

The video interview of Alek Minassian on the day of the Toronto Van Attack might be the most cringe-worthy dialog you’ll ever hear.  It’s not as picturesque as Elliot Rodger’s video, but it gives the…ahem…noncel mainstream feminist left…even more of what they want.

We want to skip over the video’s typical feminist claptrap of incel being a “male supremacist” movement, and all the irrelevant legal analysis and setup discussion, and cut right to 25:46, where the detective starts to ask Minassian about his disposition with females, because that’s where it starts to matter.

I didn’t know this before hearing him say it, but Alek Minassian and Elliot Rodger apparently knew each other online before Rodger did his own thing.

You’re going to hear Minassian – who is obviously a retard, when you hear him speak – gladly act as a representative of all incels and project his psychopathy onto all the rest.  He gives noncels and feminists all the affirmation they want – that all incels are JUST. LIKE. HIM.  The noncel world is more than happy to let this psycho define himself and all other incels – it’s confirmation bias on a massive scale.  He and Elliot Rodger have together made the job of cherry-picking the worst possible examples of incels easy for  bigoted noncels, feminists, the mainstream media and (frighteningly) governments.

And then you wonder when you see things like this popping up in the mainstream..

Don’t kid yourself.
If you’re incel, then noncel “normies” think you belong in prison.
For being incel.
You have supplanted the Islamic terrorist as the villain against all that is good.
Being unattractive to females is now as good as a felony offense.

Think I’m joking?  Think it hasn’t reached that point yet?  Obviously these are TV shows, but they are instructive to the average drone about how law is supposed to work, and who the bad guys are.  Not only does that gives real law enforcement more space to do what they ought not do, but it makes regular people think that incels are actual criminals!  You think that isn’t going to play into rationalization for vigilantism against incels, online and otherwise?  Just think about how people on the left think that everyone who voted for Donald Trump or Brexit is some kind of Fascist, and that makes it okay to do bad things to them, e.g. assault them, damage their property and defame their character.  If you’re incel, it’s open-season on you for everyone on the political left and right.

I hate to say this, but it’s time to have a practical conversation about things that now matter…

  1. First piece of advice: never talk to police.  If you live in the US, familiarize yourself with the 5th Amendment, and outside of the US, familiarize yourself with whatever civil rights you have against self-incrimination.  If you’re reading this blog with any regularity, then chances are that you’ve been to other places in the “manosphere” of cyberspace, and depending on how close you are to the next incel mass murderer, you may get a knock at the door…and if that happens, invoke your right to remain silent.  Even if you don’t know what they want to talk to you about, it’s safest to remain silent no matter what the issue is; but whatever you do, make damn sure you remain silent if they ask you about your online activity, because if you talk, and then the subject of online incel comes up, and then you clam up, that will be used against you.  Remember: unless you’re a lawyer, you don’t know the implications of whatever you might tell them.
  2. Advice for incel activity online:
    1. Use a proxy or VPN.
    2. Use a separate e-mail to link to any incel boards or other social media.
    3. Don’t give any personal details about yourself that one could use to deduce your identity.
    4. Don’t trust anyone from online with the knowledge of your real identity.
    5. Be careful about how your online services might automatically link, especially with Google and Fuckbook.
    6. DO NOT EVER establish any kind of private contact with a female.
    7. Get disk encryption software, and store all of your incel-related data there.
    8. When you get information, messages, etc. about other people out there in Incel Land, archive it encrypted.  Do this for friend and foe alike, because if you end up on the wrong side of a Judas, info on them may be a life-saving bargaining chip.  Don’t let it slip away, and of course, don’t use it unless you absolutely have to (otherwise you’re the villain).
  3. Incel life advice for interpersonal relations:
    1. Never admit to anyone, 1-on-1, that you’re an incel, or have been involved with that kind of thing online.
    2. Don’t entertain conversations with coworkers or other acquaintances about your love life.  Turn it back on them and gaslight them into thinking they transgressed by asking such questions (well it shouldn’t even be gaslighting – they really shouldn’t ask).
    3. Don’t try to lie your way into people thinking you have a relationship history if you really don’t; likewise, don’t try to lie and make people think you’re a non-virgin if you’re really a virgin.  You don’t know what you don’t know, and you can’t pull it off without blowing your cover.
    4. If you’re a virgin, and you have no religious qualms about losing it, go to a legal prostitute NOW!  It’s simple: they can’t find the v-card if it’s not there.  Moreover, in western countries that are being inundated by feminism, there’s no telling how long legal prostitution will exist.  If that weren’t enough, let’s say things go bad for you, and somehow you end up like this guy…you’re going to get ass-fucked in prison, so make sure you got it at least once with a female, before that happens.

Now having said all that, I think most people would agree that we’d all be better off if there were not one more incel massacre from here on out, and obviously, the word prevention is the name of that game.  So does this mean that, if you see someone on an incel forum talk about an attack, you should call the fuzz?  Somebody’s got to, right?  I mean you can’t just let it happen if you know in advance.  Well, I would say that the proprietor/curator/administrator of that forum should be the one to do that, but here’s the problem: as many here know, many of the administrators of those kinds of sites are feckless, simpering, megalomaniacal, stupid, thirsty, incompetent bastards who not only won’t lift a finger about threatening or dangerous posts, but can’t even take the time to lock down and do an assessment of things on their forums when an incel attack happens, before the press gets a hold of it.  It’s the same kind of incompetence that puts them into other incel stereotypes – not having a driver’s license, for example.  You cannot rely on them to do a damn thing, because it’s likely they’re too busy trying to simp the female sirens on the board and jacking off all over their computer monitors.  Let’s face it – the proportion of incels out there who are legitimately dangerous is very small, but rank incompetence within Incel is in no short supply.

You know, it’s times like this I am reminded of how you don’t hear much more than tumbleweeds from the Muslim community when an Islamic terrorist attack happens, but any lone voice of condemnation from a Muslim rises right to the top – they’re given the mainstream narrative bullhorn, and we get to hear…all 5 seconds of it.  I bet you there were more voices of condemnation and disavowing coming from incels than the sum total of Muslim disavowing after respective attacks, but you can be assured that the mainstream media will never give incels the bullhorn.  They actively work to squelch those voices, for the same reason that the first people they hand the narrative bullhorn to are the feminist professors from universities – many of whom never heard of incel themselves until they read about it on Tumblr the night before the interview.  This is never going to change because, as we’ve seen, both the political left and right are against incels.  Incels will probably be misunderstood until the second coming of Christ, at the rate we’re going.

Again, I say: thank Elliot Rodger and Alek Minassian for all of this.  They are not your friends.  Elliot Rodger’s ghost is somehow continuing to murder people an harm you, the incel, from beyond the grave.  He does not deserve your thanks.

16 thoughts on “The Alek Minassian Interview: He Stabs All Other Incels In The Back

  1. First of all, let me say I don’t understand why others here think I’m trolling when I completely support not only the premise of this blog, but also all the good advice given within.

    I read this blog because even though I’ve been married a long time, that didn’t happen until somewhat late in life and I can speak of what incels have to deal with from long years of personal experience.

    I agree especially with advice to maintain a low profile and not discuss your lack of love life with colleagues, but as pointed out here, the war on incels is most definitely going to escalate to the point where employers will start sniffing around your background about it and make adverse decisions accordingly.

    It wouldn’t surprise me, then, that in order to thwart such inquisitions, incels will find each other on line and pair off in sham marriages a la Chuck and Larry. Posing as gay not only deflects the heat, but also allows one to claim membership in a group in our times exalted with great adulation.

    1. It’s a grim prospect. Incels resent being thought of as gay, or even worse, having to feign being gay, because homosexuality is within the Overton window and incel is outside of it. You know it would have made sense if Incel would have been added to the ever-growing acronym of LGBTQWERTYZ as a sexually-marginalized group…but ah, therein lies the truth about identity politics: the truly marginalized are first marginalized by the faux-inclusivity movements; groups are only taken into the tent when they have utility.

      As for your marital status, I can tell you that it’s not a problem, since you know the situation and know how not to treat incels. If married and otherwise-attached people had enough understanding and tact to keep their advice and criticisms to themselves, as you seem to do, there would be no problem. There would be no incel stigma. The stigma over incel does, and always has, flowed from noncels to incels. Long before all of these spree killings started up, incels have been persecuted, badgered, ridiculed, humiliated and otherwise not left alone, by those who lucked into not being among them. It’s insult added to injury, and despite what almost everyone else thinks, it’s that persecution where the real misery comes from. It’s where the anger comes from.

      Now, it’s not to say that romance with a female wouldn’t be a nice treat, like a chocolate pie, but just like that pie, you might want some at a time when you can’t get it, and yet you’re not going to anguish and die without it. The sexual component is kind of beside the point because the vast majority of males jerk it all away at regular intervals. I don’t buy the idea that incels would be as miserable as they are if it weren’t for the social persecution that comes with it.

      If you really listen deep into Elliot Rodger’s words, he’s not angry about the situation of not having a female present with him per se, but he’s actually angry about females being responsible for him being forced into a persecuted class. He talks about how his virginity was torturous, and how he has had to endure rejection, and how college is a time when you’re “supposed” to get the green light from females. Incel life is like sitting at a red light where the traffic sensor is obviously out of adjustment, and the light stays red indefinitely until you make a right turn or blow through it; honestly, you could wait indefinitely, except that other cars start honking at you and people start throwing things at you. Celibacy itself does not make your life miserable – people who are NOT celibate are the ones who make it that way, in the things they say and do to you.

      So there have always been guys on the fringes who can’t be in relationships, but why are spree killings happening now, in the past few years? Well, I’m going to do a blog about this pretty soon…the rate of celibacy among young guys has been absolutely skyrocketing in just the last 5 years or so. It’s been going up steadily in the past 50 years due to the sexual revolution, but it has absolutely skyrocketed in less than 10 years. Is Tinder to blame for all that? I don’t know if it’s just that, because many things have happened in a short period of time, but whatever the case, you’ve gone from probably less than 1-in-100 men being incel to 20% of the young male population at least…and yet the noncels making the most noise about incel couldn’t care less about what this means. It’s like they want to maintain the status quo of incels being a bullied underclass that has no right to speak or be heard. Well, here’s the problem: of any population, there is going to be a small fraction of them who have the potential to be dangerous psychopaths; as the size of the incel population extends into the millions, that small fraction is going to grow with it. You go from one lone incel killer in 1989 in Canada to incel spree killings happening seemingly every 4 months now. It’s a numbers game – this is inevitable because there are simply more of them.

      How is the mainstream reacting to this? By doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing. They’re actually doubling down on what’s causing the handful of incels on the fringe to go over the line. They DON’T understand the problem, and they are totally unwilling to listen to anyone who does. Why? For the same reason that the whole problem got started in the first place – no one gives an man without a woman on his dick any credibility.

      So, the forecast is that it’s going to go from bad to worse.

  2. I’m a dead man walking now, so there’s not much they can do to hurt me more than I’ve been
    hurt. Next year, millions are going to be forced into realizations they’ve never considered.
    Mainly t,hat America is a Constitutional Republic in name only, and that there are two tiers of law: One for the power eliet, and the other for lowly citizens. If misery loves company, next year I’ll have plenty of company.

      1. Certain “health problems” that I don’t wish to elaborate on. Strictly speaking, I have no VISIBLE means of support. My support comes from God, Who is NOT visible, but I’m 100%
        certain does exist. He knows what we can bear, and He won’t subjecate us beyond that point.
        In some instances “relief” equates with allowing to die in the most painless way possible like
        “Lennie” in “Of Mice And Men.”

          1. Paul was speaking to the church when he said that, so he was probably talking to the elect.
            God allowed Lot to escape, and the New Testament refered to Lot as a righteous man.
            If he was, he was the poorest example of a righteous man. The grace of God covers for us
            when we don’t always live exlempary lives.

            1. I ask because there are some people that seem to have been absolutely tested beyond their limit: i.e. people who commit suicide because they can’t take the pain anymore. Now of course, many Protestants will gleefully declare that those people ended up in Hell.

              1. I come from the Universal Salvation school. You’d be surprised how many of the original
                Church Fathers subscribed to that belief. “As in Adam all die, in Christ all men become alive.”
                Death and hell will be cast into the Lake Of Fire. The Bible refers to this as “The Last Day,” the
                consumation of history.

                  1. The “First Fruits” will be saved first. The people who demonstrated a faith in Christ and stayed
                    loyal to Christ. They will be resurrected at the Second Coming, and co-rule with Christ for a
                    thousand years. The unbelievers will be resurrected after the thousand years and face the
                    the Judgement (The Great White Throne) Each life will be evalutated and a merciful God will
                    forgive MOST people of their sins. “Father forgive them for the know not what they do.” A number of severe reprobates will be cast into The Lake Of Fire.” They will survive only as long
                    as it takes to burn to death. Hell, is called “the second death.” Death and hell will be cast into
                    the lake of fire, nullifying death, and restoring everything in death’s grip.

  3. I don’t even know where to start on this, so I am just going to hit keys on this keyboard, and hope that something sensible comes out.

    First of all, Incel is NOT our fault. It’s the same principle of blaming mass unemployment on the unemployed. Despite the fact that they are not the ones who sold all our manufacturing industry down the river. For whatever reason, there are some – indeed an ever growing number of men – who simply cannot get women in the ‘normal’ manner. Now, I am not going to go into those reasons, other by drawing your attention to the rise in feminism, and the rise in Involuntary Celibacy in men. The correlation to me is fairly obvious.

    And, due to the very nature of the problem, some men – in my opinion probably already unhinged, use Incel as a lens thorough which they focus their craziness. Now I will be honest. I do hold what some would call extreme views concerning women. But I believe that I have the RIGHT to hold those views. Do I have a right to commit murder because of them? No I fucking well do not. Do I jack off when another Incel goes PANT-Y-WACO? No I do not. I simply shake my head and ask myself WHY for fuck’s sake. And I know that you certainly don’t either.

    Let’s look at ER for starters. That little whiny bitch paid $300 for a pair of sunglasses. Yet he would not pay for a hooker. So you tell me, how in the name of hell that makes ANYTHING about his case ‘Involuntary’. The answer to enforced virginity or sexlessness for ANY man is so fucking SIMPLE. That little fucker had WAY more money than you or I, and WAY more in terms of social status. Yet he (Apparently) could not get laid. Why?

    Because he was so FUCKED IN THE NOODLE, that he could not process the simple fact that if he swallowed his pride, drove to Nevada, he could have lost his V card to a woman of his choice. Why doesn’t the mainstream media focus upon that?

    Because they have a narrative to sell. And that would not contribute to their fucking sales pitch.

    And as for self preservation, for my part I am not worried. I use an OS that does not snoop on you. I openly admit to my rather shameful past. I do as you, I try to advise other Incel guys how NOT to deal with their problems. Plus my body is so fucked now, I cannot even get turned on by porn any longer, and this could be proved CONCLUSIVELY in 30 seconds or less. And finally, if the filth want to arrest me because I feel angry about what this gynocentric world did to me than they can carry right on. But I am NOT going to shut up.

    I’m not going to shut up because Incel guys need me. As long as they continue to get a bum deal, they need me and others like me.

    This is why I have as little as possible to do with women. And do you know what the crazy part of this is? I have women interested in me now. I’m even friends with a Scottish lady on FB, who I met for coffee after chatting on – wait for it – R/Braincels. She was amazed to find that I am NOT a psychopath. Nothing is gonna come of it, because she moved back to Scotland shortly after our meeting. And to be brutally honest, I simply so not need a woman in my life. It’s something I no longer have any need for. Now a 1200CC Harley Davidson Road King is another matter entirely. Or an 1947 Indian.

    1. I think you’d like the car that Patrick Macgoon drove in the opening scene of “The Prisoner”
      (A short lived T.V. series.) I heard they’re still making that car today.

      1. That car was a Lotus Super 7. One of the fastest accelerating cars in the world in its day. They used to do well on hill climbs.

    2. Yes, and I have a need for Mustangs…mine is not that long in the tooth yet, but a newer one would be a dream (well, not that 4-door SUV electric crossover they are calling a Mustang…oh what a travesty! Anyway…)

      What really bothers me about the way they sell their own narrative, instead of just giving us the facts, is that in the process, they actually legitimize – to an extent – ER’s warped world view. They refuse to point out that he was indeed mentally disturbed, to the point where he was spending all of his money on lottery tickets and sunglasses instead of a hooker in Nevada, all because they want to make it seem like his hatred of females was more sane than it was, and to project that specter onto every other guy who doesn’t get laid and dares to related to others in the same boat online. It’s an absolutely shameless maneuver, and they’re getting away with it.

      1. Exactly. They pick out one or two bad apples, and then try to tell the public that Every Incel guy is a lunatic in waiting.

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