The Love-Shy Judas?

A former administrator at speaks out against incels…

Makes me wonder who it is, and what information (as an administrator) he was able to disseminate, and to whom…  Whatever the case, it’s a good site to not be involved with.  I love how they call an offshoot of, which speaks to the poor research these news corporations do.  I dare say was around a lot longer than

He mentions Co-Alpha, so I guess we know of at least one person he wasn’t friends with.

Too bad these self-righteous, pseudo-reformed incels are so eager to talk to the cameras.

7 thoughts on “The Love-Shy Judas?

  1. I’ve seen several videos by “incels”. The odd thing is – when thier interviews actually get broadcast in the mainstream media, they are NOTHING like the videos made by the incels themselves on youtube.

    It’s almost like the mainstream is trying to paint an incorrect picture of incels…

    But nah… Thats a conspiracy right?

    The media would NEVER do something like that…

  2. I think it’s a set up. They’ll go for the incels first because they’re the weakest. Then, they’ll go
    for low status white males in general. Their long range goal is to live like all powerful kings
    and feast on the whole world as their little oyster.

  3. I address this to the owner of this blog;

    Remember back in the day when we got doxxed by that Whamburgler cretin? Remember that I TOLD THE ADMIN OF LOVESHY.COM THAT I HAD A FAIR IDEA OF WHO IT WAS, AND THAT I WAS PROVED RIGHT IN THE END? Well this is the kind of shit that went down way too long on that fucking forum. Do you also remember Whitewolf? And Ethnocide, who I personally offered to take on in a knife fight, if he got his ass over to the UK? Remember those clowns?

    Loveshy.Com became a cess pit. I got booted out – funny because at one time they would have sucked my dick, when I was their attack dog. You and I and maybe Shadow and Seb were the ONLY fucking legit posters on there. The rest were a waste of time.

    So for this dipstick to come out NOW, to me seems HIGHLY suspect. I would never rejoin that site again even if you paid me to do so.

    1. Yep. There were many examples of how that place was like a collapsing building. They put that ass-wad Ramm in charge again, because they were too feckless to run it themselves, and then that bastard went and joined the cult of people harassing Chris Chandler – even going to his house one day to take photos. He was a Judas of the highest order. And then there was the gross incompetence of allowing female moles into the Senior Members Area… Ooops! Was I not supposed to talk about that? Well it’s not like that wasn’t displayed in the Shy Boys mockumentary itself. And then there was the Elliot Rodger incident, and the inaction of the admins in the days that ensued, leaving plenty of time for the press to go in and find a post with Welchsboy saying he wanted to do a mass shooting. Those guys were just failures, and that’s all there is to it. Rank incompetence made it unsafe to have an account on that site. Given the same trajectory, it’s probably no different that incel support by now – owned lock, stock and barrel by feminists. For these reasons, we shouldn’t be surprised that one of the admins has turned Judas against all of Incel. It’s not often that you see incompetence and integrity in the same people.

      1. I try to behave with integrity. Probably goes a long way to explain why I was Incel for so dammed long.

        But you and I both know that LS. COM was a three ring fucking circus by the time we left. Thing is, I am man enough to admit to where I got things wrong in the past. And if people want to pillory me because of that, then they are one sorry ass bunch of fuckwits. I simply do not care.

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